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LLS Chapter 444 – Grooming Lolis is a good habit!

Chapter 444 – Grooming Lolis is a good habit!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Xiao Wen Li levelled up. She went from being Level Four Diamond rank to becoming Level Five Diamond Rank.

The most impressive thing was that her Binding Chains Inherent Skill levelled up. After the levelling up, Xiao Wen Li acquired the ‘Soul Chains’ skill.

Soul Chains: With mental chains emitted from the skill user’s eyes, the skill user may confine the soul of the opponent. The opponent’s soul can then be withdrawn from his body after using this skill successfully. Prerequisite: There must not be any interruption during the process, and the skill user cannot move his body at all. Soul Chains is applicable to any creatures, the stronger the soul of the opponent, the weaker its effect. No effects on those without a soul.

“With this, it’s enough to make Shun Tian and the Black Prince suffer. “ Yue Yang believed that be it if this skill is able to exert its effect on Super Innates like Shun Tian and the Black Prince, it would at least have some effects on them.

Once they were affected, he could take the opportunity to tackle them.

If Yue Yang were to meet Shun Tian and the Black Prince now, he had the confidence to beat them.

The beasts which Shun Tian and the Black Prince groomed for hundred of years would definitely be so defeated when they go up against Xiao Wen Li. Her Binding Chain Inherent Skill together with Soul Chains skills would defeat even Shun Tian’s Golden Emperor that was a Level Nine Diamond-ranked Beast.

The killing power of skills under the soul category had always been terrifyingly strong.

Taking for example, the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s Doom’s Eyes.

Very little beasts possessed defence against Soul-category skills, most of the Beasts were physically strong but possessed weak souls. It even could be said that they are completely susceptible to attacks targeting their souls.

Xiao Wen Li was still low levelled now, but if she were to be one level higher, Yue Yang would be confident about getting rid of powerful people like Shun Tian and the Black Prince. He would be able to completely imagine the course of battle. As long as Xiao Wen Li is able to ‘bind’ Shun Tian, then as Yue Yang launch his World Exterminating Wheel, Nirvana Fire and Innate Sword Qi, there would be high chance of Shun Tian getting severely injured or even instant-killed. But of course, without being completely sure, Yue Yang wouldn’t launch his strongest attack against Shun Tian. He had to hide his trump card in order to deceive his opponent. Yue Yang would only reveal it when he found the best opportunity to kill his opponent!

Hide his skills and launch the deadliest attack when he strikes!

This was Yue Yang’s strategy in tackling Shun Tian and the Black Prince.

When Yue Yang levels up or gets the chance, he would definitely kill the usually stronger opponents just like what he did with Sky Dragon…

Although the Black Prince and Shun Tian might be stronger than Sky Dragon, and even more scheming, all these wouldn’t be a problem. Yue Yang’s strongest contender now isn’t any of them, it’s the Scarlet Emperor!

Even the Black Hell King wasn’t Yue Yang’s target to surpass now.

Compared to the Scarlet Emperor, the Black Hell King possesses at most the power of the Scarlet Concubine. The Black Hell King was simply not on the same level as the Scarlet Emperor!

He wasn’t sure about the Scarlet Emperor’s Beasts, but Yue Yang saw at least one Divine Equipment in the Scarlet Emperor’s possession. As for the Black Hell King, although he had a lot of Holy-ranked Equipment, Yue Yang believed that he doesn’t have a single Divine Equipment, if not he would have used it together with the Golden Barrier.

“Divine Equipment, when can I get a Divine Equipment too?“ Yue Yang sighed internally. Amongst Prison Emperor’s three Divine Equipment, only the Prison Emperor Divine Sword recognised him as its master, but due to the interference of Prison Emperor’s soul, he couldn’t use it and instead, Princess Qian Qian had acquired it. Although they were on Yue Yang’s side, if these Divine Equipment didn’t recognise him as their master, he could only use them as walnut crushers. With regards to the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, the Old Dragon Turtle had stolen it away to recover his strength. Yue Yang thought that he would use it to fight against the Black Hell King to his death. He would definitely not give it to Yue Yang before he killed the Black Hell King.

“You will get one! The Crescent Moon might not become one in the end, but Hui Jin will definitely become a Divine Equipment!” Bloody Queen Red suddenly spoke in an attempt to console Yue Yang. Her words startled Yue Yang.

When did she learn how to comfort people?

If this continues, she would be making huge improvements in personifying!

Bloody Queen Red saw that Yue Yang was looking at her and blushed. She lowered her head and stopped talking. She held on to her hands as she looked a little anxious.

Yue Yang watched her even more intensely. If this continued, forget about her turning into a Holy Beast, she might even become a Divine Beast soon. Could Bloody Queen Red be the next successfully grimoire-contracted Beast after Hui Tai Lang?

The Phoenix sounded again, and before Yue Yang could even react, rainbow light already flashed across the sky.

It then fused into Yue Yang’s body instantly, at an uncanny speed. It even ignored the hindrance of the Golden Barrier.

There was a fire Phoenix formed from the Nirvana’s Flame behind Yue Yang. It kept spinning and flapping it’s wings as it passed through all the obstacles and flew above Yue Yang’s head before finally fusing with him. Yue Yang didn’t know what treasure the Phoenix sisters got as they went back to hibernate in the Celestial Grimoire without saying anything. The Nirvana Flame Phoenix they rode on fused into Yue Yang’s body, together with their special abilities, purifying Yue Yang’s body slowly.

This was different from the purification the previous three times. Not only did Yue Yang’s body get sufficient purification, a pair of Nirvana Fire Wings was formed on it.
(Want2eat: Fire Wings sound delicious!!)

This pair of Nirvana Wing was differently shaped from a demon’s bat-like wing, a Giant Dragon’s dragon wings and an angel’s feathery wings.

