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LLS Chapter 423 – It’s not right to scare a child!

Chapter 423 – It’s not right to scare a child!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Lin En, Anna, Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the rest were waiting before the Teleportation Circle. According to Bao Er, if Yue Yang the heartless brother doesn’t come, she would cry to death here. Of course she meant it figuratively. In reality, she only cried for a short while, reason being the number of people moving around the Teleportation Circle. With so many people watching, she was too embarrassed to cry.

“He will be coming back for me, he won’t be coming back, he will be coming back… “

Bao Er held a stack of tarot card special to the Ox-clan. She’ll be very happy if she flipped a red card, because it indicated good luck; She’ll pout her mouth if it was black, as it indicated the opposite.

She was happy for a moment and sad in the next and was completely immersed herself in fortune telling. She was so absorbed in it that she did not spare a glance at Fan Lun Tie who looked like she almost fainted on the ground.

Fan Lun Tie wasn’t superstitious normally, in fact this Ox-clan Tarot Card was used as an amulet from the patriarch to his granddaughter. He insisted on her bringing it along, if not for it, Fan Lun Tie wouldn’t have brought this stack of useless cards along. Fan Lun Tie saw that Bao Er was upset and took it out to pacify her. She bluffed Bao Er that if she flipped a red card Yue Yang will return quickly, as the red cards in it was twice more than the number of black cards, and with Bao Er’s luck, she would have high possibility of flipping a red card. It could still be apt enough in coaxing her.

Who would have known that it would be a black card when Bao Er flipped, so she insisted on flipping again.

This marked the start of a disaster.

When Bao Er flipped a red card, she’d be overjoyed, but she felt that it wasn’t safe enough, she flipped another red card again, but still felt insecure, and on her third try, she flipped a black card, so she instantly decided to flip ten more red cards to get rid of the bad luck… In the end she just kept flipping. Fan Lun Tie had never encountered such a situation in life, and it left her speechless.

One can only flip one card in fortune telling, how would it be accurate if she were to flip so many at once?

But she flipped a black card on her first try. So could it be that Yue Yang really encountered some mishaps?

“He will come back, he will come back, he will come back… Wow, I flipped ten red cards consecutively, brother Titan will definitely return later!” Bao Er ran over to Anna and showed off to her how lucky she was.

“Yes, he will definitely be back!” Anna was both amazed by her luck and felt funny that she could believe something will really happen by flipping cards. Real fortune telling would require special Beasts with special abilities, and it took a powerful fortune telling warrior that was in the same state of mind as their Beast in order to take a look at a blurry future, how could normal people predict with tarot cards? She did not put Bao Er down, but comforted her softly. She felt upset because according to Yue Yang’s character, he wouldn’t return before the war with the Black Hell King ends.

“May I ask if you all know a warrior with the nickname of ‘Extremely Shameless Fat Devil’ with his real name being Hai Da Fu?”

Two tall men walked over, side by side.

They possessed powers as Lesser Innates.

This wasn’t the point. What made Lin En and Li Ao nervous was that there were weird crests on the chest of these two weird men.

The background colour of the crest was black, with blood red fire and silver lightning. It looked like a silver lightning was tearing up the sky and struck the ground forcefully, causing splattering lava and huge fire…

Before this, Lin En and Li Ao did not notice the crest at all.

Because the crests in Tong Tian Tower were countless, and nobody would be able to recognise them entirely, moreover, this crest was the rarer ones. But now, as Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and some of their other teammates left, Lin En and Li Ao got to know more about the Black Hell King and his army so they knew what it represented. It was the designated crest for the Black Hell Army.

In other words, the two men before them are from the Black Hell Army!

“Don’t be afraid, we are just trying to understand the situation. We respect the peace loving golden elves, brave ox warriors and joyful orc warriors wholeheartedly. We just want to ask if you all know who Hai Da Fu is, or any other warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent, will you mind giving me some harmless information? We can pay, one thousand gold, I hope that you can tell us what are the skills Hai Da Fu is best at, his Beast and any other things you know about him.” The man on the left looked cordial on the surface looking all smiles, but Bao Er felt that he looked like a wolf in a sheep’s skin, and was afraid of this man carrying a hypocritical smile.

