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LLS Chapter 432 – Truth, more than one truths

Chapter 432 – Truth, more than one truths
Translated by: Last

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After leaving the courtyard, City Master Wen Feng’s footstep did not stop.

He continued walking only until he reached the door to the isolated villa.

Liu Ye thought, wasn’t this too exaggerated. At this distance, let alone waking up Elder Jing Hu because of the noise, even tigers fighting wouldn’t be heard. Naturally, Liu Ye thought that City Master Cai Yi placed this matter with importance and probably did this to retain the feeling of secrecy, so she did not think too deeply. Master Ning Hai on the other hand continued to inquire Yue Yu about Elder Jing Hu. At moments he expressed happiness and at times he expressed sadness. His constantly changing expression made Yue Yang secretly awed!

Regarding the aloof Ms. Cai Yi, she continuously followed behind silently as if transporting a detainee.

City Master Wen Feng noticed that there was no one around. He secretly sighed that the heavens was helping him.

He clapped his hands and proudly showed a strange smile: “Okay, we’re here.”

Liu Ye cheerfully spoke first: “I feel that we should first prepare a gift. Yue Yu should quietly lead Master Ning Hai inside and then sit besides Elder Jing Hu’s bed. This way, when Elder Jing Hu opens her eyes, she would instantly see Master Ning Hai. I can imagine the excitement on her face. As for us, we will enter at the right time and present the gift to celebrate their reunion…”

Yue Yang clapped his hands: “Good idea, good idea!”

Yue Yu nodded showing that this method was okay.

Unknowingly City Master Wen Feng’s expression changed, He coldly said: “There is no need to prepare any gifts as long as the two of you obediently disappear. Cai Yi, kill these two ignorant idiots. Ning Hai, you grab Yue Yu and let’s immediately leave this place.”

On one hand he said this on the other he took out a golden scroll.

When he opened it, a golden light rose and become a huge light barrier. The light extended tens of kilometers high, trapping everyone inside and isolating them from the outside.

“This is an ‘Isolation Barrier’? This barrier was the one used by the assassin that attacked Tian Luo’s 19th Emperor!” Liu Ye was spooked. She had never imagined that the situation would become like this. She became speechless at City Master Wen Feng’s words.

“Villain!” Yue Yang jumped up and pointed City Master Wen Feng and shouted: “I finally understood, you are a villain!”

This amateur acting made Yue Yu roll her eyes at Yue Yang.

It’s already like this yet you are still playing?

I don’t know what to do with you anymore!

When Liu Ye heard Yue Yang’s shout, her body shook.

She immediately responded and looked at City Master Wen Feng’s and Master Ning Hai’s expressions. She discovered that they were staring at Yue Yu and immediately understood that their goal was never Elder Jing Hu but her disciple Yue Yu. For a moment, she remembered Yue Yu’s identity. She was the Yue Clan’s Second Young Miss and the Yue Clan was Da Xia’s strongest force. Capturing the Second Young Miss was undoubtedly the best hostage.

This was especially true now that the Black Hell King had declared war on Da Xia and the Zi Jin Kingdom was allied with the Black Hell King.

So it was like this!

After Liu Ye responded, she noticed that she did such a stupid thing.

The enemy used her kindness and sympathy to form a plan to deceive her and shamelessly use her!

“Truly an incurable idiot…” Once City Master Wen Feng raised his hand, the aloof Miss Cai Yi immediately approached Yue Yang, as if wanting Yue Yang to die.

“You are not City Master Wen Feng. A level six Elder is not as strong as you!” Liu Ye also discovered that Master Ning Hai already lost his master-like appearance. Now, Ning Hai had become City Master Wen Feng’s lackey. Liu Ye became increasingly alarmed. Master Ning Hai, who was already a level 8 Emperor, was now a City Master Wen Feng’s lackey. What kind of strength did he possess?

“Wen Feng is only my substitute. Stupid human, your eyes will always deceive you. Never trust what your eyes can see!” City Master Wen Feng gradually transformed. After a few seconds, he became an ugly horned monster with six arms.

The most disgusting thing was his face. Other than having multiple different sized eyes, there were also multiple mouths.

Those mouths continuously opened and closed, when others saw it their appetites would be spoiled.

