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LLS Chapter 421 – Declaration of War

Chapter 421 – Declaration of War
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Other than the addressee, no one else, not even best friends or siblings were allowed to receive the top secret message.

Lin En and the rest did not know what the content was, neither do they know the truth, so out of no choice, they chose to stay somewhere near the Warrior Guild. They hope to stop Yue Yang at the Teleportation Circle of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower to get a sensing of what is happening in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Ox head Fan Lun Tie suggested to send Yue Yang a letter, but Anna rejected it after some considerations. Lin En and the Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao also felt that since their master, Shui Dong Liu asked Fatty Hai and Ye Kong to leave the team so that they wouldn’t burden their teammates, Yue Yang would definitely do the same. They felt that it would be better to stop Yue Yang and ask him personally.

When they were still in the middle of their discussions, Ou Gen and Chief Matthew came.

They brought a shocking news to Lin En and the lot. The Black Hell King had officially declared war on Da Xia Kingdom of the Soaring Dragon Continent. All warriors and allies of Da Xia Kingdom would be included in the killing range of the Black Hell Army.
(Shiro: Previously translated as Dark Prison King, changing it to Black Hell King)

“Who is Black Hell King?” Bao Er who had just entered the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower did not know who the Black Hell King is.

“He is a fallen Innate from six thousand years ago, he was originally called ‘Prison Emperor Divine General’. He has terrifying power that is above Innate Level Ten. He has a lot of followers who are all very strong, forming his Black Hell Army completely made up of fallen warriors. There’s already four warriors that are above Level Seven Innate.” Ou Gen said with a serious face.

“Ah, then isn’t Titan that brat in a dangerous situation!” Ox-head Fan Lun Tie reeled in shock from hearing.

“Lets send a top-secret letter quickly and make brother Titan leave the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower… “ Bao Er was anxious as she pulled Anna’s hand to urge her to make a decision.

“He isn’t the one who should leave, you all are. Kids, the tumultuous time has arrived, go back to where you live originally, the Sixth Floor is no longer safe. I understand about your friendship ties, but the most rational choice now will be to return back to safety, this will be best for you and for them. The Black Hell Army is very strong, without the protection of Innates, you all will be in danger.” Once Chief Matthew said it, the four orc girls jumped uncontrollably, while Li Ao and Lin En shook their head slightly.

The situation right now was exactly what Chief Matthew described.

But for them to get back to where they stayed originally now would be impossible.

Yue Yang did not know about the Black Hell King declaring war on Da Xia Kingdom at all. When he came out of the Grimoire World, he teleported back immediately.

His plan was to get to the Third Floor of Tong Tian Tower to find out the secret of the place where the Blood Queen Red’s mother roamed. Although the Scarlet Emperor was a great threat, Yue Yang estimated that he wouldn’t recuperate fully before half a year…

When he returned to the Teleportation Circle in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, he was a little startled when he saw Anna and Lin En waiting from a distance.

What is going on?

Bao Er reacted the fastest as she had already dashed towards Yue Yang, crying.

“What are you still doing here? Go back quickly!” Ox Headed Fan Lun Tie charged forth. “We’re going too, to bash the goddamn Black Hell King!”

“Black Hell King?” Yue Yang was dumbfounded, what has this got to do with the Black Hell King?

“It’s like this… The Black Hell King has officially declared war on Da Xia Kingdom…” Lin En’s words stunned Yue Yang. “Declaring war? Did he take the wrong medicine?”

“You, you don’t know about it?” Anna was startled, if Yue Yang did not know about what’s going on with the Black Hell King, then what for did he send Fatty Hai and Ye Kong a top-secret letter? Bao Er was afraid that Yue Yang would leave immediately, so she used her octopus-like tangling skill to grab onto his arms. “Bring us to the Soaring Dragon Continent, we want to help too, no matter how insignificant our help may be, if we work hand in hand, we can definitely fight off the intruders!”

“Don’t add on to the trouble, there’s none of your business here little kid.” Yue Yang shook his hands twice, but couldn’t get away from the pestering of the big loli Golden Elf.

“Our power may be weak, but we’re friends, and battling companions, if you think that we aren’t useless, and are people you can battle together with, then bring us to the Soaring Dragon Continent. If our Elf Forest gets intruded, you will help us fight off the intruders too, so conversely, how can we just watch from the sidelines now? Let’s go, we are ready!” Lin En stared at Yue Yang in the eye firmly. The Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao, Ox Headed Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls wore the same expression.

“Don’t be too anxious now everyone. Wait for me to find out what is happening in the Soaring Dragon Continent first. If we really can’t fight off the opponents, we may even have to hide in the Elf Forest!” Yue Yang laughed.

“No, we’ll go together, we will face the problem together.” Forget about Anna, even Bao Er knew that Yue Yang was a big liar that couldn’t be trusted.

“Okay, then let’s go!” Yue Yang’s reply made everyone heave a sigh of relief, they caught up with him, fortunately.

