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LLS Chapter 448 – New Title, Sky Wolf!

Chapter 448 – New Title, Sky Wolf!
Translated by: crayon

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Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Sky Disaster, Sky Crime, Sky Fury and the others all wanted to fly up and find out what had happened at the top top of this Dark Golden Giant image.

The power of the Rule from the Cards of Fate however kept everyone rooted to the ground.

In that moment, not a single person could move.

Aside from this Dark Golden Giant Wolf, there were also countless Purple Golden flames and Platinum lightning, that burned and roamed the surface of the image of the Dark Golden Giant. Unknowingly, in the sky, flaming red lotuses had began to fly accompanied with the pressure from the Fire Lotus, coupled with the cold terror of the frost, snow-like and numerously falling.

At the same time, there countless silver currents spread snake-like between the ice and fire, crackling.

This sight was suffocating to look at. Never before had an individual’s Image of Fate brought about so much change.

Neither has anyone’s Image of Fate seemed been so realistic.

Even Sky Execution’s Image of Fate was for a mere few ten seconds, before it disappeared quickly.

However, Yue Yang this kid’s Image of Fate, had already existed for more than a minute, and was not even showing any sign of disappearing. In fact, it still growing, developing more and more changes in its presentation.

Even for a pervert, wasn’t this too much?

Sky Calamity who was the most envious of Yue Yang, almost wanted to end his life by hitting his head on the ground.

In comparison to Yue Yang, his Image of Fate that was 80 meters could not even be considered a dwarf. It completely paled even in comparison to the 200 meter Giant Wolf at the feet of Yue Yang’s Image of Fate!

Comparing oneself against others really was infuriating!

Sky Calamity was brought to tears.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty on the other hand was beyond excited. Her jade face was crimson and crying tears of joy. She felt that Yue Yang was really amazing.

Yue Yang had killed Sky Dragon for his own personal reasons. Although everyone did not blame him, he was still always a little embarrassed. This was why she suggested Sky Execution to let Yue Yang join Demonic Palace as one of the new 10 Major Sky Demons as a form of repaying Demonic Palace a Sky Demon. However, she never would have thought that Yue Yang would exceed her expectations. Not only did he singled out 6 Major Sky Demons to be undefeated, even when he received the Test of Fate, he easily beat the record of Sky Execution to become an ultimate existence. He had become an existence that never appeared before and could most likely never be defeated!

In the words of Yue Yang, this was too supportive!

Sky Disaster was also excited with his face flushed. She clenched her little fists, as if to show support for Yue Yang.

The image of Dark Golden Giant Wolf covered the sky above, coupled with the Fire Lotus, Frost and Current, Sky Disaster and Sky Crime, the people on the ground could not see anything, but everyone knew – there were many changes above.

Yue Yang’s mind and the Card of Fate had become one.

With his eyes tightly closed, his entire mind was immersed in the Ruling World of the Card of Fate.

Immersed, intoxicated, completely unaware of the outside world.

He was gaining the power of the law, understanding the realm of the special ability. With the Card of Fate blazing to its limit, Yue Yang suddenly howled to the sky. The biting energy spread across his body in a earth-shattering way that shook even the hard ground and mountain peaks. That earthquake like tremor caused numerous cracks in the ground, spreading like a spider web.

The hills in the distance were collapsing.

The boulders originally on the top of the mountain were all rumbling down.

When Yue Yang unconsciously waved his arm, that Dark Golden Giant Image did the same.

Even more frightening was how the sky had split open. The East and West sky had strangely split into two halves.

The sunny sky inexplicably turned dark.

The dark clouds rolled.

Blood red moonlight sinisterly peeked out and flashed with chilling light.

Among the rolling clouds, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Sky Disaster saw bright stars falling down one after another. They drew flames of light, and rumbled the earth upon crashing……. The collapse of the Heavens and Earth, the meteor-like wave, was destroying the world…….

In comparison to the Images of Fate of those like Sky Execution, Sky Law, Sky Wrath, Sky Calamity, Sky Crime, Sky Disaster, Yue Yang’s Image of Fate was more terrifying by tens of millions of times.

