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LLS Chapter 435 – Meeting Yue Shan once again

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Chapter 435 – Meeting Yue Shan once again
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Previously Yue Yang played a game called “Hit the Dino”. Nostalgically, it was similar to what’s happening now.

Of course, this base did not have any dinosaurs.

After entering a hallway with golden walls, passing through numerous identity verification, once again he passed through a number of huge metal doors. Using a mechanical pulley system which acted as an elevator, Yue Yang ended up a few meters underground. Only then did he officially reach the entrance to the base. The temperature inside here was entirely different from the temperature outside. It was a world of ice and snow outside, but in the underground base, the air was stuffy and warm. There was even a trace of sulfur.

Yue Yang recalled that he smelled something similar in the Evil Dragon Lair.

After entering the base, the number of people clearly increased. They were all the members of the underground base; the armoured security guards on duty marched past in rows. If Yue Yang did not impersonate Miao Xu, it would had been very difficult for him to sneak in. Simply because there were too many sealed metal doors that he had to pass.

Once he finds the enemy, even if he was able to stop them, the people inside would still have time to destroy all the data.

“Please wait for a while, Lord War Tiger just left. We need to report to Mr. Feng first.” Two armoured elites indicated for Yue Yang to wait and went in to report.

“Mr. Feng?” Yue Yang had a question mark in his mind.

There were quite a number of people with the surname ‘Feng’ in Soaring Dragon Continent. However, Innates with surname Feng was rare. Perhaps this issue was related to the Feng Family?

Sometime ago, the young lady of Feng family and his Fourth Uncle’s were unexpectedly poisoned, this made Yue yang extremely angry. He swore to take revenge. Now, hearing about this person called “Mr Feng” all of a sudden made him suspect that something was fishy.

About three minutes later, the two armoured elites came out with their head hanging dispiritedly. They seemed as if they got scolded.

Yue Yang carried Yue Yu on his back and led Liu Ye by the hand.

They were now walking in to meet Mr Feng.

Even before they could take a good look, Mr Feng, who was facing them bursted out his scoldings, ”Miao Xu, and Ning Hai! Are the two of you borned idiots? This is such an important place, how dare you bring a stranger in? Even if it’s a woman, it is forbidden! War Tiger has warned many times, no matter what we have to take strict precautions and prevent possible spies. Are you 100% sure that the person you brought in is not a spy? Do you guys know how important the secrets here are? If not, let me repeat once again, this is the base to conquer the Soaring Dragon Continent. It is the starting point to conquer the entire Tong Tian Tower, It is the bridge to entering the Heaven Realm. Did you hear what i said? Did you understand? You bunch of idiots!”

Yue Yang realised that this Mr Feng looked just like the Feng Family’s Clan Master. Other than the fact that his temper was worse, his strength was more superior, and he also seemed older. Other than these traits, his appearance could be said to look identical to that of the Feng Family’s Clan Master.

This person was probably a traitor from the Feng Family.

However, Yue Yang had never paid attention to the Feng Family’s matters. Perhaps Fourth Mother or Jun Wu You would know better who this person was.

“ Mr Feng, what happened was that when we were trying to capture Yue Clan’s Second Miss, we found this girl. We were in the middle of a battle so we had no choice but to capture her and bring her back. To decide what to do with her was why we came to report to you, right?” Ning Hai hurriedly covered up for Yue Yang.

“ Fancy that you have lived for 200 years, are you still a child? Do you need to report to me about such things? You just have to get rid of her corpse and erase all evidence, right? I hate to clean up after you two, because I have little time. I need a lot of time for research and I have simply no time to care about your stupid problems! Someone, feed her to the beasts! I warn you two, if you people need me to clean up your mess, I will throw the two of you into Demon Insect Swamp to feed the beasts. I do not care if you guys are Innates. Anyone who wastes my time has to die!” Mr Feng was still fuming with anger.

Liu Ye was so frightened her face paled and her entire body was trembling.

She glanced in Yue Yang’s direction and realised that he did not seem to be bothered. Worried that he did not care about her, Liu Ye was so horrified her legs seemed to give away.

The two armoured elites came up, wanting to drag Liu Ye away.

