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LLS Chapter 422 – Negotiating with a Silver Tongue

Chapter 422 – Negotiating with a Silver Tongue
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Demon palace.

Great Demon King Baruth and his trusted aide Demon Marshal Duran were currently discussing about the current situation. They had already received the news of the Black Hell King declaring war against Da Xia.

Regarding the Black Hell King, most of the powers in the Demon Abyss did not have a good impression of him. It could be said that most of the Black Hell King’s corrupt warriors came from the Demon Abyss. From Demon Abyss’ viewpoint, this was an undisguised poaching of personnel. If these corrupt warriors came from Demon King Baruth’s Blood Prison, he could also not tolerate it.

The Black Hell King’s attack against da Xia this time was probably premeditated.

Zhi Zun had probably grasped the way to enter Heaven Realm and could leave at any time.

The current goal of the Black Hell King was to eradicate the hidden dangers of the Soaring Dragon Continent. At the same time it was to take the Prison Emperor’s legacy. The most important point was to take control of God’s Ruins.

Everybody knew that Rankers were after the secrets of God’s Ruins.

Every Innate was suspicious as to why Zhi Zun was so strong. It was said that she had obtained the legendary ‘Martial Spirit’ from within God’s Ruins.

The God’s Ruins of Soaring Dragon Continent was a place which Rankers fought for. This place was also connected to the origin of every continent of the various realms.

Only after passing through the ancient passage within God’s Ruins could people enter other continents.

The other way was to follow the laws of Tong Tian Tower, entering another continent guided by someone from the other continent… With this condition, nobody could invade other continents. In other words, the ancient passage was the first bridge that various powers had created.

In order to stop the powers of Demon Abyss from sending their troops, the Black Hell King had sent a secret letter to Baruth and Duran. The letter proposed that as long as Demon Abyss does not interfere, then he was willing tell them the secrets of entering Heaven Realm. The other thing that the Black Hell King proposed was that after he enters the Innate Alliance, he would help Demon Abyss recognize and legalize its territories and all rights would be returned to the Demon Kings.

In short, the Black Hell King wanted to work together.

At the very least he wanted Baruth, Duran and other Rankers of the Demon Abyss to not get involved with his invasion on the Soaring Dragon Continent. For this reason, he did not hesitate to reveal secrets about Heaven Realm.

“For this matter, I cannot give any opinions. It would be best if your majesty decides!” Demon Marshal Duran cupped his hands.

“…” Great Demon King Baruth stayed silent for a very long time.

Making a decision was very easy, one word would be enough.

However, the consequences of this matter could split the current political situation in two different directions. This was not a win-win situation, one single mistake could lead the Demon Abyss from its golden age to its decline. How to make the most benefits in this situation was Baruth’s headache.

An unusual smell suddenly appeared within the demon palace.


The one who came was definitely an enemy!

Great Demon King Baruth and Demon Marshal Duran immediately responded. They stood up and began storing their energy, preparing to attack against the unusual smell.

“The basic manners of the Demon Abyss is really quite bad. Is this how you greet old friends?” A figure flashed from the outside. Before the Guards even responded, it had already appeared in front of Baruth’s imperial study. A human male smiling bright like the sun ignored Baruth’s and Duran’s attack preparation. He entered in an upright and brave manner. He swaggeringly found a chair to sit on and crossed his legs. Being pleased with his position, he appeared to be more relaxed than when he came in.

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master? What are you doing here?” Baruth was not worried about Yue Yang coming to seduce his concubine and daughter because human’s esthetics and Demon Abyss’ esthetics are different. This human child would absolutely not like a ten meter tall, flame bodied, fish scaled, quilled demon race beauty. Regarding Yue Yang’s arrival, Baruth immediately thought that this brat was definitely here as a mediator.

“You are wrong. I am not here to ask for help. I am here to save you!” Yue Yang had watched the Romance of the Three Kingdoms before. He knew that an expert mediator would speak first in order to dominate the opponent, or else the conversation would not continue.

“Save us? I did not mishear right? It seems to me that the one in danger right now is the Soaring Dragon Continent!” After hearing it, Demon Marshal Duran immediately snorted.

“Do you think that Da Xia will be annihilated?” Yue Yang was so relaxed as if he was going to eat dumplings tonight.

“It would definitely be annihilated.” Baruth dared wager with Yue Yang.

“Then, do you think that the Black Hell King can kill me?” Yue Yang asked again.

“……” Baruth and Duran looked at each other as they were truly unsure of how to answer this question.

Although the Black Hell King was strong, this brat was even more abnormal. The most crucial point is that this brat had two unusual yet unimaginable strong fire-type beast’s protection. Even if it was a long time ago, this kind of deathly pressure still remained fresh in Baruth’s and Duran’s memory. No matter how strong the Black Hell King was, killing Yue Yang was perhaps a big joke. Let alone those two fire-type beasts, even that strange beast that could escape its seal was incomparably strong. Once it recovers its peak strength, it would probably make the Black Hell King suffer the consequences.

