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LLS Chapter 424 – Yue Yang? Yes, he was impressive.

Chapter 424 – Yue Yang? Yes, he was impressive.
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang brought Lin En and the rest down to the First Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

This, was absolutely the first time in millenniums that Foreign Tribes like the Golden Elves, Ox-heads and Orcs were at the First Floor of the Tong Tian Tower where the Soaring Dragon Continent was situated. On the Sixth Floor, humans who had such comrades in teams formed at short notices were rare, since due to the differences in philosophy, nature and values between the humans and the Foreign Tribes such as Golden Elves, human warriors hardly interact with Golden Elves. Humans who could befriend Golden Elves, were one in a thousand, but the only one who could bring Golden Elves down to the First Floor, in the past millennium, was definitely only Yue Yang.

Ordinary receptionists at the Warrior Guild were all dumbfounded.

The beauty of Golden Elves, to humans, was simply just perfection!

Breathtakingly perfect!

Along the way, human adventurers who caught sight of Anna and Bao Er, all turned to look in their direction no matter where they were going, some banged into trees and others, into walls. There were even people who abandoned their Beasts and followed them distantly, captivated by Anna and Bao Er.

It was no wonder as even on the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, Anna and Bao Er were unrivaled beauties who could have charmed a whole street.

Moreover, it would really be a wonder if the leftover adventurers on the First Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, who had powers not more than Normal-ranked Level 2 Warriors, nor Normal-ranked Level 3 Heros, had enough willpower to resist the charm of Golden Elves!

“Welcome, distinguished guests from foreign continents, please allow myself to boldly represent all Warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent to welcome you. Firstly, I have to express regret, in accordance to our regulations, we must still examine your Tong Tian Tower introductory passes.” The First Floor of the Warrior Guild had sent their most veteran, Elder Lu Lun. He was the branch chief of the First Floor of the Warrior Guild, the moment he heard that there were Golden Elves above who were coming to the Soaring Dragon Continent, he had dressed splendidly without delay, with his walking stick unused for many years in hand, and the symbolic medal of the branch chief displayed, he greeted the distinguished guests courteously.

A smile blossomed on his weathered and wrinkled face, the kind of smile that probably hadn’t appeared on his face in hundreds of years.

Actually, the same verification process had already been carried out on the Fifth, Fourth, Third and Second Floor.

However, it held much greater purpose for the First Floor.

It was because once they exited the First Floor, Golden Elves would have then truly set foot on the Soaring Dragon Continent… According to precise records of history, 3000 years ago, a few Golden Elves were close friends with humans, they fought alongside humans in war and were invited to visit the Soaring Dragon Continent after an alliance was formed, such were the records of history in the Warrior Guild. Of course, the fact whether if there had been any Golden Elf Rankers, especially Golden Elf Innates, who had travelled by the Ancient Passage to the Soaring Dragon Continent for adventure, remained unknown… But, in at least a thousand years, there hadn’t been any records that could prove that Golden Elves had appeared on the Soaring Dragon Continent.

To those who were more selfish and sly, Golden Elves were both beautiful and intelligent, an outstanding race with both good nature and moral character.

For a Human Warrior to be acquainted with a Golden Elf teammate and to exchange a few words, it would have been enough to brag about for a long time.

Now, there were actually 3 Golden Elves who had volunteered to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent to assist in battle against the Black Hell Army and two of them were even world-famous Golden Elf beauties. This news made the branch chief of the First Floor of the Warrior Guild, Elder Lu Lun, immensely proud. It was absolutely the greatest diplomatic glory within his term of office ever!

“Clap clap clap!”

Receptionists standing in formation behind Elder Lu Lun applauded continuously.

If it wasn’t that Anna and Lin En had courteously rejected the Warrior Guild’s suggestion to hold a grand welcoming dinner for them, Elder Lu Lun had even prepared to take out his secret stash of money to celebrate.

Elder Lu Lun aside, even Jun Wu You and Hua Xu Ri have sent their royal special envoys to express their welcome greetings.

