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LLS Chapter 425 – Queue up, this is very important

Chapter 425 – Queue up, this is very important
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Although Yue Yang signed a secret agreement with the various demons from the Demon Abyss, he couldn’t let the common men and soldiers know about it.

But the agreement shocked the leaders of Da Xia Kingdom too much!

It could be said that this lifted up their spirits a hundred times better than the Golden Elves coming to their aid!

After all this was a solid aid to the situation, the help coming from the Golden Elves was more of a form of mental support.

Thinking of the demons from the Demon Abyss fighting against the Black Hell King jointly with human Innates boosted Jun Wu You’s confidence to the maximum. According to what Yue Yang said, Jun Wu You’s fighting spirit had been ignited, and he could transform into a spartan readily,launching attacks anytime… Luckily the Black Hell King didn’t see Jun Wu You in such an agitated state, if not he would have retreated his army in fright!

Other than Elder Yue Hai, Shui Dong Liu, the State Grandmaster, two Heavenly Imperial Guardians and the Heavenly Imperial Guardians sent from Tian Luo Kingdom, people like Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and Yan Qian Zhong had only seen the agreement but didn’t see the content on the agreement.

Even so, the emergence of this secret agreement boosted their morale tremendously!

Especially Yan Qian Zhong who was in a dilemma. This made him reel in shock.

He even suspected that Jun Wu You did it deliberately for him to see. On one end, Zi Jin Kingdom was trying as hard as they can to recruit him, wishing for him to be the first one to be out of the four great clans; On the other end he wasn’t willing to become other’s lackey, because the Black Hell King might not turn out to be a good bet in the end. After the war, he might even burn their bridges.

Becoming a traitor would cause not only himself, but also his future generations to bear the dirty name, just like Green Summit Sect who escaped from the Yue Clan. Although Zi Jin Kingdom was generous to them, descendants from Duan Mu and Mo Qi still couldn’t raise their head up in pride today.

Moreover, Da Xia might not be destructed after all.

Forget about having Tian Luo Kingdom as their ally, other than the Western Lion Pagoda, the rest of the four clans like Eastern Ocean Crystal Palace, Southern Floating Mist Sect and Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion all didn’t wish for the Black Hell King to disrupt the balance in the Soaring Dragon Continent, they were also annoyed by the possibility that the Black Hell King might step foot into the Soaring Dragon Continent. So although they might not help blatantly, they would definitely provide assistance secretly.

What Yan Qian Zhong feared the most was Yue Yang.

He was definitely an abnormal guy, would the Black Hell King be able to kill him? Yan Qian Zhong felt that even if a Beast were to become more stupid it wouldn’t think so!

If he were to betray the four great clans and Da Xia Kingdom, and even if the Black Hell King don’t kill his family, Yue Yang would definitely not let him off… Under this situation, Yan Qian Zhong felt that he should live with a bit more dignity and work alongside with the Feng, Xue and Yue clans. Even if he were to die, his son Yan Po Jun would still be around. With Yue Yang leading him, making the Yan clan prosper again would just be a matter of time.

Yan Qian Zhong who previously rejected Zi Jin Kingdom’s advancement reeled in shock as he broke out in sweat on seeing the secret agreement Yue Yang signed with Demon Abyss.

Fortunately he didn’t make a foolish decision…

Luckily he rejected Zi Jin Kingdom…

If not the Yan Clan would really die in shame and would have to carry a dirty name for a long time!

If he were to agree, the Yan Clan would definitely be erased from the four great clans, and the Hai Clan and Ye Clan with Fatty Hai and Ye Kong would possibly replace the Yan Clan to become part of the four great clans.

The Black Hell King was right. He was definitely a terrifying existence. But in Yan Qian Zhong’s opinion, the most terrifying person would be Yue Yang. Forget about his potential and rate of growth, everyone in the world knew that he was abnormal, even his Beasts were abnormal too. Sky Law from the Sky Demon Palace and the Night Empress from Tian Luo thought highly of him, even Zhi Zun the human became his personal introducer… It’s not wise to belittle the Black Hell King, but the consequences of belittling Yue Yang would be even more horrifying! In retrospect, Yan Qian Zhong discovered that those who opposed him never had a good ending! Previously Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader were defeated by him, it looks like the Black Hell King wouldn’t be an exception this time round!