When they were at the Teleportation Circle, Yue Yang handed over sufficient amount of teleportation fees.

Just when the lot were looking forward to get to the Soaring Dragon Continent, the teleportation officer waved his hands as the crystal pillar, among all other giant pillars, shone a blinding ray in which only Yue Yang was teleported away. Everyone was startled, what is happening? Before Lin En and the rest could argue, the teleportation officer returned them the remaining money. “He told me that the extra money will be my tip, but i feel that i should return you all the money, my apologies for not teleporting y’all, but since the warrior from the foreign continent did not choose to bring anyone along, I won’t teleport you guys off, even if I try to, it will be unsuccessful.”

The lot finally knew that they were deceived by Yue Yang, he did not intend to bring everyone to the Soaring Dragon Continent to fight off the enemy.

Yue Yang left the Tong Tian Tower after being teleported.

He went to the Yue Clan Castle first.

Elder Yue Hai and Jun Wu You were all there. As for Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, they went to fetch students from the Death Class, who went around adventuring, together with Old Fox.
“Where is the Black Hell King’s Black Hell Army invading now?” Hearing Yue Yang, Elder Yue Hai and Jun Wu You laughed out loud instantly. Jun Wu You clapped his hands in joy. “I thought you are an all rounded abnormal dude, who would have known that you are a just a newbie at military affairs. But fortunately, if you are good at this too, then geezers like us will have to retire.”

“That’s right. The Black Hell Army is preparing to invade, but you don’t have to worry, they can’t reach us so soon.” Elder Yue Hai became abnormally excited, as if a general that was about to go into battle. The desire to fight is burning in his eyes silently, as if a sword half drawn, and just about to be unsheathed.

A kind of familiar killing intent surrounded the place.

Although they knew that their enemy was the Black Hell Army, the old marshal who fought frequently with the the Demon Abyss Army was fearless.

On top of that, he felt a sense of indescribable fervour and fighting spirit.

“The Black Hell Army definitely doesn’t have men from the Soaring Dragon Continent. If they want to enter our world, they’ll have to do it through sacrificing to god in order to enter the Teleportation Door and come in through the Ancient Passage. If they want to invade my Da Xia Kingdom, they will not simply send a few Innate Rankers. A war is broken down into three processes. Innates versus Innates; Soldiers versus soldiers; another one will be through secret alliance with other kingdoms. If not for their endless sacrifices to the god, how will the Black Hell Army be able to come to the Soaring Dragon Continent? What we are worried about the most is that the Black Hell Army would conduct a killing spree on our men in the Tong Tian Tower. Because they had already declared war, the rules couldn’t protect us anymore, especially you, we are most worried about you. As for the Scarlet Emperor, we have already received your letter, we don’t have to worry too much about him as for now, if there’s really no choice, you’ll bring along Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the students to a faraway place, wait for the time when all your powers peak, then come back to make Da Xia prosper again!” Jun Wu You smiled lightly, signalling for Yue Yang to take a seat. He looked very calm with no traces of anger or anxiety, nor could nervousness or abnormality be seen, he acted as if the destructive invasion was a common occurrence.

“You really can’t fight against them?” Yue Yang was not willing to resign to fate. Damn it, if worst comes to worst, he will just fight with the Black Hell King with his life.

“Its difficult.” Elder Yue Hai shook his head. “Although we have Tian Luo Kingdom as our ally, the joint power of these two kingdoms is only ahead of that of Zi Jin Kingdom by a tad bit. Once war descends, many of the city masters of Da Xia and Tian Luo will definitely betray their kingdom. Horse thieves, bandits and all kind of mercenaries groups will lean towards Zi Jin Kingdom which was supported by the Black Hell Army, and subsequently landing us in an unfavourable state. Other than the power of the Soaring Dragon Continent, the bigger opponents would be the Black Hell Army and the Demon Abyss Army. They are really great in numbers, if the Innate Rankers among us are not able to take it, we will fall completely. Now, with the Black Hell King as their mental pillar of support, and with the support of the Lion Pagoda and Demon Abyss, Zi jin Kingdom will definitely aim to destruct Da Xia at all cost… For safety purposes, we decided to only accept Tian Luo Kingdom’s secret assistance, we don’t wish for Tian Luo Kingdom to declare war on Zi Jin Kingdom, so even if we are defeated, the students will have somewhere to go.”

“How long can they remain safe in Tian Luo?” Yue Yang did not have high hopes. How will the Black Hell Army leave any men unharmed with their invasion? Tian Luo could remain peaceful temporarily, but how long can that last?

“At least Tian Luo is able to push through till the last moment. With Night Empress around, no matter how arrogant the Black Hell King is, he wouldn’t offend her easily. With no 100% certainty, he won’t dare to challenge the Night Empress yet.” Elder Yue Hai patted Yue Yang on the shoulder. “Even if Da Xia and Tian Luo are destroyed, there’ll still be you all. Our distant ancestors also built Da Xia Kingdom out of ruins after war, so losing the Kingdom would be nothing!”

