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LLS Chapter 427 – Deceive, continue to deceive

Chapter 427 – Deceive, continue to deceive
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Changing Demonic Palace to Sky Demon Palace. Sorry for the late chapter! Will release 428 tomorrow night.

“If you have a sister and a wretched, low class dandy were to flirt and take liberties with her for no reason, what would you do?” A man’s voice came from nowhere. There’s a certain attractiveness to the voice, no matter who the listener is, one would definitely associate it with maturity and sensibility, but his words were mean. These two stark contrast formed an amazing contradiction. Both were similar yet opposing, rational yet angry, earnest yet incisive…

Yue Yang had seen a lot of powerful people and he had his fair share of encounter with weirdos too.

Undoubtedly, this man is one of those weirdos.

And he could be considered one of the more special ones.

On the topic of witty conversation, if Yue Yang calls himself number two, no one would dare to claim that they are number one in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent.

Hearing the confrontation of the man, others would have broke out in cold sweat or would have felt awkward, but Yue Yang still laughed. “Then you would have to see if he did it intentionally!”

The man who confronted him was stunned. After pausing her a moment, he spoke. “What would you do if he did it intentionally? “

“Then I’ll kill him! “ Yue Yang waved his hands and acted as if he was angry. “He would be asking for death if he dares to flirt with my sister! “

“Then what if he did it unintentionally?” A handsome young man standing in front of Yue Yang asked deliberately. He was the type of guy that would make one’s heart flutter even if he’s not smiling.

“I don’t care if he did it intentionally or not. I will kill anyone who dare to flirt with my sister. Did he even know who I am, am I the type of people that will be reasonable? “ Yue Yang replied proudly.

“Your answer is not bad. Looks like I’ll have to learn from you.“ The voice replied.

“Don’t look up to me too much! “ Yue Yang touched his hair narcissistically.

“No matter what, I want to see what great skills you have, especially your famous Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel.” The man with the magnetic voice seemed to set his mind on fighting with Yue Yang. But it seemed that he was trying to settle personal dispute with him, so it wouldn’t obstruct Yue Yang’s negotiation process.

“It’s a rare occasion that you are humble enough to ask me to teach you. As your son-in-law I’ll reluctantly accept the job of guiding you! “ Yue Yang said without feeling ashamed.

“…” Sky Sword who was standing behind Yue Yang grimaced and almost died puking blood.

This guy’s level of shame had reached rock bottom. He could probably kill his enemies with it. Speaking to Yue Yang could agitate their enemies enough to cause them internal injuries!

The drum beating giant guy couldn’t stand him even more.

He carried his Sky Anguish Drum and walked away with huge steps without turning his head back.

He decided not to talk to Yue Yang ever again. He didn’t even want to see Yue Yang anymore as he was afraid that Yue Yang would be bad influence to him. Although the drum beating giant guy agrees that he isn’t a saint with his bloodied hands, he still held onto some principles. But after hanging around with Yue Yang, the drum beating giant guy thought that if he get too close with this Yue Clan Third Young Master brat, what’s left of his little principles would be destroyed.

With regards to shamelessness alone, not even the shamelessness of all the demons from the Sky Demon Palace add up together could compare to Yue Yang’s.

Yue Yang was the kind of person that’s not to be trifled with.

So the the drum beating giant guy avoided him. Regarding him killing Sky Dragon, the drum beating giant guy wondered if Sky Dragon died from being too angry with Yue Yang!

“I want to know how the third young master of Yue Clan would convince us to help Da Xia.“ Another voice that sounded like a thorny devil’s resounded.

This person’s voice made people uncomfortable just by hearing. It made others felt as if there was thorns on their body, but they couldn’t identify the location.

It made people feel very uneasy!

With regards to power level, the person with the thorny devil’s voice should be of similar power to the man with an attractive voice. Yue Yang estimated that these two people were probably Sky Calamity and Sky Crime that were ranked fourth and fifth among the Ten Great Sky Demons of the Sky Demon Palace. As for the ‘handsome’ cross-dressing girl who got molested verbally by Yue Yang in the end, he was definitely Sky Disaster who was ranked sixth in the Sky Demon Palace. She was climbing up the rank the fastest in the Sky Demon Palace.

