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LLS Chapter 419 – Bloody Queen, Red!

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Chapter 419 – Bloody Queen, Red!
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Immediately upon waking up, Yue Yang teleported back to Bo Nan Town.

At the hall of the Warrior Guild, Yue Yang sent a few messengers to send a secret message to warn Zhi Zun, the Night Empress, the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Elder Nan Gong, Ascetic Practice Saint, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai respectively, that the Scarlet Emperor from 6000 years ago had escaped from the ancient sealing circle. Yue Yang stated in the messages that even though the Scarlet Emperor had sustained heavy injuries when he escaped, with his powers, he would probably recover in no time. With powers that were at least above Sky-rank Level 6, the Scarlet Emperor was an extremely scheming and crazed warrior. He would definitely destroy the existing order in the entire Tong Tian Tower if he reappeared after recovering from his injuries. Also, all the warriors who defied his wishes would be mercilessly wiped out. Everyone must, therefore, be prepared for the worst.

Yue Yang currently had no better method as to how they should fight the Scarlet Emperor and had left it to Elder Nan Gong and the rest to trouble about it.

Whatever that Yue Yang could do, he had already done it.

Right now, their only hope would be that Zhi Zun could put up a fight against the Scarlet Emperor. If she was able to reach a stand-off with him, he wouldn’t be able to be too cocky!

Of course, there was difficulty to realise this wish, as Yue Yang knew that apart from the Prison Emperor, the Scarlet Emperor was a powerful person who was unrivalled 6000 years ago. He was invincible and had dominated the Heaven Realm with his strong powers. The Scarlet Emperor may not possess the same kind of terrifying powers as those of Ming Yue Guang, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao, the Three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, but it was possible that he was close to that level of existence. The Scarlet Emperor had lived confidently in ease even under the all-out suppression by the Prison Emperor. This point itself, is sufficient proof of the Scarlet Emperor’s formidable powers.

Although Zhi Zun was undoubtedly very strong, she was just ‘too young’ when compared to the Scarlet Emperor.

Furthermore, only Zhi Zun herself would know what realm her cultivation level was at.

“The Scarlet Emperor possessed at least one Divine-ranked equipment, ’Guardian Divine Shield, in addition to having the Scarlet Concubine as his able assistant. He also owned numerous other treasures.”

“An expert in shooting energy light pillars at will, the Scarlet Emperor’s eyes also possessed super killing powers.”

“Beast, unknown.”

“After the attacks, Shun Tian as well as the Black Prince and even more Innates might join the Scarlet Emperor as he knew the way to enter into the Heaven Realm, which was an enticing offer they can’t resist.“

In everyone’s letter, Yue Yang described in detail the Scarlet Emperor’s powers, his artifacts and the current situation they faced.

The letters to Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, contained the biggest warnings: “The Scarlet Emperor, being a Ranker of the Soaring Dragon Continent like the Prison Emperor, would definitely make his first comeback at the Soaring Dragon Continent. There is reason to believe that Da Xia and the Yue Clan would be the first targets of the Scarlet Emperor to be annihilated to show who’s boss. I would suggest for the younger generation to step out of the public eye and to hide somewhere safe for the next three months. Only after the war with the Scarlet Emperor has been ascertained to have subsided, should they return home.”

Yue Yang even sent messages to Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, asking them to return to the Soaring Dragon Continent promptly as well as to ‘vanish’ immediately from the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

Shun Tian and the Black Prince could have struck in advance and had the likes of Fatty Hai captured as hostages.

For warriors of their status, there wasn’t any need for them to take action personally when at their command, countless of Fallen Warriors could have surrounded and seized Ye Kong and Fatty Hai.

At the Warrior Guild, the receptionist stared at Yue Yang stunned.

It cost 1000 gold to convey one top secret letter and this man had just sent out dozens. Such extravagant behaviour was truly extreme prodigality.

“If there isn’t anything terribly important, ordinary letters are just as safe. It’s only that top secret letters are conveyed more secretively.” Before the receptionist was finished, Yue Yang had already piled over ten thousand gold on the counter and said solemnly: “These letters are all extremely important. They concern innumerable lives and must be conveyed in top secret.”

“Understood.” The receptionist was shocked by Yue Yang’s solemn tone and nodded gravely, indicating that the letters would be conveyed in absolute secrecy as requested.

Leaving the great Hall of the Warrior Guild, Yue Yang teleported to an unfamiliar region where he’d never been to.

After he ensured that he wasn’t being shadowed, he returned to the grimoire world.

The Sickly Beauty was right in the middle of teaching Yue Shuang to study.