“Is there any possibility that we’ll win in the end?” Yue Yang also understood that the key thing in this war wasn’t determined by the number of soldiers, but rather, the fight between Innate Rankers.

If they could take down the Black Hell King, then no matter how strong the Black Hell Army is, they would be defeated.

What made Yue Yang angry was that he still hadn’t got the power which would allow him to challenge the Black Hell King. It would be great if he had more time, if he had one more year to cultivate, he would be certain about challenging the Black Hell King.

Of course, it did not mean that he couldn’t fight with the Black Hell King now, it’s just that he wasn’t 100% sure that he could emerge victorious.

After all, he was a super powerful dude from six thousand years ago.

Although not on par to the Scarlet Emperor, he wouldn’t be anywhere near weak. Yue Yang estimated that he would most probably be a Sky-ranked expert.

Upon hearing what Yue Yang said, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai looked at each other. Jun Wu You slowed down in his speech and looked at Yue Yang. “If you want to win this war, this is still some possibility. We’ll just need one person to help.”

“You mean Zhi Zhun?” Yue Yang had a sudden realisation immediately.

“Yes, if Zhi Zhun is willing to help, the Black Hell King would definitely be troubled. I believe that even the Scarlet Emperor would be apprehensive. But the problem is, Zhi Zhun seldom interferes with what’s happening here. She wants to cultivate whole heartedly, and on top of that, it is also the key moment to explore the Heaven Realms now, so she might not come back to the Soaring Dragon Continent. And because of this, the Black Hell King got the guts to declare war on us… We are guessing that Zhi Zhun might have reaped something when she was exploring the Heaven Realms, so she would be leaving for the Heaven Realms soon. That is why the Black Hell King can be so unbridled and aggressive!” Jun Wu You’s analyzation made a lot of sense. Yue Yang thought so too.

If this is really the case, then not only Da Xia Kingdom in the Soaring Dragon Continent, the whole Tong Tian Tower would fall into chaos without Zhi Zhun and her intimidating supreme power.

Those who wanted to take over Zhi Zhun’s position desperately, for example, super Innates like Shun Tian, the Black Prince, Thousand Globin Sect Leader and Great Demon King Baruth would definitely cause a havoc. Even the quiet ones like Sky Pearl, An Xi and the Dragon Emperor would emerge to compete too.

If Zhi Zhun was around, Yue Yang would definitely advise her to think twice before going to the Heaven Realms as Tong Tian Tower would be in shambles.

If only this mysterious girl with big boobs was as easy to talk to as Phoenix Fairy Beauty… Yue Yang sighed silently, he could still use tactics like pretty boys to persuade the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, but he could do nothing with Zhi Zhun. The most important thing is that he couldn’t even use the pretty boy tactic now as Zhi Zhun had always been secretive in her journey, nobody would knew where she was!

It looks like the Black Hell King chose the right time to declare war.

This war would be unavoidable.

They could only wait for it to descend, and see what the final damage would be like.

“Go if you have other things going on, the Black Hell Army and Zi Jin Kingdom’s army will meet. I estimate that they won’t be able to take us down before half a month, the Black Hell King won’t make decision if he wasn’t 100% sure. Your grandfather will take care of this war, there’s none of your business here.” Jun Wu You advised Yue Yang to mind his own business.

“It’s true that I don’t know anything about fighting a war, I’ll prepare some equipments then!” Yue Yang felt that he could still be an apt admin leader. With Mr. Chen’s Thunder Beast and armour, and his own Puppet Beast, even if they couldn’t play a central role in the warfield, it would be better than nothing. No matter how powerful the Black Hell King is, Yue Yang swore to at least peel off a layer of his skin. Yue Yang wouldn’t allow him to have a easy life!

“Protect yourself, this is the most important thing.” Elder Yue Hai held onto Yue Yang’s shoulders for support. “You don’t have to worry about what’s going on in our family. There’s no coward in our Yue family, even if we die, we have to die with glory, only in this way can we meet our ancestors in the underworld without being ashamed. Moreover, among the younger ones, there’s you, Bing Er, Shuang Er and Feng Er, Yue family will not be destroyed, there’ll definitely be people carrying on the family lineage! Grandfather is old already, to die here with fervour is a hundred times better than to struggle and wait for death to descend on my deathbed. This kind of war was what I always wished for, since I’m still fit enough to kill people now, then why not do it to my heart’s content! Ha ha ha!”

“…” Yue Yang was really speechless.

He deserves to be called the old marshal that came out of a pile of dead bodies, he is really dauntless.

Yue Yang was influenced by Elder Yue Hai’s heroic spirit, although he did not say it on the surface, he was burning with ardour on the inside. Even though this old man isn’t an Innate, his character and fighting spirit is superb.

Yue Yang walked out silently, there’s none of his business now. He had to find some business for himself, who would the most suitable candidate for him to find trouble with?

He walked out of the Yue Clan Castle.

He looked at the sky and suddenly came to a decision.

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