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LLS Chapter 431 – An old friend visiting? An acting contest!

Chapter 431 – An old friend visiting? An acting contest!
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Yue Yang turned around and realised that the person asking for directions was a cute female student.

From the school logo on her shirt, it could be inferred that she was from White Deer Academy in Tian Luo Kingdom.

Although Tian Luo Kingdom’s Fragrance Academy was famous for its pretty female students, White Deer Academy was not bad too. The reason for these pretty students was because girls born in Tian Luo Kingdom were all beauties, and they had plenty of such rare assets. Of course, the female student in front of Yue Yang wasn’t the kind that would dazzle one with one look. She was only an above average girl-next-door. She looked cute but her smile was more cordial and sweet than other regular beauties.

Just judging from her looks, she wasn’t outstanding.

But this cute female student had a unique vibe that distracted Yue Yang.

“Hi, Mr Know it All!” She had no reactions towards Yue Yang’s ‘mesmerising’ smile at all. After she bowed slightly, she frowned her delicate eyebrows. “You look familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen you…”

“Senior, you must have seen me in the White Deer Academy, I was there on an exchange programme for half a year.” Yue Yang could lie without blinking his eyes.

“Oh so you were an exchange student in White Deer Academy!” The cute girl became overjoyed instantly. “That might be it, but I graduated earlier, if not I would definitely gotten to know such an outstanding junior like you. Junior Know it All, I’ve just received a mission. There is an elderly who wish to visit his old friend, and he wanted to bring along two of his disciples to go to the Shang Jin Academy to visit ‘Elder Jing Hu’ who resides in the quiet small villa. Do you know the way there, junior? If you do, bring me there quickly, Master Ning Hai has been looking for Elder Jing Hu for ages!”

“Master Ning Hai?” Yue Yang had never heard of anything regarding him.

“You don’t know about it? Master Ning Hai is a Level Eight Emperor. Other than his strong powers, he also very knowledgeable. However, due to his peace seeking nature, he has been living in the woods, so not many know about him. He wants to visit his old friend, Elder Jing Hu. And today, he brought along two of his disciples, showing his genuinity in wanting to find his old friend. When i accepted this mission at the entrance of the Warrior Guild, I told him that even if there’s no monetary rewards, I’ll definitely help him find his old friend!” The cute student walked towards a shade with Yue Yang.

Under the shade, there stood three men.

One of them was a youthful elder with hair as white as snow cranes. His bald forehead showed his wisdom, but his deep eye sockets, aquiline nose and sharp eyes gave him away as a cunning person.

Of course, all these were hidden under his warm, compassionate smile.

If it wasn’t Yue Yang, other common men would have thought that this elderly standing before them was a wise, benevolent old man.

Two people, a guy on the left and a girl on the right, stood behind him. The guy was tall and slender and was clad in a similar robe as Master Ning Hai, it was just that his sleeve did not bear the royal logo like Master Ning Hai’s. From his Warrior Heavenly Badge alone, the tall slender man should be a Level Six Elder, so he should be a big shot too. But from his submissive attitude and bowing body posture, it could be inferred how high the status of Master Ning Hai is.

The girl on the right looked more beautiful than the cute female student.

But she was cold and indifferent towards the things that were happening around her. When Yue Yang walked towards her, he realised that his smile bore no effect on her as well.

But Yue Yang’s eyes glimmered when he saw her. He even whistled like how normal students would whenever they see pretty girls.

He acted very shallowly.

It was only until his whistle did Master Ning Hai let down his guards towards him.

Previously Master Ning Hai thought that there was something wrong with Yue Yang, but after his superficial acts, Master Ning Hai immediately ignored him. From his act of whistling at pretty girls, Master Ning Hai thought that Yue Yang was definitely a newbie who hasn’t seen the world yet…

“Junior, this is Master Ning Hai, this is the City Master of Wen Feng and this is Ms. Cai Yi. Oh, and I am Liu Ye, Junior Know it All, you can call me Sister Ye Zi!” The cute female student named Liu Ye introduced Yue Yang to the lot as if he was her biological brother. “This is Know it All, an exchange student in the White Deer Academy. He is from Shang Jing Academy. He is my junior!”
(want2eat: ‘Ye’ means leaf in chinese, ‘Ye Zi’ is a more specific name for leaf.)

