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LLS Chapter 446 – Bidding farewell to the past, to meet the future

Chapter 446 – Bidding farewell to the past, to meet the future
Translated by: crayon

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Upon hearing the Beauty ask whether he preferred to be stroked or to be kiss, Yue Yang nodded his head like a baby bird, expressing desire for both.

“In your dreams!” Pheonix Fairy Beauty softly nipped at Yue Yang’s earlobe.

He felt slight pain.

Beauty then softly, but extremely seductively licked his other earlobe. This flirting was so uniquely arousing that Yue Yang nearly turned into a werewolf – howling with his claws in the earth. Looking behind him, he saw Beauty looking at him calmly with a smile faintly playing on her lips. Those bright eyes, rosy cheeks with those cherry red lips softly panting was enough to bring his wolf blood to a boil. Her extraordinary charm was enough to bring the world to a standstill. In that moment, one could not help but look.

Pheonix Fairy Beauty softly flicked Yue Yang’s forehead and teased playfully: “Bad boy, you’ve seen enough?”

Yue Yang commented: “I never used to believe it when people describe one’s beauty to be a feast for the eyes. Only after today, when I myself have helped myself to such a delectable feast that I really know that it is true!”

Hearing these words, Pheonix Fairy Beauty smiled.


Her beautiful fingers pinched Yue Yang’s cheek, those ruby lips of her leaned in extremely closely. She whispered to him: “No wonder you have stolen the hearts of so many young maidens, your mouth is so sweet. Bad boy, you can use these antics on Tigresses, Luo Hua girls, but they will not work on me.”

“Sister, I too live for a blissful sexual life, don’t expose me when the time comes.” Yue Yang placed both of his hands behind him, intending to take slight advantage of her. Upon realising that Beauty showed almost no sign of resisting, he instead moved his hands to her butt, gently lifting her up and carrying her entirely on his back. Without the usual coy of other girls, Phoenix Fairy Beauty laughed and smoothly leaned on Yue Yang’s back. With her arms looped around his neck, her legs around his waist, she was twisted around his whole body like a beautiful snake.

“I heard that you got into a fight with the 6 Great Demons. How was it? Were you bullied to tears?” With no regards for any of the usual conventions, Pheonix Fairy Beauty slipped her hands into Yue Yang’s clothes, and oh, did those hands roam wildly. Not only did Yue Yang almost get consumed by the fire of Passion, he was sweating profusely because of the many warriors openly staring.

With one hand quickly grabbing the naughty hand of Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Yue Yang used the other and brought out ‘Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus’.

The immense pressure caused a sudden explosion.

An invisible pressure even more horrifying than when the Demon King was about to arrive had spread. As a result, the weakest and nearest warriors were all thrown hundred of miles away.

The previously arrogant Guardian Beast was frightened out of its wits. It fell to the ground and do not dare to move an inch.

Those warriors with slow reflexes were all shaken to the ground.

And they did not know what to do!

The few quick thinking warriors immediately realised that this couple that dared to openly display their intimacy were Innate, in fact, they were Super Innate, were frightened to their feet and escaped as quickly as they could, regretting only that they could not grow more legs to leave even quicker.

The thing Innate Rankers usually hated the most was when others pried into their privacy – just like this crowd that only seemed to be enjoying a show, although it was unintentional, it was certainly still taboo.

Luckily they were not looking to kill, otherwise, the power of that Fire just now could have killed all surrounding life in a second.

Seeing Yue Yang’s skill, Pheonix Fairly Beauty kissed him, teasing: “Oh, no wonder you dare to singly challenge the 6 Great Demons, you have a new breakthrough! Even though you are a lustful Bad Boy, your abilities are definitely one of a Genius! This time, you are not simply trying to show of your cultivation right? I can’t go fight, my injuries are not completely healed yet!

“Oh, your injuries are still not fully healed?” With concern, Yue Yang chided: “Then why did you leave so fast when they are not healed? I’m not even collecting rent from you!”

“Those exterior injuries are all healed, but those on my heart are not!” Pheonix Fairy Beauty had only said that to tease Yue Yang, to see him worried about her. His reaction made her very contented.

