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LLS Chapter 436 – Faith

Chapter 436 – Faith
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Is that you, Yu Er? Goddamn it Feng Jin, how dare you capture my daughter!” Yue Shan looked at Yue Yu. At first he was stunned in the next second, his anger burst out like a volcanic eruption.

Yue Shan extended his arms to his the limit, trying to strangle Mr Feng.

However, the rattling chains and shackles stopped him from reaching Mr Feng. He was merely a centimeter away, unable to move forward.

No matter how he struggled, it was all futile.

Yue Shan cried out in resentment and sorrow, “Ah…… “

He was just like an injured beast. He was utterly powerless. He could only watch the enemy, about to tear his young cub into pieces. Yue Shan’s heartbreaking cry seemed to be able to move the Heavens and Earth, whoever heard it would feel sorrowful. Liu Ye could not help it but to cry bitterly. She embraced Yue Yu, who almost fainted from her tears.

Yet, Mr Feng was apathetic. He ignored everything. It seemed as if his heart was made out of steel.

As far as this cold-blooded executioner was concerned, Yue Shan slammed his body into the wall repeatedly. He used his fists to beat and punch the wall, exerting whatever strength he had left. He used his head to violently attack the gigantic metal ring on the crystal wall. Instantly the huge metal ring was stained with spots of blood. After quite sometime, Yue Shan finally calmed down due to the pain. He faced Mr Feng and bowed his head. He spoke, “Feng Jin, you won, you won…… Let my daughter go. I am willing to do the experiments. I would hand over my body to you, no matter what you ask me to do, I will follow, as long as you free my daughter!” His voice seemed to age by ten years, it was filled with utter bitterness and sadness.

Mr Feng laughed loudly, “AHAHAHA, what did I say? Yue Shan I told you I would win. I told you, you would surrender, was I correct? The man who claimed to be Yue Clan’s most strong willed person would surrender one day, HAHAHAHA, In this world, what would still be impossible?”

“Let my daughter go immediately. If not I would bang my head against the wall and die right now. The secrets you want to know would never be revealed!”

Sadly, the chains restricted his movements mercilessly, confining his body.

Even if Yue Shan used all his might, his fingertips were still a centimeter away from Mr Feng.

This one centimeter, was what shattered all hope…… Seeing Yue Shan hating himself that he was unable to skin and eat him alive, Mr Feng laughed crazily in triumph.

He relaxed his shoulders, “Yue Shan, I think there is something wrong with your attitude. The clever Yue Clan’s first son, if you were me, what would you do? Humiliate the enemy, I guess you would use all kinds of methods to humiliate your enemy! Why don’t I use your strategy? Come, the arrogant Yue Clan’s first son, bend your knees and bow down to me! Yue Clan’s men would never bow down to the enemies right? Come, there would be a first to almost everything. Kneel, kneel right now. If not I would get people to gang rape your daughter…… Such a good daughter, she has the beauty of a flower, she is at the prime of her youth, it is the time when her brilliant life starts to bloom. If it were to be destroyed, how sorrowful would that be! Yue Shan, the only opponent I could not break, come, bow down to me!”

“No! Father, Yue Clan’s children die standing. We never kneel. Never kneel down to the enemy!” Yue Yu shrieked, “Nobody can use me to humiliate you, Father, I would die with dignity, what they would receive would only be my dead body!”

It was unknown when she took out a dagger and aimed it at her own neck.

Perhaps because she was too emotional, the sharp blade drew a red line across the side of her tender, delicate neck. A drop of red blood rolled along the blade slowly.

Yue Yang was afraid that this second sister would really do foolish things, with a snap of his fingers, the blade of the dagger shattered.

Mr Feng saw the blade falling, he quickly kicked it aside.

Two armoured elites quickly seized the blade. At the same time, all armoured soldiers were particularly careful of the weapons on their waists. They did not give Yue Yu any chance to get into contact with the sharp weapons.

“Not bad, as for how this dagger was brought in, I will let it pass. Later when we leave I will reward you a beautiful woman. Keep your eyes on Yue Clan’s Second Miss, she is Yue Shan’s dearest daughter. If we want this strong willed person to surrender, we need her.” Mr Feng glanced at Yue Yang, but diverted his attention away right after that. In his mind, Mao Xu, who was now impersonated by Yue Yang, was merely a tool. There was no point in giving him too much attention.

“Yue Clan’s Second Miss, I hope you behave smarter. Suicide won’t solve all the problems. Once you die, I will kidnap your brother and sister. Did you think that your death would be useful? Act smarter, urge your father to surrender and cooperate with us. That is the real way out of this.” Ning Hai appeared to be persuading Yue Yu.

