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LLS Chapter 429 – Breaking through a new Realm, with help.

Chapter 429 – Breaking through a new Realm, with help.
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Last
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Sky Sword who stood behind Yue Yang, went all-out.

The Saint-ranked Ancient Sword was unleashed.

Bright light spilled endlessly from the sword!

Yue Yang summoned his Grimoire immediately and raised a protective shield. Naturally, the protective shield would be unable to completely resist the attack of the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword, but it could slow down the speed of Sky Sword. Having bought himself the tiniest bit of time, Yue Yang began his counterattack. The Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Moon Blade, miraculously struck the fuller of the ancient sword and on contact of the three, a peal of humming was produced.
(Last: Fuller is the spinal/middle part of the sword)

The Saint-ranked Ancient Sword, had a spirit and despite being trapped by the attack of the two swords on its fuller, it was able to resist the attack and shook off the Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Moon Blade.

However, it couldn’t deal with the attack from Yue Yang, which was concentrated with Yue Yang’s Innate Qi.


A sound rang out.

Sky Sword’s right fingers were jolted numb and his sword almost flew out of his hand.

Sky Sword felt that Yue Yang had aimed the attack at his weakest area, a strongest strike on his weakest area, he felt sick at heart and almost vomited blood. He had never thought his weakness would be on his sword’s fuller and even more so, didn’t expect Yue Yang to be able to figure out that weakness.

Luckily this wasn’t a life or death fight, if not, he would have been in danger.

Sky Sword, who was forced backwards by Yue Yang’s miraculous attack felt lingering fear in his heart which he couldn’t overcome even after some time.

He didn’t know that Yue Yang had a brilliant skill, the ‘Divine Vision’ which could combine perfectly with the Heaven Eye realm of an Innate’s formless Sword Qi to form an even more formidable ‘Heaven Eyes Divine Vision’, which had allowed Yue Yang to immediately see Sky Sword’s weakness when he had first attacked. There was no doubt that it also had something to do with Yue Yang’s enamourment with the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword. Even when he already possessed the Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Moon Blade, Yue Yang’s desire for treasure remained insatiable.

How could Yue Yang not be tempted by the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword? To steal a few glances was perfectly normal!

Sky Sword retreated and repressed the panic in his heart.

As Sky Sword’s state of mind became peaceful, with his sword in hand, his Sword Qi began to soar.

“Thousand swords piercing the heart!”

This move was one of the top 3 unique skills of Sky Sword. It wasn’t usually used but in an attempt to oppress Yue Yang’s spirit, Sky Sword was putting in his best effort.

The entire land felt as though it was being severed by million of rays of Sword Qi. the rays of Sword Qi then became almost visible in the air, before they all shot towards Yue Yang’s body with a whoosh.

Among them, there was a sword with the strongest power and greatest intent to kill.

It was no other than the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword, its tip like a cold star, pointed straight at Yue Yang’s heart.

“Too slow!”

Yue Yang bellowed.

His real body appeared behind the Sky Sword as a million swords passed through his afterimage.

Such a move that concentrated powerful Sword Qi may not necessarily be effective since in order to hit Yue Yang, who had previously adapted to the Scarlet Emperor’s superspeed attacks, the Sky Sword still had to be much faster. With the power of Yue Yang’s Yin and Yang abilities, the Hui Jin Magic and Crescent Moon Blades controlled by Yue Yang moved at extremely slow speeds. They drew a large circle as if in slow motion, then aimed to attack Sky Sword. Sky Sword thought there was no way such an attack at a snail’s pace would be able to hit himself, but when he tried to lift his sword, then did he realised that his own movements had became much slower and more snail-like under the Qi of his opponent…… Now, as he faced the two blades that were chopping their way towards him, Sky Sword could only look on helplessly, at a loss.

I’m done for!

Cold sweat broke out in Sky Sword’s heart.

Just when the blades were right at the tip of his nose, the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword suddenly emitted a burst of golden light pillar and automatically flew around his body to protect him.

With two clangs, the sword blocked off the attacks from the Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Moon Blade which its master had no means to defend himself against.

However, such protective behavior would have caused large amounts of energy to be depleted, even for the Saint-ranked Ancient Sword. The radiance of the sword dwindled rapidly, just like how a Ranker has become extremely exhausted and was too tired to fight again. Yue Yang laughed out loud. He then mimicked the style of the Scarlet Emperor, he extended his leg very quickly and kicked Sky Sword heavily in the stomach, causing Sky Sword to be thrown far away.

