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LLS Chapter 428 – Brother-in-law’s Anger!

Chapter 428 – Brother-in-law’s Anger!
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Changing back Sky Demon Palace to Demonic Palace guys, too troublesome to change everything, sry haha.

“Is the Scarlet Emperor terrifying? How could you use terrifying to describe him?” Yue Yang expressed that this description was not good enough.

“If he’s not scary, then is he cute?” Sky Disaster couldn’t help but go against Yue Yang.

“You… The Scarlet Emperor could only be be described with abominable. No other words fits more than this!” Hearing this, Sky Disaster became happy. However, when the others heard of it, they felt their heart clench. In this world, how many people could actually make Yue Yang call them abominable?

The Legends of the Prison Emperor was a long time ago and there were not many of them.

However, everyone knew that the Prison Emperor was a Supreme Ranker six thousand years ago. His was extremely powerful to the point that he could face Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders. Although Sky Law did not tell everyone, everyone already secretly knew about the news that Yue Yang had passed through the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace. At that time everyone was extremely worried. Even if the seal on Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders was extended, once they are unsealed, they would become existences that rankers could not defy.

Nobody knew what happened in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

When Sky Law had quietly returned, she did not tell them what happened. She only told them that the seal on Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders was already broken and they had left the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

Even Sky Execution was shocked trying to imagine what actually happened….

However,because of the unfathomable Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Sky Law did not die. Moreover, her strength had increased, rising to Innate Rank 10. In addition, the most mysterious thing is that, everytime Sky Law and Yue Yang worked together, her power would rise quickly. Before she had helped Yue Yang fight against Shun Tian, Black Prince and Baruth, her strength was just a bit higher than Sky Wrath.

After this battle, she had already surpassed Sky Wrath and truly became Demonic Palace’s second strongest Great Sky Demon.

After the battle in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, even Sky Execution was shocked at her level up rate.

Without even three months, she was already a Rank 10 Innate.

Even her potential of breaking through was greater than before. Breaking through Zhi Zun’s realm was something that can happen just around the corner.

Sky Wrath was left crying in defeat, with just three months, he had been distantly surpassed by Sky Law… The thing that made Sky Wrath want to kill himself was the secret technique that Yue Yang had taught Sky Law. The more Sky law trained the more her level went down. She had dropped down from Innate Rank 10 to Inante Rank 9, but her power did not drop and instead rose up. This made everyone’s eyes pop out… It was precisely because of this secret technique that Sky Execution, Sky Wrath and the others understood that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was not weak leveled, rather is was because this brat did not need to level so high. He was capable of surpassing high leveled people with his weak level!

Even Sky Execution remained speechless when facing such an abnormal person.

If they could obtain this kind of secret technique, the Ten Great Sky Demons could probably sweep through the entire Tong Tian Tower.

The only problem was that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was only willing to teach Sky Law!

Although everybody’s heart thirsted for this knowledge, they would absolutely not make things difficult for Sky Law. After all, many things could only be obtained through oneself. It was just like the beasts and skills that a grimoire would give, they could only be bestowed by heaven and impossible to demand! Moreover, the things that were demanded might not even match the person!

After that battle in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, the shock that Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders had brought everybody of the Demonic Palace had not yet vanished.

Now, a Scarlet Emperor appeared!

Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders were still not bad because they had all returned to Heaven Realm.

However, the Scarlet Emperor was not a person from Heaven Realm. He would definitely incite trouble within Tong Tian Tower…

“…” Thinking about this, Sky Calamity, Sky Crime, Sky Disaster and Sky Sword begun to have headaches.

The Scarlet Emperor was completely different.

It would probably take him one year’s time for him to completely recover.

What could they do within a year? Packing up their luggage and escape would be the natural answer. However, even if they escaped, where would they escape to?

“Describe the Scarlet Emperor, the more details the better!” Sky Crime’s expression was very grave. The black gold chains on his arm shook.

