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LLS Chapter 443 – Xiao Wen Li, Level up!

Chapter 443 – Xiao Wen Li, Level up!
Translated by: heliumm & honey
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Black Hell King swung his hammer shaped Holy-ranked weapon and struck crazily for ten minutes.

It was completely ineffective!

Finally, he changed it back into the axe-shaped Holy-ranked weapon and slashed at the golden barrier madly for another ten minutes. In the end, it was still all in vain.

This barrier was not something that could be broken by brute force alone. Even if it was the Black Hell King’s attack, the barrier was left undamaged. Yue Yang was secretly laughing with mockery when he saw that the Black Hell King had to deal with such an awesome protection barrier. Serves him right! The problem was, why must the Black Hell King enter this palace? What kind of incomparable treasures are hidden within to make the Black Hell King so determined to enter? Could it be that this palace was really the legendary “Sky City” from the Heaven’s Realm? Did it fell during fight between the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm and the Prison King?

If that was the case, why didn’t Old Dragon Turtle mention about this palace?

There was another possibility, which was: million years ago, even way before the ancient times, this Sky City fell from the sky. Nobody knew about it, but for some reasons it was discovered by the Black Hell King……

“Shit!” Black Hell King changed five, six Holy-ranked weapons and was exhausted. His mad attacks were unless. He could not help but to roar looking up at the sky. He had nowhere to vent his fury.

“Idiot, what an idiot!” Yue Yang, who was hiding behind the bushes counting ants all along, was overjoyed.

“One day, Jade Fall Palace would become mine! Hey Prison King, I, Black Hell will definitely surpass you. I will definitely break through this barrier and enter, conquering this Jade Fall Palace that even you were unable to conquer. I will obtain the Divine Grimoire and become the owner here! Divine Grimoire, one day you will belong to me, Black Hell and I would definitely become the strongest in the entire Tong Tian Tower. I will conquer everything, I will conquer the world!” Black Hell King swung his fists in the air madly and shouted until his voice was hoarse, just like when Adolf Hitler delivered his speeches. In the end, no one responded to him. The Black Hell King howled and was at the brink of going berserk. With a Holy-ranked ax and a Holy-ranked hammer in each hand, he violently attacked the golden barrier so as to vent out his fury.

Only after a while, did he deeply inhaled in one breath.

Slowly he calmed down.

His Qi changed and became deep and profound, as if he became someone else.

Using his hands, he slowly caressed the golden barrier. Using a very gentle voice, as if he was talking to his lover, he said, ”I know, you still reject me now, because I am still unworthy. But I will prove to you, I will be able to meet your requirements. I will have the ability to be your owner! Wait for me, the next time, I will become even more powerful!”

After Black Hell King left.

After a really, really long time, Yue Yang put his hand to his chest, it was a close call, he almost shouted out in shock just now.

This palace actually had a Divine Grimoire, oh my goodness, that’s why the Black Hell King was like a bull in heat, he attacked the barrier with all his might. There was actually a Divine Grimoire within!

Even the Prison King could not enter?

Even the Prison King who was able to seal the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm was unable to enter, looks like the Black Hell King was just wasting his energy.

The problem is that, even Black Hell King could not enter. Would he be able to enter?

If he could enter…… the legendary Divine Grimoire; even if he couldn’t use it, shifting it back to the Grimoire world would be fine, as long as no one else gets it! There are only ten Divine Grimoires, one less would mean one less powerful enemy. Even the Holy Grimoire was an existence many could only watch from far, let alone the Divine Grimoire!

Yue Yang thought about it, his heart itching, making him uncomfortable. It was as if a cat was scratching it.

Just as he wanted to stand up, he suddenly felt a sharp chill throughout his entire body.

It was a feeling as if he was being watched from far. In pure fear, Yue Yang hid quickly, lying flat on his stomach between the bushes. He hid his heartbeat and made his Qi invisible, so that he became an existence just like a rock.

The Black Hell King reappeared, covered with Holy-ranked armor and held a Holy-ranked staff in his hand. From time to time, he casted out circular blue light.

It appeared as if he wanted to investigate something.

Could it be that he realised that something was amiss?

The circular blue light began to spread on the ground, all life appeared in the form of red spots, a stark contrast against the blue light. Dependent on the power of the spectre, all life on the ground was obvious at a glance to Black Hell King. Yue Yang grumbled silently. This guy was full of Holy-ranked weapons, even if he wanted to destroy him, it was still out of his abilities. The Black Hell King was at least a Heaven Tier Level 1 ranker. Furthermore, he was at least ten times stronger than Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had become Heaven Tier Level 1 after her whole body was purified by the Nirvana Flame.