With great difficulty, they stepped out onto the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie looked at the sky and said something that almost made Yue Yang split his sides laughing: “ I had thought about what kind of place the Soaring Dragon Continent was, it turns out to be really similar to our place, how could it have produced so many abnormally powerful fellas?”

“We want to beat up Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, nobody can stop us!” The four orc girls harbored hard feelings.

“Right, I had even cried at that time.” Bao Er also recalled the embarrassing moment.

“Humans are indeed a race with unlimited potential…” Lin En caught sight of the tide of people nearing them and sighed. He didn’t really mean the inner qualities of humans but referred to their numbers instead. As long as their population continue to increase in size, an Innate was bound to appear every hundredth, or maybe ten thousandth person. It was no wonder there were so many human Innates. It must be understood that not just the Golden Elves, even if one put the whole Elfin race together, their whole population size might not even be a tenth of the human population in the Soaring Dragon Continent alone.

“You haven’t been to the Demon Abyss, the numbers there are the real deal.” Yue Yang retorted, numbers were also not everything.

“There are certainly many living creatures in the Demon Abyss, but most lack in intelligence. If all the living creatures in the Demon Abyss had the intelligence of humans, then they might’ve conquered the all the lands in the entire Tong Tian Tower.” Anna smiled faintly. She still admired the speed of growth of the human intelligence the most. The elf race, on the other hand, like Bao Er, who had lived in the Elf Forest for 150 years, had a mental capacity of a 14-15 year old human. Hell, she might not even be as sensible as a 14-15 year old human. This was the difference between their two races.

She had heard from Fatty Hai and Ye Kong about Yue Yang’s sister, Yue Bing, who, despite her young age, was more mature than Bao Er. She also had combat powers that were very much stronger.

Golden Elves, when compared to humans, had only one superiority, which was that they had a comparatively longer lifespan.

It was very common for Golden Elves to live for more than 3000 years, whereas it was extremely rare to see normal humans over 200 years of age.

To Ox-heads like Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie, humans were not superior in terms of numbers and quick maturity. Instead, they were far more creative than them. The Ox-heads did not lack Warriors, since all of them were naturally born as warriors. They reached adulthood at 10 years of age and were ready to rush into the battlefield. However, to Ox-heads who were only good at charging and breaking through enemy lines, creating materials and cultivating a culture was a tough problem. They had even relied on a single method to educate their young, which was to nurture their instincts… If only all Ox-heads could create materials and cultures like humans to educate their young, they might probably be a stronger race than the human race.

Certainly, this was a presumption limited to Li Ao’s and Fan Lun Tie’s imagination.

This time, Yue Yang could not bring them to the Yue Clan castle first. To show respect for Jun Wu You, he led them to teleport straight to Shang Jing and proceeded to the palace.

Jun Wu You looked full of vigor, with his crown atop his head and in his court dress, bathed in an air of elegance, he led people and went out to welcome them.

The resonant bugle horn sounded.

Imperial guards filed out under the lead of Commander Feng Kuang and stood uniformly at attention on both sides of the imperial path, their armour and swords shining brightly, ensign clearly distinct.

Ten strong men lifted a pole and sounded the giant Coiling Dragon Bell, which could be heard in the entire Shang Jing, heavily, for 28 times. The whole city buzzed with excitement at the sound of the melodious and mellow humming. This was the greatest ceremony to welcome guests or to celebrate since other than the enthronement of new emperors and their brides and the appointment of new Heavenly Imperial Guardians, the giant Coiling Dragon Bell would only normally be rung 10 times for events such as naming a crown prince or marrying a princess.

When Golden Elves Lin En, Anna and Bao Er stepped forward, they first paid respects to Jun Wu You.

The whole imperial path rang with loud cheering.

This, was absolutely an honor to the Da Xia Kingdom!

The noble Golden Elves, brave Ox-heads and the strong heroic Orcs, had all paid respect to their king, a never before possessed honor for humans since ancient times!

All the distinguished guests were powerful Warriors from the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

Most of all, while the Da Xia Kingdom was in the chaos of war, they had travelled a long distance to fight for their human allies, it made the friendship more precious!