In reality, he was hinting at Yue Yu.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was by her side, she did not need to be so emotional.

After his quick reminder, the emotional pair, Yue Yu and Liu Ye realised that in reality, circumstances were not so dreadful. With tears in their eyes, they glanced at Yue Yang. Their emotions stabilised afterwards. However, afraid that Mr Feng would see through Yue Yang, the two girls embraced each other tightly in case Mr Feng would sense anything fishy.

Yue Shan’s entire body was shaking, tears of blood welled up in his eyes.

Hot tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Shit, you, my father taught us brothers since young, Yue Clan’s men would rather die in front of their enemies. Goddamned Feng Jin, you can kill me, but don’t you try to himiliate our Yue Clan. Even though I, Yue Shan, am powerless, it does not mean our Yue Clan is unmanned. You can kill me, You can kill my daughter but you motherfucker cannot destroy our Yue Clan’s belief. Want us to surrender, that is impossible! Never! “ Yue Shan roared, his loud voice caused the entire underground prison to shake.

“I know. You ,Yue Clan, are all strong willed. I did not say you aren’t.” Mr Feng burst out in laughter, “In fact I admire your Yue Clan. Although you are all motherfucking brain dead idiots, you all are stong unyielding people. I have seen too many cowards and scumbags. I have met too many, those who would kneel in front of me and wag their tails like dogs. Seeing those trash behave that way, I feel disgusted. In fact, I admire opponents like you, no matter how I beat you, how I torture you, you would still maintain your pride as Yue Clan’s men…… Just now, when your daughter appeared, your will swayed. However, her words made you strong again. Such a great bloodline! But Yue Shan, do you think in this world all you need is strong will? You are wrong. I will tell you that you are gravely mistaken!”

“Do you want to know how I would deal with your daughter? I would use every evil method in this world to torture her. Hundreds of ways. You would watch in utter bitterness, you would eventually kneel down in front of me and beg me to kill her! Do you want me to slice your daughter’s flesh? Such beautiful skin, such good body. Do you think, after hundreds of ways of torture, she would still be like this? I promise you, if you take another look at her, you would puke! There are so many obscene rapists here, no, dont even mention them. With Miao Xu, who likes to rape and murder women based on his mood, once I command it, he would let your daughter wish that she was never born in this world…… “

“After torturing her in front of you, I can heal her and then change her appearance into someone else. After that, I would break her arms and legs, cut her tongue and make her into a idiot slave. Then I would sell her to a brothel in the red light district of Shang Jin. The ugliest and oldest brothel patrons would just need a bit of money to enjoy her physical body!”

“All these can be avoided, Yue Shan. Now, I do not ask for you to kneel anymore. You do not need to kneel. You are someone I really admire, I do not want to humiliate you, I just hope that you could understand and cooperate with us, that is your only way out. Yue Shan, I think someone as clever as you, would not be unable to understand what I said. Why do you have to still hold on to that belief for Jun Wu You and Da Xia Empire? How’s your image in the eyes of the public? You are just a traitor. A traitor to humankind, a traitor who fell into Demon Abyss. A suspect who murdered his brother. The number one offender who persecuted his sister-in-law and his own nephew! This is who you are, so what are you so persisting for? Tell me your final decision, I can let your daughter go. I also like outstanding juniors like her, I do not want her fate to end in misery. Everything would be up to you. As long as you are willing to cooperate with us, then you and your daughter will get the best things and the most secure safeguard.”

“As the most competent enemy, let me advise you, persistence is useless. At least I am not someone to be moved by tears and will. Do not force me to take action, Yue Shan. Now answer me!”


Yue Shan’s knees bent slowly.

With a loud thud, his knees landed on the ground with force.

Mr Feng’s eyes flashed a sign of excitement. He wanted to cheer but he had to force himself not to.

He clenched his fists tightly. The man who refused to surrender in the past few months finally kneeled in front of him, giving in. This feeling of success was difficult to be put into words. Mr Feng was feeling emotional. The thrill from this sort of success gave him a sense of accomplishment much greater than what he felt when he discovered new techniques from his research.

The Black Hell King made such a comment before: To conquer Tong Tian Tower, one must first conquer the Soaring Dragon Continent; To conquer the Soaring Dragon Continent, one must first conquer the Da Xia Empire; To conquer the Da Xia Empire, one must first conquer the Yue Clan!

Now, progress was finally made. The very first step: conquering the Yue Clan.

Yue Shan finally gave in!

Yue Clan’s men would rather die than to kneel in front of their opponents. Today, in front of him, one of them kneeled. Doesn’t this mean that the entire Da Xia Empire and the entire Soaring Dragon Continent would start to crumble?