Furthermore, that did not include Black Hell King’s hidden strength.

If he gave it his all, Yue Yang believed that Black Hell King would be able to reach Heaven tier Level 2, possibly even higher.

If Black Hell King was a Heaven tier Level 2 with so many Holy-ranked weapons, it was not quite possible for Yue Yang to defeat Black Hell King. He should not think so far for now……. If he could obtain Mother Earth Potion, raise his ability by one level, and ally with Night Empress and Phoenix Fairy Beauty, there might still be a chance.

Despite the benefits of Mother Earth Potion, it was still not the time. Jiang Ying that Hornless Dragon was also very anxious and had previously sent Yue Yang a message for him to get ready.

To level up to a beast, she disregarded everything else.

The current invasion of Soaring Dragon Continent?

She did not care at all!

At the Warrior Guild, Yue Yang had already replied, in the case that Soaring Dragon Continent had to go to war, he would accompany her to obtain Mother Earth Potion. In return, she would have to lead Spider Army to aid Soaring Dragon Continent. Of course, all of this was according to Yue Yang’s plans. Such a superficial condition was simply to dispel the Hornless Dragon’s wariness. Jiang Ying that Hornless Dragon was unaware of Yue Yang’s motive and had agreed.

The old Yue Yang who had not upgraded his Counterfeit Inherent Skill would not have been able to escape Black Hell King’s detection.

Fortunately, the current Yue Yang is able to.

Of course, this had to do with the fact that the light had not detected him directly. If the light had detected him, it would be difficult even if he levelled up his skills.

Black Hell King was just cautious, he did not know that other than himself, Yue Yang had also broke into this mysterious space.

The second time he left, Black Hell King was more at peace because he did not discover the enemy.

He thought that his initial unease was just an illusion.

“Whew!” Yue Yang who escaped with his Counterfeit Inherent Skill wiped his cold sweat, that was a close call!

Since he did not know when Black Hell King would return, Yue Yang did not dare to rush boldly to the Golden Barrier to check the results, but rather returned to the world of Grimoire to rest. This cautious move actually saved his life again.

Before he left, Black Hell King set up runes that functioned as alarms around the place. Once Yue Yang was close, they would have triggered.

Since Yue Yang went back to rest, these runes that have a one hour limit were naturally ineffective.

Seeing the excitement on Yue Yang’s face, Luo Hua City Mistress was curious: “You found the treasure? Is that why you are so happy?”

Yue Yang did not reply, and leaned across to lift Luo Hua City Mistress up: “It’s still a secret, I’ll show it off when I really obtain it. Did you miss me, Luo Hua?” His hands began to roam which made Luo Hua City Mistress weaken at her knees. She rolled her eyes at him playfully: “I am going to faint. You do this once you come home……. Wu hen, save me quick!” Yue Yang bellowed in laughter: “She can’t save you, how about you two serve your husband together!”

“Oh my, only you could think of that!” Luo Hua City Mistress was going to faint because of him. Seeing that she was unable to escape, she bit on her lover’s shoulder with her teeth: “Who is afraid of you, don’t think I can be easily bullied!”

A war broke out afterwards.

The fire of passion spread in the room filled with lust.

As expected, the war ended with a certain City Master and her ally both defeated and begging for mercy.

After a good rest, Yue Yang set out, full of energy.

Unlike Black Hell King who used brutal force to hit the Golden Barrier, he stood before it and contemplated another way.

From afar, this Golden Barrier looked to be a very thin layer. However, upon closer inspection he realised it was one meter thick, such that even his Innate Invisible Sword Qi could not penetrate through.

What else could he do?

Sword Qi + teleportation? Yue Yang shot out a stream of Innate Invisible Sword Qi, and after burning about three inches in, he suddenly stopped. In the moment of teleportation, the Golden Barrier fluctuated slightly and sent Yue Yang flying 100 meters away, crashing into the ground pathetically. It was then did Yue Yang finally realise, why did Black Hell King always use a strange rhythm to hit the barrier? Could it be that he not only had to try to smash open the thick Golden Barrier, but at the same time he had to offset the rebound shock from the barrier?

For every attack, there are two steps. Attack, and then offset it.

Otherwise, the power of the rebound was really too much!

Yue Yang suffered a hidden loss. He did not need to play any more tricks because under this absolute defense, there was no loophole around it.

“Qilin girl, come out, I have something good to show you! Honey, go tell sister Bing Yin that there is a Divine Grimoire in this palace here. If she helps me to retrieve the grimoire, I would heavily reward her!” While Yue Yang was unable to enter, he was not worried because he knows someone who definitely could. That person was the Qilin girl, Bing Yin. The problem was just that this girl was in deep sleep inside the Celestial Grimoire. To summon her, he would need Xiao Wen Li to tell Qilin girl this piece of good news.

