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LLS Chapter 430 – Level up, two new skills

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Chapter 430 – Level up, two new skills
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Last
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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There had never been history of six Sky Demons attacking one single human being ever before. Even Sky Execution hadn’t ‘enjoyed’ such a treatment.

One hour after an intense fight.

The six dejected Sky Demons looked angrily at Yue Yang who was showered in light of the levelling up pillar. After a feisty fight, not only did Yue Yang not collapse, he made use of the six Sky Demons’ power to level himself up, how could this happen? During the fight between Yue Yang and the six Sky Demons, he utilize all his treasures fully. Other than his trump card, the Five Colors of Divine Light and the Black Light, he used all of his other treasures and barely come to a tie with them.

Fighting against the joint power of the six was no easy feat.

Luckily Yue Yang had long been accustomed to fighting against a group of people. With many trainings, and taking advantage of the situation that he was just about to have his breakthrough, he managed not to be beaten to pulp by the six Sky Demons.

Today, his Summoning Grimoire was also put into great use.

Although Yue Yang didn’t summon any Beast, ‘World’ the special type Guardian Beast helped Yue Yang a lot. It’s skills, Chaotic Beginning and Domain Elements were of great help to Yue Yang but would weaken his enemies tremendously.

If not for it, it would be hard for Yue Yang to have a tie with the six Sky Demons.

Of course Yue Yang wasn’t using World deliberately. He did it subconsciously because he hadn’t recalled World after summoning it from his Grimoire. This resulted in the six Sky Demons finding the fight becoming more depressing and sickening as it continued. They realised that the reason was because Yue Yang’s Grimoire would follow him around, so it would stay effective. But for others who summoned their Grimoire, once they leave their protective cloak, the Grimoire wouldn’t offer them any protection anymore… Yue Yang’s Grimoire made them very speechless because it did not seem like any other Grimoire, it was like a Beast who possessed intelligence. It was too ‘smart’ to be a Grimoire.

“I think there wouldn’t be any other people in this world who is as abnormal as Yue Yang, all the things that happened around him are abnormal!” Sky Calamity and Sky Crime had given up on criticising him.

“It’s fine, if he were to be any normal man, he wouldn’t be called the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan.” Sky Disaster felt that this was alright. Having to deal with a weird guy was better than dealing with people that were all the same.

Yue Yang had no time to bother about the Sky Demons who were both envious and jealous of him. As compared to normal warriors, he had abnormal inherent skills.

But it wasn’t that exaggerated.

He was basking with pleasure under the level up golden light pillar, and he couldn’t withdraw from this feeling after a long while. The six Sky Demons kept sighing because honestly speaking, they were really envious of him. To have a breakthrough at such a high level was not easily. Yue Yang’s tremendous improvement caused them to drool.

The mud that splattered into the air during the intense fight fell down gradually and the sky returned back to how it was like before.

However, the messy ground couldn’t go back to its original state that easily.

Perhaps the sand in the Tilted Horse Valley required decades or maybe centuries to wipe out the traces left behind from the battle today. Especially the giant pit created as a result of the clashes between Innates. A few thousand years would be required to overturn this devastating scene.

After ranking up to a whole new level, Yue Yang’s first feeling was that he felt closer to nature.

It was as if his heart and soul was fused into the surrounding, the air was like his breath, his chest was the sky, his body was the earth, his legs were the tall mountains and both of his hands, together with his will, stretched towards the limitless outer space… it was different to the Natural Hearts as it included all creatures in the world, Yue Yang’s level was beyond that in terms of sensations, he felt like he was a part of the world completely, with the world inside his body and he could change the world just with his will, and his energy also came from his will… In Yue Yang’s previous breakthrough, he felt like he was a giant who could support the Heavens with his hands and shake the ground by stomping his feet, but not this time round. He did not feel like a giant anymore but he felt like he became part of the Heaven and the Earth.

Although his body was still his, it was connected to Heaven and the Earth.

Yue Yang thought that this was similar to when the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man absorbed the The Heart of Earth. But she was merely connected to the Earth.

But for him now, he was part of the Heaven and the Earth, he could even be connected to any creature in it… When Yue Yang made his breakthrough, the uncontrollable black hole like Devour inherent skill in his body became more apparent and stronger as it absorbed the energy from the Heaven and Earth directly. It no longer needs to wait to absorb energy after Yue Yang is beaten up.

Of course Yue Yang also didn’t understand what use does this black hole like presence does.

Could it be that it was the Universal Pouch?

Or that the place where the Heavenly Sword Goddess resided needed more pure energy from the Heaven and Earth, so this black hole had to absorb energy endlessly for her?

