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LLS Chapter 440 – Furious Xia Yi

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Chapter 440 – Furious Xia Yi
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang didn’t head to the Fifth Floor of Tong Tian Tower straight away.

Because he didn’t know the exact location, Yue Yang decided to go up to the Sixth Floor and then go back to the Thunder Fortress along the way.

If the Black Hell Army didn’t find out that Titan was the third young master of the Yue Clan, then his properties in the Thunder Fortress should remain safe. Or if the Black Hell King didn’t gather enough influence in the Soaring Dragon Continent, he also wouldn’t act rashfully and acquire Titan’s properties. As mines are fixed assets, no matter who acquired it, he would have to deploy manpower to look after it as he couldn’t move it away. So they could become the target of enemies anytime. Moreover, the Black Hell King had countless mines in the Tong Tian Tower, if he were to anger ‘Titan Brothers’, it would easy for Yue Yang to take revenge.

The Black Hell King was no fool, he wanted to conquer the whole of the Soaring Dragon Continent, not just two mines in the tiny Thunder Fortress of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Conquering the Soaring Dragon Continent was just the beginning to conquering the whole of Tong Tian Tower.

Whatever mines would be useless in comparison with the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Woah, master is back! I miss you a lot, please allow me to change your clothes for you! “ The half elf girl with a childish look and big boobs was the happiest when she saw Yue Yang, there was also Jia De the Fat Toad Merchant who was equally overjoyed. Jia De’s position now was no longer just the Chairman of the Titan Merchant Guild, he was also the self appointed second butler. Using his words, he was of even higher rank than Yan Zheng the Butler, he was of the highest rank among all the workers. Of course, Xia Yi and the half elf female slave weren’t included in the list.

While Yue Yang was listening to Yan Zheng the butler’s report, the half elf girl took the opportunity to remove Yue Yang’s jacket, and fetched some clean water as she sat him down and washed his feet.

Jia De wanted to go and help him personally too.

But fortunately he knew that he shouldn’t do it, if not the half elf girl would have hated him to the bones and Yue Yang would have kicked him to his death.

Yue Yang looked at the accounts, with Yan Zhang taking care of it, he did not need to worry at all.

“Jia De, nothing happened recently right?” Yue Yang knew how to make use of his men. Towards those useless but enthusiastic ones, he had to praise them occasionally, if not their morale would plunge. Moreover the Fat Toad was still of some use to him.

“Nope, nothing happened. After you left, everything was fine.” The half elf girl was happily washing his feet, so she did not realise that Yue Yang isn’t talking to her. “How can you say nothing happened? Something happened, and it’s very dire! It is very, very important!” The fat toad felt that her response wasn’t impressive. He then proceeded to describe all the tiny little things that happened in the Thunder Fortress. “Two top quality gems were found in the fifth mine again. This month, we are top in the whole of the Thunder Fortress again. Even Blood River and Mountain Elf are envious, and King Chong Ni planned to throw a welcome party for you. This is so important, how could you say that nothing has happened?”

“I’m not free currently to attend King Chong Ni’s party, help me reject it.” Yue Yang had no time for such parties.

“Ah…” Jia De and the rest acted as if they saw a monster as they looked at Yue Yang who did not even blink his eyes when he said he wanted to reject King Chong Ni’s offer. Did they hear it wrongly?

“I’m really busy now, I’m sure that King Chong Ni will understand.” Yue Yang waved his hands lightly, he then paused for a while and finally decided to release some details. “I have made some enemies recently, so I may have to fight with them, let’s talk about the party after my fight! If anyone comes and find trouble, abide by what they say for the time being, and wait for me to come back before making any decisions, your lives are the top priority!”

“No, I will not follow another owner, if master were to die from the fight, I will kill myself to guard my loyalty for you.” The half elf girl held on to Yue Yang’s legs. Tears rolled down her face as she cried hysterically.

“I will not be defeated, I’ll just have to use some strategies. The enemies may come here before I defeat them, so be mentally prepared. As for you, after starting the fight, I will bring you away temporarily.” Yue Yang caressed the head of the half elf girl softly as he used his fingers to wipe off her tear gently. He reckoned that the Black Hell King wouldn’t bother to come to find trouble here. It wouldn’t affect Yue Yang very much. Moreover, Chong Ni, the king of Thunder Fortress, wouldn’t allow anyone to invade his place because it would be very embarrassing for him.

“What do you mean? We won’t surrender, we’d rather die than submit to our enemies!“ Fat Toad knew that once they surrender, he would no longer have a high position. He would go back to become a pathetic rodent along the streets who had to fight till his death in order to maintain his status.

“Can I ask who your enemy is? “ Yan Zheng the butler was more rational.

