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LLS Chapter 438 – Longing, beauty became skinner

Chapter 438 – Longing, beauty became skinner
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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The Black Hell King’s subordinate, War Tiger, led his men and stirred up troubles in the Da Xia Palace arrogantly.

This blow kept Jun Wu You under pressure. This War Tiger was just the one from the Eastern side among the all other War Tigers, namely the Northern, Southern, Western and the Central War Tigers and he was already so strong that even the two Heavenly Imperial Guardians weren’t able to defeat him. If all five War Tigers were to come together, Jun Wu You wasn’t sure how he would deal with it. Moreover, War Tiger’s haughty attitude already proved that the Black Hell King had already gained his footing in the Soaring Dragon Continent, and he possessed considerable influences. Even if he couldn’t conquer the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent now, the day he could do so would not be far.

This blow lowered the morale of the people of Da Xia tremendously.

Especially all the City Masters who were thinking of switching sides.

But when Jun Wu You was most troubled, the Third Young Master of Yue Clan came back with a super good news.

“Forget about the few Fake Elders, how did you manage to kill those Fake Innates?“ Jun Wu You never thought that Yue Yang would attack the rival’s secret base and destroy all those successfully made Fake Innates together with those still under experimentation, and even managed to rescue Elder Huang Shi, Hermit Black Leaf and Yue Shan. Jun Wu You was so surprised that he couldn’t believe it. Undoubtedly, Yue Yang ’s act served as a tight slap across the faces of the Black Hell King and the War Tigers.

This slap was very impressive.

Elder Yue Hai, Eastern Sky King, Feng Kuang and the substitute clan masters of the Four Great Clans were unbelieving when they heard the news. Their first reactions were all to ask if it was real.

No matter how much Yue Yang explained, together with the appearance of prisoners like Yue Shan and the rest before them, they still found it amazing and unimaginable.

If this wasn’t accomplished by Yue Yang, the lot wouldn’t have believed it.

Luckily there’s a third young master from the Yue Clan who could do everything.

“The living Fake Innates can cause some problems as I only killed five and the remaining two escaped, but those two are still under experimentation, so it will be easy.“ Yue Yang pointed to Liu Ye standing beside him like an obedient wife. “With her help, all those Fake Innates still under experimentation will go berserk, even without me doing anything, the secret base will become a bloody killing ground. “

“No, it wasn’t me… “ How would Liu Ye dare to raise up her head in front of Jun Wu You, the State Grandmaster and the Eastern Sky King. She was merely a student. It was just like how a student would greet and bow when she sees her teacher. She blushed when she heard Yue Yang’s words, and was so flustered that she didn’t know where to put her hands.

“What’s your inherent skill? “ The Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Tian Luo asked, feeling genuinely happy that he had such a genius junior.

“My Inherent skill is Purification. I merely followed third young master’s instructions, I didn’t know anything else. “ Liu Ye got even more nervous when she heard the Heavenly Imperial Guardian asking her questions personally.

“Good, what a good young lady, you are so much better than the old guys here! That’s right, just listen to Yue Yang! Haha! “ The Eastern Sky King laughed as he slapped his thighs.

He was bitterly defeated by War Tiger previously. Now that he heard that a young lady from his homeland managed to tear down the rival’s base, his level of happiness was akin to that of having ice water on a warm summer day.

He felt happy thoroughly.

If Liu Ye wasn’t a girl, he would have taken her in as his disciple. The Eastern Sky King knew that if Liu Ye didn’t have any prospects, Yue Yang would not have brought her back so grandly. To put it bluntly, Yue Yang wanted Liu Ye to switch to his side, because he discovered her potential… Although the Eastern Sky King might seem careless on the outside, he was actually very meticulous. He would have been Tian Luo’s emperor if he weren’t so laid back and carefree. 
Jun Wu You asked about the process again.

Yue Yang would normally touch briefly on these details, but the old folks couldn’t get enough of it, so they ordered Yue Yang to sit down and ask Liu Ye to report the details to them instead.

Liu Ye was initially a little scared of Yue Yang as she stole glances at him occasionally, afraid that he’ll be angry.