Mr Feng, who just finished scolding glanced at Liu Ye and suddenly let out a sign of surprise. He held up his hand to signal the elites to pause.

The two armoured elites accepted the order naturally, but Ning Hai rubbed off his cold sweat due to his nervousness. He stole a glance at Yue Yang. He realised that Yue Yang has already anticipated that this would happened, this made his fear grew even more. Yue’s Clan’s Third Young Master could calculate how Mr Feng behaves even though they had never met before?

If that was really the case, that would be terrifying!

Was Yue’s Clan’s Third Young Master a human or a demon?

“This child seems to have potential, her body is emitting some kind of strange energy…… Hey, do you have the summoning grimoire?” Mr Feng asked.

“Ye… Yes.” Liu Ye was so scared, she hurriedly replied.

“ What is your Inherent Skill, and what is your Guardian Beast? Answer honestly, I will consider letting you live!” Mr Feng looked at Liu Ye from head to toe, just like how a venomous snake would stare at its prey.

Liu Ye stole a glance at Yue Yang, upon catching his quick signal, she answered, her head down while trembling with fear, “It is [Purification] Inherent Skill and Perforate Deer”.

Although panic-stricken, Liu Ye did not reveal the actual Inherent Skill she possessed.

She changed it slightly.

She replaced the term ‘[Cleansing] Inherent skill’ with ‘[Purification] Inherent skill’.

Yue Yang saw Liu Ye’s [Cleansing] Inherent Skill before, he thought that this Inherent skill was a highly valuable Inherent Skill. Although ordinary folks did not know of its importance, Liu Ye undoubtedly understood. It was also highly possible that her tutor warned her before, telling her that this Inherent skill should not be something that she brings up when conversing with normal people. As a result, when she answered Mr Feng’s question, she would rather give a half true half false answer. She told the truth about her Guardian Spirit Beast, but was unwilling to reveal her actual inherent skill.

[Cleansing] Inherent Skill: Possessed by good-natured people with noble character. This Inherent Skill is the enemy for the vicious and evil, all negative psychological attacks or malicious curses are useless in front of this skill. The Blood of Cleansing from the user’s body can be used to cleanse evil. The higher the purity of the Blood of Cleansing, the greater its cleansing strength. At the moment it is at level three.

When Yue Yang saw this Inherent skill, he exclaimed “Lucky” in his mind. He finally found the key to lift Curse Seals.

For items like the Gemini Mask, Golden Bell etc, they all have seals.

Yue Yang could use his Innate Qi to unseal them but that would take too much effort. The time taken to completely unseal them would be difficult to determine as well.

Now, he did not need to waste so much effort anymore. It just required Liu Ye to provide a bit of blood. This, together with Innate Qi would reduce the effort needed by half. Things such as Gemini Mask were not the main thing, what was important were holy objects and divine weapons that have way stronger seals. Even some ancient huge gates, entrances to Connecting Realms as well as Runic traps all possess different seals. These type of seals are often curses. Hence, when exploring the God’s Ruins, bringing along Liu Ye, who possesses the [Cleansing] Inherent Skill, would be just like bringing a human shaped “portable key”.

Of course, if this [Cleansing] Inherent Skill were to be given to Yue Yang, it would be entirely useless. Giving it to Fatty Hai and Ye Kong would just make it a decoration.

The [Cleansing] Inherent Skill is intimately related to the user’s nature and moral character.

The more noble, more kindhearted the user, the higher the purity of the user’s body.

As for people like Yue Yang, even if he obtained the [Cleansing] Inherent Skill, he might be unable to even cleanse a single grain of sand from the Demon Abyss……

As for Liu Ye’s Guardian Spirit Beast, Yue Yang also thought of it as a treasure.

Compared to other things like Golden Tigress, Silver Wolf or Bronze Bull, this was way better.

Perforation Deer: Special type. Deer form Silver Rank level two. Energy half-entity. Levitates. Guardian Beast, special move: Air Dash, Perforation.

This deer may be considered just ‘not bad’ by others, but to Yue Yang it’s as precious as jewel!