“Welcome to the Soaring Dragon Continent, your presence here is the greatest encouragement to the Warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent and this moment would go down in history. No matter the future of the Soaring Dragon Continent, I hope our Da Xia Warriors and Golden Elves, Ox-heads and Orcs, will be forever bonded as brothers and sisters, to support and help each other. Today, all of you could come a long way to fight against the enemy invasion of our Da Xia. In the future, the Warriors and children of Da Xia would certainly return this favour a hundredfold.” Jun Wu You’s impassioned speech rang loud across the skies.

He felt really emotional as this wasn’t as simple as a few foreign tribes coming forward to aid in the war.

The arrival of Lin En, Anna and the rest were the greatest encouragement and boosted the morale of the warriors of Da Xia.

Furthermore, it can be seen from this just how charismatic Yue Yang, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were. Having only spent a short time of a month together, Golden Elves, who were usually the least sociable with human warriors, were willing to step forward to offer their help. Having achieved such an impressive feat that countless seniors have failed to achieve, wasn’t this enough to show how outstanding the younger generation, such as Yue Yang, were?

Even if the Da Xia Kingdom failed to withstand the attack of the Black Hell Army, with a charming younger generation and with so many foreign tribes that have extended their helping hand, what’s the difficulty in restoring the Da Xia Kingdom once again?

“Emperor of the humans, we are glad to be here in the Soaring Dragon Continent. To us, the Soaring Dragon Continent was an unfamiliar place and the Da Xia Kingdom was also just a kingdom in a foreign land out of many foreign lands of the Tong Tian Tower, but this magical land had also fascinated us for a long time. We had always been curious about the kind of land that produced many outstanding human warriors, not to mention the third young master of the Yue Clan, who still remains a unimaginable mystery to us, just Hai Da Fu, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers, who were all tenacious and full of fighting spirit amazes us. On our adventures, we realised that the outstanding warriors of Da Xia were different from others, they were all the best young rankers. We have forged close friendships and fought as one on the battlefield, to live and die as one. To sum it in a sentence, they were not Golden Elves, nor Ox-heads, nor Orcs but they’re all our brothers and sisters in our hearts, they’re family. We were willing to come fight for these friends and family and we would be willing even if we were to die bravely in war, we would have no regrets!” Lin En, following Jun Wu You’s speech, expressed her own feelings on the behalf of Golden Elves, Ox-heads and Orcs.

“Wow, long live, long live…”

This had deeply moved the people of Da Xia.

Touching words like brothers and sisters as well as family, defeated the older generation and all their eyes brimmed with tears of excitement.

Yue Yang, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai of the younger generation, were all so capable. Since ancient times, how many races would have travelled and offered their help to a foreign land? Not to mention human warriors who were always seen as trouble and unwelcomed by the Foreign Tribes. Now, a Golden Elf had announced that they recognised the people of Da Xia as family and were willing to die in battle for them. This statement was indeed super impressive and there wasn’t any way to not be touched!

The younger people were even more excited and fired up. Golden Elves were even here to help the war, they would have nothing to fear about the Black Hell Army and just had to fight with all their might.

Ordinary soldiers couldn’t wait to fight the enemy on the battlefield immediately, the anticipation of war left them feeling frustrated.

They pounded heavily on their breastplate with their clenched fists.

What started with a few hundred soldiers grew to thousands then millions of them as they all pounded on their breastplates, filling the streets with the thunderous sound of their thumping. As more and more people joined in and the thumping became neater and rhythmic, the morale of the soldiers combined to form a crazy flood that totally covered the cheering of the people.

Thump thump thump, thump thump thump…

Their inner emotions could no longer be expressed by cheering and only through such a manner, could they have somewhat expressed the excitement in their hearts!

Jun Wu You looked at Yue Yang gratefully.