“Unn, unn!” Xiao Wen Li, ever so obedient, turned into a rainbow coloured light and disappeared.

About 10 seconds later, there was a reaction.

The nature-like calls of the phoenix resounded through the skies, shaking one’s soul.

He could not see clearly.

Not even with his Divine Vision!

In an instant, the Phoenix Sisters passed through the Golden Barrier. They were so fast that Yue Yang only just saw the colourful ribbon streams on their backs.

If Black Hell King were to see such a sight, he would definitely be in tears.

He had hit the barrier for half an hour with his holy equipment and was completely exhausted, yet the Golden Barrier was totally undamaged. On the other hand, these Phoenix sisters did not even use a thousandth of a second to pass through the Golden Barrier into that magnificent palace. If Black Hell King were to see such a scene, why would he bother conquering Soaring Dragon Continent, conquering Tong Tian Tower? He might as well find a rope and hang himself!

Following was the Qilin girl who carried a sweet fragrance.

Running out, her little face looked like she just woke up, so cute.

Her eyes shone once she saw the palace. She did not even care about Yue Yang and rushed in with delight, just like a female pirate who saw a treasure.

“Hm, the guard here is so strong! It’s okay, I still have a unique skill!” When Qilin girl ran to the middle of the Golden Barrier, she slowed down drastically as if it was very difficult to run. When she ran back in a rush while muttering to herself and her hands in a special position, her whole body was a splendid masterpiece. Bathed in this multi-colour, her two beautiful and cute tiny horns shone even more.

She bowed over and jogged to the barrier, and used her horns to break the Golden Barrier, rushing in.

When he saw this scene, Yue Yang was full of regret.

He regretted informing them. They were all the top-ranked bandits. Now that he allowed them to loot this palace, he might not even get to drink a bowl of soup.

Qilin girl laughed in joy and dashed into the palace.

After a while, she came out contented, and comforted the depressed Yue Yang: “There really is a Divine Grimoire in there, but you can forget about getting it. Divine-ranked equipment choose their owners, if it does not recognise you, it is useless even if I gave it to you. I found many amazing things, and I bet there are even more treasures in those restricted spaces. When I find something good, I will give one or two to you! Don’t cry, wait for sister here obediently!”

How could that be any comfort?

She was adding salt to the wound!

When Yue Yang raged and was ready to spank her, she burst out laughing and ran back in.

“You think that I cannot go in without you, Qilin girl?” Yue Yang brought out his last ‘special treasure’ – Quintet Seeking Golden Mice.

While these five little mice cannot fight, they were still very good at looking for treasure!

At least they have never disappointed Yue Yang!

Once summoned, the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice began to explore around the Golden Barrier. While they could not enter, they will find a secret door! In no time, they had found a huge secret door! Accurately speaking, this was not a door, but a rune figure on the Golden Barrier. Even though it was invisible, the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice still found it.

Yue Yang stretched out his hand to carefully feel the runes.

After carefully reading and studying the runes, he vaguely understood. This was a secret doorway leading in, but in order to enter, one would need the owner’s permission.

It was the same logic as in the Grimoire world, the problem was that if he had no beast to guide him, it was useless even if he found a way to enter the secret door!

Not to mention he hasn’t even found a way to enter the secret door!

“Xiao Wen Li, why don’t you try if you can enter!” Yue Yang suddenly slapped his forehead. He really was dumb, Xiao Wen Li has owed a Diamond Grimoire since she was born, she was at the very least a beast! While she was not as powerful as Immortal beasts like Qilin girl and the Phoenix Sisters, she was still very strong and should be able to enter!

“Unn, unn!” Xiao Wen Li was really the most obedient, she nodded her head cutely at Yue Yang and summoned out her Grimoire.

She walked towards the secret door on the Golden Barrier with much effort, her expression solemn.

Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Na Jia and Cold Frost Serpent Demon the four Guardian beasts have all come out to support Xiao Wen Li. With all their strength, they pointed at a single point on the secret door so as to help Xiao Wen Li move forward. In the end, even Bloody Queen and Barbarian Cow Shadow came out and transferred all their strength onto Xiao Wen Li to support her.

However, even will all of their strength, it only helped Xiao Wen Li move forward by 2 steps.

Less than half a foot.

Compare that to the Golden Barrier that was a metre thick!

Yue Yang reacted resourcefully in this situation and burst out his largest strength, raising his Qi to the maximum and shot out the Supreme Sword Qi.

The sword created a hole of nearly a meter in front of Xiao Wen Li. Even Xiao Wen Li could tell that he meant for her to turn into a stream of light and enter from the tiny hole.