But on seeing that he acted like an obedient child in front of all the seniors, she was much more at ease. From being nervous initially, she gradually became more relaxed, and then she became completely at ease, as she used a cordial voice to explain the entire process once. Especially on the part about Yue Shan’s decision to die rather than submitting and crying blood tears while kneeling, even the experienced marshal, Elder Yue Hai, teared secretly. When she was on the part of Feng Jin leaving and Yue Yang using his secret method to rescue those held captivated, everyone held their breath. Only Liu Ye’s voice sounded in the entire area, it was as if if there were any other sounds, it would attract Feng Jin’s attention in that very moment… When everyone heard Liu Ye speaking about Yue Yang using the Perforate Deer and teleportation method, then destroying all the experiment rooms one by one, and even burning the entire place down in the end, these shenanigans made them clap and cheer in joy!

“I did not think that the Purification Inherent Skill could kill the Fake Innates so perfectly, the Black Hell King will definitely experience a painful heartache!” The Ascetic Practice Saint was comforted.

“They made those Fake Innates with a success rate of 0.01%, and they were destroyed just like that. Moreover, the destruction of the secret base would be a huge blow to the Black Hell Army. From this, the invasion time of the Black Hell Army will be pushed back, so we’ll have more time to prepare on our side.” Scholar, the Heavenly Imperial Guardian of Tian Luo hated the secret base, because majority of those captured by the Black Hell King were famous or retired people from Tian Luo. The even more inhumane method used to produce Fake Innates in bulk angered him more.

“I suspect that there are still sub bases, but unfortunately we don’t have any leads.” Yue Yang indicated that the lot should not be so optimistic yet.

“The Black Hell King is no fool, he won’t rely solely on Zi Jin Kingdom. But with this good news, it will be sufficient for the demons from the Demonic Palace and the Demon Abyss to be confident in us.” The State Grandmaster laughed out loud.

“We have rescued the hostages, the Black Hell Army has nothing to threaten us with now, let’s see what they will do! Moreover, Yang Er’s actions will make those City Masters and others who want to abandon Da Xia think twice.” Due to the return of Yue Yang , Elder Yue Hai’s morale was boosted to the maximum.

If his third sons Yue Qiu’s death hurt him the most, then the betrayal of his eldest son, Yue Shan, would be a blemish that he could never erase away.

Now, with Yue Shan’s suicide attempt to show his loyalty and him kneeling and crying blood tears to protect his son and daughter, Elder Yue Hai was extremely touched. He knew that his son did not betray the family, and it was all a misunderstanding previously. Although Yue Shan was heavily injured, for him to be able to return was the greatest blessing to the Yue Family.

Of course, Elder Yue Hai also understood that all these successes stemmed from his obedient grandson Yue Yang.

If not for him, Yue Shan wouldn’t be able to return back home.

Even if he were to be rescued, without Yue Shan’s attempt to commit suicide and kneeling down crying blood tears, he wouldn’t be able to remove the doubts casted on him and his previous mistakes.

“Go and do your own things, leave the war to us, oh, little Luo Hua seems to be back, don’t you wanna meet her?” The Eastern Sky King was the proudest today because his son-in-law and a countryman destroyed the Black Hell Army’s secret base, and rescued back the hostages and even Jun Wu You’s mentor, how could he not be proud?

“Ok, right away.” Yue Yang missed Luo Hua the City Mistress, it had been a long time since he kissed the beauty, he wondered how she has been doing. With a burning desire, he stood up and went for the door.

“I’ll take my leave too.” Liu Ye quickly followed behind Yue Yang after he left. She couldn’t stay any longer in the room filled with the powerful people of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“I know that you won’t disappoint me, ahhaha, it’s a pity that I didn’t go, if there are any chances in the future, bring me along, how can the big boss not be present on such an important occasion!“ Fatty Hair and the rest were waiting in the yard.

In the middle stood Ning Hai whose face was bruised and blue back.

When Yue Yang threw Ning Hai into the yard, he instructed Fatty Hai and the rest to look after him, but they mistook him for a super felon like Feng Jin, so everyone became righteously indignant as they crowded around him, raining punches and kicks on him, causing him to cry pitifully. When Ning Hai explained that he was part of the rebellion army, he was already beaten to a pulp.

