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LLS Chapter 434 – Forward, Deep into the Demon’s Cave

Chapter 434 – Forward, Deep into the Demon’s Cave
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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It was a world of ice and snow.

The howling wind raged across the ground,carrying bits of snow, plundering waves of white frost. Between the sky and the ground, the roaring wind cast fear over every man’s heart.

This place was located at the border of Zi Jin Kingdom, it’s referred to as Wind Root Mountain Range. ‘Wind root’ meant that all wind in the Soaring Dragon Continent would form and start from this point. Although it sounded extreme, but the fact that this place was covered in snow and non-stopping gales throughout each year was a reality. Wind Root Mountain Range was one of The Five Death Lands located in Soaring Dragon Continent. It was a forbidden area where men’s footprints were rare, just like Gui Jian Chou and Despair Abyss. Due to its remote terrain and low temperatures, other than warriors who wanted to practice austerities, no one else would travel all the way here.

Wind Root Mountain Range and Roaring Flame Desert are equally famous for their extreme weather, the former was freezing cold, the latter was blazing hot. They were extreme places people hardly visited.

No one would have thought that the Black Hell King and Zi Jin Kingdom’s secret base would be located in this life threatening forbidden area.

Just seeing the entrance to the base, Yue Yang felt that Zi Jin Kingdom had worked with the Black Hell King for a long time. This huge base was not something that could be built overnight.

With the support from Black Hell King, Thousand Goblin Sect, Lion Pagoda Sect, Green Summit Sect and a muddled relationship with Demon Abyss, it was not surprising that Zi Jin Kingdom dared to conquer the entire Soaring Dragon Continent.

Now, Yue Yang started to understand.

Before that, Shun Tian and the Dark Prince supported the Zi Jin Kingdom and attacked the Yue Clan merely as a test.

If it was not because of his sudden appearance, which disrupted the situation, perhaps now, the Soaring Dragon Continent would be covered in the flames of war.

Ever since the Black Hell King broke free from the seal, he probably had the intention of succeeding the Prison King’s will. He also wanted to explore God’s Ruins. He had to deal with the fact that his power had not yet recovered. In addition, humanity also has the formidable Zhi Zun, Demonic Palace’s intentions were ambiguous; as result the Black Hell King could not obtain what he wanted. Thus, he started working together with Zi Jin Kingdom in the dark. Since ages ago, he had started to use secret techniques to ‘mass produce’ low level of Innates.

The success rate of mass producing Innates was incredibly low, it was only one out of a hundred. If it wasn’t because the Black Hell King’s secret techniques were not effective enough, the entire Soaring Dragon Continent would be overcrowded with Innates.

Mass producing Innates?

When Yue Yang thought about this, he felt that it was ridiculous.

If Innates could be mass produced, then what’s the point of everyone refining their skills? Then they might as well bootlick super Innates and beg them to help them level up!

These kinds of fake Innates did not even have Grimoires, so much that they can’t be compared with Shun Tian (Great Emperor of Zi Wei) ’s subordinates, the Seven Great Bears. At the very least they were previously Lesser Innates, and they had Grimoires.

In front of real Innates, fake Innates were just like dirt!

Of course, to ordinary warriors, these type of fake Innates were still terrifying.

After all, fake Innates were previously warriors at level 6 Elder or above. They still had some sort of foundation. It was not like any ordinary human could obtain such titles.

“Cold!” Yue Yu lied on Yue Yang’s back, although Yue Yang wrapped a leather coat around her she could not endure the severe winter. She held onto Yue Yang tightly as her body trembling non-stop.

“…… “Liu Ye gritted her teeth and stayed silent.

She was afraid that if she talked, her jaws would tremble continuously. Actually, Yue Yu and her were still better than most people, because Yue Yang transferred some Yang Energy to them from time to time to keep them warm. If not, merely with their constitution, and thin clothes, they would have already been frozen to death since they reached here from Shang Jin.

Ning Hai, who surrendered, appeared to be well-behaved.

