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LLS Chapter 442 – Black Hell King Appears

Chapter 442 – Black Hell King Appears
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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If Yue Qiu was still alive, to Yue Clan, it was good news.

However, for Yue Yang who came from another world, it wasn’t exactly good.

Of course, the probability of Yue Qiu being alive was small. If he was still alive, in these ten years, where did he go? Even when the Yue Clan was in the most endangered, most needy times, he did not appear. Thus, Yue Yang believed that the tragic father Yue Qiu would have little chance to still be alive. He was just unable to understand. Why did the people from Oleander Valley believed so strongly that Yue Qiu did not die from war?

After leaving Oleander Valley, Yue Yang went to a few places to scout out. They were all places Yue Qiu once stayed temporarily. He spent an entire day but did not gain much insights.

After all, it’s been about ten years. Things may have remained the same but not people.

Yue Yang thought that Yue Qiu’s remnants were probably left in the Oleander Valley. It was unlikely to be left anywhere else.

It was just that the Oleander’s Valley district just rebelled, the people there were hateful and alert towards outsiders. Even if Yue Qiu’s remnants were really left there, finding them within a short time was impossible.

“Nevermind, I’ll deal with this later!” Yue Yang decided to give up for now and headed back to Tong Tian Tower level three. He had a little chat with the general of Da Xia Kingdom who was on duty. He found out that the Black Hell Army was at the tranquil state right before a storm, whether it was towards the Soaring Dragon Continent or the Tong Tian Tower. There were no responses. Perhaps the devastating attack to the secret base cause the Black Hell Army to suffer severe setbacks. Before they were sure that victory was theirs, they would not begin to stir…… Of course, this did not mean they would admit defeat. On contrary, they would definitely build up their strength slowly and wait for the best opportunity and launch their attacks.

If they did not start the war it would still be okay.

Once it starts officially, one of the party, either the Black Hell Army or the Da Xia Kingdom would face utter defeat.

Yue Yang was unable to meddle with the military affairs, and these were also not his strength. Seeing that war had not started at the moment, Yue Yang decided to go to the secret place the Bloody Queen’s mother soars. He wanted to go and see what kind of secrets were hidden there.

Perhaps, the Bloody Queen could level up due to this.

Previously due to his insufficient strength, it was very dangerous for him to go there. Without doubt, this issue no longer applies to him now.

After summoning the Bloody Queen, the two soared in the air shoulder by shoulder.

After a few hours of difficult trekking, going past quite a number of mountains and rivers, they finally reached the secret place referred to by the Bloody Queen Red’s mother. It was a rift valley. Due to the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the alpine had a long crack that ran at least ten kilometers. The width was less than a few hundred meters. Even the most narrow place could allow a single person to squeeze through.

The rift valley itself was not the destination.

Bloody Queen ’s mother discovered this secret place because when she was exploring the rift valley, she unexpectedly realised that the rift valley cracked opened. The hidden underground teleportation circle was exposed.

After half an hour of searching, Yue Yang and Bloody Queen finally found the huge teleportation circle.

Certainly, this is an ancient and abandoned teleportation circle. It was deeply buried underground. Due to things like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it emerged once again. So, where does this teleportation circle lead to?

And what secrets are hidden within?

After Bloody Queen’s Mother flew up, she once left an extremely dangerous warning.

She definitely could not discover all the secrets, but rather, obtained a little amount of things. However, it was enough for her to fly up to Tong Tian Tower’s fourth level or perhaps even higher…… The strangest thing was that, Yue Yang and Bloody Queen were unable to find her. Even at the fifth and sixth level, there were no relevant information.

Where did Bloody Queen’s Mother fly to?

At that time, what kind of treasure did she receive, allowing her to break through the space barriers and fly freely through different levels?

All secrets were on the other side of the teleportation circle.

Yue Yang used a large amount of magic crystals to restore the teleportation circle that was damaged from the quake. If he had not learnt all this knowledge about teleportation circle from the old fox, he would probably be lost at what to do in front of this teleportation circle. After Bloody Queen’s mother entered, many years had passed. In this rift valley where earthquakes were frequent, the teleportation circle was damaged even more. Even after Yue Yang restored the teleportation circle, he was still worried that there would be problems…… Holding onto Bloody Queen’s little hand, Yue Yang tried to activate the teleportation circle.


The teleportation circle started to buzz with a weird sound after the magic crystals were infused.

Numerous white light ascended upwards.

Energy light pillars bore through the ground, they stood vertically, pointing right at the sky.

The activation of teleportation circle caused an earthquake once again. The entire ground was shaking non-stop, causing rock fragments to fall. The rocks on the ground cracked at the speed the naked eye could capture. Cracks just like spider web spread everywhere.

In the distance, about a few kilometers away, a few volcanic craters were trembling. Black smoke and steam leaked out, as if there would be a new round of eruptions.

Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen were teleported instantly.

The teleportation was successful, but the teleportation circle was unable to withstand the damage. It exploded causing it to be destroyed…… However, due to the destruction of the teleportation circle, energy could no longer be transmitted into the crust. The earthquake ceased slowly, the volcanoes also went into deep sleep, as if nothing had happened. In the sky, there was a trace of black smoke. It was the only evidence showing that Yue Yang and Blood Queen came here before.

The teleportation was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, Yue Yang and Bloody Queen had arrived at a new environment.

This, was an island that levitated in the sky.

It was enormous, way bigger than the Thunder Fortress on the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower. Even when Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he was still unable to see the boundary of the other end. But at the teleportation circle, he was able to see clearly that a few kilometers away, there was a boundary. A round edge that stretched far far away, until a place his eyes were unable to reach.

