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LLS Chapter 437 – One son gone, another returns

Chapter 437 – One son gone, another returns
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang was a smart man.

However, smart people have one defect and that is their distrust.

Yue Yang did not help immediately when he saw Yue Shan. It wasn’t because Yue Yang had wanted to watch a touching scene neither was it to see Yue Yu weep with grief, nor to see Yue Shan kneel down, holding his ground for his daughter… It was because Yue Yang wanted to understand what kind of man Yue Shan was, was he good or evil? Since most guys like Yue Shan were traitorous and evil, it was really hard for Yue Yang to accept Yue Shan as a great father all of a sudden.

Moreover, it was all too coincidental.

Miao Xu and Ning Hai attacked right when he was going to pick up Yue Yu. It was then only expected for him to see Yue Shan being captured!

In the moment that Yue Yang saw Yue Shan, Yue Yang felt a strong suspicion. The appearance of Yue Shan wasn’t anything good, he could have reached an agreement with the Black Hell King to put up an act to get Yue Yang’s pity.

Even if Yue Shan didn’t know Miao Xu was Yue Yang in disguise, Yue Shan would have waited for Yue Yang to come to their rescue.

Since Yue Yang would never sit back and watch Miao Xu and Ning Hai abduct Yue Yu, Yue Yang would have saved Yue Yu and would also be saving Yue Shan at the same time.

Was this the Black Hell King’s plan?

Or was this a coincidence?

Yue Yang could not stop thinking about these questions.

Things would be much simpler only if the tigress, Princess Qian Qian was present. Since she had the Six Records Inherent Skill, nobody could deceive her and by listening, she would be able to tell if Yue Shan was faking it. Should Yue Shan really be saved and brought back to the Yue Clan castle? Were his words believable? Was this all an act? Yue Yang couldn’t deny that he was slightly touched… Yet, he definitely would not fall into the Black Hell King’s trap just because he was slightly touched! Yue Yang didn’t care if a million Yue Shan were to die. It wasn’t because Yue Shan was his uncle nor because Yue Shan had been targeting the tragic guy and Fourth Mother. It was because Yue Shan had never left a good impression on Yue Yang.

Yue Shan wasn’t Second Uncle Yue Ling, he was a really smart guy and would pose a serious threat if he were the enemy.

Yue Yang felt that rather than have Yue Shan as an enemy, he would really prefer to be enemies with other Innate Rankers such as Tiger Nian, Nightmare or Demon Eye. It was due to the fact that despite their strong powers, their tolerance and scheming nature could not even be compared to Yue Shan.

If Yue Shan had a fatal shortcoming, it was that he was not very strong…

In partnership with the Black Hell King, this shortcoming would cease to exist and everything would have been flawless. Thus, Yue Yang was especially careful… From the moment he had seen Yue Shan, Yue Yang had been silently observing and judging his moves from a third party perspective.

Up till the point where Yue Shan had hit himself, Yue Yang still doubted Yue Shan’s motives.


Yue Shan landed a punch with enough power to smash his skull to the top of his head.

Mr Feng jumped with anxiety. He only had the power of a Lesser Innate.

There wasn’t time to prevent it at all.

Furthermore, with Mr Feng’s paranoia, he wouldn’t rush into the crystal prison recklessly.

This crystal prison was a weird prison created specially for the Black Hell King. The prison had to contain a living body inside it at all times.

Mr Feng didn’t rush in to save Yue Shan, instead, he used his Qi to push Yue Yu, who had prepared to rush in, far away. At the same time, armoured elites dashed in without care for their personal safety. They knew that if Yue Shan was dead, another had to take his place. However, to the devoted armoured elites, it wasn’t an issue.

“Mr Feng, Yue Shan has only passed out, he’s not dead!” When thoroughly examining Yue Shan, the armoured elites found that he had a cracked skull but was still alive.

“Ah, this is perfect! Hurry and treat him, we can’t let him die!” Mr Feng was jumping with joy.

“…” Ning Hai knew the only reason Yue Shan was still alive and his skull still intact was all because of Yue Yang.

He hadn’t seen Yue Yang’s move but he just knew about it.

Yue Yang had definitely made a move.

It was only that the move was carefully concealed from everyone present.

If Yue Yang hadn’t had confidence that he could manipulate the situation, he would have rushed in when Yue Shan attempted suicide. He didn’t do anything because he had absolute certainty about the situation, not because he had wanted to watch Yue Shan die.

A shiver ran through Ning Hai as he looked at Yue Yang’s relaxed expression.

It seemed like death was not a choice after falling into Yue Yang’s hands… Luckily he had surrendered early, if not… Ning Hai too, doubted the intentions of Yue Shan’s actions. After all, the Black Hell King was not an easy man, even if Yue Shan has pure intentions now, it doesn’t mean that he can’t change since the Black Hell King may already have a way to make Yue Shan his man.