“So he is your junior, no wonder he’s so outstanding!” Master Ning Hai complimented him like how a caring elder would do.

“Don’t mention it, it’s my honour to lead the way for a Master like you!” Yue Yang quickly acted as if he was both honoured and nervous. He then pointed in the directions of the small quiet villa passionately. “It’s just ahead, but it can be quite a long way from here.”

“It’s okay, we have already braved through the mountains and the seas, I wouldn’t be bothered by such a short distance.” Master Ning Hai sighed as if he was reminiscing the past. “Decades past by in the blink of an eye, in retrospect, Elder Jing Hu and I met when we were your age. Time and tide waits for no man, my hair’s all white and we have all aged, if we don’t meet now, there might not be anymore chances.”

“No, you will live to a ripe old age, don’t talk about dying easily. Moreover, isn’t Elder Jing Hu just waiting for you ahead?” The cute Liu Ye quickly comforted Master Ning Hai, and gestured for Yue Yang to get going.

Along the way, Yue Yang kept boasting about the sceneries in the Shang Jing Academy.

Master Ning Hai smiled but did not comment any further upon hearing. He acted like a mysterious old man.

The tall slender man who was the City Master of Wen Feng nodded frequently, and replied with ‘Oh really’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘not bad’. As for the cold Ms Cai Yi, she was totally disinterested, and immuned to Yue Yang’s smiling attacks. If not for Sky Disaster’s reaction previously, Yue Yang would have suspected if his mesmerising skill was of any use.

Ms Cai Yi ignored Yue Yang completely, and the friendly Liu Ye was similarly not affected by his smile.

But after seeing Yue Yang smiling so frequently, Liu Ye complimented him. “Your teeth is very white, Junior. You look more energetic when you are smiling, so you should smile more. Friendly guys are more attractive to girls.”

“…” Yue Yang almost collapsed onto the ground after hearing.

Forget about Ms Cai Yi, how could Liu Ye be immuned to his mesmerising smile? It affected the powerful Sky Disaster, how could she simply ignore it?

This puzzled Yue Yang the most!

When they reached the small quiet villa, the courtyard further down was where Yue Yu’s mentor, Elder Jing Hu resided.

Master Ning Hai was excited, he made a gesture, and the City Master of Wen Feng immediately fished out a few gold coins as reward to Yue Yang for showing them the way. Senior Liu Ye hinted him not to accept it. If it was in China, she would definitely be advocating for people to act like Lei Feng. Yue Yang acted like he was very awkward, it was as if he wanted the money but was a little embarrassed to accept it, he rubbed his hands as his eyes flickered between Liu Ye and the City Master of Wen Feng… Master Ning Hai was pleased with Yue Yang’s reactions. There would be a problem if Yue Yang didn’t like money.
(want2eat: Lei Feng is a cultural icon representing earnestness and service in China)

Master Ning Hai took the gold coins and placed it onto Yue Yang’s palm. “Kid, remember that there’s reward for any work, so you deserve these. To you, this might be just a mission, but to me, this is a sentimental moment, i have been waiting for this for decades.”

After he finished speaking, there were even tears at the edge of his eyes.

The Oscar Award winner would be nothing compared to him, Yue Yang was almost touched by him too. He then quickly took the money and thanked Master Ning Hai profusely.

On acting, Yue Yang might not be top notch, but he wasn’t weak.

Yue Yang felt that other than Liu Ye the female Lei Feng, the City Master of Wen Feng could also be an Oscar Award Winner.

