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LLS Chapter 441 – The mystery of Yue Qiu

Chapter 441 – The mystery of Yue Qiu
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Can you really make me feel better?” Xia Yi stopped crying upon hearing what Yue Yang said. Her face was still tear streaked, making her look very pitiful as she looked completely different from her usual cool, formidable female warrior self.

“Come to my room first!” Yue Yang acted as if he was a genius doctor.

“What?” Xia Yi was very suspicious.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to go into the room. You can remove your clothes here!” Yue Yang finally revealed his true intentions.

“I have to remove my clothes when you are healing me?” Xia Yi stopped crying as she clenched her fist and puffed up her cheeks.

“No, I can’t just look, I’d have to touch too…” Before Yue Yang could finish his sentence, Xia Yi had already grabbed him by the collar and threw him towards the wall. She then turned around and walked away, waving her fist in the air. “I’d rather die than to be taken advantage of by you, stop dreaming!”

“So fierce!“ The half elf girl looked at Xia Yi and shuddered. She then quickly went to find Yue Yang. “Master, master, are you okay?”

“Hahaha!” Yue Yang stood on the wall and he broke into a fit of laughter.

“Is sister Xia Yi sick, it’s a good thing for her to be unable to control her powers right? “ The half elf girl was very smart as she guessed Yue Yang’s intentions instantly. She guessed that Yue Yang didn’t want to heal her deliberately, if not he wouldn’t have teased her and made her angry.

“What a bright girl, I have something on so I’ll leave now, wait for me to come back!“ Yue Yang caressed the hair on the forehead of the half elf girl gently.

“Nn!“ The half elf girl was the most obedient one as she held onto Yue Yang’s arms intimately and nodded her head adorably.

She actually wanted to hug Yue Yang, but she couldn’t muster up the courage to do so.

After dealing with Mr. Chen and getting the summon crystal of Thunder Beast and large amount of Thunder Armor, Yue Yang left the Thunder Fortress and decided to head down to the Fifth Floor to find Yue Qiu’s Inheritance.

Before that, he went to the Warrior Guild to sell his items.

It was peaceful in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Continents breaking out in war was common to the higher managements of Tong Tian Tower as it occurs almost everyday. Although this time round it was the Black Hell King against the Soaring Dragon Continent, it didn’t attract a lot of attention because the Demon Abyss had a long history of killing and looting from foreign continents. Powerful Innates like Shun Tian and the Black Prince also had histories of dominating continents, so all these couldn’t rouse the attentions of the higher managements of the Tong Tian Tower.

Yue Yang walked around the Adventurer Guild and realised that the Black Hell Army offer only very little rewards to missions that target the warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

It was just like a few stones being thrown into the ocean— it couldn’t stir up any ripples.

It couldn’t even compare to the bounty offered by the Adventurer Guilds for the heads of the Fallen Warriors in the Black Hell Army!

“Is the Immortal Spring ready?“ Yue Yang went to the Glorious Hall to receive his rewards for killing Sky Dragon. As he had already fought with the Six Sky Demons, and they also admitted the fact that Sky Dragon had been killed, Yue Yang didn’t mind receiving more rewards.

“Yes, please check the reward.“ The different tribe receptionist beauty saw Sky Dragon’s head and shuddered out of agitation. It was the head of a Level Six Innate Ranker!

“It’s alright, thanks.“ Yue Yang received the golden box containing the Immortal Spring. He didn’t even look at it as he covered it up. One’s wealth shouldn’t be revealed to others. It would be barely okay to show off his other treasures, but for the Immortal Spring, he couldn’t be too ostentatious as it was wanted everywhere. Forget about others, even for Yue Yang, if he sees others with it, he would snatch it away at all cost.

Sky Dragon was a Level Six Innate Ranker, if Yue Yang were to exchange his head for gold, they would probably accumulate to form a small mountain.

If it were to be exchanged for the Wisdom Fruits, he could claim hundreds of them.

But for the Immortal Spring, Yue Yang already sensed that there were only five drops.

He first used a protective box weighing over a few hundred kilograms to encase it, then he used Heaven Runes to seal it, making it impenetrable to any weapons. It would also not be destroyed by water or fire. All these for a jade bottle as big as a thumb. No, more accurately speaking, these were for the five drops of Immortal Spring in the jade bottle.

