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LLS Chapter 420 – Top Secret Letter!

Chapter 420 – Top Secret Letter!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Bloody Queen Red had a drastic change after she initiated a kiss with Yue Yang.

She no longer stays in the cloud castle suspended in the air but flew down to help the sickly beauty. She was eager to help out with anything. Even when the sickly beauty was studying the Heaven Runes, she would help to look after Yue Shuang. The sickly beauty had expected this to happen long ago. She smiled softly as she instructed Bloody Queen Red with all kinds of daily chores, making Bloody Queen Red happy and busy with all the jobs.

When Yue Yang saw it, he burst out laughing for a long while.

He went to sleep feeling at ease, as he fought the big loli in his dreams to digest the experiences he gained from fighting with the Scarlet Emperor.

The big loli could imitate the Scarlet Emperor, Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s attack completely, and even more perfectly without any mistakes. Yue Yang was beaten up badly by her. But after a few rounds, Yue Yang realised excitedly that he could gradually get used to the terrifying fighting tempo now.

If he were to meet the Shun Tian, Black Prince and the others again, he wouldn’t be so miserable as before.

Of course, he wasn’t so sure if that would be the case if he meet the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine again.

Because once they recover and return back to being Sky-rank Innates, no one would be able to fight with them except for Zhi Zhun.

Luckily Yue Yang’s second attack injured the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine heavily. On top of that, Xiao Wen Li and the Qilin Girl succeeded in their ambush too, causing the Scarlet Emperor to be on the brink of death. Even though he managed to escape, he and the Scarlet Concubine would need at least a year and a half before they could return to their best state. Shun Tian, the Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Prison Emperor Divine General, Demon King Ha Xin, Great Demon King Baruth, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao who were Heaven Realm Great Leaders… Yue Yang had countless enemies.

As the saying goes, when you’re covered with lice, you don’t feel the itch. Yue Yang felt that it makes sense. He already had some many enemies that the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine would just be two new additions to the collection!

Yue Yang was training in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower peacefully.

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Bao Er, Anna and Lin En were just back from their trainings as they sat down in the Warrior’s Tavern.

Everyone was there.

Some were binge drinking, others were counting their gold coins, some others were teasing the waitress…

Fatty Hai and the lot led a carefree life these few days, because after coming out of the Five Elements Palace, their combined power had increased sharply. Even at the very least, their courage and guts had increased. Compared to the harsh conditions in the Five Elements Palace, the other places, even for those red warning regions, they felt that those areas weren’t as challenging anymore. The consecutive successes boosted their morale tremendously.

“May I ask if the two of you are Mister Ye Kong and Mister Hai Da Fu?” A Secret Messenger from the Warrior Guild took out his tracking map and studied it repeatedly before approaching the duo.

“Yes its me, what is it? You wanna train with me?” Fatty Hai thought the man was from the Assassin Guild and wanted to find trouble with him.

Being called out for a fight, then fighting and pretending to be weak, followed by unleashing his real power and beating his opponent to a pulp.

Fatty Hai liked this lifestyle a lot.

Normally after finishing a fight, he would tell the other party arrogantly. “Do I have to tell you that I have a Level Two Bronze-ranked Iron Rhinoceros ? I’m a low profile person!”

In the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, although his power wouldn’t allow him to disregard everyone, he was still strong enough to fight off ordinary adventurers.

In reality, through Yue Yang’s special guidance and under the power boost from large amount of Magic Crystals, Fatty Hai’s Iron Rhinoceros was no longer a useless Beast like how it was in the past. It had evolved gradually from being Level Two Bronze-ranked to becoming a Level Four Silver-ranked Silver Rhinoceros. And then, after the super power boost by Yue Yang’s Beast Spirit Pill and Demon’s orb, it became a Level Five Gold-ranked Gold Rhinoceros. Not only does it have a bright future, it was of great help to its owner too! Forget about normal Beasts, even the Golden Mammoth that contracted with Fatty Hai spontaneously had to call it his boss… The only pity was that the Gold Rhinoceros couldn’t personify, and with its powers being boosted, its weight would be boosted too.

Ye Kong used to make fun that even if the Gold Rhinoceros were to become a Holy Beast, it would be a ‘gorgeous’ beauty.

With both the Gold Rhinoceros and the Golden Mammoth, together with a smart hippo and an even smarter Wind Breath Seabird, it would be hard for Fatty Hai to remain humble!

Although he just reached the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, he had defeated lots of foreign experts.

Forget about distant regions, Fatty Hai already gotten himself a nickname, ‘Shameless Fat Devil’, in the region around the Tong Tian Tower, breaking the record of the time an expert received a nickname upon entering the Soaring Dragon Continent.

It was just that this nickname made people a little speechless.