She was very stringent and strictly forbade her student to be distracted. In the beginning, the little girl wasn’t used to it and acted like a spoilt child to her brother for help. However, after suffering a few punishments, the little girl smartened up and realised that some things just proved to be impossible for her brother. Knowing that her brother couldn’t protect her, she had gotten used to listening attentively during lessons. Now, she would barely even blink upon seeing that Yue Yang has returned, when previously, she would have gotten up and thrown herself at him without a care in the world.

Yue Yang himself didn’t expect that the Sickly Beauty could discipline the mischievous little girl to become so obedient. Still, it was a good thing.

There must be someone to be strict to the little girl. It wouldn’t do if everyone simply spoilt her.

Looking around, he didn’t see the Bloody Queen Red.

How was the condition of her injury?

Yue Yang remembered that her injuries were quite severe. She even had a hole through her chest…… When Yue Yang looked around and didn’t find her, he reckoned that she would be resting in the Cloud Castle suspended in midair. Despite the fact that he never visited the place ordinarily, he made an exception this time and went up to take a look at her.

The Bloody Queen Red was heaving a sigh.

The reason was that her wound in the chest wasn’t healing as fast as her injuries used to.

The blood arrow filled with the force of resentment was building up in her body and couldn’t be expelled no matter what. Putting aside the pain, how could she present herself to people in her current state?

The Bloody Queen Red recalled the time when she peeked at her master and mistress having sex and he had especially enjoyed kissing and fondling the mistress’s breast. She had figured that her master must really like women with perfect and flawless bodies. She looked at the bloody mess on her chest that wouldn’t heal and thought that her master wouldn’t like it. She removed her armour, looked at her wound and then at the clothes which the mistress had given her as a present. She let out another sigh…… If only she wasn’t injured, she could have worn the clothes. It was rare that the mistress gifted her with such a beautiful suit of clothes.

Yue Yang entered the Cloud Castle and found that the Bloody Queen Red had decorated the place pretty nicely with many special features. Although it still couldn’t compare to the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo’s garden-like bedroom, it was still much better than the simple place of the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

Thinking that the Bloody Queen Red would be resting, he knocked carelessly to indicate that he was entering.

Upon entering, he found her half naked and clutching a clothes in her hand. Her face was bright red and she looked at him in bewilderment.

“Don’t know how to wear your new clothes?” Yue Yang was also slightly embarrassed but he reacted smoothly and walked in naturally instead of slamming the door. He then gently draped the clothes from the Sickly Beauty over the Bloody Queen Red’s shoulders, pretending to be unaffected.

“……” The Bloody Queen Red felt shy and embarrassed.

The reason why she was shy in her master’s presence was because of the ugly wound on her chest and not because of her nakedness. She felt inferior and upset. She covered her wound hurriedly with her hands hoping that he wouldn’t notice. When Yue Yang draped the clothes over her shoulders, she dropped her head even more, afraid to look at his eyes. The Bloody Queen Red was extremely touched that he came to visit her yet secretly hated that she had allowed him to see her when she had the unsightly wound that hadn’t healed.

Yue Yang lightly embraced the Bloody Queen Red and caressed the top of her head.

Ever since she entered into a contract with him, the Bloody Queen Red’s appearance had changed every time she ranked up. Not only did she became more powerful, her body also became more and more perfect.

Most importantly, was the awakening of her intelligence, which made her more human-like.

The Bloody Queen Red may not win with her combat powers when compared to the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and Barbarian Cow Shadow.

Yet, she surpassed them both greatly in terms of ‘humanisation’.

Sometimes, Yue Yang would even forget that she was a beast.

He would treat her like a real girl instead.

Despite being able to have independent thoughts, the Bloody Queen Red always prioritised Yue Yang whenever she acted. She had immediately dashed to save him by using herself as a human shield, without thought for her own safety, when his life had been in danger.

“Is the wound hurting a lot?’ Yue Yang asked softly as his hand slipped down her hair and caressed her back.

“……” The Bloody Queen Red shook her head vigorously, in fear of her master knowing that her wound was actually very painful.

“Release your hands and let me take a look.” Yue Yang also found it strange as to why isn’t the wound healed after being hit by the blood arrow. Guardian Beasts had very powerful healing abilities which were definitely the best out of all Beasts. The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man used to often be injured by enemies, impaled and even had a big half of her body cut open. Within a day, she would have recovered fully and the Bloody Queen Red should also be healed at the same rate. Physical injuries were considered to be light damage to Guardian Beasts, where only super severe internal injuries would have weakened them for a longer period of time.