If it were to be used together with “teleportation”, exploring the God’s Ruins would be way easier. At the very least, areas such as Ancient Passages and Death Canyon would be much easier to conquer. With this, Yue Yang believed that after entering the Black Hell King and Zi Jin Empire’s secret base, even if the enemies found him, be it wreaking havoc or fleeing, it would be a piece of cake.

As for the discovery of Liu Ye’s Inherent Skill and Guardian Spirit Beast, they were Yue Yang’s main reason in his counterattack strategy to beat the other party in their own game.

“Good, a pretty good Inherent skill and Guardian Spirit Beast! In fact, as long as you possess a Summoning grimoire, you are an excellent youngster. There are no useless Inherent Skill nor Guardian Spirit Beasts in this world, there are only useless masters. Okay, you do not have to be afraid, I will not kill you. Instead, I will nurture you properly so that you would become a powerful Innate, understand? You have such potential, because you are the purest youngster I have ever met…… Ah, Of course, Yue Clan’s Second Miss isn’t bad either. If you listen obediently, I promise you that you would become an Innate. Yue Clan’s Second Miss has powers as gentle and serene as water. As expected of the new generation of Yue Clan, indeed an outstanding bloodline! This is uncomparable to the shitty Feng Family. Nevermind, why am I saying all this!” After Mr Feng consoled Liu Ye, he started to chatter away. As Yue Yu came down from Yue Yang’s back, Mr Feng could not resist to size her up.

Seeing that Liu Ye was able to stand on her feet, Yue Yu also decided to put on a brave face. She did not hide behind Liu Ye, instead, she stood beside her, glaring back at Mr Feng.

She even openen her mouth to question, “Who are you in the Feng Family? Why did you kidnap me here?”

Please do not host these chapters elsewhere without permission.

Mr Feng let out an uncanny laughter.

Afterwards, he waved his hands repeatedly, “Yue Clan’s Second Miss, don’t rush, let me answer your questions in a moment. It would be quick, give me some time. Let me vent my frustrations on these two foolish lads. I really want to restrain myself but I realised that I could not. Some people are like this, if you do not berate them, they would not understand what their mistake is!”

This old man turned to face Yue Yang and Ning Hai, waving his fists in the air and roared,” Yes, I understand now, why you people did not kill her at the scene and also kidnapped her, a girl who possess [Purification] Inherent Skill! Yes, you people think you are very clever, thinking that if I saw her I would forget about Cai Yi, the perfect Battle Machine Doll, and perhaps I did not forget, I would not kill you out of fury…… Yes, I do admit you guys are petty minded but if you do so, I am still unable to feel satisfied. In fact it made me feel very mortified. A failed mission, utter failure. You guys actually let a Battle Doll from six thousands years ago to self-destruct! Why didn’t the two of you self-destruct instead? Did you guys think that your lives were more valuable than it? Wrong, even if you people had ten more lives, even after summing up your lives, it isn’t even as valuable as that one Machine Doll, understand? Do you think War Tiger would dispatch a thousand hundred humanoid Battle Dolls to go out and complete missions?”

“No, This is a Battle Doll from six thousands years ago. A Battle Doll you cannot duplicate! Most importantly, they are all amended personally by Yue Clan’s most gifted Ghost Genius Yue Gong. They are his blood and sweat. They are the master’s work of miracle. Now that the Ghost Genius Yue Gong has passed away, even if there are a hundred thousands Battle Dolls in front of me, all I could do would be to stare at it. Do you people understand my point now? Foolish lads, I should have asked Cai Yi to go and do the testing. Yes, I mistakenly believed your abilities. You people should die, I wish I could choke the two of you to death!” Mr Feng rained curses on the two. Ning Hai was so frightened that his legs almost gave away, he almost fell on his knees.

This was definitely not caused by the pressure from Mr Feng’s Innate strength, it was thanks to his authority.

Ning Hai had seen it more than once. Any work Mr Feng found unsatisfying, even if it was an ‘Innate’ who was finally obtained from experiments, it would be used for dissection.

As for such a mad decision, Lord War Tiger, the base’s highest position leader had always supported him firmly. He even personally strangled a dozen people who intended to rebel.