It didn’t take a specific shape, and was formed entirely out of flame.

The flame came from the Nirvana Flame.

Yue Yang’s arms, shoulders, back, ribs legs and even down to the ankle were burning with this special fire. Not only were they Nirvana Flame, they brought along with them a sense of immortality as well. More accurately speaking, the Phoenix Sisters made an eternal Fire Phoenix and fused it into Yue Yang’s body. It could then act accordingly to the needs of the environment.

So this was what they were giving to Yue Yang? 

Yue Yang scratched his head and couldn’t come to a conclusion. He really had no clue what treasure they got for them to give him such a Fire phoenix.

If Yue Yang were to do it personally, it wasn’t that he couldn’t create the fire phoenix, it was just that he wouldn’t be able to make one that’s so long lasting, or one that’s able to respond to its surroundings… Yue Yang could sense that this Fire Phoenix wasn’t alive, which means to say it was a permanent existence. Rather than calling it a Beast, naming it a weapon or defense equipment would be more accurate. One could even describe it as a ride, an amazing one that could help purify its owner without the need to feed it!

As the Fire Phoenix fused gradually into Yue Yang’s body, it left a veneer of ‘fire cloth’ on Yue Yang’s skin.

When Yue Yang used his will to control it, it would appear instantly, becoming a fire pistol, fire armour, and even a fire bow…

If he were to let it be, it would morph into fire wings or fire cloth.

“Impressive, this is even more useful than a Divine Equipment!” Yue Yang was pleasantly surprised. Looks like the reason why the Phoenix Sisters went back so swiftly was because they wanted to give him their newly made treasure, not because they were two little sneaky thieves. Are there any other treasures that would be more superb and useful than the Fire Phoenix? Yue Yang wouldn’t exchange it for one, no, even ten Divine Equipment.

The best equipment would be the one that suits him the most!

Just when Yue Yang was feeling guilty of accusing the Phoenix sisters, he suddenly saw the Qilin Girl, Bing Yin, running out carrying an enormous Gold Coffin.

As usual, she used her horn to pry open the golden barrier, and within seconds she was out.

If the Black Hell King were to see the Qilin Girl entering and exiting the Golden Barrier so easily, he would have cried!

Yue Yang was overjoyed. “Good girl, is this for me? “

He guessed that the Qilin Girl must have taken lots of treasures from inside. But the fact that she still remembered him was impressive enough.

The Qilin Girl’s tone made Yue Yang speechless. “It’s not very big inside, and there aren’t many treasures, there’s almost nothing that’s suitable for us to use. I will give this to you. Inform me when you see any treasures the next time. You were planning to make a Puppet Beast that’s alive right? The substance contained in this bottle should be of some use… Ah, I’m tired, I’ll catch some wink now! “

“Girl, can you bring me in? “ Yue Yang was a greedy man, how could he not swoon at the large amount of treasures in the palace?

“You have a corporeal body, so I can’t bring you along, but I can bring Xiao Wen Li in!” Qilin Girl waved her fair hand and rainbow light bloomed from her hand. Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and the stoned Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga, Ice Serpent Demon and even the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice all shrunk to the size of a pea and she held all of them with her fist.

She bended over and rushed into the golden barrier again.

It was only until now did Yue Yang realised that compared to Immortal Beasts, Monsters, Beasts, Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts were nothing.

Just with this nameless trick that could shrink several targets all at one go, he could dominate the whole of Tong Tian Tower. Isn’t Shun Tian’s 500 metres tall Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Emperor impressive? It would die when Yue Yang pinches it upon shrinking it to the size of a green bean! So what if Baruth the Great Demon King is superb? He would be the size of an ant after shrinking, and would die just by stepping on with one foot…

After waiting for the Qilin Girl, Bing Yin, to send all the Beasts in and return, Yue Yang caught up with her. “Qilin girl, forget about other treasures, just teach me the trick to shrink a person!”

“You can’t use it now, moreover, this trick requires the aid of a treasure, together with many other pre-requisites, you think it’s so easy?” The Qilin Girl was reluctant to teach Yue Yang this trick, even after Yue Yang tried to coax and threaten her. She came out with an excuse to leave in the end. “I did not have a good sleep yesterday night, I’m losing my voice, my mother asked me not to speak too much!”

And then she went back to the Celestial Grimoire World in the blink of an eye.

Yue Yang couldn’t do anything with her. He wanted to learn, but what could he do if she doesn’t want to teach him?

The only way was to court her and become her man, but she seemed to be too young… It’s okay, grooming lolis is also a good habit!

He was executing his plan to groom lolis, so the Qilin girl will just be one of them!

Yes, he shouldn’t be too anxious, just take things slowly!

Xiao Wen Li went to explore around the palace. With nothing to do, Yue Yang diverted his attention to the two treasures the Qilin Girl brought him. They were a golden coffin with a crystal bottle placed on top of it. There seemed to be some water in the crystal bottle.

Could it be the God’s Water?

Could it be that God’s Water is really in the crystal bottle?

God’s Water: An energy source that nourishes all life forms. It is pure and non pollutable. It can’t be mixed or diluted, it possesses an unique characteristic of self purifying. It has miraculous effectiveness towards regenerating limbs and getting rid of any side effects, it is an important spring of vitality that contributes towards creating lifeform possessing intelligence. It can be is used to create God’s Blood and replenish divine energy.

“Ah, my god, Yue Gong’s third wish is finally going to be realised! “ Yue Yang carried the crystal bottle and used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to visualise it again. He realised that it was really God’s Water in his hand and he wasn’t dreaming. He cheered out loud almost immediately!

“I will be energised to do anything if there are good lolis like them everywhere in the house.“ Yue Yang almost teared as he was too touched from the thought of it.

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