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LLS Chapter 447 – The Cards of Fate

Chapter 447 – The Cards of Fate
Translated by: crayon

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Having bid the tens of thousands of frightening Charm Demons goodbye, only after leaving this Charm Demon Palace that has been widely agreed as one of the 10 most dangerous places in Tong Tian Tower, did Yue Yang wiped his cold sweat secretly.

A single Charm Demon is nothing, but when tens of thousands appear together, they are really quite terrifying.

If Black Prison Army and Charm Demon Palace went to war, Yue Yang would place his bet on Charm Demon Palace, even if Black Prison King and his 5 underling leaders are at an advantage, but on the army foundation of general and soldiers, they would definitely suffer the defeat of the whole army without a single survivor. Besides, each of them would perhaps die in the most horrific way, being sucked dry, left with only the bones of the dead. It is said that in Tong Tian Tower, only the Eastern Demon Clan ruled by Dragon King is truly able to suppress Charm Demon Palace.

Yue Yang did not immediately open the small white jade box that Charm Demon Queen gave him secretly.

Since Charm Demon Queen wished to keep it a secret, and keep Phoenix Fairy Beauty in the dark, Yue Yang would find a time to secretly open it.

Besides bidding goodbye at Charm Demon Palace, Phoenix Fairy Beauty  transferred numerous areas of governance, various mines and forests, and many scenic private land to each of the 6 Major Sky Demons, especially Sky Disaster, who received the most.

Each of them gave their blessings to Phoenix Fairy Beauty .

Especially Sky Disaster, who sweetly called out Brother in law, stretching her hand out for a reward, not even being contented with Dragon Crystal, only accepting Holy treasures.

“Go go, little kids go play at the side.” Yue Yang almost wanted to hit her, he himself doesn’t even have any Sacred Treasures, how would he give her?

“You still don’t have a title since joining us 10 Major Sky Demons, we should think of one for you today.” Sky Disaster this little brat is revengeful, upon seeing Yue Yang being stingy with his treasures, immediately suggested: “Since brother-in-law is a pauper, how about we call him Sky Penniless! The meaning is the most miserly most stingy pauper in the whole world.”

“How about Sky Punch, I was born to hit you!” Yue Yang erupted, wanting to catch this little girl to harass her, and let her witness his anger.

“Pick a Card of Fate!” Sky Crime was always the good person and tried to alleviate the tension.

“I agree.” Sky Assassinate, who Yue Yang admired the most, nodded his head in agreement.

“I agree too.” Sky Sword also agreed, he does not admire Yue Yang at all. But rather, he was afraid. He was afraid that Yue Yang this youngster is going to steal his Saint-ranked Ancient Sword.

Tian Jue did not make any sound, while Sky Fury who is carrying Thunder Drum stood far away and made no indication.

They are neutral, not agreeing, not against.

Only Sky Disaster insisted that Sky Penniless is the most suitable nickname for Yue Yang.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was all smiles, with rare good temper. She pinched Yue Yang’s arm softly.

Her meaning was for Yue Yang to not be too stingy, and take something out to please Sky Disaster this little girl, and not let her keep making noise, making it awkward for Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Since it was like this, Yue Yang hit his chest, meaning that he will definitely complete this mission. He summoned ‘Green’ out of five coloured god light, and passed it to Sky Disaster: “Brat, have you seen this kind of treasure before?” Seeing it, Sky Disaster was so happy her two eye balls almost became hearts. She loudly ranted brother in law, I want it. But how could Yue Yang possibly give that to her, he was just teasing. Without waiting for Sky Disaster to start snatching it away, he immediately kept it: “I am just the most stingy brother in law, I think this treasure cannot be given.”

“No, you are the most generous brother in law in the world, I like brother in law, here, take the treasure out again for me to take a look, put it in the palm of my hand, let me take a closer look, I assure you I won’t take it!” Sky Disaster this little brat tried her best to flatter Yue Yang. Five-coloured Divine Light this level of treasure, simply blinded her eyes.

“Looking is ok……. Oops, took the wrong one!” Yue Yang took ‘black light’ out.