Even if one knew this was clearly fake. This was all a mere image, an illusion.

But even the strong like Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Sky Disaster such Sky demons were beyond frightened. Because it was all too real, these Images appeared so alike reality. Seeing the meteors falling, even the calm Sky Crime was also secretly swallowing his saliva to resist the fear growing in his heart. Even Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate and Sky Sword almost could not help but jump away and flee.

In reality, they could not do anything.

The Ruling power of the Cards of Fate bounded everyone.

“These scenes: the wolf howling to the moon, the stars falling to the ground, the sky and ground collapsing, the calamity of destruction. This scene is a reflection of our generation of Sky Demons, but everyone is only a small section. Only Yue family’s third Master is the real reflection.” Sky Crime murmured, the dark Golden chain tightly locking his arm, neck and body, almost to the point of choking him to death. In the suffocating redemption of his original crime, Sky Crime’s eyes were glowing in pain, and using his special ability, he saw only a little of what fate had to reveal.

But because his level was not enough, he only had a few seconds of insight before collapsing.

The dark Golden chains caused his bones to creak; the redemption of the origin sin of the soul was also causing large damage to his body.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from Sky Crime’s mouth onto the ground.

Only when Sky Crime gave up trying to gain an insight did the Dark Golden chains loosen up, allowing him to breath in relief.

In only those few seconds, Sky Crime’s skin was already deeply shattered by the strangling, his flesh rolling on the outside. Fortunately, he was a strong Sky Demon, otherwise, the punishment by the Law for attempting to gain an insight would have cost him his life.

“Unfortunately, we still cannot see the truth. However, the future of Demonic Palace is certainly connected to Yue family’s third master, this I am certain of.” Sky Crime felt a little apologetic, but also extremely relieved. With regards to the future of Demonic Palace, Sky Crime was one of the most valued, even more so than Sky Execution. The 10 Major Sky Demons can die, but the Demonic Palace must not. This mission was passed down to Sky Crime from the previous generation of Sky Demons, and only Sky Crime, with his ability and talent was able to accomplish that.

In fact, even if Sky Crime did not say a word, everyone still knew.

Yue Yang this kid has such a great Image of Fate with so many changes that were all-encompassing. It indicated several hidden meanings, and for the future of Demonic Palace to be unrelated to him? That would be strange!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was obviously relieved. Her recommendation for Yue Yang to join Demonic Palace was the right choice.

This was not only beneficial to Demonic Palace, but even to Yue Yang himself, this was extremely helpful.

If there really existed fate in the world.

Then he was the choice of fate!

Unfortunately, Yue Yang simply did not know any of this. He did not know the Card of Fate he randomly picked would have led to such chaos. When he finally did open his eyes, three minutes have passed. Yue Yang did not remember a thing about has happened, he only knew that a special force had entered his body very mysteriously and merged with the energy he himself had devoured.

Before he opened his eyes, all the images faded away.

The only thing he saw was the card in his hands.

What card did Yue Yang pick?

Everyone was curious.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Sky Disaster, Sky Assassinate, Sky Sword and the others gathered, except for Sky Crime who smiled bitterly.

He knew which card Yue Yang picked…… “Sky Wolf”. Among all the cards, the only card that represented the destruction of the world, but also the fiercest of all the cards in the deck! Compared to cards such as God of Death, Massacre, Judgment, Destruction, Aurora, Hell, Tower of Blood, this card was the most terrifying. This was because that card represented the end of the world, it represented the fall of the Gods.

That was also what the vision showed.

A wolf howling to the moon, the stars falling to the ground, the sky and ground collapsing, the calamity of destruction.

“What card is that? It is not the world, it is not fate, it is not like Sky Wolf?” Sky Disaster was alarmed, she did not recognise the card in Yue Yang’s hands.

“Is there a mutation?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was also startled.

The Dark Golden card in Yue Yang’s hands had many mysterious ornamentations on it. Just like the card representing ‘World’, there was a big tree, but also like the card representing ‘Fate’, there was a giant Gold hand. There was even an extremely bright star with a wolf swallowing everything in the background , like on the card representing ‘Sky Wolf’!