Although he saw the security guards at the entrance of the base, he was as obedient as a grandson.

It was because he knew, once Yue Clan’s Third Young Master wanted to behead him, unless the Black Hell King personally protected him, he would lose his life. He saw Yue Yang dissect Miao Xu and opened his upper body. He took out the energy crystals stored in his body and slowly sewed him back up. After witnessing Yue Yang’s methods, he decided that he would never ever become enemies with this smiling devil.

When Demon Abyss and the Demon King are compared to Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, they instantly become philanthropists!

Ning Hai thought that since he had already killed many people, he considered himself as a villain or at least a scoundrel. Unexpectedly, in front of Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, he was not even fart.

“Master Miao Xu, Master Ning Hai, are you back? These two…… Eh, Miss Cai Yi did not return? This should be Yue Clan’s Second Miss, and the other person is?” The captain of the guards at the base came out to greet them. He could not recognise that Yue Yang, who had two fake mustaches stuck above his lips was not Miao Xu. This was because Miao Xu could shape-shift into a hundred different forms. His identification was based on the ‘Black Hell Crest’. This captain was clearly a warrior from Zi Jin Kingdom. He recognized Yue Yu, the hostage but he could not recognize Liu Ye, who was tied up just like a cocoon by Yue Yang.

“Cai Yi that fellow has already self destructed. Yue Clan’s Second Miss’s master, Elder Jing Hu was very powerful. We had a fierce battle before completing the mission. This, is the classmate of Yue Clan’s Second Miss. She was caught up in the incident so we caught her as well.” Ning Hai handed his crest to verify his identification, and gave an explanation.

“You sould just kill these kinds of small fry.” The captain felt that it was odd, as if side issues kept arising.

“You…… “ If Liu Ye was not tied up and clasped under Yue Yang’s arm, she would have flung her legs to kick this guy, sending him into the air.

“Mr. Miao Xu thought this girl is still useful, she was caught for fun. After he’s done playing, he might give you people as a reward to pass time.” Ning Hai deliberately lowered his voice and told the captain.

“Great, Master Miao Xu can eat the meat, us brothers will just sip some soup, hahahahaha!” The captain eagerly thanked Yue Yang.

“Hmph!” Yue Yang snorted and acted as if he was an arrogant expert and walked in with his head high up.

He did not dare talk, afraid that people would realize something.

This behaviour would let people mistaken him as putting on airs, moreover entering in a hurry appeared as if he was in heat, and could not wait to deflower the female captive. A few guards let out lascivious laughter. In the end, the captain was the most meticulous, he caught up and bowed with respect, ”Master, you can play with this girl as much as you want. But for Yue Clan’s Second Miss, it would be the best if you do not touch her. Because Lord War Tiger commanded before he left to pass on the message, this Yue Clan’s Second Miss was crucial, do not touch her for now.”

Yue Yu, who was on Yue Yang’s back while pretending to be unconscious, started to tremble. She was both embarrassed and angry at the same time. She really wanted to beat this guy badly. However, now that she was involved in her younger brother’s scheme, she could only endure her embarrassment and continue to pretend that she fainted.

Yue Yang lightly patted Yue Yu’s back using his palms, signalling to her not to panic, everything was going according to plan.

He appeared to be annoyed and moved forward.

Ning Hai turned his face, and comforted the frightened captain with a smile, “Mr Miao Xu definitely knows that, there is no need for you to pass on the message. It’s fine, this hostage, Yue Clan’s Second Miss, will be sent to the hands of Lord War Tiger without fail.”

After walking down the meandering passage, what welcomed them was numerous stone steps and cross roads.

Fortunately Ning Hai was there as a guide. If not, merely slipping in would be troublesome. Ning Hai walked ahead to lead the way and headed towards the resting area for the time being. They waited for headquarters to send out elite soldiers. When they arrive to escort Yue Yu, Yue Yang can start raiding their tightly guarded secret base. Charging in with force was not impossible, but all the secrets would be destroyed by the members inside. Yue Yang wanted to find out what secrets were hidden within.

