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LLS Chapter 426 – Shameless, a whole new realm of shamelessness!

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Chapter 426 – Shameless, a whole new realm of shamelessness!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Just as Yan Qian Zhong was announcing Zi Jin Kingdom’s secret loudly, Feng Kuang came to report that a few messengers had come from the Demonic Palace. He was representing Sky Law (Phoenix Fairy Beauty) to invite the third young master of Yue Clan to come to the Xie Ma (Slanting Horse) Valley for a meet-up.

Jun Wu You and the others looked at Yue Yang like a bunch of nosy kids.

Before Yue Yang left, Jun Wu You had even pulled Yue Yang’s hand and asked, “Do you have any secret codes with Sky Law? Could this be a trap?”

Yue Yang was secretly speechless, but he showed an appearance of an obedient child, “Actually, Sky Law and I are purely just friends. We are only together in order to cultivate to new heights. No matter last time or now, we have always kept our relationship as platonic friendship.”

Everyone in the Imperial Study almost fainted.

Everyone almost couldn’t take it anymore.

This brat’s shamelessness was not only at the level of shameless, it was a whole new realm of shameless!

Even Jun Wu You, the experienced casanova in terms of women, almost couldn’t take Yue Yang’s shameless shenanigans. They probably only lacked having a baby and have done almost everything else. Yet, he still dared to say “platonic friendship”? ‘Purely just friends’? If he mentioned this to others, even fools wouldn’t believe him!

Regardless if it was a trap, Yue Yang was determined to go to Xie Ma Valley.

If Sky Execution really wanted to kill Yue Yang, the best time to do it wouldn’t be at Xie Ma Valley. Sky Execution would have done it when Yue Yang was at a critical moment in his fight with the Black Hell King.

The fact that they had invited him to the Xie Ma Valley means that there was still space to turn back… Of course, Yue Yang believed that Sky Execution had already known about the Sky Dragon Incident. The fact that he had killed Sky Dragon could only be hidden for a short while. Maybe Sky Execution had already known this fact long ago, but he didn’t try to confront Yue Yang immediately. It seemed like Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to avoid fighting in the Xie Ma Valley. He didn’t have anything to lose anyway, if he fought with Sky Execution, who had everything, Sky Execution would be the one to lose something. In any case, it was also time to meet Sky Execution!

The Xie Ma Valley was once a beautiful place.

It was said that it was a beautiful grass plain before. The scenery was magnificent and the grass was green. Shepherds’ songs would usually fill the whole place, it was practically a happy place that rarely exist in this world.

Until one day, two brothers came to this place. The older brother wished to cultivate to a whole new realm, so he suggested to the younger brother that they journey to the east to find the East Saint at that time and become his disciple. The younger brother, on the other hand, felt that they should journey to the west. He felt that the West Saint, who would repay favor with favor and enmity with enmity, would be a better teacher for them than the East Saint, who lived a simple and peaceful life. The two brothers had actually came from a rich household, but after their parents died, their inheritance were forcefully snatched from them by their uncle. The two brothers were then kicked out from their house. Hence, the younger brother wanted to become strong and come back for their house and inheritance again in the future.

The most ironical thing was that the older brother was critically injured by bandits along the way, and met the West Saint who was coincidentally walking past.

Meanwhile, the younger brother had saved a girl from the bandits, and because of this, he received the East Saint’s favor, because that girl was the East Saint’s granddaughter.

Ten years later, the older brother whose personality had changed studying under the West Saint, had turned into an evil, narrow-minded and grudge-bearing warrior. On the other hand, the younger brother had married the East Saint’s granddaughter and had many children with her. Under the East Saint’s simple and peaceful teaching, slowly, he started to give up on the idea to take revenge on his uncle and snatch their house and inheritance back. When the two brothers met again, due to the difference in their thoughts and philosophy, they couldn’t see each other eye to eye. In the end, they started a big fight.

The younger brother who was stronger than his brother accidentally killed him from a misstep.

This matter then triggered the great fight between the West Saint, who wanted to take revenge for his disciple, and the East Saint, who wanted to protect his grandson-in-law.

The great fight had decimated the Xie Ma Valley. It was burnt to the ground and flooded in storms. When the West Saint and the East Saint brought out their whole power, the impact caused great earthquakes and thunder, splitting the earth apart.

In the end, the ground was split in two, forming the Xie Ma Valley.