Just one sentence, as long as Mr Feng was in this base, his command was equivalent to the highest order.

Even the powerful War Tiger takes advice from him!

Mr Feng tightened his fists and took a few deep breathes, as if trying to bear with the fury, “Okay, no matter what, you guys did bring back Yue Clan’s Second Miss. Your accomplishments do deserve a reward. I am a person who rewards and punishes accordingly. You people did foolish things, I would report it to War Tiger and let him decide. You people also did correct things, I would not hesitate to reward. Miao Xu, you can receive even more beautiful women and fresh blood. Your inquiries would all be met, but let me warn you, next time do not do stupid things again. If not i would really slaughter you! As for Ning Hai, you can obtain the rewards when you level up to Innate rank. You can use your achievement to exchange a treasure you like, these are all up to you…… Wait, There is something I must first do. Take out all the Dragon Crystals in the last two Battle Dolls, incase they self destruct just like what had happened. As you know, these Battle Dolls are too precious. Based on the puppet manufacturing techniques now, even researching is not possible, not to mention duplicating them!”

Yue Yang understood instantly, as expected, these Battle Dolls only started operating after they were amended by the Ghost Genius Yue Gong.

Six thousand years, it was too long for the battle mechanics to last.

Thus, Yue Gong would have such will.

The Battle Dolls like Cai Yi was already very advanced. They could move freely and follow instructions to complete tasks. However, they did not possess emotions nor rationality which are human traits.

If Yue Yang could add in these, fulfilling Yue Gong’s third wish would probably no longer be difficult.

Mr Feng smacked his forehead with his hand, as if he suddenly recalled something,” Ah, there’s no time, I forgot to negotiate with that guy. You guys should not leave, detain Yue Clan’s Second Miss and this girl. Miao Xu and Ning Hai, the two of you must look after Second Miss, if anything happens to her, the two of you are dead meat! Go, I am in a hurry!”

He opened a trapdoor and rushed in.

Ning Hai glanced at Yue Yang secretly.

Yue Yang ignored him, dragged Yue Yu , led Liu Ye along and followed the lunatic Mr Feng in big strides.

Behind them, about a dozen armoured elites followed with mutual understanding. However, at each heavy door, two would stay automatically to guard. They were prudent and careful at any time. Be it their actions or when completing orders, they seemed more mechanical than actual machine puppet dolls.

After walking through three consecutive large metal gates, they walked down the staircase.

The place they were walking to seemed to be an underground prison.

The walls here were no longer made up of metal, instead they were made by speical crystals. Yue Yang was unable to identify what kind of crystal but he found out that it was extremely hard.

Seemingly, every crystal room confined a person. Yue Yang discovered that these crystals could isolate Qi. He was unable to detect who was inside. As for his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he definitely could not use it in front of Mr Feng, who was an extremely sharp and sensitive Old man. Yue Yang had to suppress his curiosity and continue to control his Qi, imitating Miao Xu’s Qi. He followed behind, pretending to be a loyal fighter.

In front of the greatest crystal room they walked past so far, Mr Feng used a secret way to lift the seal on the sealing circle.

His actions were rapid but highly complicated.

However, Yue Yang memorized everything by heart.

The walls rumbled and opened slightly, a crack not more than two meters formed on the wall.

Inside, there appeared a middle aged man. His left and right shoulders, ribs, thighs, knees, wrists and the back of his head were all chained up using locks and shackles. Yue Yang, with his good eyes, immediately drew back subtly after seeing who it was. He avoided eye contact with the person and hid behind the walls, where the man could not see. Next to Yue Yang, Yue Yu let out a cry of sorrow. This was because she realised that the man who was tortured to the extent of having his flesh lacerated, and his bones showing, was someone who had been missing: Yue Shan.

“Ah No…… “ Yue Yu’s tears fell like rain as her body trembled in pain.

Their father did not betray and flee to Demon Abyss, but was imprisoned by the Black Hell King.

Now, not just Yue Yang, Yue Yu, even Liu Ye who was previously entirely unaware started to understand why Mr Feng had to capture Yue Yu as the hostage.

The reason was very simple. It was to threaten and force Yue Shan to surrender.

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