The difference between having the Immortal Spring and not having it would be most apparently exemplified using the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe.

Normal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipes were useless, as it would be a pity to make an easily accomplished wish but if one were to be more greedy with his wish, it would be ineffective. Also, it would be destroyed after using, causing the chances of making a successful wish to be very slim.

Having the Immortal Spring was like, taking the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe for example, having a Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that would never wither. One could use it once in three years, allowing it had surpassed all treasures in the world. Yue Yang exhausted his family Inheritance as he exchanged for it using a mountain of gold. Being able to get this treasure made Yue Yang very proud to this day.

This was actually the indirect reflection of the effect of the Immortal Spring.

If not for the Immortal Spring, then the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe would never not wither, it would remain as a useless treasure forever. It would always make people love and loathe it at the same time!

Of course there were also a lot of other factors that contributed to the growth of the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe. For example, watering with God’s Dew, God’s Water and the God’s Wine.

But the main factor was the Immortal Spring.

Yue Yang went down to the Fifth Floor.

Yue Yang rarely went to the fifth floor, he merely passed by it most of the time.

When he reached the Fifth Floor, he realised that there were also large amount of active warriors over here. Warriors from Demon Abyss and other foreign continents were everywhere, and they appeared unfriendly towards Yue Yang. Below the Sixth Floor, due to the fierce competition, people took sides more apparently, but this wasn’t seen in the Sixth Floor as warriors from hundreds of continents and other regions were mixed together, so they couldn’t even take sides.

“I need a map to the Oleander Valley .“ Yue Yang’s wish could easily be granted, because the assistant head of the Warrior Guild could recognise him already being the first in a thousand years to bring Golden Elves down the Sixth Floor.

“There’s war occurring there! “ Not only did the Assistant Head came to welcome Yue Yang, he also revealed informations to him.

There was indeed war happening in the Oleander Valley, more accurately speaking, there was a massacre going on.

The Oleander Valley was previously conquered by the Demon Abyss. But because of the things that happened in the demon palace and Yue Yang the culprit killing the marshal of the demon palace, the slaves of the Oleander Valley, together with the human beings of Ao Jia and Gu Feng Continent, and the help of the Gold King Beast were able to rebel and massacred all the demons and monsters left to guard them, hence allowing them to acquire Oleander City.

When Yue Yang came to the Oleander City, he realised that although they opened up the Teleportation Circle there again, the guards and mercenaries were wary of a stranger’s visit, ‘hate’ may be an appropriate description of their emotions too.

As if suspecting that Yue Yang was a spy, there were shadows flashing across the corners of the street as they stalked Yue Yang discreetly.

Yue Yang approached a newly opened Adventurer Guild and threw his gold coins.

The receptionist of the Adventurer Guild was indifferent. “Keep your money, there’s nothing you need here, go!“

This was the first time Yue Yang met someone from the Adventurer Guild being so biased towards people of a certain continent. He was slightly shocked as he looked around and realised people around him were glaring at him. Yue Yang understood instantly that these people suspected that he was a spy. All these mercenaries took sides with the Oleander Valley, or at least they sympathized with with the rebellion army there. Yue Yang smiled as he sat down. “I’m just here to ask a few things, I’ll be done with a few questions.“

“Scram, this is not where you should come. Others may be scared of you, but I’m not afraid of spies like you! That’s merely a Gold-ranked treasure on your face. You think you can scare people away by wearing it on your face? “ The tall, buff and coarse looking mercenary wasn’t even a Level Six Elder. He was just a Level Five Master yet he dared to speak up to Yue Yang who was a ‘level six Elder’.

“Shut up. “ The mercenary leader clad in silver armour sitting in the corner shouted. “This is none of your business, sit down.“

“Okay, I’ll see what he got up his sleeves! “ The coarse mercenary was furious but still sat down as instructed. He almost broke the chair he sat on as he glared at Yue Yang as if wanting to eat him up.

“I want to know more about a man, he appeared here a decade ago. “ When Yue Yang spoke, everyone listened up.

“What’s the name? “ The receptionist was aloof as he gave Yue Yang a perfunctory reply.