To Da Xia Kingdom, Xie Ma Valley was their ancestor’s land. This was because the legend really did happen. The founders of the Da Xia Kingdom was actually the descendant of the younger brother, the crux of the great fight between the West and East Saint. On the other hand, the earliest Fallen Warrior of the Demonic Palace was actually the descendants of the older brother from the great fight in the Xie Ma Valley. Since three thousand years ago, the two families would carry out a decisive battle in Xie Ma Valley every ten years. The grudge became deeper and deeper with each generation, until one day, a girl who was extremely loved by both families decided to kill herself in front of the Xie Ma Blood Monument in order to stop the fight between the two families. Only then did the two families stopped their needless fight.

The younger brother’s descendants started anew and founded the Da Xia Kingdom.

The older brother’s descendants continued to lose their way in hatred and founded the Demonic Palace. They made an oath not to reconcile with the younger brother’s descendant unless the girl who committed suicide at that time could be resurrected.

“That story is such a pain in the ass!” When Princess Qian Qian told this legend to Yue Yang, that brat’s reaction was as such.

At that time, he was beaten up by the furious Princess Qian Qian as a result, and she refused to speak to him for one whole day.

Right now, as Yue Yang stepped onto the Xie Ma Valley, he realized that it had turned into a harsh, deserted and barren land. The strangest thing was that the earth here was red, like a human’s blood. Although Yue Yang knew that it was definitely not because the ground was stained by human’s blood, he couldn’t help feeling a kind of mournful feeling.

Of course, there was one anomaly. Wasn’t it just a girl?

Continuing to fight to their deaths, they were really too foolish.

Yue Yang never tried to put himself into their shoes. If someone wanted to snatch Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian or Xue Wu Xia from him, wouldn’t he do anything to get them back?

Forget about them, even if someone dared to have any ideas on that adorable little Golden Elf loli, Yue Yang would definitely chop that poor chap’s head down without hesitation. Trying to snatch the guy from another dimension’s girl? This was practically going against the heaven’s orders!

Sky Law would definitely never invite Yue Yang to this kind of place. It was definitely Sky Execution.

Inviting Yue Yang to the Xie Ma Valley definitely posed a deeper meaning. It was as if they wanted to use this to portray that their two families was destined to oppose each other forever. It wouldn’t be possible for them to work together.

Yue Yang understood that completely, but he would definitely pretended not to on the outside. He pretended that he didn’t understand anything. All along, those who are shameless always won. Only fools would send an upright man to a negotiation with their enemy!

“Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong…”

At a distance, the deep sound of drums reverberated deeply, making others’ heartbeats go faster. This was not a kind of war drum, but rather a drum for funerals that made others feel uncomfortable.

When Yue Yang heard this, he immediately changed his pace as if he was shooting a slow motion movie and walked slowly forward.

When he reached the source of the drumbeat, a giant warrior that was beating the drum hard, a full half an hour had passed. That giant warrior who had huge muscles finally stopped beating the drum, and he glared at Yue Yang with his ox-like eyes. He roared at Yue Yang, looking as if he wanted to eat him whole, “What the heck are you doing? Walking so slowly like that! I was so kind-hearted so as to beat the drum to let you know our meeting location, it’s still okay if you don’t thank me, you still dared to purposely walk like a snail! You are purposely trying to make life difficult for me, right? Come, let me teach you a lesson!”

When Yue Yang heard this, he immediately revealed a wide smile, showing all of his teeth, radiant like the sun.

They say that people wouldn’t hit a smiling, friendly person.

The giant warrior’s fist had already reached the tip of Yue Yang’s nose, but he still stopped in the end, “Don’t smile. Let me beat you to a pulp first. Bloody hell, I get angry just by seeing that pretty boy look of yours!”

Yue Yang’s smile became even wider as he chuckled, “This big brother over here, how do I address you? Are you Sky Fury or Sky Assassinate?”

“Who’s your big brother?! And my name has got nothing to do with you!” The giant warrior was completely driven mad. It was the first time he met this brat, yet he dared to call him big brother. If he met him again, he would probably call him uncle, or even grandpa! He really never met such a weirdo in his life. If this brat had approached him and immediately started a fight with him without saying anything, he would be alright with it. Yet this brat not only did not make his move, he even called him big brother so intimately. He was completely at a loss on what to do with him.

“Sky Law will be my future wife, so you can be considered as my wife’s extended family. Seeing that you are much older than me, I think calling you great uncle will be better!” Yue Yang said it in a way as if he had let the giant off too easily, he could have called him great grandpa. It was as if Yue Yang expected the giant to be thankful to him.

“You…!” The giant warrior was so angry that he almost puked blood. Such a shameless brat, how could he have managed to survive until now? How could there be such a shameless brat in this world?

