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LLS Chapter 433 – To beat the opponent at their own game

Chapter 433 – To beat the opponent at their own game
Translated by: heliumm

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Crescent Moon sliced through the air.

Very skillfully, very precisely, just like how the puppet master disassembled the machine puppets, Crescent Moon dismantled the arm connected to Cai Yi’s body with ease.

Other than a minute amount of connecting wires, that acted as tendons, Yue Yang did not even damage a single screw.

His techniques were just like art, reaching the state of perfection.

Half of an arm, which once belonged to Battle Doll Cai Yi, flung in midair and landed in Yue Yang’s Storage Ring. Being unable to feel pain, the Battle Doll continued to throw punches. However, for Yue Yang, who had already seen through the Battle Doll’s weak points, this was going according to his plans. The Crescent Moon in his hands danced through the air. In a few seconds, he had already removed Cai Yi’s clothes, fake skin, fake flesh. Even the neck connecting the head was dismantled.

In between, the freaky Innate and Ning Hai, who tried to attack, were both sent flying.

Calmly and patiently, Yue Yang dismantled this fine Battle Doll, that could only be made by the masters of machinery six thousand years ago.

To him, this replica of Battle Doll was the best research sample. This was because it was way more superior compared to the Battle Puppets produced today. Even for someone like him, who has received Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s Puppet Encyclopedia and Puppet Palace, it was a great source of inspiration.

The Machine Doll’s red eyes flashed continuously.

It tried to control its heart to self destruct.

Inside its heart, contained a dragon crystal that provided energy and power. It was connected to a mysterious Rune Circle, once triggered it would explode.

The power of the explosion was probably no less than a Innate Ranker’s blood sacrifice to self destruct.

Unfortunately, Yue Yang realised this early. He separated its body and head in time.

Lastly, he also used his Yin Ability to freeze Cai Yi’s head after he sent the freaky Innate flying for the second time. After he stored the Battle Doll’s head in his Storage Ring, he let out a sigh of relief secretly.

If he took action first and defeated Ning Hai and the freaky Innate, then this Battle Doll would probably self destruct. At that point, not only would he be endangered, he would also lose his chance to gain something. Now, after Cai Yi attacked, Yue Yang made use of the time. Since Cai Yi would not self destruct instantly when it attacked, Yue Yang decided to take it down first. It was the most practical thing to do.

In addition, Yue Yang reckoned that Black Hell King’s settings to allow the Battle Dolls to self destruct was only allowed when all their allies have been badly damaged or killed.

He was right.

He had successfully obtained this Battle Doll as the spoils of war.

However, getting this supreme Battle Doll which was created six thousands years ago for no reason did not satisfy Yue Yang.

Right now, he wants to know the answers to these questions: How did the Black Hell King preserve this six thousand year old Battle Doll? Could there be a second set, a third set of the same Battle Doll?

Cai Yi probably would be unable to answer these questions.

The people Yue Yang could ask, was Ning Hai as well as the freaky Innate who could speak human language……

“Who are you?” The freaky Innate who impersonated City Master Wen Feng was astonished. He was merely a student, how was it possible for him to defend his two attacks, which were of Innate level? Furthermore, his actions were gentle and light, yet he could send him flying! How could there be a student more powerful than him in this world? His technique in dismantling Cai Yi, was a feast for the eyes, he was so skillful he made it look so easy. Perhaps the Black Hell King, even as the owner who manipulated the Battle Dolls, did not have such a great understanding as compared to him. Perhaps even the Prison King could not do such a thing.

“…….“ Master Ning Hai’s intuition made him felt that his own tongue bitter. Now he finally realised the identity of the student standing right in front of him.

It was someone whom he did not want to meet the most, in the entire Zi Jin Empire.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

The name, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, was not new to him even though he was a warrior from Qi Lan Continent.