Although the speed of Yue Yang’s kick was still far from that of the Scarlet Emperor’s, it already had the feel of that of the Scarlet Emperor’s.

As long as he continues to improve and comprehend, Yue Yang could very possibly achieve the same speed as the Scarlet Emperor. With Yue Yang’s talent, it was even possible that he would surpass the speed of the Scarlet Emperor. As Yue Yang was enjoying fighting and comprehending, the drum beating giant guy rushed up to him angrily and threw a heavy punch at Yue Yang. What surprised Yue Yang was that the barbarian bull-like guy had a seriously fierce fist!

Not fighting with the help of any items nor Beasts, just with the power of his fist, he pierced the protective armour. It was a first for Yue Yang to meet such an enemy.

The large fist was unstoppable and it banged on Yue Yang’s chest.

The power was more than that of the impact of ten mammoths and giant elephants.

If he had to block the full punch with only his body, Yue Yang wouldn’t have been able to survive no matter how alike his survival skills were to a cockroach.

But, even the Scarlet Emperor had trouble landing direct hits on Yue Yang since Yue Yang had the Three Mysterious Styles, not to mention the lumbering cow-like Sky Fury.

Yue Yang’s body spun.

The bombardment of Sky Fury’s heavy punches caused a temporary flash of pain in Yue Yang’s ribs. At the same time, Yue Yang had already begun his counterattack.

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom……”

It was a counterattack like raindrops. When Sky Fury threw a punch, Yue Yang would have returned the attack with 36 well-aimed kicks to Sky Fury’s stomach before Sky Fury could even retract his fist. Yue Yang even hit Sky Fury’s chin on the 36th kick. The kick would have caused other living creatures, even Ye Kong, who was widely known for his defensive skills, to flip over. Yet, what stunned Yue Yang for the second time was that Sky Fury merely stumbled a few steps backwards and held his head for 2 seconds as his head spun before he simply recovered from the attack.

Yue Yang was speechless. Was that thing really human?

Upon seeing such incredible defensive skills, Demons as well as the huge dragons would have had to call Sky Fury big brother!

Yue Yang didn’t know that Sky Fury had the toughest body defence in the whole of Sky Demon Palace. Born with a tough physique coupled with his gift for endurance, Sky Fury was possibly the strongest and most resistant to beatings in the entire palace.

Yue Yang would never be able to defeat such a human tank with mere punches and kicks if he didn’t use the Nirvana Flames and the World Exterminating Wheel.

“Good lad, you’ve incurred my wrath! “ Although he may appear to be an honest fellow, Sky Fury was by no means stupid. He knew it would be foolish to go head-to-head with Yue Yang in close-combat as it was akin to asking for a beating and he would not be able to gain any advantage.

Hence, he retreated ten metres, grabbed his platinum drum sticks and with a huge burst of strength, punched it once ferociously.

The earth shook under the great impact.

The deafening “Boom” emptied Yue Yang’s mind as he lost his train of thoughts and almost fainted.

Yue Yang never thought this drum would be able to produce such a deafening sound.

Yue Yang was mentally prepared to defend himself against the drum as he knew the drum wasn’t simple but when the destructive shockwaves blasted, Yue Yang realised that he had miscalculated.

Yue Yang was now swaying like he was drunk, confused and disoriented……

Sky Fury laughed from where he had retreated far away to.

Sky Crime who hadn’t retreated, expressed a look of pure misery on his face even though he had his fingers in his ears.

Sky Fury was famed not for his endurance to beatings nor for his astonishing strength. It also wasn’t for his temper but for his Heaven Shaking Drums which could produce sound as terrifying as when the heavens are angry.

Yue Yang suffered because he didn’t know this.

“So much for being arrogant, so much for having awesome abilities. Show me how good you are now!” Sky Fury was ecstatic. Once the ringing of the Heaven Shaking Drums has struck their target, the victim would fall into a state of dizziness and disorientation. Since even the powerful Sky Disaster had been affected for 10 seconds when hit thus Sky Fury was sure that Yue Yang wouldn’t recover for at least 10 seconds! With this time, Sky Fury was confident that he could reduce Yue Yang to a sorry state……The unstoppable fists were unleashed once again, hurling towards Yue Yang forcefully!

Yet, there had never been an enemy who had gotten away unharmed after disadvantaging Yue Yang.

The person who can take advantage of Yue Yang must still be unborn!