How many more humanoid Battle Dolls like Cai Yi were there?

This was what Yue Yang wanted to find out the most.

Ning Hai brought Yue Yang to Miao Xu’s room. Using the Black Hell Crest, they opened the door. The reeking smell of blood greeted them.

Yue Yang, Yue Yu and Liu Ye went in to see. To their surprise, they found out that it was an obscene and bloody den of violence. There were not just female humans, but also females from different species. There were even female animals. They were all raped and murdered by Miao Xu here. There were dismembered corpses everywhere. Human heads that died with their eyes open rolled around the room. It was unexpected that the captain boldly advised Yue Yang, who impersonated as Miao Xu to not touch Yue Yu. Because he knew, once he did, Yue Clan’s Second Miss would probably not be able to keep her life.

Yue Yu and Liu Ye previously thought that Yue Yang’s way of dealing with Miao Xu was cruel, only now did they realized that they had let that trash off too lightly.

Especially Liu Ye, who blamed Yue Yang wrongly, was filled with genuine regret and wanted to apologize to him.

She thought killing Miao Xu was letting him off too easily.

This type of trash, should have his flesh cut apart slowly with each slice.

Don’t even talk about these kind-hearted ladies, even Ning Hai, who kills without blinking his eyes gulped in fear and surprise. He did hear about Miao Xu’s change, after he became a monster, his character changed drastically. In front of people he behaved in a refined and courteous manner, behind, he was wild and blood-thirsty. He raped and murdered numerous women, this was known by almost everyone.

But Ning Hai could never have imagined that after Miao Xu became a monster, he actually raped and murdered so many people, no, even female animals.


Miao Xu must have went insane.

Ning Hai shivered, thank goodness he did not participate in the secret enhancement experiment. If that was the case, even if he rose to an Innate successfully, he would also become a madman just like Miao Xu…… Ning Hai wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and reported to Yue Yang, “I reckon that the elite soldiers would reach here within five minutes. Because they cannot allow Miao Xu to hurt Yue Clan’s Second Miss. They will use the fastest speed they can to reach here. If we want to retrieve Miao Xu’s things, we have to be quick!”

Yue Yang waved his hand, “Go back to your room pack up. I will settle here. Come back after five minutes!”

Ning Hai hesitated, but ended up leaving in a hurry.

At this point in time, he had two choices on his mind.

One was to immediately use the transport scroll to get out of here and never come back to the Soaring Dragon Continent, and never ever meet Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

The other was to follow the instructions given by Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. After he destroys the entire base, he might fulfill his promise and release him.

The first option was much easier to succeed.

He just had to crush the teleportation stone to escape back to the Ancient Passage. Even if the young master went after him, he might not be able to locate him; The shortcomings was that he could never let the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master find out where he would hide. If not he was dead meat. The second option was dangerous. Yue Clans Third Young Master might not fulfill his promise. More importantly, after the base gets wrecked, even if he escapes, if the Black Hell King found out, he would die either way.

Ning Hai had much on his mind while returning back to his room. He hesitated for about three minutes.

He fished out his teleportation stone and placed it back in his pocket. Again, he took it out and placed it back. He repeated this cycle multiple times.

In the end, he still decided to obediently wait for Yue Clan’s Third Young Master to fulfill his promise…… It was because he felt that using his own teleportation stone to flee was not a safe move. Furthermore, if the Black Hell King knew he fled halfway, he was dead meat. After all, it was Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who brought him into the base. Black Hell King would know better than Yue Yang where he would hide. So this battle, he had to pray that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master wins. If he lost, his own life would be at stake!

Five minutes later, Ning Hai knocked on the door.

Yue Yang opened the door himself and smiled, “I knew you wouldn’t use the teleportation stone to flee…“ He said it as if unintentionally.

A single sentence, made Ning Hai felt his scalp had gone numb. Whatever he was thinking about was clear to his opponent. The scariest thing was that, it was merely a test.