“……” the Bloody Queen Red continued to shake her head. However, under Yue Yang’s insistence, she slowly released the small hands that covered her wound.

Yue Yang tried his best to not pay much attention to her snow white and firm assets, instead, he used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to examine her injury.

The Bloody Queen Red’s face was burning hot.

Her body slowly heated up and stiffened unnaturally under the gaze of her master.

Even though Yue Yang breathed evenly, she could easily sense the changing heat in her master’s breathing as the skin on her chest had become extra sensitive. His breath, hot and heavy, assailed her nostrils which further stirred up strange feelings in her she couldn’t explain.

The two most sensitive little buds on her chest unexpectedly hardened up, with a tinge of pain and an unexplainable sadness.

The Bloody Queen Red suddenly had a realisation as to why the mistress liked the master to fondle her chest. It was as if her body had a natural and indescribable desire for her master’s large hands……

Could it be that just like her mistress’s body does, her body craved for the love and favour of her master?

Thinking of this, the Bloody Queen Red’s heart thumped even faster.

A feeling of shyness bubbled in her heart.

It was hard to describe the complicatedness of what felt like excitement, fondness as well as longing.

However, the Bloody Queen Red can be sure of one thing, which was that she felt a kind of sweet happiness she couldn’t describe in her heart; it was as if she drank honeydew to quench her thirst in summer. The indescribable feeling was just as beautiful as the one she felt yesterday while flying in her master’s embrace.

The Nirvana Flame emerged from Yue Yang’s palm as he prepared to cleanse the Bloody Queen Red’s body from the invading energy.

“……” the Bloody Queen Red’s heartbeat immediately sped up by a hundred as her master’s hand reached out to her just like how he had reached out to her mistress in their foreplay.

Of course, she knew clearly that it was only to heal her, but she simply couldn’t help but let her imagination ran wild.

Just before making contact with the Bloody Queen Red’s skin, Yue Yang’s hand stopped.

The Bloody Queen Red was nervous as hell, the desire in her heart only grew stronger as her sensitive skin felt the heat from his palm. She wanted desperately to grab his hand and press it firmly on her chest but her embarrassment made her hold herself back.

She half-closed her eyes, feeling very conflicted as she wanted to watch yet was dreadfully shy.

Her heartbeat was 200.

Yue Yang faintly mumbled to himself for quite a while before suddenly retracting the Nirvana Flame.

He sensed a new type of ‘fire’ in his body; the type of fire which had some kind of special connection to the blood arrow inside the Bloody Queen Red’s chest. If he used the new type of fire to heal her, it might yield better results. Unarguably, the Nirvana Flame could purify everything. However, Yue Yang felt a sudden urge to just try since he could possibly attempt new techniques under certain special circumstances.

This new type of fire was created when Yue Yang had lost his mind in a wildly furious berserk mode. Yue Yang found it hard to understand that he had this sort of ability.

Against all reason, it was the truth.

As Yue Yang began to agglomerate the new fire, his palm slowly turned a shade of purplish gold.

Petal by petal, small flames emerged. Dancing in the air, they merged at contact to form a larger unit. Rather than looking like a flame, the units looked more like purple gold lotus petals.

Yue Yang then coagulated the lotus petals with his Yang Ability before they automatically took the shape of a purple gold fire lotus.

What made Yue Yang most pleasantly surprised was that the purple gold fire lotus had a deterrent force of some form of wrath.

The larger the fire lotus, the stronger the deterrent force!

When the purple gold fire lotus became a 3 level 18 petaled lotus seat, Yue Yang felt that the entire sky was filled with the power of wrath, as if a raise of his hand would shake the heaven and earth. A fire energy with powers of emotional coercion, what a truly magical flame! Yue Yang tried many different forms and found it to be endlessly marvellous, there was great value in future research, plus it could very well continue to upgrade. He had no idea how it was formed while he was in berserk mode, and no idea how many types of power it contained.

There is still one thing Yue Yang was sure of.

This type of purple gold fire lotus surely comprised of the energy of the Scarlet Concubine’s Scarlet Lotus Fire. However, its quality, might and essence were all very much superior to that of the Scarlet Lotus Fire.

“Let us call this new type of fire ‘Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus’!” Yue Yang presently lacked the time to explore how he was able to create a new type of fire in his berserk mode and immediately tried to manipulate the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus to heal the Bloody Queen Red’s injury.

His hands gently pressed onto the Bloody Queen Red’s proud and soft chest.

The Bloody Queen Red’s whole body jolted and even her fingers trembled.

She wasn’t in agony but was at ease.