Just as Sky Fury’s heavy punches landed on Yue Yang’s body, Sky Disaster turned ashen and shouted:” Watch out Sky Fury! Sigh, you dumb ox……”

She watched helplessly as Sky Fury smashed Yue Yang’s afterimage while the real Yue Yang who had already escaped the dizzy trance appeared atop Sky Fury. Sky Fury wouldn’t have anything to fear if he was only going to be beaten up since he was resistant to bodily attacks.

Also, if Yue Yang was going to attack with the Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Moon Blade, Sky Disaster could’ve helped.

However, upon seeing what Yue Yang took out, not only Sky Disaster but even Sky Crime, who hadn’t budged from the start, picked up his big ancient box and fled hurriedly.

It was because what Yue Yang took out was the Spirit Absorbing Bell!

It had originally belonged to the Scarlet Emperor!

If Yue Yang had not had the Nirvana Flames and his Innate Qi to protect his life back when he had battled the Scarlet Emperor, the demonic energy of the Spirit Absorbing Bell would not have been dispersed and Yue Yang would have been the one killed. The Spirit Absorbing bell was no joking matter……When Yue Yang rang the bell, not to mention Sky Fury who was beneath the bell, even he felt giddy himself!

The entire Xie Ma (Slanting Horse) Valley was engulfed by the same ringing, the exact same shockwaves of the Spirit Absorbing Bell that had once caused the whole Evil Dragon Lair to collapse.

Today at the Xie Ma Valley, even if it was not to the extent of collapse, it caused a giant explosion on the bodies of Sky Disaster, Sky Crime, Sky Sword, Sky Assassinate and the hidden Sky Calamity due to a clash between their protection Qi and the shockwaves. Just like a sandstorm in a desert, it was earth-shattering, with loess in the air that reduced visibility. It turned out that the earth had collapsed in many places and the cracks in the ground widened.

Yue Yang felt the lingering ringing was unbearable and hastily kept the Spirit Absorbing Bell. By this time, the entire Xie Ma Valley had already been destroyed beyond recognition.

The ground was shattered and the skies were gloomy, the earth dark.

The air was filled with sand particles.

Bleeding from his ears, Sky Fury wobbled and swayed like an idiot.

Taking a few step shakily, Sky Fury fell with a thud and clouds of smoke and dust rose from the ground.

“Zzzzzzz, Zzzzzzz……” Sky Fury let out thunderous rumbling snores from where he laid on the ground. Yue Yang broke out in sweat. Sky Fury was worthy of his name just by the sound of his snoring. Even if snoring, especially from a man came as no surprise, reportedly, the loudest snores could go up to over 80 decibels, which was no less than the noise of cars in traffic. Yet, the snores of Sky Fury was simply unbelievably loud, it was like thunder and was louder than the whistle of passing trains.

“Luckily you are not married or you would have been such a nuisance to your wife.” Yue Yang wiped sweat off his forehead exaggeratedly.

“……”What made Yue Yang break out in more sweat was that Sky Assassinate actually managed to slip stealthily over while Sky Fury was snoring to hold him at knifepoint. Yue Yang didn’t even notice he was under attack, with the platinum ranked dagger on his throat until a small line of blood formed on his neck.

Yue Yang really admired Sky Assassinate for his abilities to conceal himself and sneak up to assassinate targets.

Yue Yang was definitely not an easy man to get to but Sky Assassinate had successfully went under Yue Yang’s super radar!

Yue Yang appeared a few metres away with blood on his neck as his afterimage disappeared for the third time. Yue Yang was not an easy target and he had teleported away. Sky Assassinate did not turn around. Another treasure, a platinum ranked crossbow, appeared in his hand. As if he had already known where Yue Yang would teleport to, Sky Assassinate was already shooting in the direction where Yue Yang appeared.

This ability to make good judgements caused Yue Yang to once again feel admiration for Sky Assassinate. It was indeed true that everyone in the Sky Demon Palace were highly skilled and impressive people who cannot be underestimated!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

In a flash, the three arrows released continuously from the crossbow hit Yue Yang’s vest and pierced through his armour……

They were all gold ranked ‘Destroying Demon Arrow’.

The fire and ice shield formed by Yue Yang’s Blazing Flames and Freezing Ice were all pierced. They were able to block the combined attack of Level 5 Innates but were unable to block the arrows.

“It would be rude to not respond in kind!” Yue Yang waved his hands and the 3 arrows vanished.

Although the golden ranked arrows were formidable, they were nothing but gifts to Yue Yang.