Yue Yang couldn’t understand all of these because those weren’t what he could control, it was similar to the feeling he had when he was training with the big loli in his dreams…

“I finally leveled up to Platinum Grimoire after fighting for so long!” Yue Yang’s Golden Grimoire levelled up to mid rank after the evolution of the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. It finally rose to high rank after the battle at the prison Emperor’s Palace. Then he went through killing of Tiger Nian, Nightmare, Demon Eye, Sky Dragon and Jiang Ying the dragon girl, and exploring of the Five Elements Palace, attacking of the Scarlet Emperor, Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Scarlet Concubine. But as he rarely used his Summoning grimoire in this process, it did not get to upgrade. Today, the high rank Golden Grimoire finally levelled up to become a beginner Platinum Grimoire as a result of his solo fight against the six Sky Demons and the impact from his breakthrough.

It could be said that if not for him attacking the Scarlet Emperor and gaining abundant experience and realisation from it, Yue Yang’s grimoire would not be able to level up until now.

He finally understood now why the Summoning Grimoire could level up easily at the early stage but towards the later part the powerful ones all held Golden Grimoires only.

The reason was because battling experience wasn’t the main thing that drives it’s levelling up.

Even if one were to accumulate sufficient battling experience, the Grimoire mightn’t rank up!

Yue Yang’s summoning Grimoire became more shiny and glamorous after its level up. Considering the rays alone, there were almost more than ten shades…….

No one’s Summoning Grimoire contained as many Runes as that of in Yue Yang’s.

On closer inspection, one would realise that all the narrow vein lines on it were formed by tiny runes.

“…” Yue Yang remembered that after upgrading his Grimoire, he was rewarded with the Ancient Code limitations. As he opened it up anxiously, he was stunned by what he saw.

Surprisingly his frequently used Sky Eyes Divine Vision did not get to level up.

Maybe it had better ways of being utilised Yue Yang didn’t know the reason why as if now ,but his rarely used Counterfeit Inherent Skill was upgraded and he was rewarded with another skill.

Mesmerising: When the person possessing this skills smile, it will trigger a special effect that would hypnotise the other party(only effective towards those of the opposite gender).

The awarded ‘mesmerising’ ability was correlated to the Counterfeit inherent ability. The stronger the Counterfeit Inherent Ability is, the stronger the mesmerising effect will be. More accurately, the mesmerising ability was a special type of counterfeit, it is just that the effect wouldn’t appear on the user himself but on the other person of opposite gender.

Yue Yang was speechless after looking at it.

Wouldn’t this be forcing him into smiling more frequently?

If he were to be in a bad mood, then this skill couldn’t be used at all. But fortunately it was rewarded to him. If it were to be rewarded to the emotionless Xue Tan Lang, he wouldn’t be able to use it in his entire life!

Other than the levelling up of the Counterfeit inherent Ability, and being rewarded with the ‘mesmerising’ ability, his first Guardian Beast, Phantom Shadow,was levelled up too.

The timely level up made Yue Yang pleasantly pleased.

Ah Man needed the most help from Phantom Shadow’s upgrade, because she was part of Phantom Shadow originally. So she got from more aid from Phantom Shadow than Bloody Queen Red. Now, as Ah Man is fusing with the Heart of Earth and going towards becoming a two star Holy beast, this levelling up of Phantom Shadow came just in time! After obtaining the ‘Giant Shadow’, ‘Possession’, ‘Reform’ and ‘Shadow Evasion’, Phantom Shadow got its fifth skill, that is, ‘Never leave your side’.

Never leave your side: All of the Phantom Shadows’ exist due the will of the owner. If the owner doesn’t die, the Phantom Shadows will not leave their owner, any special power won’t be able to chase Phantom Shadow away from its owner’s sides.

“I have hit the jackpot…” Yue Yang understood from his journey in the Five Elements Palace that Beasts couldn’t do everything. If one wasn’t able to summon it under certain rules and regulations, then the Beast would be useless no matter how strong it is. Now that Phantom Shadow possessed such a power, Yue Yang was very excited. Putting all things aside, at least Phantom Shadow wouldn’t be restricted by the rules anymore.

If there were such rules in the Sixth floor, it couldn’t be guaranteed that there wouldn’t be any in the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth floor.

Moreover, there might be some experts in the Heaven Realms such that the Three Great Leaders Yue Guang Ming, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao, that could create an entire space that could restrict others from summoning their Beasts, that would be most desirable!

“You are smiling like a cooked dog head, let me see what good thing happened to you!” Sky Disaster went up interestedly, wanting to take a look at Yue Yang’s Grimoire.

“Little kid, call me your brother-in-law and i’ll give you some candies.” Yue Yang quickly closed his Grimoire and teased Sky Disaster.

“Be careful that I’ll complain to sister Sky Law, and make her punish you to kneel down! “ Sky Disaster dodged Yue Yang’s attempt to embrace her as she raised her fist to punch him. The all smiles Sky Disaster waved at least a hundred punches onto Yue Yang, and the strength of the punches weren’t any weaker than that of Sky Fury’s. This caused Yue Yang to be incensed, he would definitely scrip this girl’s clothes off if he finds a chance and get back his compensation with her body.
(Want2eat: Yue Yang is disgusting.)