Despite having seen her mistress’s delighted face while being fondled before when she had peeped at her master and mistress making love, the Bloody Queen Red had absolutely no idea that the feeling was as such……

With her eyes tightly closed, she resisted the pleasure flowing through her body and withheld the moan that almost escaped.

Countless petals of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus entered her wound under Yue Yang’s control and the blood arrow with surging resentment from the Scarlet Concubine was expelled in just split seconds.

The blood arrow, like a serpent, possessed a special kind of will comprising of a crazy desire to kill, resentment as well as desperate destructiveness. It was ruthlessly powerful and just happened to form an inseparable single entity. If it wasn’t that the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus had a far better willpower of coercion by wrath, the blood arrow wouldn’t have been expelled that easily!

Yue Yang grabbed the blood arrow with one hand with an original intent to destroy it but right then, had a bright idea to fuse and refine it with the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus.

He didn’t know if it will work and merely wanted to try it, like a blessing to his soul.

The Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus had the fury of Yue Yang when he was in his berserk mode.

The blood arrow on the other hand, had the resentment of the Scarlet Concubine.

When the two were fused and refined, the energies would collide to release a boundless might. There wouldn’t be any blast waves but the regret and envelopment of this type of wrath would be even scarier. It could totally scare someone with weak willpower to death. The Bloody Queen Red was also almost compelled to escape the wrath of both wills, however, she was reluctant to leave her master. She then bravely flung her arms open and embraced Yue Yang tightly with her naked body.

If she hid in his embrace, she wouldn’t have anything to fear, nor have to care for anything in the world!

Yue Yang was also clear that she was being affected and used a hand to shield her back and channelled his Innate Qi into her body to help her fight against the spiritual impact of the power of the wraths.

After ten minutes of the merged refinement, when they were on the verge of successfully accomplishing, Yue Yang planted a light kiss on the Bloody Queen Red’s forehead and gently said: ”I’m going to reward you with a treasure to commend you so go on and summon the Flame Whip out!”

The skill of the Bloody Queen Red, the Flame Whip, was a special reward when she had levelled up to Gold-ranked Level 4.

When the Bloody Queen Red had coagulated the Flame Whip as requested, Yue Yang further merged the ball of refined fire of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and the blood arrow into the Flame Whip.

It was yet another bold attempt.

The possibility of failure was enormous.

However, the good news was that Yue Yang succeeded.

He had put in a lot of effort and had used up much of his Innate Qi.

After great difficulty, he had managed to fully integrate the three totally different types of fire to form a new Flame Whip……

The power of the Flame Whip after the success not only shocked the Bloody Queen Red, it was also beyond the expectation of Yue Yang, as its power was extremely strong! The formidable power produced by the perfect combination of blending the fury of Yue Yang’s berserk mode, the resentment of the Scarlet Concubine’s despair and the original power of pain of the Flame Whip, was believed to be able to shock all life forms.

A hit from the new Flame Whip would definitely cause unbearable pain!

It didn’t just have the power of the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and the Scarlet Lotus Fire. It also had the fury from the berserk mode, the resentment from despair as well as the original pain from the whip.

The Flame Whip was originally a skill shared by both the Bloody Queen Red and Yue Yang.

That relationship hadn’t changed as the remodelled Flame Whip continued to be a skill shared by both.

Yue Yang was very pleased with the remodelled Flame Whip and its power. He even renamed the Flame Whip as ‘Whip of Agony’.

When the Bloody Queen Red use the Whip of Agony to flog enemies in the future, it was guaranteed to be so pleasurable that the enemies would be scared witless and scream for Her Majesty!

The Bloody Queen Red was very moved. She wanted to hug her master and fly about in the air to act out her happiness from the bottom of her heart.

But, she doesn’t dare to actually do it.

She clenched her hands into fists and repressed her emotions as Yue Yang still wasn’t done.

Yue Yang noted that the wound in the Bloody Queen Red’s chest wasn’t fully improving. He then placed his palm over the wound once again and used his Innate Qi to gently heal her wound. Only after he saw that her naked body was once again smooth and flawless was he satisfied enough to stop.

“It’s alright now.” Yue Yang directed a smile at the Bloody Queen Red. This time he was truly tired. His brows were beaded with sweat but his heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“……”Looking at the exhausted face of her master and his bright smile, the Bloody Queen Red felt her eyes burning up and tears escaped from her eyes. She couldn’t help it and tightly pressed Yue Yang’s hand onto her soft chest. She then suddenly flung her arms wide once again and pulled him into her embrace. Her cherry lips then searched clumsily in a flurry, before she kissed her master emotionally. It was as if she could only express how deeply touched she was in her heart by doing that.

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