After completing his mission, Yue Yang wanted to leave quickly. But Liu Ye felt that since Yue Yang accepted the money, he should fulfill all his responsibilities. Although Master Ning Hai indicated that it would be more sincere for him to knock on the door, Liu Ye did not allow Yue Yang to leave. She kept him by her sides to accompany Master Ning Hai to visit Elder Jing Hu.

“Alright, alright!” Yue Yang felt that it would be the same whether he choose to stay or leave. The only difference was that he would be launching direct attack instead of a sneak attack.

“May i ask if Jing Hu… Elder Jing Hu is around?” Master Ning Hai changed into a trembling tone.

Yue Yang was amazed, his acting skill was definitely top notch.

The City Master of Wen Feng straightened up his back instantly like a hunting leopard.

The cold and aloof Ms. Cai Yi directly looked at the small room in the courtyard.

Towards all these, Liu Ye didn’t know what was going on at all, she merely looked at Master Ning Hai’s teary, sorrowful expression agitatedly, and was completely steeped in the sentimental ambience, she almost cried together with Master Ning Hai.

Yue Yang coughed slightly. “It’s too far to call from here, we’ll have to go in and knock on the door directly.”

Yue Yang opened the bamboo door of the yard and ran for a short distance. He went past the flowerbed on both sides and walked onto the steps then finally knocked on the wooden door. “Elder Jing Hu, Know it All wants to see you!” Liu Ye was very scared that Yue Yang would be a wet blanket and mention Master Ning Hai’s name directly, causing the mysterious ambience to be lost. On seeing that Yue Yang was still sensible enough to report his own name, it caused the agitated Master Ning Hai to go forward.

Yue Yu opened up the door, looking shocked. “Eh?”

Yue Yang pressed his forefinger against his lips, shushing her and pointed to the four men behind, signalling for her not to talk and remain mysterious. Liu Ye and Master Ning Hai behind Yue Yang saw his actions and smiled as they thought that he was sensible. Yue Yang leaned in and whispered into Yue Yu’s ears. Yue Yu’s cherry lips immediately turn into an O shape.

Yue Yu regained her composure after a long while and gestured to Master Yue Hai that her mentor was inside.

“Teacher has just turned in, do you all want to wait or do y’all want me to wake him up?” Yue Ye tried to probe.

“Wake her up, no, let her rest… You are Jing Hu’s disciple? Not bad! What’s your name kid?” Master Ning Hai examined Yue Yu’s looks closely, and finally nodded as if he just confirmed something. The tall slender City Master of Wen Feng, walked to Yue Yu’s sides slowly, and the aloof Ms Cai Yi walked to her back, besieging her silently.

“I am Yue Yu, and I am teacher’s only disciple, you are Master Ning Hai right, i just followed my teacher around, and i have never heard of you!” Yue Yu looked at Yue Yang as she nodded and reply.

“Really? Has she forgotten me already?” Master Ning Hai made a grievous look again, and Yue Yang almost clapped for his superb acting!

“We may disturb Elder Jing Hu’s rest here, how about we go out and talk, and you share with Master Ning Hai on how Elder Jing Hu has been doing all these years as he has always been concerned about her.” The tall and slender City Master of Wen Feng suddenly threw out this suggestion. Yue Yang admired the excuse he managed to come up with.

“Yea its not very good to disturb teacher’s rest, let’s go out and discuss how we can surprise her!” Yue Yang agreed to it wholly.

“Um…” Yue Yu was a little hesitant, she looked inside the house but still followed Yue Yang out in the end.

Yue Yang was secretly pleased, turns out that his second sister’s acting skills weren’t that bad too.

Her strong improvisation skills were amazing, it looks like all girls are born to be actresses, if it were to be Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, they might have already screw up this good show!

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    • zerotaku81 says:

      With his Divine Vision he was able to tell Sky Disaster was a female, so it’s strange that he wouldn’t be able to tell if these “actors” were males instead of females and keep trying to use his ‘mesmerizing smile’.

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