“Mister Shui Dong Liu used a top secret method to send both of you a letter. The both of you will have to prove to me your real identity, including the pass signed by the introducer in the past, if not, I have the authority to reject giving you the letter.” The man before them who was surround by a weird haze around him and only had his eyes exposed. He then warned Fatty Hai sternly not to act crazy because he was drunk, if not all discussions would cease.
(Shiro: Shui Dong Liu is the old fox, in case you guys can’t remember)

Fatty Hai became spiritless from hearing.

He then laughed bootlickingly. “Please pardon me, I’ll get just two more shots. Shui Dong Liu is my mentor, he definitely has important matters to relay. This is my Bronze card, and damn monkey, hurry up, okay, all our cards are here, please verify, yes that’s right, yes yes, I’m Hai Da Fu and he is Ye Kong… “

The thick smoke in the messenger’s hand dispersed as he handed them an item.

It was a confidential article.

But the odd thing was that the confidential article was packed within a transparent box with a Rune Circle on it.

This was the protective casing for confidential articles of the Warrior Guild, it was rumoured that even Innate Rankers couldn’t destroy it. Anyone who wished to destroy the protective casing would trigger a warning to the Warrior Guild and the Warrior Guild would then chase back the article at all cost. Although the fees of one thousand gold was expensive, the article would be so protected that no robbers would think of snatching it.

“Are you sure that you have sufficient ability to accept and protect this letter?” This was the first thing the messenger asked.

“Yes, I have.” Fatty Hai rest assured him immediately.

“Is the surrounding safe?” The Messenger asked next.

“Ah, I think it’s safe.” Fatty Hai looked around the Warrior Tavern, apart from a few drunkard and waitress, the rest were all his friends.

“May I ask if you carry with you any Teleportation Stone or Scroll to leave this place with the article at anytime?” This was the third thing the Messenger asked.

“Yes.” Fatty Hai fished out his Teleportation Stone quickly to show him.

At last, after the messenger’s repeated confirmation about Fatty Hai’s abilities, he finally gave it to him and then left quickly. The Messenger’s series of serious actions made everyone baffled. What exactly was written in the letter that made Yue Yang send this confidential article?

Everyone crowded around as they wanted to take a look at it, but they still had manners and turned their heads away, although they were dead curious about it.

Only Ye Kong and Fatty Hai leaned close to each other and looked at it.

Because the letter was dedicated to both of them by Shui Dong Liu… After a few seconds, everyone realised that Fatty Hai was perspiring profusely and Ye Kong was similarly gulping his saliva as his Adam’s Apple moved up and down from anxiety. Forget about the observant Lin En and Anna, even the careless Fan Lun Tie and muddle-headed Bao Er knew that something was wrong. Prince Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang exchanged glances as they realised that something must have happened in Soaring Dragon Continent.

Fatty Hai looked at the lot as he forced out a smile that looked even worse than him crying as he waved at Xue Tan Lang.

Xue Tan Lang came over and snatched the letter away.

When he saw it, he reeled in shock.

Prince Tian Luo followed him immediately. He glanced through it and balled up his fist instantly.

“Fatty, what happened?” The Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao rarely speaks up, but he was actually a meticulous leader that only looked careless on the outside. He asked the lot in a serious tone.

“Hahaha, nothing, it’s just that the old sow at my house was giving birth and experiencing a little difficulties, so I decided to go back to see what i can do. But it is no simple sow, it is my favourite sow.” Fatty Hai snatched the letter back and he stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it. On seeing it, Lin En and Anna were even more pessimistic about the situation. They couldn’t even let the rest take a look at the letter, it would mean that the issue must be very serious. So it was definitely not that his sow was experiencing difficult labour.

“Is this true?” Fan Tie Lun did not buy it, how could a letter citing a sow experiencing difficult labour be a top secret letter?

“Wow, I didn’t know that the status of pigs in the Soaring Dragon Continent are so high…“ The four orc were very happy and said enviously. “No matter where we are, the status of pigs is always very low!”

“It must be a rare valuable pig. See, I said that there’s some kind of legendary pig beast that will bring luck to people!” Bao Er hadn’t gone out to see the world, so she was easily deceived by Fatty Hai’s act.

“Yes indeed its very rare, we decided to go back too to see what we can help with.” Ye Kong coughed and nodded his head.

“Let’s go.” Xue Tan Lang turned and prepared to leave.

“I wonder if we can take a look at the valuable pig of the Soaring Dragon Continent too? I am a healing type warrior, so i may be of some help.” Anna tried to probe.

“Because every continents have their own rules, we can’t bring you all back without the permission of our mentors, how about we go back and seek their permission. Take care everyone, maybe it won’t be long till we meet again in the Soaring Dragon Continent.” Prince Tian Luo was more tactful as to leave the explanations to the last.

Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers all flew out at a breakneck speed, and hurried to the Teleportation of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

The Ox-headed Fan Lun Tie let out a deafening roar. “Stop, all of you stop!”

Lin En who was always good natured became incensed completely too. He looked at Prince Tian Luo in the eye. “Although we just got to know each other, we’ve been through thick and thin together, our friendship is like that of Damon and Pythias already. During the battle, you all saved my life several times, so do you all think that we’ll leave y’all in lurch when you are facing difficulties? Tell us your problem, we’ll face it together…”

Anna nodded too. “I don’t know what your mentor told you all, but this definitely isn’t the way to solve a problem. We are your friends and battle companions, we have the right to know the truth, even if it’s just a sentence!”

Prince Tian Luo inhaled deeply. He glanced the lot and said what that shocked everyone. “From today onwards, we’re no longer friends!”

“What?” Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao grabbed Prince Tian Luo by the collar angrily and glared at him with his ox eyes. “What did you say just now?”

“Stop wasting time, lets go!”

Ye Kong’s shout came from a distance.

Prince Tian Luo shook his body slightly, as he shook off Li Ao’s hand and flew off.

The red-eyed ox-head Fan Lun Tie let out a thunderous roar as she broke out through the walls of the tavern directly and chased after them.

She stretched out her giant hands in an attempt to grab Ye Kong. But Ye Kong rose into mid air to dodge her advance. Fan Lun Tie was incensed and turned to grab Fatty Hai instead. “If you don’t explain clearly, don’t think about leaving!”

Fatty Hai waved a punch at Fan Lun Tie which sent her flying into the air. He then spoke aloofly. “Lunatic bitch, I don’t even know you!”

Xue Tan Lang was the fastest as he had already teleported away.

Li Brothers also rushed to the Teleportation Circle as they prepared for their teleportation…

“Y’all are really leaving like that? Believe me, you just have to say one sentence no matter what the issue is!” Lin En moved in a flash, stopping Ye Kong and Fatty Hai before they teleported away.

“Our partnership has ended, this is your share.” Ye Kong then sprinkle all the Magic Crystals and gold coins in his arms onto the ground, and then together with Ye Kong, they walked in front of Lin En, expressionless. Lin En’s pupil expanded. He balled up his fist and fought hard to stop himself from moving as he watched the duo leave.

“What a fool, why didn’t you stop them? Without them leading, we wouldn’t be able to get to the Soaring Dragon Continent!” Fan Lun Tie with blood oozing out of her mouth shouted at Lin En furiously.

“If they want to leave, we wouldn’t be able to make them stay,” Lin En sighed.

Bao Er was already in a mess from all her crying and with tears streaking her face.

Even Anna had tears streaming down her face… Her previously friendly comrades suddenly became cold and aloof, what happened in between?

What exactly did Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s mentor, Shui Dong Liu, tell them?

Although they hadn’t taken a look at the letter, they could guess a little from the abnormal reactions of Fatty Hai and the rest. The heartless departure of them wasn’t because they were really cold-hearted, but because they did not want to be a burden to everyone. Something must have happened in the Soaring Dragon Continent that made them so anxious and leave so hurriedly without any explanations.

And what that happened must be dire!

“Scoundrels, I hate this kind of people the most. Cowards, bastards, scaredy cats. They actually abandoned their mates! You all think that you are being noble like that? I think all of you are fools, I hate people like you all who’s so timid yet so full of yourself!” Fan Lun Tie scolded loudly. But as she continued, two big drops of tears rolled down her cheeks.

“What now?” Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao turned to look at Lin En.

Although he was the leader, during an important moment like this, he still have to see the decision made by Lin En and Anna.

Lin En and Anna looked at each other and lowered their head to ponder for a long while. Finally, they arrived at a decision. “ We’ll go to the Warrior Guild to ask about what’s happening first.”

When the lot arrived at the Warrior Guild, even before they could speak, the middle aged warrior Ou Gen shouted to them. “Amongst you all where is Ye Kong and Fatty Hai? Titan Jr. sent them a confidential article which is awaiting their acknowledgements, but the Messenger couldn’t find them…”

Anna, Lin An ams the rest were shocked. “Two confidential articles? Titan sent them one too? “

A man came out from inside. It was Chief Matthew who was sulking. “It’s three. Da Xia Kingdom’s emperor, Jun Wu You sent one too!“

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    • dips158 says:

      Fatty and the group recieved a letter from the old fox it wasn’t fake. he was worried they didnt know so to keep them safe like Yue yang advised old fox sent his own private 1000 gold letter from the warriors guild. so did the da xia emperor because he was worried that they would be in danger. Yue yangs delivery guy was seriously incompetent.

      • Ren Ashbell says:

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