Just when Sky Assassinate regretted giving the arrows to the greedy and shameless Yue Yang for free, Yue Yang began to attack. His yang ability condensed to form a purple flame bow, ice and thunder as well as the Heaven Runes. They slowly merged to form 3 icy purple electric arrows.

Sky Assassinate fled immediately.

He hid under the ground.

However, the 3 arrows whizzed angrily and immediately hit the spot where Sky Assassinate had disappeared into the ground. The surface of the ground exploded, the terrifying power forced Sky Assassinate out from the ground.

Yue Yang waved his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and swiped at Sky Assassinate, making use of his long weapon to defeat Sky Assassinate’s shorter dagger. If Yue Yang had used his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger, he may not have been able win Sky Assassinate, who was a master with daggers. But, having always taken advantage of his own strengths to defeat his enemy’s weakness, why would Yue Yang have abided by the rules and fought with Sky Assassinate using his dagger?

Having defeated Sky Sword, Sky Assassinate and Sky Fury in succession, Yue Yang thought the fighting was almost done.

However, Sky Disaster, Sky Crime and Sky Calamity stepped up and surrounded him……

Yue Yang was truly annoyed.

He rose up into the sky and coagulated the newly refined Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus. A terrifying power descended upon the ground, causing Sky Disaster, Sky Crime and Sky Calamity to experience feelings of suffocation and petrification. In the sky, flowers of the purple gold Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus appeared from Yue Yang’s hands. When Yue Yang reached the limit of his body, it felt like he had to release the energy from his body or he wouldn’t feel good, thus he followed his heart and pushed his palms towards the ground……A massive power escaped his palms and rumbled towards the ground. Sky Disaster fled immediately and Sky Calamity followed suit and hid himself. Only Sky Crime decided to take on Yue Yang attack recklessly. Sky Crime cried out from pain, the sound was as horrifying as the wails of the countless souls atoning in hell and around him, he illusioned demons from hell. Sky Crime remained in place, holding up his big ancient box and forcibly resisting the power from Yue Yang’s palm.

However, the ground beneath Sky Crime exploded with a bang.

With Sky Crime at the core, the shape of a palm appeared within a ten metre radius on the ground.

The print of the palm was clearly visible.

It was exactly like Yue Yang’s palm.

Only that it was gigantic and five metres deep in the ground. Where Sky Crime stood, there remained a small heap of soil. However, even when Sky Crime looked down at the ground, he couldn’t help but feel astonishment at the might of Yue Yang’s palm……

A strike from his palm had such power from where he was in the air.

Was Yue Yang really human?

“Psycho!” Sky Disaster was also pale from fright. Since her combat strength came mostly from her Beasts, without them, her combat skills would only be at half strength. But when did Yue Yang even summoned his Beasts for help? Like what Sky Law said before, if they only battled with combat skills, there was no way anyone could win Yue Yang. He wasn’t a genius at combat skills but an abnormal freak who cannot be described with the word genius!

“Come again, you can all attack together. Let me see just what abilities you 6 Great Demons have!” As pride swelled in Yue Yang’s heart, he shamelessly boasted that he wants to challenge the 6 Great Demons.

This move may seem egotistical on the surface.

But Sky Crime, who had taken an attack from Yue Yang, knew that Yue Yang really did have the ability to challenge them.

It was only natural that nobody realised that Yue Yang was actually pretending. The egotistical front was only a disguise……The truth was that Yue Yang felt his state of mind has gradually went into a new, wonderful Realm due to the battle and he needed external stress to help him achieve this breakthrough. The 6 Great Demons were exactly the kind of pressure and motivation he needed, thus Yue Yang wanted to make use of their combined power to force himself into the new Realm. Just like how divers use the diving boards, Yue Yang only wanted to ‘borrow’ some power to upgrade himself……

All along, Yue Yang had battled numerous experts and benefitted greatly.

At those points in time, Yue Yang hadn’t been able to fully immerse his mind into the battle since they were all life and death moments. So, even if he had been close to breaching the new Realm, he hadn’t dared to attempt to comprehend and upgrade himself.

Now, the 6 Great Demons were his best enemies that wouldn’t kill him. Where would he even find such a great opportunity for sparring?

Yue Yang then submitted himself to the comprehending of the new Realm, his body fully under the command of his subconsciousness.

He screamed like a madman and dived head down.

A light shined deep in his eyes, signalling the start of his breakthrough of the new Realm……

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