Just then something horrifying happened. That small hole he created on the Golden Barrier suddenly shifted a 100 miles away and formed an absolute defense. Xiao Wen Li was trapped within.

“No, Oh my God!” Yue Yang was scared out of his wits. He was truly worried that Xiao Wen Li would be crushed and die……. Even if Guardian Beasts would not really die, he did not want Xiao Wen Li to undergo such pain. He rushed against the Barrier and used all of his might to try to rescue her, but to no avail. He was instead reflected by the Barrier and thrown some ten metres away.

“She’s alright, she’s fine, don’t worry!” Bloody Queen comforted as she rushed to help up Yue Yang whose heart was going to stop from shock.

“Huh?” It was only then did Yue Yang realise that in the moment the Barrier closed up, Xiao Wen Li had summoned her Grimoire.

Even the barrier formed by her Diamond Grimoire was crushed.

There was only a space barely an inch wide.

That space surrounded Xiao Wen Li, protecting her from being crushed.

Yue Yang Have never seen a barrier distorted to such an extent. Let alone a low level Innate, even if Supreme Innates like Sky Execution, Baruth, Shun Tian and Black Prince all combined their powers and pressed down, the protective Barrier would not be compressed to such an extent.

It was compressed like a small ball which wrapped around Xiao Wen Li tightly.

Xiao Wen Li crouched on top of her Diamond Grimoire, her six small hands pushing against the barrier that was only an inch away.

“Darling, don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, I will save you right now!” Yue Yang prepared to shoot his Supreme Sword Innate Qi again to save Xiao Wen Li.

No matter what kind of treasure, be it the Holy Grimoire or Divine Grimoire, even if he was offered one thousand or even ten thousand of those, Yue Yang would never exchange them for Xiao Wen Li’s life. She was his most important, most treasured darling. When he saw Xiao Wen Li still trying to squeeze out a smile for him, his heart broke. He resented himself for being greedy. Had he not been so greedy, Xiao Wen Li would not be in such a situation.

He clearly knew how dangerous it was and still made her take the risk!

If he could choose again, he definitely would not have done that!

When Yue Yang was ready to shoot out the Supreme Sword Qi again,Xiao Wen Li’s eyes burst open.

Her determined stare was shone and shot out like beams. The Golden Barrier that was supposed to seal up immediately after being pricked by Supreme Sword Qi unexpectedly ‘froze’ her binding skill for a tenth of a second.

Even if it were for a hundredth of a second, that would be enough.

When Yue Yang composed himself and looked again, he realised that Xiao Wen Li that had turned into a multicoloured stream and escaped from the Golden Barrier. Not in front, but she was on the other side of the barrier.

Xiao Wen Li waved excitedly at Yue Yang, she had succeeded!

Her two eyes were overworked, and two streams of bloody tears came down her small face.

Such a sight made Yue Yang’s nose sour.

He really wanted to kiss his baby ruthlessly and never let her go.

Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Na Jia and Cold Frost Serpent Demon were exhausted, yet still threw their hands up and celebrated. Seeing their bodies rising slowing bathed in a golden light made them shout even more excitedly. Yue Yang saw with delight that the multicoloured light on Xiao Wen Li’s head was blinking, it looked just like a rainbow in dance. A detailed shockwave silently spread. Following that, an especially dazzling Gold Pillar shot towards the sky, breaking through the Golden Barrier and slid to even higher skies..

Finally, after breaking through this Golden Barrier,Xiao Wen Li who had not levelled up for a long time…

She finally levelled up!

Yue Yang was extremely touched.

Definitely, if effort was made, there would be reward!

Even if he did not get that Holy-ranked Grimoire, or any of those treasures, this was all worth it because his biggest supporter, Xiao Wen Li finally levelled up! One must know that this was what Yue Yang was been waiting to happen for a long time. After the battle at Prison Emperor Holy-ranked Palace with the Three huge Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao, all the Guardian Beasts have levelled up,Xiao Wen Li had also levelled up to Level 4 Diamond Level. However, after so many battles after that battle, and even that bitter war with the powerful Scarlet Emperor, Xiao Wen Li had shown no sign of levelling up…

Until today.

She finally upgraded, finally levelled up!

Without a fierce battle like those before, but it was rather the strongest power she released in that moment deciding life and death and broke through the Golden Barrier that overcame her own limit.

Finally, level up!

She was able to break through the Golden Barrier that even Black Hell King could only sigh helplessly at!

Yue Yang looked up to the skies, and took a deep breath. Only by doing this, would he be able to suppress the overwhelming feelings in his heart.

What in the world could be better than seeing his beloved baby level up and grow?

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