He knew all of these were in fact planned by Yue Yang in advance. Otherwise, Yue Yang wouldn’t have brought the team of Golden Elves back to the Soaring Dragon Continent with such great fanfare. Neither would Yue Yang have informed him in advance to let him get himself ready… Jun Wu You was clear that Yue Yang wanted to help him boost morales. Due to the Black Hell Army’s declaration of war on the Da Xia Kingdom and the incitement of spies, the morale of the people were all low. The people had felt that the chances of defeat were high, and it negatively affected the morale of the soldiers indirectly. Some generals were even wavered by the low morales.

Now, after the Golden Elves have paid respect to the King of Da Xia and announced their heroic intention to fight to the death, the morales of the people and soldiers would be boosted greatly.

Not mentioning others, Jun Wu You himself, felt greatly encouraged.

It turned out that Jun Wu You was secretly prepared for defeat. Although he had rather die than submit, he had never thought he would be able to win against the Black Hell Army, so all his considerations were for defeat. Now with Yue Yang’s rooting, Jun Wu You has regained his ambition and decided that the battle was undecided until the end. He had Marshall Yue Hai to lead his army and Yue Yang to fight the Innates. Even if the Black Hell Army was awesome, they wouldn’t be defeated without a fight.

“We’ll fight to the end!” Jun Wu You nodded at Yue Yang. After all Yue Yang has done, as the emperor, he must not lose face to Yue Yang!

“Heh!” Yue Yang did had the intention to encourage Jun Wu You.

He didn’t care about the morales of the ordinary people as it wasn’t a significant factor affecting the war. However, Jun Wu You must remain strong as the emperor. If he were to admit defeat and give up, then no matter how skilled his people were, they wouldn’t be able to perform.

Should they really avoid going to battle with the Black Hell King and the Black Hell Army?

Yue Yang has never submitted himself to the worst case scenario. He had even dared to fight the Three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm as well as attacked the Scarlet Emperor. Why should he even be afraid of merely the Black Hell King?

Amidst the cheerings of the crowd, Jun Wu You welcomed Anna, Bao Er and gang into the palace. Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were waiting in the main hall with smiles, looking very cheeky. Yue Yang flourished his hand:”There, go on and beat them up, don’t be shy. But it better not last more than an hour because the emperor has arranged a feast in an hour’s time.”

“You’re unbelievable. So be it if you hadn’t tried to dissuade the fight, but you are asking them to take action… “ Fatty Hai let out a shriek as Ox-head Fan Lun Tie started to beat him up before he was finished speaking.

“This is called ‘Better you die than me’!” Yue Yang turned his back easily on Fatty Hai.

In Jun Wu You’s royal study, Jun Wu You thanked his future son-in-law, lifted his tea cup, sipped his tea comfortably and asked, “If you have any more good news for me, feel free to say it now, while my heart still can take it!” He knew Yue Yang would definitely have more good stuff he hadn’t shared yet.

Yue Yang had spend much effort as he believed a little sacrifice is nothing in order to pick up girls. Who asked Jun Wu You to have such an exceeding daughter, the tigress? Yue Yang cleared his throat, “It’s like this, Mr Chen from the Qi Lan continent will be providing aid to your highness. He will be giving us 500 Thunder Beasts and 100 sets of Thunder Armour.”

Jun Wu You choked upon hearing what Yue Yang said.

The fame of Thunder Beasts and the Thunder Armour wasn’t less than that of the Qi Lan Wine, it is only natural that Jun Wu You had heard of them before. He had even wanted to get himself a set when he was still a prince but various problems prevented him from getting one, the Thunder Armour together with the Storage Ring then became his greatest regrets. He had not expected this future son-in-law to gift 100 of the Thunder Armour all at once.

Ignoring Jun Wu You’s choked expression, Yue Yang casually continued, ”Here is a secret agreement I had signed with the Great Demon King Baruth and Demon King Ha Xin, they would send troops to attack the flanks if Da Xia could fight to a tie with the Black Hell Army, letting the Black Hell Army suffer consequences… “

“Ptui!” Jun Wu You cannot help but spurted water, followed by fierce coughing. Yue Yang words, almost caused him to choke to death.

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