Yue Yang estimated that the giant guy who left carrying the Sky Anguish Drum was Sky Fury.

The other one whom Yue Yang could sense that he was within ten metres from him but couldn’t see with his naked eye was Sky Assassinate!

Sky Assassinate had superb skills of being invisible, if not for Yue Yang’s Heaven Eye Divine Vision that allowed him to even see through Sky Disaster’s cross-dressing, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to realise Sky Assassinate the silent killer who was just within ten metres from him.

However Sky Assassinate’s cloaking only succeeded under the camouflage of the Sword Qi given off by Sky Sword.

Yue Yang was still very impressed.

With a cloaking power like this, it was no wonder that he was called Sky Assassinate!

No wonder he was born to be an assassin!

Now, all the ten Sky Demons were almost all here.

Only the strongest Sky Execution, Sky Wrath who was ranked third and the hibernating Phoenix Fairy Beauty Sky Law were not present. Maybe these three were just spying on Yue Yang from somewhere he couldn’t see. Due to the presence of Sky Calamity, Sky Crime, Sky Disaster, Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate and Sky Sword, they made Yue Yang less sensitive. They besieged him in certain sense, and formed an ancient summoning pattern that prevented Yue Yang from sensing his surroundings, causing him to be unable to detect where Sky Execution, Sky Wrath and Sky Law were.

“Convincing y’all? No, all along I’ve been too lazy to waste my saliva on hopeless people like y’all.“ Yue Yang was unrelenting in being mean.

“Hey hey, be nice to ladies! “ Sky Disaster who was cross dressing warned Yue Yang not to be too arrogant.

“I’m just telling the truth… “ Yue Yang gave an evil smile, he acted like a perverted uncle. Sky Disaster grew uncomfortable under his gaze. After coughing for a while, Yue Yang turned decent again. He then started reprimanding like an old man. “Actually I don’t blame you all, because you guys have yet to see the world, so it’s normal for y’all to be narrow minded and hopeless, it would be strange if y’all are reasonable! Wait, don’t attack me first, let me finish what I want to say! “

Yue Yang quickly waved his hand when he saw Sky Disaster raising her fist.

At this time, Yue Yang realized that a person had sat beside him without him realizing.

He sat on the ground casually with two legs stretched out. He was only clad in a rough sackcloth with long dark gold chains wounded around his neck and arms. This crestfallen man looked like a farmer with unshaven moustache. He looked like a forty years old uncle with a mediocre look.

But his powers shocked Yue Yang slightly.

On the surface he looked like a Level One Innate, but Yue Yang estimated that this crestfallen uncle would at least be a powerful person with rank as Level Eight Innate. He might even be near a Level Nine Innate.

Although he looked at Yue Yang calmly without any emotions, he was emitting an invisible sense of violent vibe akin to that of a ferocious tiger hiding in the jungle, just waiting to pounce on its prey. The target didn’t sense it, but he would be in deep trouble already.

“You are Sky Calamity?” Yue Yang turned around and asked.

“Sky Crime.” The crestfallen uncle caressed the ancient box with his callus filled hand, causing the heavy black golden chain to give crackling sounds.

“Why didn’t the mean Sky Calamity come?” Yue Yang asked again.

“Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘Once Sky Calamity comes, everything ten metres within him would be destroyed? He will start his killing spree once he comes, if you are suicidal, I can summon him!”

“Then nevermind, i’m different from you, i don’t have the hobby of being abused.” Yue Yang retaliated.

“If you don’t have any good reasons, then i’m going to strike now.” Sky Calamity who was hiding somewhere said arrogantly. Of course, he was stronger than Sky Crime and was just behind the rank of the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, he didn’t have to care so much like how Sky Sword was. Even if he couldn’t guarantee that he could kill Yue Yang, there’s still a high possibility for him to injure Yue Yang severely.