There had never been such possibility for a human Innate to get to the Demon Palace and negotiate with an arch enemy like the Demon Abyss, and turning into allies successfully at the end of the negotiation.

If the Human Innate wasn’t Yue Yang but someone else, Yan Qian Zhong wouldn’t believe that this was true.

But if it was Yue Yang, Yan Qian Zhong felt that it was normal.

Yue Yang was born to do things that other cannot do… Everything he did was not able to be accomplished by others. For example, self training to become an Innate at age twenty, fighting the Thousand Goblin Sect Leader, chasing after the Eastern demons,defeating the Seven Great Bears, resolving the conflict in the Yue Clan, making Shun Tian retreat, invading the Demon Palace to attack Duan Mu Long Cheng, breaking the demon statue to snatch the Beast… All these uncountable heroic acts were unaccomplishable by people of the same age as him, it might not even be achievable for other Innates! Because of him, the Golden Elves that hadn’t visited the Soaring Dragon Continent for a thousand years came. What was more unbelievable was that the demons who hated human to the core from the Demon Abyss actually signed a secret agreement with this guy as they prepared to attack the Black Hell King together.

Now, Yan Qian Zhong felt that even if Yue Yang were to say that Zhi Zun would come to their aid later and kill Black Hell King on the spot, he wouldn’t doubt him.

Yue Yang simply couldn’t be judged with a normal person’s standard!

When Yan Qian Zhong was looking at Yue Yang secretly, he found out that Yue Yang was also looking at him intentionally or otherwise, and it made him reel in shock.

Could it be that Yue Yang found out that he sent a letter to the Zi Jin Kingdom? Yan Qian Zhong prayed hard. May all ancestors bless me, the rejection letter must reach Zi Jin Kingdom, please don’t let it get lost halfway, if not it would be hard to prove my loyalty.

He quickly sat properly, as he swore that if Zi Jin Kingdom were to send any more letters to him, he would give it to Jun Wu You directly without reading them.

It’s still okay if he were to become enemies with the Black Hell King, but he really had no guts to become rivals with Yue Yang…

“Although the demons from Demon Abyss signed the agreement, they are fickle beings, we need to have a backup plan.” Elder Yue Hai’s strength wasn’t on par to an Innate, but his military strategies were definitely top notch among human beings. Jun Wu You had given him the authority to command his troop long ago, even the Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Tian Luo indicated that their troop would listen to the old marshal’s commands to defeat the Black Hell Army jointly. Elder Yue Hai was both overjoyed and apprehensive about the secret agreement. He was overjoyed because if everything goes well, they would emerge victorious; The reason for his apprehensiveness was that if there’s any hiccups, Demon Abyss might make matter worse for them. It’s impossible to trust Demon Abyss completely to abide by the agreement. Forget about Demon Abyss, even human beings would only support the stronger ones!

“Certainly it’s hard to completely win, but there’s still hope of having a tie.” Shui Dong Liu was also a warfare expert, it was just that he did not have the opportunity to show it before.

“We’ll take care of the war between Innates.” The Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Tian Luo smiled elegantly. “ Although we can’t take down the Black Hell King, we will definitely fight against his four Fallen Innates with all our might. As for the Black Hell King, the mission to take him down will go to Night Empress and little Yue Yang.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if its just the Black Hell King.” Jun Wu You’s forefingers pressed onto the table softly. After thinking for a while, he looked towards Yue Yang. “According to the information sent back by little Yue Yang, and the things that happened recently, we have sufficient reasons to suspect that Shun Tian, the Black Prince, Thousand Goblin Sect Leader and more Fallen Innates will join this battle towards the end.”

“Indeed, this is a problem. It is a little unrealistic to request Baruth and Ha Xin to come out in advance to fight against Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Thousand Goblin Sect Leader.” The Ascetic Practice Saint was also pessimistic towards the aid of the Demon Abyss.

“Is it possible for little Yue Yang to get Sky Law to help?” The Scholar asked Yue Yang teasingly . Actually everyone knew about his relationship with her.

“It will be difficult!” Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders and waved his hands.

“Did you guys quarrel?” The Ascetic Practice Saint joked.