“You want us to betray our friend with one thousand gold? Pah!” Fan Lun Tie spat in contempt.

“Don’t be rude while we are still respectful!“ The man from different race on the right exploded like a gunpowder barrel, he was even more easily agitated than the Barbarian Cow. He glared at Fan Lun Tie. “I believe that you have received the news of us declaring war on Da Xia Kingdom, you all are their allies and we can get rid of you all easily, so be smart and don’t make me angry, if not I will kill all of you!”

“Sorry, we are stubborn ox headed people, if you think that you can persuade or threaten us, that will be a big joke! Our values goes like this, we’d rather die standing than to live kneeling!” Party Leader Li Ao stood up and glared back at them.

Even if he wasn’t as strong, he couldn’t show his weakness.

Ox head soldiers only die in the warfield and they were never scared off!

The man from different race on the right let out out a thunderous roar as he glared at Lin En, Anna, Bao Er and the four orc girls. “A stubborn and rigid ox head person made a decision like this, will the bright golden elves go along with this decision? Did it ever cross your mind that how your decision will afflict pain and sufferings on your people?”

Lin En remained aloof with her eyes sharp like a sword. “I know, if I relent, all I can bring to my people when I return will be an unerasable shame! The build of a Golden Elf isn’t specialised at fighting, unlike ox head soldier that are good at short distance combat. But on the spiritual level, Golden Elves are also warriors that aren’t afraid of death!”

The men from the Black Hell Army on the right smiled. “Rest assured, we reiterate that we don’t intend to declare war on the ox head soldiers and the elves, we are merely here to ask around.”

“We don’t have any information you need, now go, we don’t welcome you!” Anna ordered him to leave.

“What if we insist on asking?” The man from different race on the right was incensed.


A thunderous sound of ‘Ahem!’ came from a distance.

Ou Gen from the Warrior Guild moved swiftly from the tunnel in huge steps. He shouted to the two men from the Black Hell Army. “This place is within the administration of the Warrior Guild, get lost you lackeys, or I’ll kill you!”

The two foreign men did not expect that these people were protected by Innates from the Warrior Guild. They stared at Ou Gen coldly. “Fine, see you soon everyone!”

Ou Gen patted Lin En on the shoulder. “Go back home. I believe Titan Jr. and the rest have received your well wishes, what they want to see most is that you all are in a safe place. As you have seen just now, the Sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower is no longer safe, the Black Hell Army had already offered a handsome reward in the Adventurer’s Guild. The bandits have already leaked your informations to them for money and treasures, and this is only the beginning. It will become more dangerous with time.”

Lin En nodded. “Understood, we’ll just wait one more day! Afterall Titan jr. and the rest have mentioned that if the situation is still alright, they will bring us to the Soaring Dragon Continent.”

“…” Ou Gen wanted to tell him that Titan was only giving a perfunctory response.

But, thinking again.

It was just like how he was like when he was rescuing his mates. As long as there is hope, albeit very insignificant, he wouldn’t be willing to give up.

Ou Gen patted Lin En’s shoulders again and caressed Bao Er’s head softly, indicating his support.

An Iron Blood Soldier rushed towards Ou Gen to report that there were sightings of Dragon Hunters.

On hearing the news, Ou Gen was slightly startled.

He thought for a while. “Lin En, you have two choices now. First, you can leave the Sixth Floor and go back to your own continent; the second one is to wait for Titan Jr. in the Warrior Guild. I’m suspecting that our enemies are trying to lure us away as the appearance of the Dragon Hunters is too coincidental. I am unable to refuse the orders to investigate the appearance of the Dragon Hunters, as I am on duty now and this is my job. However, I am really concerned about your safety. Quickly go now, go to the great hall of the Warrior Guild, you’ll be safe there.”

Lin En and the lot glanced at each other. They weren’t determine to return now.

Everyone felt that it would be better to wait for Yue Yang in the Warrior Guild.

No matter how aggressive the Black Hell Army was, they wouldn’t kill people in the Warrior Guild…

Ou Gen escorted them to the plaza, and when he saw that the Warrior Guild was not faraway, he left with ease of mind. He rushed to where the Dragon Hunters appeared to carry out his duties.