Suicide, can never be faked.

After seeing the powerful blow and Yue Shan’s cracked skull, Ning Hai realised that Yue Yang hadn’t stopped the suicidal move but had only strengthened the protection of Yue Shan’s head.

If Yue Shan had hit himself with a much lighter blow or if he had missed his head and waited for help, Ning Hai believed that Yue Yang would have immediately drawn his weapon and killed Yue Shan. Thinking about these thoughts, a shiver ran through Ning Hai once more. It looked like it wasn’t easy to earn Yue Yang’s trust… Yue Shan aside, even the way Yue Yang looked at Liu Ye was different from looking at Yue Yu. Yue Yang was a born skeptic. It would never be easy to fool him!

Yue Shan’s suicide proved that he wasn’t yet in cahoots with the Black Hell King and was still a man of the Yue Clan!

“Leave one man here, the rest of you bring Yue Shan to the emergency room immediately, I will treat him myself. Miao Xu, Ning Hai, watch over Yue Yu. Bring the two Battle Machine Dolls over, I want the self-detonating Dragon Crystals in their bodies. Hurry, Yue Shan has lost too much blood and probably won’t last long!” Mr Feng used the Black Hell Army’s badge to open the sealing circle and performed secretive moves before the shackles on Yue Shan’s body opened. The shackles then held down another armoured elite as if with a mind of its own.

Mr Feng didn’t look on and rushed towards the emergency room when the dungeon doors opened.

Yue Shan’s suicide had dismayed him.

In the end, the men of the Yue Clan still could not be conquered. These Yue Clan descendants were all goddamn tough and unmoved by threats on their lives! There’s a need to find another better way… However, these were all not as important as saving Yue Shan’s life right now!

As a few armoured elites lifted the unconscious Yue Shan and prepared to follow Mr Feng, Yue Yang made his move.


In Ning Hai’s eyes, Yue Yang was just like a poisonous snake concealed in the dark, attacking in a flash and massacred with its fangs.

The move was graceful and deft, like a dancing swan and like a crane soaring in the air.

One by one, the armoured elites froze at Yue Yang’s touch. Within seconds, they all turned into ice statues. Yue Yu took everything in stride whereas Liu Ye was unaccustomed to such a shocking attack and nearly cried out at the sight. Luckily, she covered her mouth at the last moment.

“Hurry up. Are all of you snails?” Mr Feng hadn’t noticed the situation behind him and shouted at the armoured elites habitually.

“Coming!” Ning Hai immediately coordinated with Yue Yang and made running actions.

Liu Ye was frightened as hell. If Mr Feng turned to look behind, they would be discovered immediately.

Yue Yang also stopped Yue Yu from using the Summoning Grimoire to save Yue Shan as there would be no way to hide from Mr Feng with his super sensitive senses to Qi…

Yue Yang appeared in front of the crystal prison in a flash, clasped his hands and moved about.

Ning Hai almost fainted at the sight.

Damn. Yue Yang had only seen it once but had already figured out the secret method to decode the crystal prison. Was he even human?

The crystal prison opened silently. Yue Yang took a look and kicked one of the ice statues in. He then moved to where Mr Feng had opened the sealing circle, did the same actions and released the prisoner in the crystal prison and allowed the ice statue to take his place. It all happened within seconds. The old man released was dressed in a tattered robe. Yue Yang and Yue Yu couldn’t recognise him but Liu Ye recognised him to be a famous hermit from the Tian Luo Kingdom and stepped forward to help him.

Within half a minute, Yue Yang released 5 prisoners with different backgrounds.

However, it felt like years to Ning Hai.

It was because Mr Feng could notice that nobody was behind him at any moment, yet they were not even halfway done with the rescue.

Yue Yu was also at her wits end and could only stop Yue Shan’s bleeding to the best of her ability. The problem was that none of the prisoners released were fine and they all needed help desperately. She was at a lost as she couldn’t use the Summoning Grimoire.

Yue Yang maintained his steel-like composure until he had opened the last crystal prison. In fact, Ning Hai had felt that it was pretty good to be able to save 4 or 5 people since with more than 10 heavily wounded prisoners, it wouldn’t be possible to save them all. They would have been better off just saving a few people successfully. Furthermore, trouble happened when Yue Yang was saving the last prisoner. A sword had flown out and took a swipe at Yue Yang’s head when the crystal prison had opened.

There was a guard with powers of a Lesser Innate inside with the prisoner.

Yue Yang ignored the sharp blade and kicked the guard away. Despite that a loud sound was released when the guard hit the crystal prison, Yue Yang calmly opened the shackles with the secret method.