“I don’t intend to convince you all, to put it forward bluntly, you all are goddamn stubborn! I’m too lazy to ask y’all to help, it wouldn’t affect me much if the Black Hell King were to destroy Da Xia anyway. I don’t really care if i can’t return to the Yue Clan Castle because I’m going to reside in the Heaven Realms soon and I’m already in the midst of application for migration. I’ve even gotten the green card already, so what’s there to be afraid of? Things like the Ruins Palace, Ancient Passage, Warrior Soul and other treasures are all useless now! I am still a bachelor anyway, if you all aren’t afraid then why will I be?” Yue Yang started to laughed loudly.

“If I remember correctly, there’s this guy who is both a filial son and a loving brother, am I right?” Sky Disaster tilted her head and looked at Yue Yang playfully.

“I will bring fourth mother and my sister with me, I don’t care about the rest of the family members, the Black Hell King can’t do anything to me! Moreover, if Da Xia were to be destroyed, the Black Hell King will turn his target to you all, he will definitely not go after the minor people! But it’s hard to say what will happen to y’all because y’all have a big family business that many are eyeing on, hehe!” Yue Yang stated to scare them.

“You think the Black Hell King can invade our Sky Demon Palace?” Sky Crime’s particularly attractive voice sounded.

“No.” Yue Yang shook his head.

“Then you are just uttering bullshit! Bulshit of the bullshit!” Sky Sword couldn’t take it anymore. Yue Yang shouldn’t have spoken like this even if he was just fooling around with a kid!

“The Black Hell King couldn’t do it, but if there’s the combined power of Shun tian, the black Prince, Thousand Globins Sect Leader and the Thousand Goblins King who is about to get out of his seal, then what do you think the outcome will be? “ Yue Yang asked.

“Still can’t! “Sky Realm thought for a while and replied grimly. “Even with the Great Demon Baruth and Ha Xin’s joining in, no one can invade our Sky Demon Palace. Third young master, it seems that you don’t quite know us well! “

“What if there’s two more people? “ Yue Yang smiled after hearing. “What if the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine were to join in? “

“Come again? “ upon hearing the name, even the vicious Sky Disaster was shocked. “The Scarlet Emperor? “

“Looks like my girl didn’t tell y’all! “ Yue Yang smiled like a cunning fox. “A few days ago I heard that Shun Tian and the Black Prince released a powerful ancient Ranker from the ancient sealing circle in the Evil Dragon Lair. That Ranker is none other than the Scarlet Emperor! If you guys are not familiar with his name, then I can tell y’all another name. Prison emperor! He was the arch enemy of the Scarlet Emperor six thousand years ago. As for the Black Hell King, he’s just a lackey working under the Prison Emperor, and he’s a unloyal lackey who betrayed his master, how can he compare to the Scarlet Emperor? “

“Is the Scarlet Emperor really that terrifying? “ Sky Disasters expression changed, but he looked more of being doubtful.

On hearing it, Yue Yang smiled immediately.

If he could move the other party, then his bullshit can continue. By spicing up his bullshit to make it more convincing, would working together with the Sky Demon Palace to counterattack the Black Hell Army still be a problem?

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Ten Great Demons of Sky Demon Palace (天魔殿十大天魔):
1. 天诛 – Sky Execution
2. 天罚 – Sky Law
3. 天谴 – Sky Wrath
4. 天劫 – Sky Calamity (thorn devil’s voice)
5. 天罪 – Sky Crime (attractive voice, clad in a rough sackcloth with long dark gold chains wounded around his neck and arms. This crestfallen man looked like a farmer with unshaven moustache. He looked like a forty years old uncle with a mediocre look.)
6. 天灾 – Sky Disaster (cross-dressing girl who got molested verbally by Yue Yang)
7. 天怒 – Sky Fury (Platinum-ranked Sky Anguish Drum)
8. 天杀 – Sky Assassinate (always hiding)
9. 天剑 – Sky Sword (Saint-ranked Ancient Sword)
10. 天龙 – Sky Dragon (Dead)


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    “Still can’t! “Sky Realm thought for a while and replied grimly. “Even with the Great Demon Baruth and Ha Xin’s joining in, no one can invade our Sky Demon Palace. Third young master, it seems that you don’t quite know us well! “

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