“I’m the best at healing the wounds of the heart.” Yue Yang was not angry, and carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty to another place to continue their flirting.

“Bring me to Charm Demon Palace! I’m afraid that the rest of my life will be only to serve you and I will not be managing Charm Demon Palace anymore, I will have to return it to the Charm Demon clan. “ The words of Phoenix Fairy Beauty rang true.

She knew, Yue Yang would definitely form an alliance with her, because there would be a huge battle upcoming against Dark Prison King.

After the battle with Dark Prison King, there is still the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Empress.

After that battle, they still had to go to the Heaven Realm.

In the Heaven Realm, there’s Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao and those 3 big Ming Yue Guang who would be waiting. Aa unavoidable dreaded battle awaits…… If it is like this, how would there be any time to manage Charm Demon Palace? Managing Charm Demon Palace, is because there was free time while training. It was merely an act of looking for something to kill time. But now with dangerous battles on the line, there is a need to train harder than before, how would there be time to care about other things? Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t say it, but Charm Demon Palace has another rule, it is that when every Charm Demon finds a man they love, they have to bring it back to the clan, to accept the well-wishes of the clan, before leaving Charm Demon Palace to live blissfully after.

Even though it would be a stretch to say that Phoenix Fairy Beauty is in love with Yue Yang to the extent of being unable to live without him, but after that battle of Luan Pan Yu where they fought with their lives on the line, coupled with the training where both body and heart of them two fused as one, it was impossible for feelings to not develop.

No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman.

After they trained together naked, and after they fought life and death together so many times.

Who could forget it all with a smile?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had never met such a unique man before, nor had she even opened her heart up to accommodate such a man.

However, things changed. Even though she was originally only jealous of her sister, and purely wanted to steal her disciple, but after spending so much time together training and fighting together, Yue Yang had suddenly slipped into her heart without her realisation.

This is why in her heart, Phoenix Fairy Beauty decided to give this little boy a chance.

Even though he was very young, so young that it was almost ridiculous, none of that was the point. The important thing that was that he had capability, he had potential, and he liked her a lot.

To overcome the bottleneck of cultivation, there was a need to push ahead.

Legend had said that the sword could cut through the strings of passion, break six Records and abandon the physical body, to become holy only with pure ability and the soul.

To slowly become Zi Zun, and finally God.

Pheonix Fairy Beauty used to do that, to not date, to not ask of the matters between men and women, devoting herself to cultivation.

Until she met Yue Yang.

She realised his way of training and hers were entirely different, but yet the effects were much better!

He did not need to cut through the strings of passion, break six senses, abandon his physical body, but yet could still rise quickly, much faster! His way of overcoming the hurdle of emotions was unlike the unmoving meditation of others, but instead genuine and bold. His way of Body Fusion was literally ‘God’s tactic’ having showed obvious effects. And regarding how the physical body was unable to become holy? Yue Yang this boy did not break six senses nor abandoned his physical body. He had his Innate Qi and Nirvana’s Flame, and by using those to shed his old body, cleanse it, and then use Nirvana to be reborn, his method was better by hundreds of times, faster by thousand of times!

Since this was the best way, and at the same time she would have the chance to taste the sweetness of love as a blissful little woman, why not?

Of course, before Phoenix Fairy Beauty came to such a decision, she hesitated for very long.

However, when she saw his wife Sick Beauty’s blissful smiling face, a never before envy emerged in her heart, and then she realised. That has what she has been missing, love!

“Charm Demon Palace? So many Charm Demons……” When Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty reached the Charm Demon Palace on the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower, they realised that it was no mistake that this was the one of the ten most dangerous places of Tong Tian Tower. The reason why was because here lived tens of thousands of Charm Demons and tens of thousands of female demon servants, most of which are in human form. While a portion was also in creature form, but even they would at least be in half creature-half human form. Don’t say a single man, even a whole army of men would be immediately sucked to oblivion here!

No wonder men turn pale at the mere mention of Charm Demon Palace, this is the hell of men, without a doubt!