Before that, warriors from Zi Jin Empire had repeatedly warned the Innates from Black Hell army to be especially careful of this young man, saying that anyone who belittles him would suffer losses. At that point of time, Ning Hai thought they were exaggerating. The twenty year old Innate was not bad, but there was the possibility that his senior promoted him on purpose. It was an action to stimulate the juniors in the Soaring Dragon Continent. In Tong Tian Tower, there were a few superior Innate Rankers who would do such a thing to their followers. By using certain secret techniques, they force one or two followers to increase their ranks and emerge as Innates.

However, people who rise in rank quickly through this method might not have a bright future. This was because forced rank upgrading would consume their potential greatly.

Those secret techniques often used their future potential to exchange for limit breaks.

Warriors who truly possess the ability to enhance would never choose this short cut for the sake of short term goals.

His partner, ’Miao Xu’, who also came from Qi Lan Continent, was one of the products from Black Hell King’s experiments for forced rank enhancement. This experiment was intended to produce a large number of low rank Innates for the Black Hell Army. This guy was previously weaker than him, but after using the secret technique, he surpassed him and leaped to Innate Rank 1.

However, it also meant that in the future he would never have the chance to improve and increase his rank.

To be promoted to Innate, was undoubtedly an extremely attractive temptation.

Yet this type of secret technique had terrifying death rates, elimination rates and a extremely disheartening success rate: 1/100. Almost all of Ning Hai’s good friends were dead. In about less than a hundred people he knew, only Miao Xu succeeded.

However, who could tell that Miao Xu this ‘winner’ was previously a human being?

Due to the secret technique to increase his ranks, although successful, Miao Xu turned from a human into an incredibly ugly monster!

Ning Hai who still had hopes to become an Innate chose to reject the experiment. He would rather be at a lower rank than Miao Xu temporarily. As for invading the Soaring Dragon Continent, Ning Hai was not as enthusiastic as Miao Xu. Although Black Hell Army was powerful, it did not mean that the Rankers in the Soaring Dragon Continent would wait hopelessly to be slaughtered. Even if the Black Hell Army emerged victorious, him, an existence just like cannon fodder might not even be able to live to enjoy the fruits of victory!

The reason why Ning Hai accepted the mission to kidnap Yue Yu, was because the difficulty of this mission was not very high.

The only thing he had to be cautious of was the warnings told by a Ranker from Zi Jin Empire, the Marquis of Zi Jin.

At that time, the Marquis of Zi Jin told him: Stratagem was a must. The best and most clever strategy would be the key to success. Avoid Yue Clan’s Third Young Master this source of danger at all costs. If not they were dead meat. Running into him meant that they had no chance in surviving.

At that time, Miao Xu and the members of Black Hell Army did not feel that this piece of advice was important.

Now that he think about it, the Marquis of Zi Jin was not wrong at all.

Ning Hai just needed a look at the opponent to give up his resistance. With one glance, he knew, this type of opponent could not be defeated even with ten Miao Xu!

“How was this possible?” Liu Ye watched Yue Yang dismantle Cai Yi in a flash while it was still moving. He even sent a monster with an Innate’s power flying. Liu Ye was stunned with her eyes wide open and tongue tied. It took her a while to come back to herself. As it turns out, Yue Yu whom she was protecting all along stepped in front of her and even comforted her softly,” My friend, do not be afraid. In reality he is my brother. Just now he was looking for the enemy’s weak point. Now, it is time for him to launch his counterattack!”

“How can your brother be called ‘Know It All’ ? No, You are Yue Clan’s Second Miss, surname is Yue, and his surname is Wan…… “ Liu Ye ‘s strong point was that she believes people easily. It seemed that she was hardly tricked in her daily life. If she lived with Yue Yang for some time, she probably won’t be so naive anymore.
(Last: Know It All is Wan Shi Tong in chinese so surname is Wan)

“He is actually my third brother.” Yue Yu thought she was already pretty gullible, she did not expect someone to be even more gullible than her.