“What a glib tongue. Your words are so sweet, ‘wife’s extended family’, ‘great uncle’, ‘small uncle’. If my memory serves me right, not long ago, there was also a similar ‘great uncle’ called Sky Dragon. You were the one who killed him in the Thunder Fortress, right? Can I trouble you to explain this matter for a while? Why didn’t you think he was your great uncle then?” A tall, lanky man carrying an ancient sword at his back suddenly appeared behind Yue Yang’s back. He was wearing a long robe.

This man’s power was above Sky Dragon’s.

His gaze was extremely sharp, as if a look from him could cause one to suffer from multiple cuts and lacerations.

Yue Yang didn’t face him, he allowed him to continue looking at his back. He felt as if there was an icy cold sword pressing against his back.

Needless to say, this tall lanky man who carried an ancient sword on his back was the man holding the number 9 seat of the Demonic Palace – Sky Sword. After Sky Dragon died, he had become the only Sky Demon who possessed the power of Innate Level 6 amongst the other ten Sky Demons… Of course, his Innate Level 6 was more powerful than Sky Dragon’s. Even though both of them were Innate Level 6, Yue Yang thought that two Sky Dragons might not even be enough to defeat this Sky Sword.

Sky Sword’s only weakness was probably his over-reliance on that Saint-ranked Ancient Sword. Hence, he was stuck at Innate Level 6, unable to break through to higher levels.

Of course, possessing that Saint-ranked Ancient Sword, this Sky Sword’s power was already very close to the Drum-beating Giant Warrior, even when the Drum-beating Giant Warrior possess a Platinum-ranked Sky Anguish Drum!

“This Ancient Sword is really good stuff…” Yue Yang drooled a little. If Sky Sword was alone, he would have already snatched the ancient sword from him. However, Sky Execution was nowhere to be seen, hence he couldn’t have any ideas about the ancient sword at the mean time. Yue Yang returned back to the main topic as he leisurely smiled and replied Sky Sword’s question, he shamelessly said, “Actually, the matter concerning great uncle was really very simple. If a certain person is willing to be my great uncle, he will be my great uncle. When that certain person is not willing to be my great uncle, and even tried to fight for the place as my wife’s husband, that certain someone definitely can’t be my great uncle anymore.”

“Since it’s like that, I’d like to fight too, let’s see how it goes!” Sky Sword released hundred thousands Blade Qi in an instant, causing deep cuts on the ground as far as ten metres in front of Yue Yang.

This was merely the power of Sky Sword’s glare.

A number of cuts also appeared on Yue Yang’s Dragon Leather Armor, as if it had been cut by a sharp knife.

However, forget about a cut in the cheeks, Yue Yang didn’t even let a single thread of his hair cut. He calmly and annoyingly waved a stick of wood and cooly said, “You should just do your part as my great uncle well. With that face of yours, if you insist to fight with me, you will make me die of laughter. Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Furthermore, even if I don’t beat you up now, my wife Sky Law will definitely beat you up! A great person should know their own limits. Can I trouble you to stand at the side, I think you are still not qualified enough to be my wife’s extended family. If you change your mind, you can always tell me. Thank you!”

“You…!” Sky Sword’s was so angry that his face turned red, then purple, then black.

He thought of pulling his ancient sword and slashed this brat to death countless times.

Then he would cut him to pieces and hang each piece of meat in a line for everyone to see! He had met annoying people before, but he never met such an annoying person before!

After forcing Sky Sword to admit defeat, at the bottom of the Xie Ma Valley, there was a man that was floating in the sky leisurely. He looked so relaxed that Yue Yang was jealous of him. He looked at Yue Yang and smiled, similarly showing all of his teeth, radiant like the stars. His smile was darker than the night. He learnt Yue Yang’s way of flipping his hair, then spoke with a voice that seemed to bring spring breeze with it, “Can I be your love rival too? If you are talking about looks, I don’t think I’m worse off than you. As for having any ideas, I would have some ideas about your wife sometimes. What do you think of me?”

Yue Yang immediately changed from a modest gentleman into a little rogue, his words was extremely vulgar as he assailed his opponent, “Wifey, fortunately you spoke out quickly, otherwise I would have to spank you. You must know that I hate people who look better than me the most! But I don’t mind if it is a woman. Welcome, my name is Yue Yang, but people usually called me the Yue Clan Third Young master. I have an upright and cheerful personality, and I have carriages and houses. I am a rich second generation who never have to worry about food to eat or clothes to wear. I have someone to protect me and sacrifice for me, I have someone to open the way for me and back me up from behind. I have authority and riches to enjoy. My hobbies include taking photos, art and studying beasts. I am the most eligible bachelor that everyone is fighting over for… I wonder if you still have any interest to interview for the position as a member of my wonderful harem?”

Before this shameless brat could finish speaking, the other party had already fainted to the ground.

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