“Enemy? I have a lot of enemies… as of now they include Zi Jin Emperor Shun Tian and the Black Prince, maybe even the Thousand Globin Sect Leader, but the greatest one would be the Black Hell King. “ Upon hearing what Yue Yang said, Fat Toad Jia De immediately collapsed onto the ground, as he spasmed and vomit white foam.

Yan Zheng broke out into cold sweat too.

Because none of those mentioned were weaklings. Conversely, they WERE powerful Innate Rankers that could shake the whole of Tong Tian Tower just by stomping their foot.

Forget about the Titan Brothers who just came to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian tower, even Chong Ni, the owner of the Thunder Fortress wouldn’t offend any one of these people.

Mr. Chen who had just stepped in was stunned too.

He then broke out into laughter and gave Yue Yang a thumbs up. “Well, well, you live up to your name of being the most outstanding young man of Tong Tian Tower, some guts you have there! Although there are a lot of haughty Innates in the Tong Tian Tower, not many would dare to defy these people, let alone defying them all at once! Titan Jr., I am curious as to how did you manage to offend them all at one go?”

Yue Yang’s voice was calm as silky water flowing through rocks. “I have been enemies with Shun Tian and the Black Prince for a long time, we have also fought for a few times. I have some issues with the Thousand Globin Sect Leaders too. As for the Black Hell King, he wants to invade and conquer our Soaring Dragon Continent, so as a citizen of the Soaring Dragon Continent, I definitely have to go against him.”

Mr. Chen was startled again. “You have fought for a few times with Shun Tian and the Black Prince?”

“Master, was your mask broken by them?” The half elf girl’s question caused the lot to finally realised that the Gold-ranked Gemini mask was broken. How much strength would that take?

“Not them, it was broken someone more powerful than Shun Tian and the Black Prince.” Upon hearing it, Fat Toad Jia De who just regained his composure had wobbly legs again.

Shun Tian and the Black Prince were top notch players in the Sixth and Seventh Floor, even in the Eighth and Ninth Floor, they were considered strong.

For someone to be even more powerful than Shun tian and the Black Prince, could it be Supreme Elder Zhi Zun?

But Zhi Zun was from the Soaring Dragon Continent too, so it would be impossible for her to fight with Titan Jr… Then who was it exactly? Let alone Fat Toad and Yan Zheng, even Mr Chen couldn’t guess who broke Yue Yang’s golden mask! Yue Yang didn’t do any explanations but proceeded to complete the deal with Mr. Chen and kept the Thunder Beast and Thunder Armour into his storage ring. He looked very relaxed, and not a single bit of nervousness for the imminent war could be sensed from him.

Mr. Chen looked at Yue Yang shockingly. He couldn’t understand why a young man who just came to the Sixth Floor could be so strong.

Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Black Hell King all couldn’t defeat him?

How strong is Yue Yang exactly?

Yue Yang caressed the head of the half elf girl gently.”Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about me, just wait for me to come back.”

“Okay, I have faith in you, Master!” The half elf girl trusted Yue Yang the most, her faith in him was unremitting.

“If Shun Tian, Black Prince or the Black Hell King’s followers were to come here and occupy our mines, what should we do?” Yan Zheng the butler asked.

“The first choice would be to abide by what they say temporarily, but if you all aren’t willing, the second choice would be to tell them that if they are not afraid of me going to the Zi Wei Palace (Shun Tian is the Great Emperor of Zi Wei) and repay them a hundred times worse, then go ahead with what they want to do. If anyone questions it, just say that I’m Zhi Zun’s disciple, Night Empress’s brother and one of the ten Sky Demons of the Sky Demon Palace, ask them to think if they have sufficient power before finding troubles with me! Actually you all don’t have to worry, my fight with Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Black Hell King wouldn’t affect you all!” Yue Yang utilised all the contacts he had. Even if the information was false, he had to lie first, especially dragging the Sky Demons into it to prevent Sky Execution from chickening out.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Fat Toad Jia De just picked himself up and prepared to get himself some water, but on hearing Yue Yang, he choked on water.

Even Mr. Chen was shocked.

He never thought that Titan Jr.’s background was so exaggerated. Being Zhi Zun’s disciple, Night Empress’s brother and part of the Ten Sky Demons, Yue Yang had gained all the advantages he could apparently. It was no wonder he dared to challenge Shun Tian, the Black Prince and Black Hell King. Compared to Shun Tian and the rest, Zhi Zun, Night Empress and Sky Demon Palace were not any weaker. They might even be stronger!

Fat Toad Jia De held back his cough as he shook his butt and started a toad dance.

With such impressive background, why would they have to worry about some insignificant mines? Even if they offered it to the enemies, they wouldn’t dare to accept them!

As for Shun Tian, he was the emperor of Zi Wei, with such a superior status, how would he come to the Thunder Fortress just to get two mines? If he really were to do it, he would become the biggest laughing stock of Tong Tian Tower!