“For now, I admit that I am not able to defeat the Black Hell King. However, what about a year after? Or maybe ten years after? You guys should have already investigated the history of my growth and also understand the speed of my growth. Who do you think would be stronger between me and the Black Hell King ten years after? Would we be a draw? Or would one emerge victorious? If the Da Xia was annihilated, I will lead the younger generation into hiding. After ten years, I will eliminate the Black Hell King and restore Da Xia. What do you think about this? The smart Great Demon King Baruth and the loyal Demon Marshal Duran, you guys should know that Zhi Zun is my introducer. Even if she entered Heaven Realm, she would definitely bring me with her… Furthermore, Sky Law is my close friend and the Night Empress also views me favorably. As long as Tian Luo and the Demonic Palace, these two powers, join hands with us, The Soaring Dragon Continent would not necessarily fall into enemy hands.” Yue Yang had never led the army to fight wars before, but he was definitely eligible to be a mediator.

“Demonic Palace would absolutely not join hands with you!” Baruth’s words was enough to block his path.
(Last: Note that Demonic Palace and demon palace are different. The latter is referring to the place where Baruth lives and the former is where the Sky XXXX live)

“Right. No matter how intimate you are with Sky Law, the true ruler of Demonic Palace is still Sky Execution. Moreover, the Three Great Founders of Demonic Palace would never agree to help Da Xia, because they are deserters from Da Xia and Tian Luo. Their resentment soars to the skies, their grudge deeper than the ocean, how could they possibly help you?” Demon Marshal Duran was very familiar about the history of Soaring Dragon Continent. So, he hit the weak spot in Yue Yang’s argument.

“You are all mistaken, gravely mistaken.” Yue Yang immediately counter attacked and used only a few words to refute them.

“Is that right?” Baruth felt that this brat would never admit his mistakes even if he died. He coldly smiled and said: “Compared to Demon Abyss, Demonic Palace hates you more. If they allied with you, it would be a huge joke!”

“They indeed have a grudge. However, they haven’t even settled their debt yet, even if two brothers fought, it does not mean that they are willing to see outsiders capture their homeland. Let alone blood relationships, Demonic Palace would never let others lay their hands on God’s Ruins. Are you willing to let the Black Hell King obtain the treasures and ‘Martial Spirit’ from God’s Ruins and become another Zhi Zun? The Black Hell King is not Zhi Zun. Zhi Zun has never meddled in others matters, permitting Demon Abyss’ growth, would the Black Hell King do the same? If he extended his hands over here, the first to be annihilated would be your Demon Abyss!” Yue Yang’s words alarmed Baruth and Duran.

“Your joking, how could the Black Hell King easily attack us?” Baruth was not worried about this. The demon race was not the same as the human race. They had the mentality of dying rather than submitting. They would never surrender even if they were exterminated. Moreover, comparing the Black Hell King’s forces and the Demon Abyss’ forces, it was at least one is to one million. Against such a vast number, everything else could not even compare.

“If the Black Demon King’s army attack Demon Abyss, it is the same as pouring a ladle of water over a sea of flames. They would be digging their own graves.” Demon marshal Duran was also very confident.

“Attacking Demon Abyss is indeed not easy. However, what if he came alone to attack you Demon Kings? Would you just hide in Demon Abyss forever and huddle together everyday? If you head to Tong Tian Tower, the Black Hell King would attack everywhere, how would you be able to live? If you are willing to be a turtle who hides in his shell, then I have nothing else to say.” Yue Yang spread his hands.

“Even if the Black Hell King attacks the Soaring Dragon Continent, it does not necessarily mean that he can enter God’s Ruins, nor does it mean that his strength would level up.” Great Demon King Baruth firmly rejected.

“You’re right, I am only giving a hypothesis… Six thousand years ago, the Black Hell King was the right hand man of the Prison Emperor. In the end, he betrayed the Prison Emperor and incited Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leader. Because of this, the Prison Emperor used his life to seal the Three Great Leaders. You should already know this. However, until recently, Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders have awakened and left the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace. You should probably not know this…” Yue Yang smiled and changed the topic.

“Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders?” Baruth and Duran looked at each other as their brows wrinkled.

“The names of the Three Great Leaders are Ming Yue Guang, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao. With their strength, they could easily kill you with a single finger. Of course, since they have just broken through their seal, they are still very weak. Even if it was like this, they have still beaten this young master into a sorry state. It was only because I used the Divine Tools left by the Prison Emperor that I drove them away.” Yue Yang spoke as if he met his seat mate while shopping for vegetables. His expression was calm but his eyes showed that he was proud of himself. This expression made others want to beat him up. If Baruth and Duran did not have strong patience they would already have done so.

“The Prison Emperor left behind Divine Tools for you?” Duran and Baruth were both extremely envious. This brat’s luck was really incredulous, how could he easily just pick up Divine Tools randomly?