Yue Yang kicked away Fatty Hai who dashed towards him to bootlick. Pointing to Liu Ye, he introduced her to the lot. “This pretty girl is Liu Ye, she’s Yue Yu’s classmate, please take care of her, she a new member to the team.”

Fatty Hai slapped his chest. With shaking fats, he made a promise.”Rest assured, I’ll definitely take good care of sister Liu Ye… I, Hai Da Fu, an outgoing, genuine, knowledgeable, good-natured person, is the number one choice when you wanna make a friend, and I’m Yue Yang’s boss, yes, you did not hear it wrongly, I’m his boss, if it isn’t me then who will it be? Sister Liu Ye, if you join our team, I will definitely protect you… Wa wa wa, who kicked me?”

Under the speechless gaze of Liu Ye, Fatty Hai was sent flying into mid air.

His fat body formed an arch in the air.

He was thrown out of the fence in his cries.

“Ignore him, he’s the shame of our team, it is a mistake that he’s even born!” Ye Kong said seriously.

Before Liu Ye could reply, she suddenly realised that Prince Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang were in front of her. “Prince, why are you here too? “ She asked, surprised.

“I have been standing here for a while, don’t tell me that you just realised it. Although I’m not jealous that you only have eyes for Yue Yang , but please notice us too, we are not like Fatty Hai who is an invisible human backdrop.“ Prince Tian Luo wiped away his sweat. Normal ladies would be screaming when they see him, or faint from suffocation, he rarely meet people like Liu Ye who could completely ignore the presence of a handsome guy. Liu Ye is one of a kind.

“Sorry, I really didn’t see you just now, I was too nervous.“ Liu Ye apologized respectfully.

“Could it be that we are really invisible? “ Ox Head Fan Lun Tie looked upset.

Forget about human beings, how could she have ignored a three metres tall ox head person?

Moreover, there’s the Golden Elves who are more attractive than the Ox head people!

Does Liu Ye have any problems with her eyes?

Ox Head Fan Lun Tie suspected.

“I’m such a pitiful beautiful girl, this is my first time getting ignored…“ Bao Er imitated Yue Yang as she pressed two of her forefingers together. She looked adorable.

“Ah, Ox Head people, and Golden Elves, my God, the Golden Elves actually came to the Soaring Dragon Continent?“ Liu Ye’s realization came later than most of the people in the Soaring Dragon Continent. She actually didn’t know about the Golden Elves coming? Her scream made Anna dizzy. There are still people who are unaware about the big news of Golden Elves coming to the Soaring Dragon Continent?

“Hahaha!“ Lin En’s facial expression looked as if he had predicted all this.

“…” Only Xue Tan Lang’s perpetual emotionless face remained the same.

When Liu Ye was talking to Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and Prince Tian Luo, Yue Yang had already teleported to the Palace of Tian Luo excitedly, he then proceeded to the Night Empress’ Mirage.

As the maid led him into the Imperial Garden, Yue Yang realised that Yue Yu was embracing Yue Shuang and talking softly to Fourth Mother.

Yue Yu was telling her about Yue Yang ’s mighty attempt in rescuing her father and destroying the enemy’s base. Fourth Mother nodded occasionally, sitting beside them was a beauty in glamorous clothes. She was Luo Hua City Mistress. Because of her longings towards Yue Yang, she became heartbreakingly skinny. According to her wishes, she wanted to see Yue Yang immediately, she longed to embrace him, but was scared that the elders would laugh at her. She knew that Yue Yang would report to Jun Wu You and the rest, so she finally made the decision to go to the Yue Clan Castle.

Although she was sitting beside Fourth Mother and listening about Yue Yang ’s heroic deeds, she looked anxious, as she kept looking in the direction of the entrance and the corridor, hoping for her lover to come and meet her quickly.

After a long while, when Luo Hua City Mistress lifted her head again, she finally saw Yue Yang coming towards her from the aisle. She jumped up in joy.

All her longings dissipated into the air.

Her heart was filled to the brim with happiness.

She didn’t care about keeping her cool anymore as she rushed towards him, ignoring the presence of seniors around.

She cheered as she threw herself toward Yue Yang.

She couldn’t wait even just for a second…

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      Chapter 438 – Longing, the beauty became skinnier

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      What’s Causing My Yellow Skin?

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