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LLS Chapter 445 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty Returns

Chapter 445 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty Returns
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The golden coffin was sealed by both Heaven Runes and Ancient Runes. Yue Yang couldn’t open it immediately.

Yue Yang was also really worried to find a mummy inside when he opened the coffin.

It would still be fine if it was a normal mummy. If it was a Heaven Tier Ranker that was even stronger than the Lich King, for example the legendary Ghost Emperor, he would really be in deep trouble. Putting the problem of whether Yue Yang could defeat the enemy aside, if the mummy escaped the moment it was released, how was Yue Yang going to catch up with it? Yue Yang didn’t think that he would be able to handle it if there was an existence as strong as the Prison Emperor’s soul inside the golden coffin.

He stored everything into Demon Eye’s Platinum Storage Ring. He would open it and investigate them slowly after returning back to the Grimoire world.

Meanwhile, Xiao Wen Li and the rest followed the lead of the Quintet Golden Puppet Mice to explore this mysterious palace. There were many prohibited areas as well as different types of protected and isolated regions. Things and places they could see were only the garden, sculptures, main hall, stairs, hallways, balcony as well as the side rooms. Places such as the study, secret rooms, cellar or halls where the concubines lived in were all protected by small barriers, preventing entry. To put it simply, the places where real treasures were located cannot be entered. However, they found a number of good things outside the main hall. Scattered weapons and armory could be found easily in the arrow towers and surrounding residence. Even the lowest ranked soldier armors were ranked silver.

However, most of these treasures were broken, they were almost just trash.

It was not as if there were no treasures. There were some precious items such as the Nine Dragon Cauldron or the Zoomorphic Mask Motif Clock etc. However these items were too heavy and bulky!

Xiao Wen Li and the rest did not move them, they were unable to judge if moving them would affect the palace. They hurriedly took a look and returned. In the end, Bloody Queen Red dug up two pots of flower from the garden before she came out. They were not for Yue Yang, instead they were presents for her two female owners, the sickly beauty and the Luo Hua City Mistress.

She remembered that her owner, Luo Hua City Mistress really loved flowers. Giving her a pot of flowers would be much better than giving her treasure.

Entering the gold barrier was difficult, but to exit from it was much easier.

Yue Yang recalled his beasts and Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Ah Man, and Quintet Golden Puppet Mice all returned back to the Grimoire world with a flash of light.

“Got the treasures, time to flee.” Yue Yang did not even have look at what they got and chose to leave first.

The Black Hell King would swear to murder him even if it meant chasing him across the globe if he found out that he went in and got the treasures! Thinking it is best not to fight the Black Hell King at the moment, Yue Yang decided to wait for Jiang Ying, the Hornless Dragon to bring him to search for the Mother Earth Potion. It would not be too late for him to fight the Black Hell King after he gained more strength from consuming the Mother Earth Potion. The most important thing was that if the Black Hell King found out he came here, he would definitely defend the place and not let him enter ever again.

Rather than robbing with force, might as well steal it secretly.

Not only does it waste energy, both parties might also end up heavily wounded and give third parties the chance to reap benefits.

If the Black Hell King could not win at the moment and calls for assistance it would have been troublesome. The secrets here would be in danger of being revealed. In comparison, if he secretly takes, a little each time, the longer the time, the better for him! The Black Hell King cannot enter anyway.

Before being sent away using the teleportation circle that sent them here, Yue Yang checked cautiously.

He realised that this place was extremely well hidden and was not used for a long time, Yue Yang reckoned that the Black Hell King knew there was such a teleportation circle here.

After leaving, Yue Yang took a good look at his surroundings and looked back at the Bloodrose Map on his Grimoire. He almost fainted.

The reason was because: this place was not Tong Tian Tower Third Floor but the Fourth Floor.

That’s why Blood Queen Red’s mother said that she could fly up to the Fourth Floor. The reason was due to the exit here, on the Fourth Floor.