“I do not dare say how strong the Scarlet Emperor is, but I can confirm one thing, that bastard is not easy to defeat… At that time, I went over to the Evil Dragon Lair and never expected this to happen… His self-important appearance was very discomforting. Additionally Shun Tian’s and the Black Prince’s butt-kissing appearance made me very angry. So I used Nirvana Flames and World-Exterminating Wheel to cut him down.” Yue Yang expressed that he was a pacifist and when he attacked the Scarlet Emperor it was only to avert danger from the populace. As if he was a very good student and would be the best son-in-law.

“Shun Tian, Black Prince and the Scarlet Concubine were there and yet you still charged ahead?” Sky Disaster’s mouth formed an O, completely not believing him.

“I truly do not know if I should call you brave or stupid!” Sky Calamity continued to use his sharp voice to prick Yue Yang.

“If this young master didn’t attack him with my heroic resolution, you all would have already become stray dogs!” Yue Yang suddenly became angry and pointed at everyone else. He scolded them: “This young master had been beaten by the Scarlet Emperor that his skin had almost been peeled. Why do you think I even did this? Is it for a girl? For fame? Wrong, it was for you lazy bastards who have nothing to do! If I did not heavily injure the Scarlet Emperor when he escaped, would you guys still be in the mood to talk big? You would have already been hiding under your bed in fear! If this young master did not bring out the chestnut cracker Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal left by the Prison Emperor, angrily smashing it towards the Scarlet Emperor’s head and caving it, the one you would be facing right now would be the incomparably strong and woundless Scarlet Emperor! Moreover, Shun Tian and the Black Prince, those two henchmen would also help him. You guys would have already been finished!

“The Scarlet Emperor was heavily injured by you? Under the attacks of Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Scarlet Concubine, you were still able to heavily injure the Scarlet Emperor?” Sky Disaster did not dare believe it.

“This was what happened….” Yue Yang added his own details to the story and told them.

In the middle, there were naturally a few overstatements.

At the same time, he also bragged a bit, showing how heroic, how grand he was. He had forgotten to add that he had saved the millions and millions of lives in the Tong Tian Tower.

Although everyone ignored his bragging, the narration about his battle with the Scarlet Emperor was enough to shock them.

The strong Scarlet Emperor was completely outside their imagination.

Compared the the Black Hell King, the traitor that they were familiar of, the Scarlet Emperor was stronger by leaps and bounds…

A thought flashed through the Sky Demons’ minds. Based on Demonic Palace’s power, it would be hard to contend against the Scarlet Emperor. Most probably if Sky Execution, Night Empress and Zhi Zun work together, they might have a chance…Even this abnormal Yue Clan Third Young Master would probably be needed.

“Is he weaker than Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leader?” Sky Crime’s expression was incredibly distressed. He once again sat beside the simple box and pondered over it.

“It’s a pity that Sister Sky Law had returned to Demonic Palace, if not she could probably help you.” Sky Disaster regretfully sighed.

“You are right. If she did not take advantage of my sleep and left without saying goodbye, the Scarlet Emperor would probably be more injured.” Yue Yang agreed, but was not aware of how vague these words were.

“Concretely speaking, how was he injured?” Sky Calamity carefully questioned.

“Half-dead state. Because I was not willing to let it go like this, I waited until Shun Tian and the Black Prince to leave and fought with him again. However, it still didn’t work. I was only able to cut an arm and a leg. If you were in this young master’s place, you would probably be insta-killed. I am not bluffing. If you have the time you could try it. I even dare say that if your leader Sky Execution fought with the completely recovered Scarlet Emperor, he would also face the consequences!” Yue Yang desperately bragged about himself as he recounted the events. He bragged as if he was stronger than Sky Execution.

“…” Sky Calamity and the others were once again shocked. This brat is so abnormal, the Scarlet Emperor was actually beaten close to death?

“Do you know where the Scarlet Emperor is? We must quickly find him and surround him. We must not let him recover!” Sky Sword became worried. The Scarlet Emperor had just escaped the Ancient Seal and was still very weak. If he was still unkillable, then if he had recovered to his peak, then it would be a disaster.