Li Ao was at the front, Lin En was at the back while Anna held on to Bao Er as they walked towards the Warrior Guild briskly. Although fightings were rampant in the Plaza, the area was controlled by the Warrior Guild, so fallen warriors wouldn’t dare to appear here normally. On seeing that there was no abnormal activities around them and the Warrior Guild was just ahead, Lin En heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

No matter how aggressive the Black Hell Army is, they wouldn’t be so unbridled.

This was where the Warrior Guild was, a place that is was affirmed by all warriors including those from the Innate Alliance. They wouldn’t dare to challenge the Warrior Guild be it how aggressive they might be, because that would equate to them challenging the entire Innate Alliance!

But just as Anna and Bao Er were preparing to step onto the stairs of the Warrior Guild.

Two shadows flashed past.

It was the two foreign men from the Black Hell Army just now. One was smiling while the other one looked angry as they blocked the path of the two girls on both sides.

“I said that we’ll meet again.” The men who was all smiles laughed. “Don’t think that the Warrior Guild on the Six Floor of Tong Tian Tower can stop us. Moreover, you haven’t stepped onto the stairs of the Warrior Guild yet, so you are still considered out of the Warrior Guild. Strictly speaking, if we were to kill you, it wouldn’t be considered as challenging the Warrior Guild. Stop putting on a strong front, you all won’t receive any more assistance, that fool has already went to play hide and seek with the Dragon Hunters, he wouldn’t be back until 2 hours later. No one in the whole of Warrior Guild is more powerful than us! I have a good suggestion, comply and come with us, if my mate here becomes angry, the situation will become dire. Forget about the orcs, Golden Elves with tender skin like you surely wouldn’t want my mate turn beastly and shame you in public right?”

“I will put this across directly. There will be only dying warriors but not relenting cowards!” Anna looked calm and determined. She waved her hands as Ox Head Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls unleashed their power and prepared to fight to their death.

“I’m going to be angry, the two of you deserve to die!” Bao Er took out her vine bow in anger, and aimed the arrow towards her enemies.

“What a joke, what use can this tiny bow do? A kid’s catapult is more powerful than this! Ha ha ha, ha ha ha!” The all smiles men laughed loudly, undaunted.

“Forget about the both of us, even if it was just me, I can finish all of you within a minute! I hate Ox head people the most, so i’ll tell you how you’ll die. I will break your horns and pierce it into your eyes and through your head, I want to let you see for yourself how useless your honour and horns are to me! Dirty orcs like you all make me feel that you are just wasting food with every minute you exist in this world! I don’t want your dirty meat, but slicing off your chest and heart for us to have with alcohol is still alright! Last but not least for golden elves like you two, don’t think that you can die easily! After I’m sick of you, I will sell you off as slaves, don’t act like a hero in your next life, using your tender skin to please your master is what you should do the most!” The angry man from different race opened up his mouth widely, exposing his terrifying fangs.

“Kill!” Fan Lun Tie shouted as she waved her giant axe in various ways.

“What a joke!” The angry man from different race stretched out his hands, causing Fan Lun Tie to be sent flying into the air from the shockwave, and then crashing onto the ground.

The four orc girls went to receive her immediately, but the impact from Fan Lun Tie’s fall was too huge. They weren’t able to take it, causing all of them to fall.

Their powers rose tremendously after they got to know Yue Yang.

But it was still a long way for their power to be on par to that of Lesser Innates.

“We’ll go!” Lin En and Li Ao were silent before this. But actions speak louder than words as they moved through the lot and prepared to sacrifice themselves. They launched a suicidal attack on their opponent. In this way, the women could get into the Warrior Guild first, because no matter how arrogant the two men were, they wouldn’t dare to chase into the Warrior Guild.

Even if they really do so, the Warrior Guild would protect them.

The receivers from the Warrior Guild were already at the door, as one of them waved to Anna, indicating for her to get in quickly. Although the two receivers did not have the power to fight against people from the Black Hell Army, they extended their help towards Bao Er and Anna fearlessly. As long as they are able to enter the Warrior Guild, they can protect them.

There were secret rooms in the Warrior Guild specially set up for warriors seeking refuge.

Just when Lin En and Li Ao were unleashing their power and preparing to perish together with their enemies.