Based on this, Yue Yang speculated that Blood Queen Red’s mother did not enter the mysterious palace, but went outside. Perhaps she obtained some treasure that was left behind in an abandoned building and gained power. Perhaps she even killed the Gold Rank beasts inside and obtained large amounts of magic crystals and became more powerful. No matter what the reason was, Bloody Queen Red’s mother was strengthened and leveled up, which allowed her to fly up beyond the Fourth Floor. This was certain.

“Mommy has her own life, nevermind if we cannot find her.” Although Bloody Queen Red missed her mother, she felt that nothing can be done even if they were unable to locate her since Tong Tian Tower was too big.

“If we have the opportunity, we can try again!” Yue Yang felt that it would be better not to search.

What if her mother died in a battle? Even if they found her, won’t Blood Queen Red feel sad? If they could not locate her, there would still be hope!

Even if she became stronger, she would not have been able to reach the state of a Holy Beast. The Bloody Queen Red now would definitely have already surpassed her mother. Even if her mother was powerful, even if she did not perish and was still alive and kicking; Seeing her own daughter become a battle beast that belonged to humans, won’t she be sad?

That’s why, being unable to find would be better. At the very least there was the thought.

Bloody Queen Red suddenly embraced Yue Yang, she hugged him tightly, burying herself into his chest. Only after quite some time did she let out a long sigh,“ Actually things are fine now. Although I do not have my mother by my side, I have many good friends, a family and you…”

Her humanity stirred up Yue Yang emotionally.

He held her, giving her comfort. Using his hand, he stroked her hair, letting her feel his solicitude.

Luo Hua City Mistress just ran out, she thought the hug was meant for her, she did not expect to see Bloody Queen Red in Yue Yang’s arms. She was stunned slightly.

Hearing footsteps, Bloody Queen Red quickly struggled free from Yue Yang’s embrace. She pretended as if nothing has happened between her and Yue Yang, acting as natural as she could. However, her face was flushed red and it did not seem to fade. Seeing the Luo Hua City Mistress stop in her tracks, Bloody Queen Red quickly took out the fresh flowers she got from the garden in the palace, and offered them to her. Bloody Queen Red handed the flowers over in a respectful manner but she still felt uneasy.

“Wow, it is Gold Silk Butterfly, gosh, this is the Gold Silk Butterfly that has the same rank as the Beautiful Demonic Flower and the Starlight Serene Indigo Grass!”
With one look, the Luo Hua City Mistress immediately forgot about the fact that Bloody Queen Red was in Yue Yang’s embrace a moment ago.

“Are you tired? I prepared the bath already, you can go bathe!” Nevertheless the sickly beauty was the most gentle, she was the best at fulfilling her duty as his wife.

“Bathing alone is boring, it would be better if we can bathe together!” Yue Yang bent down to pick up the sickly beauty and carried her bridal style. Seeing that Luo Hua City Mistress and Bloody Queen Red were both still there, the sickly beauty was so flustered her face was bright red. She tried to struggle free but failed. She noticed that the Luo Hua City Mistress was busy appreciating the two pots of Gold Silk Butterfly, she did not bother noticing what had happened. The sickly beauty did not feel as embarrassed anymore, moving her lips next to Yue Yang’s and pleaded, “Can we talk about this at night. Later I will give you a message, be a good boy. Let’s not do that kind of things everyday, especially after Bing Er and the rest came back. Do not cause trouble, what if they found out about it?”

“…” The shameless guy pretended that he could not hear. He stripped the beauty and dipped her into the water.

At most she would pretend to be angry and hit him in a playful way.

It is normal for a married couple to bathe together.

Their happy lives just started, if Yue Yang does not enjoy himself then he would be stupid!

On the next day, Yue Yang reached the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

He came here to leave a message for the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Even if Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision , he was still unable to see clearly what was inside the Gold Coffin. He could not see through this weird Gold Coffin. Qilin girl did not even mention what was inside, Yue Yang was really worried that a monster will jump out. He decided to get a strong and trustable helper, like Phoenix Fairy Beauty. If she was with him, opening the Gold Coffin would be much safer.