“His name is Yue Qiu, he is a human, he was from the Soaring Dragon Continent, his name might not ring a bell, but people probably have heard of his nickname. It is ‘Hu Tu’, he specialises in using swords, and he has a Gold-ranked Groaning Tiger as his Beast, he also had a dragon in which he sits on. I heard that he massacred thousands of demonic soldiers in the Oleander Valley and even killed two demonic marshals, and this is why people called him Hu Tu. As for his portrait, it looks like this!” Yue Yang showed a portrait drawing of Yue Qiu. Yue Qiu didn’t work the same way as Yue Yang, he never tried to disguise his real face. He was a bold man.

“I don’t know him.“ The receptionist’s eye glimmered when he saw Yue Qiu’s portrait drawing but he immediately shook his head.

Actually his expression already changed slightly when Yue Yang was describing Yue Qiu.

With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he could definitely notice this tiny change, he could even see the hands of the mercenary leader in the corner shaking after hearing what he said.

If the other party didn’t want to say anything, Yue Yang wouldn’t force them to.

Yue Qiu is the hero here after all, they wouldn’t tell Yue Yang what happened to Yue Qiu in the past without knowing the truth.

Yue Yang guessed that Yue Qiu would probably put his Inheritance in a certain part of the Oleander Valley, because it was where Yue Qiu became famous in the Tong Tian Tower, there might also be other unknown reasons that made Yue Qiu place his asset in some caves for his son.

Or maybe it could be safe kept in a friend’s house, anything is possible.

What exactly is his asset?

It would definitely be useful, but Yue Yang have no idea what it is exactly.

“Have you heard of a man called Yue Qiu?“ Yue Yang turned his head to ask the mercenary leader sitting in a corner.

“No, even if I have, I won’t tell you!“ The coarse mercenary really didn’t know about Yue Qiu. He shouted loudly, wanting to chase Yue Yang away.

“I have heard of this man, but he hasn’t been coming back since a decade ago…” The mercenary leader muttered to himself for a long time before replying.

“Indeed, because he died in a battle fifteen years ago, it’s impossible for him to come back here.“ Yue Yang tried to agitate him.

“What?“ The mercenary leader exclaimed. “No, impossible!“

“This is the truth! “ Yue Yang decided to agitate him more strongly. “A level seven overlord maybe supreme over here, but compared to an Innate ranker, a Level Seven Overlord is merely just a bigger ant… “

“He was killed by an Innate? “ The mercenary leader asked.

“I don’t know, he was attacked by a group of people, we are looking into it too. “ Yue Yang had been noticing the other party’s expression in an attempt to dredge Yue Qiu’s past secrets.

“Th-this is impossible, it’s impossible for him to be killed by others! “ The mercenary leader calmed down. He firmly believe that Yue Qiu would not be killed.

“What if two demonic marshals and a few general did it together? “ Yue Yang asked.

“In any case, it’s impossible…“ The mercenary leader smiled aloofly as he regained his confidence after recalling something. “Sir, no matter what your motive is, I wouldn’t believe you. Hu Tu is the hero of the Oleander Valley. You can ask any kid along the streets about him, you wouldn’t have to make a special trip here. As for what I want to say, he hadn’t come here since a decade ago, if you think that you could dredge any informations or secrets of him, then you thought wrong!“

“Okay, I guess I made a wasted trip. “Yue Yang took back his gold coins and walked out cooly.

“I have never been to the Soaring Dragon Continent, but I heard that a major war is happening there. You are looking for Mr. Hu Tu for this right?“ The receptionist of the Adventurer Guild said. “I have never seen Mr. Hu Tu but I heard from seniors of the previous batch that if you all wish to look for him, you shouldn’t come here, you should head to the Soaring Dragon Continent!“

“He’s already dead. I just want to know about his past, it has got nothing to do with the war.“ Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders and left the Adventurer Guild.

“Died? No, impossible!” The Leader of the Adventurer Guild murmured, and then shook his head firmly.

“…” Yue Yang was puzzled. Why did the people here insist on denying Yue Qiu’s death? What secret does Yue Qiu have? What did he do here exactly, and what did he leave behind?

Is Yue Qiu really still alive?

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