“So are you going to complain that I’m flirting with you? Actually I belong under the category of those who will give in to temptations easily, I will definitely tell her truthfully that I betrayed her because some girl seduced me… “Yue Yang thought of the sensation he got from touching Sky Disaster’s butt and was pleased. Of course the Phoenix Fairy Beauty couldn’t know about this, if not she would definitely be so jealous and salty. He also believed that Sky Disaster who was taken advantage of wouldn’t tell her too because she still had some pride, unlike Yue Yang.

“Wait, there’s something wrong with your smile. “ Sky Calamity saw Yue Yang’s face and was startled for a while. She examined him closely and shouted. “ This is similar to sister Sky Law’s Charm Inherent ability, but the strength is weaker. You learnt her skills secretly didn’t you? No, hers is an inherent skill, what about yours? “

“What are you talking about? “Yue Yang was best at feigning ignorance. Actually if he kept a straight face, his Mesmerising ability wouldn’t be able to work.

Sky Disaster thought she saw it wrongly and was a little confused.

She frowned her eyebrows instantly. Certainly she doubted Yue Yang, but she didn’t know that there exist such a weird skill.

Moreover, Sky Crime and the rest didn’t seem to detect it, so Sky Disaster was suspecting if she sensed it wrongly.

After hmph-ing and getting away from Yue Yang’s harassment, she ran away. “I’ll fight against you after finishing the Black Hell King, I will make sure that you understand what the joint power of the six Sky Demons is like! I didn’t summon my beast this time round, but I’ll let you experience what Sky Disaster truly means! “

Yue Yang became furious from hearing. “You think I’ll be afraid of a little girl like you? “

Sky Crime coughed and walked toward him. “Third young master, welcome to the Sky Demon Palace, do you want to exchange informations? “

Yue Yang nodded his head interestedly. “Then open up your box first and let me see what’s inside. Exchanging informations? So you want to know my secrets? Then use the big box to exchange for them! “ Sky Crime turned around immediately after hearing! Yue Yang pointed middle finger to him. Sky Crime put it across so nicely, but would he really reveal his deepest secrets?

Of course, it’s right for Sky Crime to reject Yue Yang’s offer. Because even if he were to use the ancient big box for exchange, Yue Yang would never reveal his real secrets!

On the topic of being shameless, who would be able to surpass Yue Yang?

“We’ll fight later. “ Sky Calamity fighted the least, but was injured the most. He was injured by Yue Yang even before he made his appearance because he was tricked by Yue Yang. Under Yue Yang’s Sky Eyes Divine Vision, Sky Calamity’s high speed movement would be of no meaning. Being hit with the Innate Invisible Sword Qi made Sky Disaster swear that he would avenge himself for today.

“ Sky Calamity, how old are you this year? You are a few hundred years old already, you are even an Innate Ranker, why are you still acting like a child? Be less petty. Moreover, I did not do it deliberately, it was you who knocked onto my Sword Qi, I’m innocent.” Yue Yang’s act of feigning innocence after injuring Sky Calamity caused Sky Calamity to almost lash out at him.

Sky Fury quickly carried his Sky Anguish Drum and went away. Yue Yang almost snatched his drum away just now. Luckily he managed to get it back with all his might.

As for Sky Sword who possessed the sacred ancient sword, he ran off even earlier.

When he realised that Yue Yang saw the ancient sword on his back with glimmering eyes, it would be strange if he don’t feel scared!

Sky Assassinate who was once an assassin actually admired Yue Yang. Perhaps he was the only one among the Sky Demon who don’t hate Yue Yang. Sky Assassinate did not care about Yue Yang’s shameless acts during the battle, all he saw was a Ranker who was fighting against six Sky Demons all by himself.

“Fighting is good, actually we are all quite bored. “ Sky Assassinate left these words before going invisible.

“…” Yue Yang was preparing to return to the Yue Clan Castle but the thought of his rivals launching a surprise attack flashed across his mind. He didn’t have to worry about Xue Wu Xia, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian. His sister Yue Shuang was with his mother safely in the Mirage and under the protection of Grandma Wu Teng so their safety wouldn’t be much of a problem. The only one he had to worry about was his second sister Yue Yu.

Yue Yu and her mentor didn’t specialise in combats, so if the rivals were to know that they are in the Shang Jin Academy, they would be in trouble.

Yue Yang quickly changed his mind and went to the Shang Jin Academy to fetch Yue Yu.

When he stepped into the Shang Jin Academy, someone called him from behind. “Mate, do you know how to get to quiet small villa? “ This question almost made Yue Yang’s heartbeat pause. But still, he turned and flashed a bright grin. “Of course, I know the quiet small villa inside out, you can call me Mr. Know it all! “

The quiet small villa was where Yue Yu’s mentor resided. Visitors were rare on normal days, but today, someone actually asked for the directions to reach there.

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    hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.
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    *** ARCHAIC ***
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