Yue Yang and Bloody Queen came over to the island boundary and leaned over to take a look.

They soon realise that they could not see the end. It was extremely deep that they failed to see the ground. Perhaps there was no ground to start with.

Looking upwards, they could see quite a number of damaged buildings, olive green trees as well as high towers that stood on the dangerous cliff.

The third floor of Tong Tian Tower also had sky islands. There were certainly sky islands but it could never be as big as this island, not even the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower had one this big. The Thunder Fortress could not be compared to this, furthermore, the Thunder Fortress was not exactly levitating in thin air.

Just what kind of power could allow such a massive island to levitate in the sky?

Where exactly was this place?

It could not be the third floor of Tong Tian Tower. The gravity here was greater than that at the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower. Moreover, in Tong Tian Tower’s third, fourth, fifth and even sixth floor this kind of sky island had never been discovered. The sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower may have secrets that were yet revealed, like the Five Elements Palace. However, it would be impossible that people were unable to discover such a large sky island.

Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen tried to fly downwards. Even after about ten kilometers, they were still unable to reach the bottom.

Until nearly a hundred kilometers then did it become smaller.

At the end, the bottom seemed to be sharp.

Looking down once again, it was not soil, it was the endless sky.

“Oh my goodness, could this place be the legendary Sky City?” Yue Yang learnt about it from the knowledge passed onto him by the tragic guy’s mother. He knew that there was a huge Sky City located at the Heaven Realm. It was humongous, millions of people can reside there without feeling crowded. Many powerful sect or species would dominate such a large sky island, they would lead their clansman or sect disciples to build a “Sky City” which belonged to them. Don’t even mention about the Heaven Realm, how did such a large sky island come about?

This was Heaven Realm?

Impossible. Heaven Realm could not be easily entered.

Perhaps this was a sky island from Heaven Realm and it fell here…… The problem was, who would be so powerful to cause it to fall?

From a longer distance, he looked up at the sky island. Yue Yang realised that he had never been so stunned in his entire life before.

It was too humongous!

Compared to it, humans were so tiny and insignificant.

What were the feelings of witnessing this sky island? It was just like seeing ‘Gui Jian Chou’ and ‘Despair Abyss’ being pulled up from the ground and placed into the sky. Perhaps even more extreme!

Yue Yang found out that there were no humans but beasts still exist, and the types were entirely different from the outside word.

The most terrifying thing was their rankings. Almost all of them were Gold Rank or above, except for young beasts that were Bronze or Silver Ranked. The number of beasts here was not many but they were unusually afraid of people. Once they saw Yue Yang and the Bloody Queen flew near, they immediately moved far away. There were quite a number of buildings, Yue Yang realised that other than the fact that nobody lived here, everything else was present. There were pans, there were beds. It was just like any ordinary room in a city. It was as if the people all left yesterday. The buildings here look entirely different from those in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Be it inside or outside the houses, they were extremely beautiful, with rich ornaments, and vibrant colors. Be it viewing them singly or together, it was filled with the delicate touch of art.

Letters that appeared to be runic letters from the Heaven Realm were everywhere.


From a long distance away, a loud sound rumbled past. After which such a sound repeated three times, with a rhythm.

Yue Yang quickly let Bloody Queen return back into the grimoire world, and held his breath. He completely imitated a “non-living thing”, by using the Silver Rank War Eagle created by Yue Gong, he travelled all the way to the place where the sound started.

He traveled for a few kilometers and went past a vast stretch of forest.

At the edge of the forest, Yue Yang stopped in his tracks. In the remote distant, a few kilometers away, stood a huge palace.

It was a dazzlingly sight! It was a mixture of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

Seeing this palace, Yue Yang thought that even if one used all the words in the world, one would still unable to accurately describe its spectacular and magnificent appearance. Compared to this, Jun Wu You’s imperial palace seemed like a house made out of grass. Tian Luo Kingdom’s palace was the most beautiful in the entire Soaring Dragon Continent, but when compared to this, it was just like a minor magician meeting a great one. It was not even a tenth of this beautiful palace.

What stunned Yue Yang the most was that, over this humongous palace, stood a golden protection barrier.

It looked as if it was a summon grimoire’s protection barrier, however it was an eternal existence, there was no time limit. It was huge enough to cover an area that spanned across a few kilometer square…… It was so shocking, Yue Yang stared with his eyes wide open and his tongue tied. He could not believe his own eyes.

Compared to the Night Empress’ Mirage, the barrier here was larger by a hundred times!

In the sky, there was an extremely tiny black dot.

The black dot emitted an aura that would deter the entire world. It held a hammer shaped divine weapon which sparkled with splendid light. Using the hammer, the black dot attacked the barrier over and over.

The hammer shaped divine weapon knocked against the protection barrier, causing a terrifying swirling column of wind to form. The swirling wind blasted against the ground.

Every strike caused a loud rumbling, it was a trembling sound that could shake the world.

However, although that was the case, it was entirely useless.

The barrier did not move an inch. After being struck for so long, it did not have any signs of being weakened.

Using the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang saw a black dot. After which he immediately pulled back in fear and hid behind the trees, afraid the other party would see him.

Oh my god, this tiny black dot that seemed insignificant was actually the Prison Emperor’s General six thousand years ago. It was today’s Black Hell King!

Why did the Black Hell King appear here?

He seemed to want to break through the barrier and enter this palace. So, what secrets were hidden in this palace?

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