“I am truly sorry, I don’t know where he is hiding!” Yue Yang shook his shoulders showing that he had no way of knowing.

“Can you use your secret Innate Skill to probe the Scarlet Emperor’s true strength?” Sky Crime suddenly once again stood up and stared at Yue Yang.

“The Scarlet Emperor? My secret Innate Skill could not see through his strength. However, the Scarlet Concubine is probably at Sky-rank Level 3. This is equivalent to our Zhi Zun-rank 3. In other words, other than Zhi Zun, you are not even opponents for the Scarlet Concubine at peak strength. Once she has recovered, you all would be insta-killed by her! In your words, it would be like a Rank 3 Innate fighting against a level 7 [Overlord] or a level 8 [Emperor], extremely easy!” Yue Yang’s smile rejoiced at their misfortune. His smile was extremely annoying.
(Last: Just in case you forgot, Zhi Zun is not a name but a title.)

“…” For a moment, Sky Calamity, Sky Crime, Sky Disaster, Sky Sword became silent.

The Scarlet Emperor was already very hard to deal with and now there is another Scarlet Concubine.

It seems like the Soaring Dragon Continent would truly not stay peaceful!

Yue Yang’s bullshit was taking effect. His face carried a victorious smile. He wished he could be like Zhu Geliang and use fan himself with a goose-feathered fan.
(Last: Zhu Geliang – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhuge_Liang)

An ancient voice seemed to echo from afar. When Yue Yang heard it, he felt that it was very strange. His heart felt that the voice came from behind but his ears felt that it came from afar. Without even guessing, this voice was definitely from their leader, Sky Execution!

Sky Execution only said one sentence: “We can join hands but there are conditions.”

Yue YAng muttered: “I knew it wouldn’t be this easy…”

When Sky Disaster heard it, she was very delighted: “Leader already told me about it. We, Demonic Palace, does not request for much, only three conditions. First, let Jun Wu You represent everyone to admit their mistakes against the founder of the Demonic Palace, hand down the imperial edict and kneel down to repent! Second, after defeating the Black Hell King, everyone will use their all to explore God’s Ruins and split the treasures, additionally share the Ascension Rhyme. Third, our Demonic Palace has a rule to return enmity with enmity. No matter how you beg Sky Law, we do not care, but since you killed Sky Dragon, you must let us surround and try to kill you once. If you can escape then it is your ability. If you lose, then leave your life.”

“Great Aunt, if you were given these conditions, would you agree to them? Let alone the me, even a child who had eaten Wisdom Fruits until he became stupid would not accept them. I am still clever and wise Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, who had never suffered any losses. I would bully others but not let anyone else bully me!” Yue YAng firmly opposed.
(Last: Remember how humans cannot eat wisdom fruits or else they’ll become stupid)

“Is the first condition no good?” Sky Disaster was bewildered. Compared to the destruction of a country, isn’t handing down an imperial edict for their crimes and kneeling down in repentance better?

“You go ask Jun Wu You that old guy. I cannot substitute him in agreeing. Men cannot randomly kneel against anyone. Moreover, he is still an emperor.” Yue Yang clearly rejected the first condition.

“Then what about the second condition?” Sky Disaster asked.

“You all cannot explore God’s Ruins and everything is on me. For What reason would I split the treasures? Of course I wouldn’t do it! Moreover, if you saw it, you would not even understand the Ascension Rhyme, would also request me to do it? You won’t even help with anything, are you treating me as a laborer? No, unless you help me get rid of the Thousand Goblin King, there is no need to discuss this.” Yue Yang was a model at being someone who would not let himself suffer. If this kind of person became a negotiator, they would be geniuses.

“Then let us first discuss the third condition. Since you killed Sky Dragon, let us try to surround and kill you once, and then let bygones be bygones. What’s wrong with this one?” Sky Disaster could not understand.