Yue Yu wrinkled her brows.

She instinctively stood behind Yue Yang. Originally, this movement would give rise to the opponent’s suspicions but, Ning Hai felt that it was only the instinct of a female hiding behind a male in times of danger.

He never imagined that Yue Yu hiding behind Yue Yang was because Yue Yang was her most trusted little brother, so she subconsciously did this.

According to their strength, the fake Wen Feng was stronger than Master Ning Hai by a lot.

This was because he was already a level 1 Innate.

An emblem could be seen on his stomach. This emblem symbolizes being a member of the Black Hell Army. Moreover, he was a monster Innate who was from a different continent. God knows whether he was brought here by a ranker from Zi Jin Kingdom or he came from the Ancient Passage. As for Master Ning Hai, he was indeed human, but Yue Yang determined that he was not a warrior of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

This was because he was a level eight Emperor who did not recognize Yue Yang. Could there even be a hidden warrior from Soaring Dragon Continent who did not know him?

Not recognizing Yue Yang was fine. When Yue Yang had bragged about Shang Jing Academy’s history a while ago, everything he said was lies. How could a master warrior not even understand these general knowledge? Especially the rumors about Elder Jing Hu. When Yue Yang told him these rumors without saying the name, he only displayed blankness and completely did not know Yue Yang was talking about Elder Jing Hu. Yue Yang kept probing along the way and discovered that Master Ning Hai was basically not a warrior of Soaring Dragon Continent but from some other place. His heart completely relaxed because the enemy’s information about their side was not a lot and it only scratched the surface.

If they want to use this kind of information to understand the inner workings of Da Xia, it would be very hard.

Actually, when they had sought Liu Ye, this kind of girl, it was already known that other than this kind of warm hearted and innocent female student, they could not deceive anyone.

“…” Yue Yu secretly drew something on Yue Yang’s back.

Yue Yang nodded his head and prepared to make his move.

Just as Yue Yang and Yue Yu prepared to attack, Liu Yue suddenly rushed out blocking Miss Cai Yi’s path: “I won’t say anything about you using me, but if you want to capture Yue Yu, you can only do it over my dead body!”

Hearing this, Yue Yang couldn’t help but pat her shoulder: “Hey, hey. Are you really doing this?”

“Even if I can’t, I must do it. You should quickly run away and use a teleportation scroll!” Liu Ye’s expression was abnormally firm. She summoned her Platinum Grimoire and raised the protective barrier.

“Courting death!”

In front or Innates, how long would the protective barrier even last?

Moreover, Miss Cai Yi was also similarly strong.

As for Ning Hai, he was simply not the main force!

Yue Yang took out a gold coin and sullenly said: “None of this is my business, since I am only passing through. Let me return this gold coin and I can pretend that nothing happened.”

Ning Hai leaked out an incredibly ‘kind’ smile. A malicious light flashed in the depths of his eyes, his killing intent leaked out, with a dagger hidden in his smile, he said: “Too late. Although both of you are pretty good youngsters, I also like you. However, those who know our secret should eternally keep it a secret. Since you know, other than death, there is no way to keep this secret. Immediately commit suicide, believe me that this would be the best choice you will ever make, otherwise, you would definitely regret not doing so. If you land in our hands, I guarantee that you will wish you were dead! The two student, in your next life, you should not be this stupid and innocent. Let me tell you the truth, in this world, no one is trustworthy!”

Hearing this, Liu Ye bit her lips.

Dark red blood flowed from her lips.

She painfully clenched her fists. In her heart, she felt guilty of her mistake. However, the current situation made her unable to continue soaking under her guilty conscience.

Right now she must fight!

The stubborn Liu Ye decided to use all her strength to redeem her mistakes!

“Even if I die, I will protect you. Please forgive me, I mistakenly trusted the enemy…” Liu Ye sincerely apologized towards Yue Yu. On one hand Yue Yu waved her hand showing that there was no problem, on the other hand Yue Yang snorted as if not willing to forgive her. Liu Ye’s expression darkened but she clenched her teeth and summoned a silver deer. She lowered her voice and secretly told Yue Yu: “quickly ride my silver deer, it can bring you out of here!”

“What about me?” Yue Yang’s sharp ears also heard it.