“What’s wrong with you all? Aren’t you all going to come here this instant!” Mr Feng’s voice sounded distant.

“Yue Shan woke up and is struggling. No worries, we’re coming right now!” Ning Hai cried out sullenly. He knew he was finished. Even if he escaped, he would be branded a traitor. He even suspected that this was all Yue Yang’s intention for him to be unable to turn back and change his mind. The few people rescued were quiet and despite their shock, they moved swiftly upon regaining their freedom. They helped Yue Yu and Liu Ye carry Yue Shan and two comrades who were immobile and followed behind Ning Hai.

Yue Yang stayed behind for a few more seconds before he slowly made his way outside.

Ning Hai almost kneeled down to beg for help. Yue Yang was really too bold. Working with him, Ning Hai was playing with his life and could be scared to death before being killed.

Yue Yang trapped all armoured elites in ice along the way.

If not, he rendered them unconscious.

The few swiftest prisoners even managed to strip off the armoured elites’ armour and divided among themselves. Some had helmets while others, had breastplates. Still, the fastest hands were unable to take the entire armour.

Just like this, the mismatched party of prisoners following behind Yue Yang all recognised Yue Yang as the leader, even if most of them had no idea who he was.

Originally, 2 prisoners with Level 8 [Emperor] skills had wanted to help.

But seeing Yue Yang’s ability, they realised their place. Even if it were 100 years old Elders and Hermits, they all obediently helped to lift the bodies.

“Hurry up and bring Yue Shan over here. Here, I said. This side can wait damn it, I need to save Yue Shan first. For the Battle Machine Dolls, the dragon crystals can be extracted later. Get a summoner with healing powers. Damn it, can’t anybody understand my words?” Mr Feng was frantic. It was because the 2 Battle Machine Dolls were already brought over and were ready for removal of the dragon crystals when a group of men came in disorderly, bringing the heavily injured Yue Shan in front of Mr Feng before the dragon crystals could be extracted.

“Can I? I am a summoner with healing powers!” Yue Yu did not hold back and summoned the Grimoire immediately, using her Healing Water Balls to treat her own father.

“There’s no doubt that you’re Yue Yu, this kind of treatment has very good results. Oh god, our healer is just like an uneducated peasant compared to you. Did I say anything wrong? What’s wrong with you all?” Mr Feng praised Yue Yu extensively. He then felt that something was wrong. He lifted his head and found all the prisoners in shock, unable to figure out the situation.

“Mr Feng, I sincerely invite you over to my house. You have to know that it’s my first time having a guest over!” Yue Yang placed the 2 Battle Machine Dolls in the storage space and smiled at Mr Feng. He waved his hands like a gentleman and said: “Please!”

“You look really familiar?” Mr Feng’s first reaction was that this young man with a sickening smile looked familiar.

“That’s what a lot of beauties say when they see me!” Yue Yang replied slyly.

Mr Feng fell to the ground like a log.

The workers around them all looked on speechlessly. They had in fact been like this ever since Yue Yang brought the group in.

Yue Yang flashed a sweet smile at them and asked: ”Hi guys, I would like to know where the secret room where Innate Qi is produced is, who can tell me?” It would be tolerable if Yue Yang hadn’t smiled, but, his bright smile caused everyone in the room to shiver. The cowardly ones sunk onto the floor while someone even wetted his pants out of fear.

Half an hour later, War Tiger returned to his base after causing havoc at the Da Xia Palace.

Although the Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Da Xia were pretty skilled, War Tiger’s real target had been Yue Yang. He felt a twinge of regret as it was such a pity that Yue Yang did not appear. However, when he took in the sight of his smoking base, his guards strewn over the floor and his crying maids who claimed to have been bullied by Yue Yang, War Tiger felt a rush of anger. He spurted blood and nearly fainted.

War Tiger had never been taken advantage of like this before.

Never before!

“Fuck! Yue Yang, I’m not done with you!” War Tiger’s roar shook the skies and even unsettled the ferocious winds.

However, Yue Yang was already back at the Yue Clan Castle.

Yue Yang sat boldly on the throne as Jun Wu You insisted on pouring Yue Yang a cup of tea. Jun Wu You held a teapot and disregarded his status as the king to serve tea to Yue Yang simply because Yue Yang had rescued Elder Huang Shi, Jun Wu You’s master who was a father figure to Jun Wu You.

Tears flowed down Elder Yue Hai’s face as he looked at the unconscious Yue Shan.

A son gone, another returned.

This was the greatest gift to the Yue Clan!

Although Yue Qiu and Yue Ling would never return again but at least the house was still functioning. The once scorned Yue Shan had returned with a clean slate, washed with his faith and blood…

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