“Little friend, have you ever seen employees ganging up on their boss? I am your future boss who would give you treasures, divine tools, weapons and Divine Beasts and yet you do not respectfully kiss my ass but also want to kill me? If you killed me, where would you find people to explore God’s Ruins? Would you even know how to advance? Would you even understand the Ascension Rhyme? Would you even know how to enter Heaven Realm? An employee should be aware that he is an employee. Tell me, that wretch Sky Dragon wanted to fight over a woman with this boss, of course I would kill him, could it be that I must respect him as my ancestor? You all should also not stick out for an idiot like him, you are just bringing trouble for yourselves! Let me say it clearly, no matter how many betrothal gifts you want, this young master will give it. You do not have to be modest, especially the aunt that had grown careless. If you want to have an extramarital affair, I could even consider it!” The shameless guy from another world displayed his highest tricking skill as he spoke out convincingly

“Speaking with you is giving me a headache!” Sky Disaster could not stand this guy. Once the situation returns to him, he actually has a reason for them all.

Actually, Yue Yang also lacked the confidence in understanding the Ascension Rhyme.

As for the inner region of God’s Ruins, he also didn’t understand how to advance.

He did not even enter the outer region and only strolled the edges of the ancient passage twice. Yue Yang secretly rejoiced that the opposite side was not clear about this, if not his trick would be exposed.

Naturally, he was indifferent about it.

He cannot expose his weakness, if he did not understand, he must pretend to understand! He must first control the other party!

As long as he was able to trick these madmen and let them in the same boat, even if they found out the truth it would be too late for regrets. Naturally, Yue Yang also grasped a few information about this. After all Fourth Mother might now the secrets of the Ascension Rhyme. Moreover, the knowledge passed on by the tragic guy’s mother has not completely been revealed yet so there is a possibility that it contained the secrets of God’s Ruins.

The tragic guy’s mother had definitely entered God’s Ruins. She definitely knew a few things. The only problem was that Yue Yang was not sure that he could sort out all that knowledge.

“Even if we work together, we must still fight!” Sky Crime stood up and this black gold chains clanked.

“I thought you were the most honest, I never imagined that you were the most violent, did I provoke you?” Yue Yang was puzzled.

“Even if we are not taking revenge for Sky Dragon, we must also beat you up once.” Sky Crime said.

“Why?” Yue Yang was baffled.

“Because you seem to need some spanking…” Sky Disaster happily explained. This reason made Yue Yang speechless.

“We welcome you to join our ranks as one of the Ten Great Sky Demons.” That close yet far voice of Sky Execution had finished the entire negotiation. When Yue Yang heard it, he shouted like a cat that had its tail stepped on: “I did not agree to this. This is called forcing someone, this is called ‘harassment’! I absolutely do not agree…”

“Just agree to it. Sister Sky Law would then think about your relationship with her. She had made a vow before that she would only marry someone from Demonic Palace.” Sky Disaster did not forget to throw rocks while Yue Yang was down.

“Fuck!” Yue Yang finally could not hold back swearing.

Sky Crime, Sky Sword, Sky Disaster, Sky Fury, who had rushed back, the hidden Sky Assassinate, and the erratic Sky Calamity had slowly surrounded him.

It seems that they were prepared to gang up on Yue Yang. Even if Yue Yang had entered Demonic Palace, their original intention of beating him up did not change.

Yue Yang became angry and raised his Hui Jin Magic Blade and Crescent Moon: “If I knew earlier that this was a bandit’s nest, this daddy would not have wasted his words. Who’s afraid of who? Come, attack me. Sky Disaster you are the bad. Don’t let this daddy catch you or else I would strip you in front of everyone and let you understand what’s called brother-in-law’s anger!”

A few Sky Demons were speechless.

Is having this shameless bastard enter Demonic Palace a good thing?

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      “It’s a pity that Sister Sky Law had returned to Demonic Palace, if not she could probably help you.” Sky Disaster regretfully sighed.

      “You are right. If she did not take advantage of my sleep and left without saying goodbye, the Scarlet Emperor would probably be more injured.” Yue Yang agreed, but was not aware of how vague these words were.

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