No wonder Yue Clan’s Third Young Master only took away his return teleportation scroll and left him with his teleportation stones. It was all within his plans. If he had tried to escape just now, he would probably be following Miao Xu’s footsteps!

Ning Hai thought about it, his fear almost made him pee in his pants!

After another minute, five armoured elite soldiers with most of their faces covered came to escort them.

They spoke politely but they held the command medal from the person in charge, War Tiger, in their hands.

Yue Yang appeared to be unwilling on the surface, but after being ‘persuaded’ by Ning Hai with his highly skilled acting, he agreed to personally carry Yue Yu to meet War Tiger for their rewards. After the five armoured elites checked Yue Yu’s face against a picture, they agreed to Yue Yang’s request.

As for Liu Ye, Yue Yang pretended to be prepared to kill her when he felt like it with a single slash.

And so she immediately begged strenuously, showing that she was willing to serve him full heartedly. As long as she does not die, anything was fine.

If Ning Hai did not know it was part of Yue Yang’s plans, he would really believe that her tears and pleading were sincere. Women are all natural masters of acting. Ning Hai silently sighed. Compared to her, his acting skills was way more inferior. He felt unpleasant. Of course he also knew that if women did not know how to lie, then they would no longer be called women. They would be called idiots instead!

“Keeping you here will not do, what if you ran away? No, I must drag you along!” Yue Yang untied Liu Ye’s two legs but left her upper body and hands tied.

The five elite soldiers found it strange. Escorting Yue Clan’s Second Miss personally was fine, but to bring another woman?

However, since this woman was tied up and very weak, they let it go in the end.

After all, they knew that Miao Xu was entitled ‘The lunatic who raped and murdered countless women’. In fact, not just Miao Xu, all of the Innates that were produced from the experiment were abnormal. A few days ago, a guy that was forcefully raised to a Innate fell in love with gnawing and eating corpses for no good reason. That was called revolting! The five armoured elites, with two in front, three behind, half escorted and half led Yue Yang and the rest to their destination.

To them, as long as Yue Clan’s Second Miss could be delivered to Lord War Tiger, anything else did not matter.

Ning Hai was confused by Yue Yang’s decision to bring Liu Ye, but he did not have a single trace of doubt. He also believed that if Liu Ye was useless, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would not have brought her along.

Liu Ye also did not understand why she also had to enter deeper into the demon’s nest. Yue Yang did not explain.

However, after seeing Liu Ye’s Inherent Skill and Guardian Spirit Beast, Yue Yang knew that when he deals with the Black Hell King or when he has to explore God’s Ruins, he would need Liu Ye’s unrivalled Inherent skill…… After Liu Ye summoned her Grimoire, only then did Yue Yang understand why she was way more powerful than Sky Disaster and why she could ignore his smile. Liu Ye did not know how powerful and extraordinary her Inherent skill was.

Even commoners believed that it was merely an ordinary Inherent Skill. They did not place any importance on Liu Ye’s ability.

Yue Yu guess that her third younger brother was probably going to use Liu Ye for hard labour.

From the point of view of protecting his brother, she did not tell Liu Ye.

Furthermore, her brother did so to defeat the Black Hell King, to save the world…… After she upgraded his image in her mind to a world saving hero, she finally felt that it was ‘in the name of justice’ for her younger brother to take advantage and make use of people.

Okay, her brother is a scoundrel. But this was something that was alright to know but not something to be spread!

Yue Yu, who pretended to be asleep secretly opened her eyes. Pity filled her heart as she glanced at Liu Ye, who was tied up and led along by Yue Yang.

Especially that special way of tying people, just where did this younger brother learn all this from. That was too much. Yue Yu secretly pinched Yue Yang, as Yue Yang got startled, she immediately pretended to be asleep. She was smiling with triumph deep down: no matter how evil and cocky he was, he was still her younger brother. As his own second sister, wouldn’t it be simple for her to sort him out?

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