Yan Zheng the butler went silent for a while, as if trying to digest the shock he got from Yue Yang. He then suddenly asked a question. “Has Sky Dragon, one of the ten Sky Demon, died?”

Yue Yang waved his hands and replied casually. “I killed him and the Six Sky Demons of the Sky Demon Palace came after me, after fighting with them, I joined the Sky Demon Palace on the condition of them betrothing Sky Law to me, so I am part of the new Ten Sky Demons now, so this is what happened briefly… If King Chong Ni were to ask, then tell him that! If he didn’t ask, then don’t spread it around, because after all this doesn’t make the Sky Demon Palace look good, and I have to consider the pride of Sky Execution.“

Actually Yue Yang knew that Chong Ni would definitely ask about it.

Once Chong Ni knows about these relations, with his intelligence, he wouldn’t reveal it to Shun Tian and the rest. Conversely, he would instruct his followers secretly.

After all the best decision for his future would be to forge connections with Yue Yang… For him to become the king of the Thunder Fortress, Chong Ni was no fool.

After Mr. Chen heard it, his expression turned into acknowledgement, as if he was mentally saying ‘as expected’.

He had also guessed that Sky Dragon had died that day, but he never thought that Titan Jr. would not receive any punishment for killing Sky Dragon and instead joined the Demonic Palace to become part of the ten Sky Demons.

“Do you need any of my help? Feel free to ask me, we’re friends after all.“ Mr. Chen asked.

“I will if I need your help in the future, but not now.“ Yue Yang waved his hands and thanked Mr. Chen for his good will.

Yue Yang’s act moved Fat Toad Jia De to tears.

His master actually rejected an Innate Ranker like Mr. Chen’s offer to help, he must be very powerful… If he could, Fat Toad Jia De is willing to stand at the highest point of the Thunder Fortress, naked, as he sing praises to his master. Only through this could he let out his burning passion! Of course this was only in his dreams because the highest point of the Thunder Fortress was King Chong Ni’s tower, in which even his concubines were banned from it!

The half elf girl also expressed her admiration for Yue Yang. “You are so strong, master… I’ll wait for you here and I’ll pray for you everyday!”

Behind a door, Xia Yi who was dressed in a policewoman uniform poked out her head.

The expression on her face was an unreadable, it was a complex mixture of worries and longings.

After Mr. Chen, Yan Zheng the butler and Fat Toad left, Yue Yang waved to her. “Come over, speak what’s on your mind!”

“Everyone is pinning their hopes on you, so you must stay safe.” The cool Xia Yi avoided Yue Yang’s gaze as she spoke so softly as if she was a little kitten. But as Yue Yang’s gaze continued to wander at her, she flared up and forgot that Yue Yang was her master and an Innate as she grabbed him by the collar, and looked at him eye to eye, nose to nose with her lips just a few centimetres away from Yue Yang’s. In a posture like this, she shouted loudly at Yue Yang. “Don’t think that I like you just because I fought for you previously, you are wrong, I hate people like you!”

“You like me?” Yue Yang felt that he heard an alien just said hello to him.

“No, i just didn’t want you to misunderstand!” Xia Yi blushed as she tried to justify herself, but as she continued, her explanations got less and less convincing.

“Alright, I’m so worried that you’d like me, you probably don’t know that as an outstanding young man, this is what troubled me the most. There’s always so many boring women liking me, it makes me very passive!” Yue Yang ignored Xia Yi’s fiery anger as he shrugged his shoulders, appearing like an annoying dandy.

“You…” Xia Yi exhausted all her might to stop herself from beating up the damned narcissist.

“Lalala~ Lalala~!” Yue Yang used his hands to caress the half elf girl smiling in his arms, as if he was petting an obedient kitten as he sang happily.

“I will get straight to the point, what did you put in my body? Why am I so abnormal this few days?” Xia Yi wanted to kill Yue Yang very much, but for the sake of the mysterious energy in her body, she decided to ask him, if not the growing curiosity would kill her someday. She didn’t realise it initially, but gradually, she started to realise that she was possessing stronger power.

“There’s something wrong with you? Are you pregnant, by me?” Yue Yang looked shocked as he behaved as if he was innocent.

“Meowrrr!” Xia Yi became incensed like a cat whose tail was being stepped on. She first grabbed onto Yue Yang’s arms and bite on it. Upon realising that she couldn’t do it as he was too thick skinned, she started to rain punches on Yue Yang, but as she do so, she started crying. “It was you! Waah, I couldn’t walk, sit or lie these few days, I felt this unexplainable uncomfortable feeling. And this stupid uniform, I couldn’t even remove it after I wore it, you pranked on me deliberately… Waah! I don’t want to be like this, quickly change me back to how i was like before…”

“Th-this is none of my business!” it was too late for Yue Yang to feign ignorance now. He quickly tried to cover up. “Stop crying first, let me think of something!”

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    Maybe YY helped her by channeling his innate qi to Xiao Yi

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