“You stay with me to block the enemy.” Liu Ye substituted Yue Yang to make a major decision.

“Why? I definitely don’t want to remain here and die. Summon another silver deer and let me ride it to run away. I am very scared!” Yue Yang pretended to be afraid of death.

“I apologize, I only have one silver dear.” Liu Ye lightly patted Yue Yang’s shoulders and softly consoled him: “Junior, you must have more courage, you are a man after all!”

“Do men have to throw away their lives in vain…” Yue Yang squatted on the corner and drew circles.

This action made Liu Ye felt even guiltier.

She wanted to persuade him, but she did not know what to say.

Everything was her fault.

Originally Junior Know It All was getting by very well. If she did not call him, his life wouldn’t have been ruined.

If she knew it was like this, she would definitely not ask him directions…

However, it was already too late for regrets!

Liu Ye lightly wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes and softly said: “I’m sorry, I will die in front of you. This is the only thing I can do!”

“Dream on, no matter what you do, you cannot escape this place!” Master Ning Hai raised his hands and countless brambles grow from the floor. These thorny brambles danced as if they were alive.

Even a flying butterfly would be immediately caught.

If they wanted to escape the brambles, it was simply impossible without the power of an Innate!

Even Ning Hai felt that capturing Yue Yu with three people was too exaggerated. With the other side’s strength, even he alone would be enough!

“I have already thoroughly inspected the surroundings. No one will appear, and everything is secure, attack!” While the Innate monster was talking, he also shot out poisonous insects to survey the area. After the insects returned, he had finally confirmed that everything was secure. Elder Jing Hu did not notice the danger and no students appeared from the surroundings. It was precisely the best time to kidnap someone.

“Roar!” Miss Cai Yi followed the fake Wen Feng’s signals and emotionlessly pounced over.

She raised her hands and attacked Liu Ye’s protective barrier like a tempest.

The protective barrier shook under her attacks.

However, she seemed to lack pain and continuously attacked violently.

The recoil exploded on her hands as her skin and blood splattered all over.

The skin on her hands burst open showing her bones. Yet, she still continued to attack without any reduction in speed and her power was getting stronger.

“Waaa!” Liu Ye was frightened. It was the first time she saw this kind of wild attack.

Let alone women, even men would never do this.

This was not attacking, this was simply self-harming!

The power and speed increased as the fists hammered down. The protective barrier was quickly dimming and would probably be broken soon.

Now, there was no more skin on Miss Cai Yi’s fists. It clearly showed a pair of structurally precise mechanical arm. Liu Ye and Yue Yu were surprised because only until now did they realize that the crazed Cai Yi was actually a female puppet.

Yue Yang curled his lips.

Even if he did not use Heaven’s Eyes, Yue Yang knew that Cai Yi was not human because his mesmerising ability did not work on her.

Other than Liu Ye, who had an odd Inherent Skill, Yue Yang felt that there was no second woman who would be immune to his mesmerising ability. After all this ability was even able to influence Sky Disaster! Moreover, Liu Ye’s immunity was different from Cai Yi. His influence towards Liu Ye was very small and she had even complimented Yue Yang’s smile earlier. This proved that she was influenced by the ability but not strong enough.

Yue Yang had two reasons for playing along with the opponent’s act. First was to understand his opponent. Second was to understand how Cai Yi was made.

Perhaps, Cai Yi’s creation could help him complete Yue Gong’s third wish.

“It’s over…” In the instant that the protective barrier disappeared, Liu Ye quickly pushed Yue Yu on top of the silver deer. She then shouted and pushed down Yue Yang to block him: “Sorry, this is all my fault. In the next life, I will definitely return it to you!”

In the final moment, she still wanted to make up for her mistakes even though she knew her efforts were futile.

The protective barrier vanished and the silver deer shot out. Amidst the countless brambles, it smoothly charged out, even the Isolation Barrier was not able to stop its footsteps.

However, Yue Yu was not on its back and instead, stayed besides Liu Ye. The puppet Cai Yi’s iron fists explosively attacked towards her. Liu Ye responded by turning around and saw this scene. She couldn’t help but cry: “No!”

She never realized that the Junior that was pressed down by her had already disappeared.


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