Even Sky Crime was confused. He first stared at the card in Yue Yang’s hand for a long time, then bowed his head to count the Cards of Fate in his hands.

What was strange was, there were still 36 Cards of Fate in his hands.

Not a single one was missing!

How could there be an extra card?

He clearly saw Yue Yang picked one out.

Upon closer inspection, he flipped through the Cards of Fate in his hands, the cards originally representing World, Fate and Sky Wolf have all disappeared, as if they have never appeared. The 3 new cards that appeared were ‘World tree’, ‘The Wheel of Fate’ and ‘Sirius’. Sky Crime was shocked. These 3 new cards, not only have he himself never seen them before, the explanation and levels displayed on them were also miles away from the original.

Taking World Tree as an example.

World Tree: Middle ranking, representing the extraordinary wisdom and long life. The one who picked it would obtain the ability to develop Beasts of Nature, sharing life with them.

This card was completely different from the previous. The original ‘World’ was an amazing card, the one who picked it would have a perfect ability of creation, being able to create all things of the world, the only check and balances was the success rate.

World and World Tree, one was top grade, the other was middle.

While they look alike, but World Tree could not even be considered top grade.

Fate and Wheel of Fate were the same. Fate was completely free, with the ability to irreversibly control fate; the Wheel of Fate, was merely a small curse, giving bad luck in a short period of time. As for Sky Wolf and Sirius, the difference was huge, Sky World represented the Destruction of the world. It was related to the legend in which World Destroying Demon Wolf swallowed the world. The one who picked it would obtain the power of destruction, even the strongest Innate would be forever destroyed if attacked, unable to survive in the state of the soul. In comparison to Sky Execution, Sky Law, this power of destruction was more terrible.

Sirius, was a lower ranked Card of Fate. The ability obtained was that each time the brightest Sirius Star appears in the sky, the ability of the one who picked the card multiplied. The power of all Star Beasts also increases by 5 times.

“How can this be?” Not talking about outsiders, even Sky Crime himself found this inexplicable. He was unable to believe his eyes.

“An extra card? Ah, this, this is a good thing!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty had the fastest response, and quickly stuffed Yue Yang’s card in his pocket. This card would be his from now on. And those ancient characters on the card that even Yue Yang would never be able to understand, she chose to disregard it. How 100 cards that have always been such suddenly turned into 101 cards, she would not investigate, its existence was its own explanation!

“Ah, in the future here in Demonic Palace, you shall be called ‘Sky Wolf’!” Since even Sky Crime is unable to decipher those words on Yue Yang’s card which are ancient characters, this card shall be the precedent, and Yue Yang shall be officially titled ‘Sky Wolf’.”

“Well, this name is fitting, the born perverted wolf, he will be the born perverted wolf, calling him Sky Wolf is the most suitable!” Sky Disaster clapped her little hands together in celebration.

“Is your little butt itchy?” Yue Yang looked at Sky Disaster’s pert butt sinisterly.

“Tian Fa sister, brother-in-law is bullying me, flirting with me in front of you. If you are not here, he that natural perverted wolf would have molested me! Sister, you have to protect the weak Sky Disaster, I am scared!” Sky Disaster hid behind Phoenix Fairy Beauty while complaining, and pretended to be a small rabbit being bullied by a big grey wolf.

“……” Yue Yang would like to say it was obviously the little brat who was trying to seduce me, but he swallowed those words down. He kept scores in his mind. When the opportunity comes, he would definitely have his revenge on this brat!


Flirting was nothing, Brother-in-law flirting with sister-in-law, that was the glorious tradition of the Dragon history!

Finally escaping the pestering of the pestering of Sky Disaster that brat, Yue Yang quickly brought Phoenix Fairy Beauty home. Having met her family, received the agreement of everyone, yet they have not consummated, how could Yue Yang not be urgent? As for Sky Disaster, forget it for now, the little brat was very smart, it would not be easy to bring her down. Forget about flirting with her, the priority now was to win over Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

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