‘Wow!’ Seeing it, Sky Disaster liked it as much as a kitten who just saw a ball of yarn, her heart itching, crazily waving her hands, wanting to snatch it over.

Even though Black light is a counterfeit Five-coloured Divine Light, it is still a holy treasure Jiu Xiao left for Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty after killing Thunder God. It’s use, is more for fighting and killing, unlike the real Five-coloured Divine Light which has special abilities. Simply put, Black Light’s destructive power, is still more that one fifth of ‘Green’ of five-coloured Divine Light.

Sky Disaster was almost brought to tears under Yue Yang’s teasing.

He kept ‘Black Light’, and brought out a treasured bottle containing God Dew.  Once Sky Disaster screamed in delight, he kept it, and brought out Hell King’s Godly Seal.

Yue Yang wickedly lured: “Brat, have you seen this before? Look look, this is the treasure of legends!”

Sky Disaster was the brink of insanity. This guy had so many treasures, yet was simply unwilling to give one to her.

She desperately wanted to snatch it over, yet was unable to snatch it from him.

Neither could the 5 Major Sky Demons stand Yue Yang’s flaunting, was it really necessary to bring out such treasures to lure a kid he was just teasing her? Really!

“Have you ever seen the eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe? I, your brother in law has it! Have you ever seen Godly water and Stream of eternity? I also have it, call me brother in law sweetly, it could be that if I am happy, I will bestow upon you poor little thing one of it!” Yue Yang was more sinister than Guai Li Shu who used candy to lure a little girl by a hundred times. He knew clearly that Sky Disaster could not stand the lure of the treasures, yet showed off deliberately. Yue Yang really deserved a beating.

“Miser!” Sky Disaster was very smart, she knew that it was impossible to get a single treasure from this brother-in-law when he was merely teasing her on purpose.

Fiercely, she grabbed Yue Yang’s arm and bit it with hate.

Yue Yang flung his hand many times in pain, yet was still unable to get Sky Disaster off.

Upon such a sight. , Phoenix Fairy Beauty was almost in headaches. Two little kids, even a small grudge could become like such!

Sky Crime on the other hand was rolling with laughter.

He opened the secretive large box slightly.

In a moment, countless golden rays spilled out.

A particularly mysterious energy flooded heaven and earth, Yue Yang and Sky Disaster are no longer concerned with fighting. They both dashed over, wanting to see what was really collected in Sky Crime’s large box. This was one of the biggest secrets of Charm Demon Palace: the contents of the big box that apparently only Sky Execution knows about. Others, even Sky Wrath and Sky Calamity who had  the best relationships with Sky Crime do not know.

Yue Yang did not have the chance to use All-Seeing eye to take a clear look before Sky Crime fished out more that ten dark golden unusual cards out.

The big box closed up again.

The mysterious energy, immediately disappeared without a trace.

Sky Crime placed the dark golden cards in front of Yue Yang, and indicated for him to randomly pick one.

The titling process of Demonic Palace has three ways, one was self-redeeming, upon arriving in Demonic realm, one could abandon his previous title, choosing for oneself one that is better. Just like Sky Dragon who was originally called Xie Long Mang Jun, upon reaching Innate Level 6 peak, he entered Demonic palace, becoming the weakest tenth Sky Demon and gave himself the title of Sky Dragon. Besides titling oneself, there is another one where the title was publicly agreed upon. For example, Sky Fury, his temper, voice and Thunder Drum, these three were all like thunder. When they were sounded it was as if the Heavens were enraged, so he was publicly agreed as Sky Fury.

Sky Assassinate and Sky Sword were also Sky Demons with publicly agreed upon titles!

The last kind, was for the Sky Demons who accepted the test of the Cards of Fate.

Only the strongest Sky Demons have this qualification. Those such as Sky Execution, Sky Law, Sky Wrath, Sky Calamity, Sky Disaster, Sky Crime have all gone through such a test.

Once the test of the cards of Fate has been administered, this title followed one forever. That was not the point, the most important thing was that treasures like the Cards of Fate stored a ruling power, once successfully titled, a specific ability would be bestowed.