A lazy voice sounded. “Are you trying to bully the minorities here? If that is the case, then you all definitely wouldn’t mind bullying me too…”

“Eh?” On hearing, the lot didn’t believe their ears.

“Sob…” Especially Bao Er who was so agitated on seeing the man wearing a Gemini Mask casually shuffling the ox cards that she ran towards him, crying. She ran into his embrace and cried pitifully.

“Rascal, I’ll kill you!” The angry man from different race flew towards Yue Yang on seeing that he was only Level Six and a scrub.

He waved punches at Yue Yang as he prepared to kill Yue Yang instantly.

In the sky, a giant black shadow dived down with a speed ten times faster than lightning.

With sharp scythe-like arms, it slashed the arm that was about to hit its master into half. Before the angry man could react, the other scythe-like arm had already locked his body as its triangular head came close and bit onto his arms, tearing the arms of the angry men directly as it chewed it in its mouth…It was none other than the Reaper Mantis!

“Leave his head, don’t kill him, let me teach him a lesson.” It was Yue Yang. Now, Yue Yang looked like a noble educator as he spoke to the moaning man whose arms were torn. “My friend, you have to know that scaring children is not right! You made a child scared and caused her to cry, it will be very hard to coax her like this. How many candies do you want me to waste? Moreover, eating candies is bad, it may result in tooth decay, look at how pretty her white teeth are. Just tell me if you deserve to die by trying to make her tooth decay!”

“…” Lin En and the rest were speechless.

“…” The man from different race who was all smiles just now looked even worse than bawling. He wasn’t able to squeeze out a smile no matter how hard he tried as beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead. He was unlucky enough to have met such a guy who was so abnormal in his mind and powers! Now, he didn’t even think of rescuing his mate, he could only think of running for his life.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to save his mate, even if he did, it would just be a waste of medical fees!

Moreover to save a man before a Level Four Platinum-ranked Reaper Mantis? Even an Innate would find it hard!

Now, thinking of how to escape safely and not be chewed into pieces by the Reaper Mantis was what he regarded as most important!

He had a few plans. First one being to attack the nearest Golden Elf as she was distracted by Yue Yang, thus making her easiest to be attacked; the second one was to flee, as everyone was distracted by Yue Yang’s appearance.

He could only choose one.

If he stayed he would have a hostage, no matter how fast the Reaper Mantis was, it wouldn’t attack him considering the safety of the hostage.

Fleeing seems feasible too as he was super fast. Moreover the Reaper Mantis was still masticating on his mate, so it wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

After hesitating for half a second, the man from different race who was previously all smiles and now could only smile bitterly chose the first plan. That was to attack the Golden Elf! With a hostage, he would be able to get himself a few seconds to negotiate before he breaks his Teleportation Stone. He only wished to escape, and this plan seemed safer than the second one.

Just as he thought that he could carry out his evil schemes, who would know that everyone reacted immediately.

“You are asking to die!” Lin En, Li Ao and the Ox Head Fan Lun Tie struck simultaneously. They had expected that the man wouldn’t give up easily and would attack Anna. At the same time Anna summoned a Grimoire and a protective shield enclosed her, repelling the sharp claws of the man…

But all these weren’t the main point.

An Iron Back Demonic Wolf appeared sleeping on the back of the man from different race since god knows when.

It was very indifferent as it waved its claws, causing the Lesser Innate man to fall onto the ground. It was as if the Iron Back Demonic Wolf was just yawning. Under the startled gaze of the bystanders, the Iron Back Demonic Wolf opened its mouth and tore the arms of its opponent. Ignoring useless struggles of his opponent and his painful cries, the Iron Back Demonic Wolf chewed on his arms, its movements were even more relaxed than the Reaper Mantis. It was as if it was a pet dog enjoying a piece of delicious beef rib.

It was Hui Tai Lang!

Yue Yang looked defeated as he sighed. “I have seen people asking to die, but never have I seen someone wanting to die like this. Maybe you were envious of your friend being chewed to death, or maybe it was because you had this special preference, no choice, I respect your preferences, I wish you a pleasant experience being eaten alive, and please enjoy the process!”

“…” When they hear this, everyone was speechless.

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