Moreover, the day Black Hell King is planning to invade Dragon Soaring Continent was approaching, Yue Yang still wanted to practice [Body Fusion] with her.

So as to improve together.

The Phoenix Fairy Beauty would be one of the main fighters to face Black Hell King. Without her, with the Night Empress alone, Yue Yang thought that they might not successfully defeat the Black Hell King. After all, he was a strong opponent who was Heaven Tier Level 1 or even perhaps Level 2.

Although the Night Empress was known to be extremely powerful, but compared to the Black Hell King, Yue Yang was still unsure of her strength.

Yue Yang was very sure of the Phoenix Fair Beauty’s situation. If they could make the most out of the remaining time to practice [Body Fusion], in addition it was highly possible for her to break through and reach Heaven Tier Level 1. Now she is currently Innate Level 10, also known as Earth-rank Level 10. However, reborned with Innate Qi and cleansed using Nirvana, her strength was way beyond an average Innate level 10. If she gets another break through while practicing [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang, then she would definitely reach Heaven Tier level 1… She, might become the second new female Supreme Elder after Zhi Zun, of course if the Night Empress has already became one, she would be the third.

“Girl, come, I miss you!” Yue Yang gave the Phoenix Fairy Beauty a very simple message.

But his emotions of longing were all real.

Because he really missed her. Even in his dreams, she was there. The Phoenix Fairy Beauty who would entice others with a smile.

After settling the meeting to be at the border of the plaza at Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor, Yue Yang had to make a move and first, return back to Soaring Dragon Continent. He took out the crystal used to summon his Thunder Beast mount, Thunder Armour as well as the trash picked up by Bloody Queen Red and Ah man from the palace —- the Silver ranked weapons and defense equipments, and threw them at the old man Jun Wu You. He did not bother if those things could still be used.

Jun Wu You was stunned, “ Brat, where did you rob? Did you empty my exchequer?”

Old man Yue Hai was secretly pleased but pretended to be serious, “ These weapons and defense equipments are already broken, many can no longer be used. They are considered trash, even fixing would be difficult.”

The old fox was afraid that Yue Yang would be angered so he quickly comforted,” They could be fixed, I know an old dude who is skilled in fixing things. He is a pretty good tinker. Obedient Yue Yang, now there are nothing else you need to deal with, you can go hook up girls! Oh right, last time I found something useful in the secret room. Do you want to borrow it to study? It is really useful for those who want children!”

Seeing this old dude being so suspicious, he knew straight away it was porn.

The most amazing thing was that, the images could move.

It appeared just like Mr Cai Jing’s romance action movies, perhaps even more exciting. After all it was the blood and sweat of a certain lewd master from the Soaring Dragon Continent!

“Do not flip it open here, take it back and study it with your wife.” The old fox could not stand Yue Yang’s guts. The room was filled with people and he still dared to flip it open. One should know that it was made with a secret technique, there was audio and visual. After opening it up completely, it could even float and be shown in 3D…

“President, you are teaching kids the wrong things!” Yue Yang kept the book but criticised the old fox’s shamelessness in an earnest way, making him explode in anger.

Such good things cannot be found out by Luo Hua City Mistress and the rest, if not it would be confiscated.

Yue Yang pretended to be an obedient child and visited Yue Yu as well as his Fourth Mother at Tian Luo Palace.

On the next day, Yue Yang made his way up to Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor to see if Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw his message and came to meet him. He waited for half a day but he did not even see shadows. He was slightly disappointed, turned and prepared to leave. He had to go back acting as an obedient child.

Suddenly, a sweet smelling scent filled the entire sky and enveloped him.

There were also two jade white arms, so soft and supple as if they had no bones, embraced him from the back. On his back, he felt an extremely splendid sensation pressed right against his back. This sensation could almost melt him, it felt as if his bones went limp. He felt ecstatic. What surprised Yue Yang the most was that, the beauty behind him was wrapped around him just like a beauty serpent. Her sweet lips were right next to his ear, “Bad little boy, did you miss me? How much? Do you want to be touched or kissed?”

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