“I can actually bring it out to let you see. In any case there are three of them, I can bring out any of them for you to envy. A handsome, bold heroic youth like me will definitely not be stingy about it. However, a few days ago, I had shown it to the Scarlet Emperor and accidentally smashed his skull. The originally ugly Scarlet Emperor had become Zhu Bajie. So for the sake of your safety, I have decided to temporarily put it away until a good opportunity comes.” Yue Yang rocked his legs.
(Last: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhu_Bajie)

“The Scarlet Emperor…” Baruth and Duran were shocked. They had read about the Scarlet Emperor in the Demon Abyss’ ancient records. This guy was an abnormal homicidal maniac and he was extremely evil. He had once massacred a few demon palaces of the Demon Abyss. He completely did not follow any common sense and killed to his heart’s content. He was scarier than the Strong Prison Emperor.

“He has already escaped. Also, he has that demon race concubine with her.” Yue Yang showed an astonished expression as if asking ‘you didn’t know?’.

“You injured him?” Duran probingly asked.

“Actually, he had injured me more. At that time, Shun Tian and the Black Prince were there. Those bastards attacked this young master from both sides and almost killed me. Fortunately this young master has great luck and great vitality.” Yue Yang coughed twice, showing that his own internal injuries had not yet healed.

“You were actually able to escape while under attack from the Scarlet Emperor, Shun Tian and the Black Prince?” When Baruth heard this, he was surprised.

“It’s not escape, it’s called tactical retreat!” Yue Yang dissatisfying protested, expressing that a Great Demon King’ choice of words were inappropriate.

“The Scarlet Emperor also came out…” Demon Marshal Duran now felt that the Tong Tian Tower was a pool of muddy water, The Black Hell King, this betrayer was already quite scary. Now, the Scarlet Emperor also came out. This guy was above the Black Hell King’s level. He was an emperor class existence that was on the same rank as the Prison Emperor. The Black Hell King was only a general, he was simply inferior to the Scarlet Emperor.

“There’s no problem, I had already cut an arm and a leg and smashed his skull. It would probably take him a year and a half to recover. You still have one year to live at ease. Slowly enjoy it. I have said all I want to say, good bye.” Yue Yang pretended to leave.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Demon Marshal immediately dissuaded.

“I feel that we need to discuss the Black Hell King’s sinister invasion. This was definitely unjust!” Baruth’s righteous and noble words almost made Yue Yang faint. Aren’t you, Demon Abyss’ Great Demon King Baruth, the one who did the most unjust sinister invasion? Luckily, you still have the face to criticize others. However, since the time to be a mediator has arrived, this negotiation needs to continue. So I cannot leave yet.

“Summon Ha Xin, Gu Lun and the others. I feel that we cen temporarily throw out out our hatred and work together.” Yue Yang suggested.

“Work together…” Beruth and Duran were very depressed.

What’s the difference between talking about working together with this brat and asking us to act against our own interest?

The Black Hell King and the Scarlet Emperor were not to be trifled with. Especially the Scarlet Emperor, not only Demon Abyss but also the Tong Tian Tower would be in danger. However, Yue Yang, this abnormal newcomer was also not to be trifled with. While he is still young, he already has such huge achievements, disturbing the demon palace, fighting against Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders, putting the Scarlet Emperor in a sorry state, escaping under Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s pincer attack. It can be seen that if this brat matured, he would at least be a new Prison Emperor!

With him there, Demon Abyss would definitely not have a good time.

The question was if they did not cooperate now, this brat would definitely harbor hard feelings, then the Demon Abyss would definitely have a hard time in the future.

Unbeatable and unkillable, this brat was truly making things difficult. However, he was not resigned to work together with him. Why is it that he must bow down to Yue Yang if Yue Yang was the one asking for help…

Whether it was Baruth or Duran, they had the impulse to choke Yue Yang to death.

In the end, they endured it.

Yue Yang took advantage while the iron is hot: “Smart Demon King, the secrets of Heaven Realm are just a load of bull. If the Black Prison Emperor used this to entice you, it is just like using candy to trick a child. Even those with negative IQ know what kind of person he is, believing him is like believing that an old pig could climb trees! Heaven Realm is not much of a secret. You guys are currently too weak. If you had the strength then this young master would bring you there on a journey, eating and living there would also be free! Moreover, what’s this on your table? It’s an insignificant Heaven Rune yet you don’t recognize it, I am truly ashamed on behalf of you. I truly cannot imagine how you became a Great Demon King… Let me tell you, this is a runic diagram that will strengthen and upgrade the demon race’s body. My mood is very good today, if not I would never reveal this to ignorant people. I am very low key, could it be that I need to tell you that I have a Divine Beast?”

Great Demon King Baruth and Demon Marshal Duran perspired greatly. They thought to themselves, who would not know about your well known Hui Tai Lang?

Moreover, if you only had one Divine Beast then it was fine. But you have too many Divine Beasts so you were not even willing to waste a contract slot and only give them to Beautiful Woman Divine Beasts…

The two who continued to silently curse. In the end, they endured the impulse to beat Yue Yang up. They looked at each other and decided to notify Demon King Ha Xin, Demon King Gu Lan and the others.

Just like this, the first human and Demon Abyss alliance had begun…

Although this contract was a secret limited to Yue Yang and a few Demon Abyss Rulers, you cannot deny Yue Yang’s silver tongue. The might it created was not inferior to the power a Divine Beast holds.

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