This kind of testing could be said as extremely rare, and could only be administered once a century.

Such as Sky Fury, Sky Sword all desired to receive the test of the Cards of Fate and a special ability.

But when Yue Yang joined the Sky Demons, they indicated that they were willing to give this opportunity to Yue Yang. In addition to being modest towards one that is stronger, it was also clear acknowledgment of one’s own inadequateness, if they were strong enough, Sky Crime would certainly not have given the chance to take the test of the Cards of Fate to Yue Yang. After all, it was a test of a century. It was Sky Crime’s willingness to give the chance to this newbie that proved Yue Yang as the superior Sky Demon!

“Do I randomly pick?” In his heart, Yue Yang was also slightly nervous, he only pretened to be indifferent on the surface.

There were 100 cards among the cards of Fate, but one could only choose one card from 36 during every test. These Cards of Fate were all different, some names were good while others were bad, while the abilities bestowed upon could be big or small.

To pick a good one, was of course excellent.

If one were to choose a name that is bad, and receive a very tasteless ability, it could only be said as embarrassing.

“Calm down, choose randomly, you will definitely choose one that is most suitable for you.” The Dark Gold chains in Sky Crime’s hand began to ring with a crashing sound and the Cards to Fate started to shuffle. The dark gold Cards of Fate exude a special energy, which gradually diffused and enveloped Sky Crime’s hands.

“Alright!” Yue Yang closed his eyes, randomly picked one.

An irregularity happened.

Thousands of dark golden beams emerged from the card in Yue Yang’s hands, intense as the sun. It was so dazzling that one could not even look at it directly.

An invisible power has appeared.

That power was beginning to spread on Yue Yang’s body.

In an instant, when it reached the extreme, the whole world seemed to have been shaken by this power.

A dark golden Giant that bore his image grew from Yue Yang’s body within seconds. It had the existence of a mountain. Even if one looked all the way up to the large body that was kilometres tall, one could not one see the head of this Giant. Sky Crime, Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate, Sky Sword’s faces changed drastically. Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Sky Disaster were dumbfounded. Historically in the records of Demonic Palace, there have only been 3 appearances of such Images that are over 100 meters. Those Images belong to the most powerful Sky Execution, the most talented Sky Law and Sky Disaster with the most potential.

Sky Execution’s Image was almost 200 metres. And that was a event that has prided the Demonic Palace since its time. .
Sky Law and Sky Disaster were similar.

However, here comes the difference between them. Sky Wrath who was the third strongest, his Image of fate was less than 100 meters.

Arrogant Sky Calamity was less than 80 meters, while Sky Crime who bore the Cards of Fate was only 60 meters.

They all knew Yue Yang this boy was a pervert, and had already mentally prepared for him to me as strong as Sky Execution. They have even accepted that that he might be even stronger. However, what no one would have ever imagined that the Image of Fate of Yue Yang this boy would exceed Sky Execution by so much…… Yue Yang’s Image of Fate was almost a 1000 meters. It could have been compared to a mountain, a mountain that one was unable to see the entire body of. A mountain able to support the heaven and earth.

This was definitely the most unfathomable test in the entire history of Demonic Palace.

So perverted, it was truly difficult to accept!

Not only that, the two hands of the golden Image seemed to hold something, but because the Image of Fate was too tall and too large and too dazzling, Sky Law, Sky Disaster, Sky Crime among others could not even see beyond the toe of the golden image.


A terrifying thunder roared through the clouds and shook the earth.

A strange event has happened again. A dark golden huge wolf almost 200 meters tall emerged from between the knees of the Golden Giant. It stood on its claws and arched its back, howling towards the sky. Its appearance completely overshadowed the situation above Golden Giant. Sky Crime and the rest vaguely saw something appear from the top of the Giant, but it blocked by the image of the Dark Golden Giant Wolf on the ground, which made it impossible to see what was happening above.

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    “Yue Yang’s Image of Fate was almost a 1000 meters.”

    —-Maybe the first was meant to be “a kilometer tall”? Also if that’s the case, you could remove the “a” in ‘almost a 1000’ (unless you spell out thousand)

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