“Nope, I killed Sky Dragon who was ranked tenth on the board of Sky Demon Palace. I think people from the Sky Demon Palace will be incensed if they were to see me…” Yue Yang sighed innocently. “If i had known that the Black Hell King would invade, I would have spared his life. I really did not know at that point in time!”

“Pu…” Those who were drinking water spurted it out. Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and Yan Qian Zhong almost coughed out their bronchiole.

Actually everyone knew that Sky Dragon was his love rival.

If Sky Dragon were to land into his hands, he would have died more than ten times. But even if they knew about it, they were still uncontrollably shocked. After all Sky Dragon was a super powerful Level Six Innate, if he were to come to Da Xia, he could have been a Heavenly Imperial Guardian. Who would have thought that he would be killed by Yue Yang. The most ridiculous thing was that the Sky Demon Palace actually did not pursue the matter. They could have had argued with him instead of doing nothing at all. It seemed that even Sky Execution was wary of Yue Yang.

If it were to be another person, Sky Execution would have killed him already!

Jun Wu You spoke immediately. He comforted Yue Yang who was pretending to be upset. “Its alright, even the Sky Demon Palace respect the more powerful person. I support you, charge into the Sky Demon Palace fearlessly, and snatch Sky Law back! Even if Sky Dragon died, he died in vain, and you are doing it for the good of everyone!”

“Your Highness, please don’t lead a child wayward.” Elder Yue Hai was speechless.

“…” The lot fought hard to suppress their laughter. Even if Jun Wu You didn’t teach him so, Yue Yang was bad enough in the first place.

Even if Jun Wu You didn’t mention it, Yue Yang already had the thought going to the Sky Demon Palace to negotiate.

He had already went to the Demon Palace, what would be stopping him from getting to the Sky Demon Palace now? If he could persuade his rivals like Baruth and Ha Xin, Yue Yang didn’t believe that he couldn’t persuade Sky Execution now! Moreover, the Sky Demon Palace was still considered to be a brother of Da Xia. The reason why Yue Yang didn’t go immediately was because he was still waiting for the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s response. With her acting as the middleman, he wouldn’t have to waste a lot of effort nor does he have to bear with the arrogant attitude of Sky Execution. He could start his negotiation directly.
If this was before his experience in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Yue Yang wouldn’t have the confidence that he could persuade Sky Execution.

But after the battle between the Three Great Leader of Heaven Realm, acquiring the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, followed by defeating the Scarlet Emperor and signing secret agreement with the Great Demon King Baruth, Yue Yang was very certain that he would be able to convince Sky Pearl…

Yan Qian Zhong looked at Yue Yang and realised that he was giving off a confident smile.

Yan Qian Zhong’s heart shook.

What a guy. Looks like the Black Hell King would be the unlucky one this time round instead of Da Xia Kingdom. With the aid of the Sky Demon Palace, as Yue Yang was destined to be favoured by the Heavens, Shun Tian, the Black King and Thousand Goblin Sect Leader would definitely flee quickly. With the joint attack of the Night Empress, Sky Execution, Sky Law, Baruth and Ha Xin, together with Yue Yang, the Black Hell King’s end would come soon…

Thinking of this, Yan Qian Zhong’s ambitions started burning…

If the Black Hell King was destined to fail, then how could Zi Jin Kingdom and the Lion Pagoda continue to survive?

When these three powers fall, the four great clans would definitely rise, although his Yan Clan wouldn’t be able to reap benefits as huge like the Yue Clan, he would definitely be able to get the small benefits. At least it would stabilize the Yan Clan’s status in the four great clans.

He wouldn’t give Hai Clan and Ye Clan chances to catch up!

On thinking of it, Yan Qian Zhong decided immediately to use all his might to support Jun Wu You. If he stands on his sides now, it would bring great fortune to all his future generations.

“Your highness, Qian Zhong’s region is nearer to where Zi Jin Kingdom is, so he will be more familiar with the information of Zi Jin. So he will be of more help to Marshal Yue Hai’s adjustment to the war plan…” Yan Qian Zhong stood up to report immediately. On seeing that everyone wore a ‘I was waiting for you to say this’ look, he broke out in cold sweat.

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