“So he was actually Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, that’s why he seemed familiar. I’m too gullible…… “ Now it was Liu Ye’s turn to squat down and draw circles on the ground. (Translator’s note: shows that she is depressed LOL)

If a bad guys tricked her, then forget about it, but even good people lied to her!

Wha- What happened to the order of nature?

Yue Yu really wanted to tell her, in reality, the third child from her family was the most evil villian. He didn’t feel a single trace of guilt even after lying so much. Yue Yu later felt that she should love and protect her younger brother, thus ended up not saying anything. Anyway, her third brother had tricked way too many people. Even with Liu Ye, it did not make much difference!


The monster Miao Xu, who was previously very cocky, had his arm sliced off. He landed on the ground with a thud. Not giving him time to recoil, Yue Yang already had his foot stepping hard on his head.

“Long live the Black Hell King!” The monster Miao Xu was still loyal to his King, he even wanted to self destruct on the spot.

“Noisy.” Yue Yang used his Innate Qi to shock his head. The monster who overestimated himself let out a blood-curdling screech and fainted. If Yue Yang wanted to kill him, even if Miao Xu had a hundred lives he would have already died. But Yue Yang had to keep him. Other than slowly questioning him while torturing to obtain information, he could also be used as a good fertiliser. If the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen does not want this kind of low ranked Innate, then giving him to Hui Tai Lang to nibble on would be the same. Hui Tai Lang won’t be picky.

Moreover, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong are short of good sparring partners. Such a monster would be a pretty good choice.

After Miao Xu fainted from the strike, Ning Hai kneeled down immediately.


What he did was the most intelligent thing in his entire life!

As for the foolish Miao Xu, Ning Hai thought that he should never be so moronic, if not his life would be worse than death. He realised long ago, if this Yue Clan Third Young Master wanted to kill him, he would have done so already. He just wanted to squeeze out all the possible benefits he could get.

“I surrender, I have secrets to exchange. If you do not kill me, then I would use the secrets to redeem my life.”

Ning Hai behaved very much like a loser.

Since he surrendered then he might as well be frank and straightforward.

Yue Yang smiled, “Actually, I don’t really like smart people, but I do not reject working with smart people. This is because it is better than working with idiots!”

Ning Hai’s face turned red, he knew that the other party was ridiculing that he used his intelligence at the wrong place, but he was not skillful and wanted to keep his life and had to do so. Ning Hai took out the venomous pearl hidden in his fake tooth. He gave up displaying utter loyalty to the Black Hell King by committing suicide. He then revealed the secret he thought had the greatest value, “I know a place that uses secret techniques to produce low ranked Innates, if you agree to release me, I will bring you over personally.”

Yue Yang did not really care about such secret techniques which produces fake Innates, but if he could strike hard at the enemy’s vital point, it would be a great thing.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Yue Yang fished out a golden scroll. Ning Hai almost fainted. It was the Location Return Scroll he had. When and how did he snatch it, he was totally unaware. This was a terrifying enemy. It wasn’t surprising that even the Marquis of Zi Jin was exceptionally cautious.

“You dismantled Battle Doll Cai Yi, maybe the enemies would be alarmed!” Yue Yu quickly cautioned Yue Yang to be careful.

“No problem, we can go according to their original plan and take action, let’s beat them at their own game, but we need Second sister and Liu Ye to cooperate.” Yue Yang grinned, making Yue Yu blush. She threw him a punch, “Third brother, don’t grin so much, be a little more serious!”

“…… “ Yue Yang’s sweat dropped, he did not expect his mesmerising ability to be ineffective on Liu Ye, on the contrary, it was effective on his second sister.

“Me, Me too?” Liu Ye realised her tragedy was not over yet.

“Sorry to make you a captive temporarily!” Yue Yang took out a rope made by using Dragon Skin, Rhino Tendons, Golden Silk Snake Phantom’s hair. He used a technique seen from an island country’s romance action movie and tied Liu Ye up, without giving her an explanation. If he had a whip, it would be just like the legendary SM.

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