Yue Shan’s head banged against the ground, his forehead was against the ground with so much force that fresh blood spluttered out.

His voice, rose from extreme pain and humiliation, “I beg you, Feng Jin, let my daughter go! She did nothing wrong. She did not have any thoughts on becoming enemies with the Black Hell King. She is just a woman, a fragile woman. You can catch my son, you can kill every man in Yue Clan, but please, let her go! Let this be a plea from a father. Feng Jin, you were also a father, you should understand how I feel…… I know, that this request is unrealistic, it seems unreal, just like mist. It’s impossible for you to agree, you are just a cold-hearted scum, but for my dearest daughter, I, Yue Shan would kneel in front of you today. Even if the chances are as small as one out of a million, I would not give up…… Feng Jin, you just have to let her go. You can kill me or cut off my flesh as you want, I do not care! I can kneel down, my body can be used by you for any experiment. I can bow down and kowtow just like a dog in front a scum like you, as long as you can let go of my daughter, I am willing to do anything!”

Yue Shan raised his head, from his sorrowful eyes, tears of blood rolled down his cheeks.

Kneeling down in front of their enemies was a painful humiliation worse than death. It was an action Yue Clan men never thought was worth doing. He hated himself and wished to die instantly.

But he could not.

He was a father, he coulc not die in such a way.

He had to endure such pain and humiliation that was worse than death. Kneeling down to the enemy, even though he knew success was impossible, he had to try. It was because it might be able to save his own daughter……

“You!” Mr Feng’s face distorted as if someone had slapped him in the face several times. He let out a high-pitched shriek just like a wounded animal. This huge sense of defeat made him felt as if he was going mad. Under such circumstances, Yue Shan would rather kneel down; he would rather beg him, a victorious enemy, to free his own daughter than to surrender.

The most desperate thing is that, Yue Shan did not even feel the need to trick him. He did not even pretend to surrender!

Could it be that in the Yue Clan’s dictionary, there was never the word ‘surrender’? Could it be that these guys’ brain structures were different from the rest?

Yue Yang let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

Not bad, Yue Shan was still a real man. He was still a qualified father!

Ning Hai was dumbstruck, he had never seen such a man before. At this instant, he realised that compared to Yue Shan, he was so small. Yue Shan may not be as powerful as him but the aura he emitted formed a presence just like the Domain of Power created by powerful Innate Rankers. Ning Hai shivered with fear in his heart.

This was so terrifying……

A man who was not afraid of death chose to kneel. Such terrifying faith and hatred, such power, was it really something that could be defeated?

Mr Feng was hopping with pure anger, he snarled hysterically, “Last chance, Yue Shan, you do not have a choice. Unless you surrender and cooperate with us your daughter will be safe. If not, I swear, I will use all kinds of methods to torture her, until you regret! One word, Surrender!”

“No! Never!” Yue Shan spat out the blood in his mouth, which was filled with broken teeth, “I beg you for the last time, let me daughter go!”

“Impossible! Never!” Feng Jin was equally persistent.

“Yu Er, I let you down! I am a worthless father, I cannot save you…… “ Yue Shan suddenly diverted the conversation to Yue Yu, who was drenched in tears. He called out to her softly.

In his entire life, he was never so gentle.

His gaze, in his entire life, was never once filled with so much affection. Only until this very moment, he started to behave like a father!

Yue Shan gritted and crushed his teeth, causing fresh blood to gush out. He tried his best to squeeze out a smile for Yue Yu, “Yu Er, since young, I valued males more than females, I never smiled at you. This smile is for you! You are the most obedient daughter, and also the one i am the most proud of. I hope you would not be humiliated by the enemy. If they torture you, then you should kill yourself instantly. Do not give them the opportunity. Before that, you have to endure. Yu Er, after your disappearance, Yue Clan will definitely realize. Your third brother is capable, he will be able to rush over and save you. You must persevere until the last moment. If I stay here, Feng Jin that asshole would use you. If I died, you would be safer, so I will leave…… If you go back and see your grandfather, tell him, I, Yue Shan is not a coward, nor am I a traitor. My third and fourth brother were not killed by me. I, Yue Shan, am still Yue Clan’s man. Always!”

“If you dare to suicide, I promise, your daughter will suffer from the most painful torture……“ Mr Feng frantically unsheathed his dagger, and pointed it at Yue Yu’s face, “I will peel off the skin on her face, no, I will peel off every inch of skin on her!”

“Feng Jin, did you think a scum like you could scare me? Fuck off, us Yue Clan can die but we will never surrender!”

Yue Shan stood up, with red blood all over his face.

He held up his right hand, clenching it to form a tight fist. With a boom he landed a powerful hit on his own forehead.

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