Charm Demons are a specific demonic creature meant to seduce men, their matrilineality is structured, those born are always women, men have no existence.

Apparently, Charm Demons only need to have intercourse once, to suck a man dry.

Suck a man dry!

They were even able to store the seed of men up to a thousand years, and then, like a Queen Ant, freely arrange their times of fertility. Of course, not all Charm Demons are willing to breed, because every time they reproduce, their ability will decrease by half, while the small Charm Demon born will inherit that half, growing up very quickly…….

At Tong Tian Tower, the Charm Demons are a Demon clan that come out lesser, but once they capture strong men, they would use their unique ability to heartlessly suck them dry.

Powerful Charm demons did not need to have intercourse, they just had to open their mouths, and within seconds, they could completely suck a standard Innate dry.

That was why, the mere mention of horrifying creatures like Charm Demons frightened men to no end.

“Don’t sweat, they are not as scary as the legends say, they will only suck dry men who only have the intention of playing with them. If they are truly in love with each other, the Charm Demon will be with her lover for life, and would not do anything that causes harm. In Charm Demon Palace, history records that at least a thousand Charm Demons marry far away, leaving Clan life, and many live very bissfully. “ Phoenix Fairy Beauty was not a Charm Demon, she was entirely human. Since only the Charm Demon Queen who was at Demon King level to protect Guardian Creatures with her life, Phoenix Fairy Beauty only worshipped as Palace Owner although her status was even higher than the Queen among the Charm Demons.

“Tian Fa Palace Owner, we wish you happiness!” The Charm Demon Queen welcomed them in front of the palace. She had extremely seductive looks and was about 2 meters in height. She wore a crown on her head, donned in the Queen’s cloak, and wished for Phoenix Fairy Beauty happiness with sincerity.

“A few hundred years ago, you have always been the one taking care of me, and it has been me who has only done so little for Charm Demon Palace. Nai Nai, I am very happy to have met you!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Charm Demon Queen shared a hug. Charm Demon Queen was both mentor and friend, it was exactly her who always taught Phoenix Fairy Beauty how to use her life to protect Warrior Creatures. The creatures Phoenix Fairy Beauty used her life to protect used to only be ordinary level one, but finally rose to Diamond Level ten, setting precedent since the oldest days to have become Great Demon King level Charm Demon Queen.

“The clan of Charm Demon forever welcomes you, this is your home, you are the pride of our tribe, we will always welcome you to come back to our Maiden home.” Charm Demon Queen silently praised how her own sister found a good partner when she saw Yue Yang carrying out Innate greetings to her.

She has heard of the matters of Yue family’s Third Master.

He is very young, but he was enough to shock the entire high levels of Tong Tian Tower.

Today, he was perhaps still unable to face Shun Tian and Black Prince, unable to defeat Black Prison King, but tomorrow? Who could say it was impossible?

A disciple handpicked by the one top of humans, how would he be wrong? Zhi Zun’s innate skill, if to use that to judge a person, would never be wrong!

“Please make her happy, Tian Fa is a very unfortunate child, you have to make her happy, I believe, you can do it, so, I entrust her to you!” Charm Demon Queen smiled but passed on this message to Yue Yang secretly. At the same time, while Yue Yang returned the greeting, she swiftly passed Yue Yang a small box with her right hand.

This action startled Yue Yang slightly, could it be, this has to do with him? This action of hers seemed to have a deeper meaning?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was busy hugging the 4 ancestors of Charm Demon Clan goodbye, and did not see this small box. Seeing Yue Yang accept it, Charm Demon Queen smiled and looked at Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty leave.

Tens of thousands of Charm Demons, sang a beautiful song in chorus and sent off another one of their Charm Demons who found love successfully!

Yue Yang then understood, Phoenix Fairy Beauty brought him here to bid her past good bye!

Could it be, in that small box, was her past?

Her true identity?

With this, was it be possible to find out any information about Zhi Zun?

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    • Kin says:

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      “The creatures whom Phoenix Fairy Beauty had protected with her life, was only at ordinary rank level one, but finally rose to Diamond rank Level ten”

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