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LLS Chapter 418 – Outburst, the birth of the purple-golden fire

Chapter 418 – Outburst, the birth of the purple-golden fire
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The coordination between the Scarlet Concubine and the Scarlet Emperor was perfect.

If they weren’t in a weakened state and heavily injured, Yue Yang would have been beaten to a pulp.

Using the blood arrow would only make both sides suffer.

If they weren’t at their wit’s end, they wouldn’t have to attack like this.

“Oh my!”

A shadow flashed past as Bloody Queen Red flew into the Evil Dragon Lair with Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo following behind. They had already came out from the Grimoire World just now, but as they were afraid that the Scarlet Emperor would sense them, they remained outside until Yue Yang officially asked for their help. Bloody Queen Red’s speed was the fastest, so she was the first to reach. She did not expect to see Yue Yang being in a dangerous situation on stepping in. Bloody Queen Red dived forward in an instant, and used her wings to sweep Yue Yang away. Spreading her arms, she used her body to shield Yue Yang from the deadly blood arrow shot.

It went through her heart.

The impact was so great that she was sent flying into the air and then smashed into the stone wall.

Although Yue Yang knew that she was his Guardian Beast and wouldn’t die, on seeing that she had been shot through the heart to save him and subsequently smashing into the stone wall, it made him incensed.

He hasn’t had an outburst in a long while, until now…

“Damn it, annoying trash!”

A loud howl burst out from Yue Yang’s throat, the vibe that he was emitting was as scary as that of a volcanic eruption. The shockwave shook the entire Evil Dragon Lair, making the already crumbling lair even more shaky as numerous broken stones poured down.

The ground tore apart as cobweb-like cracks became bigger with the quake becoming more violent.

Yue Yang’s eyes were red and his mind went blank.

Now, he was controlled entirely by his anger and his rationality ceased to exist.

He stretched out his hand to gather all the unrefined Scarlet Lotus Fire, the remaining energy from the energy fountains, the divine power of the Guardian Divine Shield and the remaining fluid of the blood arrow in the air. He gathered all these power into a ball of energy. Following the outburst of his Yang Ability, Yue Yang squeezed the ball of energy as if he was trying to strangle his opponent dead. Yue Yang’s intention might be to break the ball of energy or it could be that he was venting his anger, it could be anything but out of rationality. It was driven by an immense form of anger.

But an eerie thing happened.

All the energy that were forced to mix with Yue Yang’s Yang Ability under Yue Yang’s wrath started to assemble uncannily, forming a brand new, weird purple-golden fire.


The Scarlet Emperor’s pupils widened as he watched, but the corner of his eyes were twitching.

No matter who it was, a newly refined power could never be formed from an opponent’s power because not only would it repel the owner’s original energy. It would carry the consciousness of the opponent, so the fusion wouldn’t occur easily. Its like a Ranker having two sharp equipments but wouldn’t be able to cast them into one to make an even sharper equipment.

However, the events that was unfolding in front of him screamed out that it was all reality.

He saw it with his eyes, so the Scarlet Emperor could only accept it.

After mixing and fusing, the purple-golden fire became similar to the Scarlet Lotus Fire but it definitely was a new form of fire.

Needless to say, its power was stronger than the Scarlet Lotus Fire.

The Scarlet Emperor sensed that this new fire carried with it a sense of wrath that shocked even the Scarlet Emperor…

This wrath was both foreign yet familiar to him!

In the past, the wrath that the Prison Emperor emitted when he was incensed was very similar to this new fire. Although they might not be identical, it was similarly dominating and intimidating, causing all creatures to feel a sense of uncontrollable fear!

Could it be that this fire had already reached the state where only Innate Elder Rankers could use?

But this brat did not have the strength of an Innate Elder.

Moreover, how could Yue Yang create it right in front of him?

What exactly is this guy’s Inherent Skill?

The Scarlet Emperor experienced a throbbing headache instantly!

“Go and die!” Maybe it was because he couldn’t destroy his opponent’s power and created a new fire instead, Yue Yang who had lost his rationality became even more crazed and furious. He kept squeezing the ball of purple-golden fire, as if he wanted to destroy it. Unexpectedly, he managed to compress it ten times smaller instead. In the end, the red-eyed Yue Yang was so furious that he roared angrily in a deafening, earth-shaking voice as he raised his right hand holding the ball of purple-golden fire and threw it forcefully towards the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine.

“Metal Fort… “ The Scarlet Emperor was secretly alarmed. He stomped his foot, and an artifact immediately appeared.

A tiny white pearl flew out. Within the pearl, there was an image of a black castle.

Instantly, the pearl broke and the image turned from an illusory one into a tangible presence. It expanded quickly, forming a castle gate formed out of impregnable metal. It was gigantic with a height of 20 metres, breadth of 10 metres and length of 3 metres. It stood tall before the Scarlet Emperor, blocking in front of him.

With it, the Scarlet Emperor could defend himself against anything.

The Scarlet Emperor had already tested the Metal Fort last time. Even the Holy Sword that was said to be able to slash anything in the world wasn’t able to penetrate it.

What would happen when the Metal Fort, whose defense ability was the highest among all artifacts, go against this small ball of purple-golden fire?


A violent explosion broke out again.

The cliff wall on the west that was destructed the most collapsed completely, revealing a huge crack. The huge crack was over a hundred metres in tall, and it continued down to the valley. Broken stones flew across and covered the entire sky as the energy level rose to a shocking level.

The shockwave in the Evil Dragon Lair was world-shaking. Even the Barbarian Cow Shadow stepped back a few metres from the impact.

The Scarlet Emperor’s pupil expanded again.

Because he saw the Metal Fort crumbling from the shock.

At the very moment when they touched, the Metal Fort was fragmented into a million pieces by the purple-golden fire and was destroyed completely.

It was as if he hadn’t summon the Metal Fort, but a sandcastle that a child had built instead, because it collapsed at the first blow!

Only the Scarlet Emperor knew the defense ability of his treasure!

Oh boy!

The Scarlet Emperor leapt high up into the air immediately. Before the Guardian Divine Shield could come back to defend him, he wasn’t confident of fighting against this ball of purple-golden fire. Yue Yang on the other hand wanted to charge forward but was hindered by the Guardian Divine Shield. He was incensed by the Guardian Divine Shield as well. He grabbed onto it and smashed it on the ground crazily like a maniac who had lost all his rationality. The rock on the ground was smashed into pieces by Yue Yang, causing million sparks of fire as the ground boomed and thudded loudly.

Watching what Yue Yang was doing, the Scarlet Emperor reeled in shock.

This brat’s crazed state wasn’t any weaker than the Prison Emperor when he was angry!

The Guardian Divine Shield couldn’t be destroyed, but the silvery star light on it became dull and kept giving off a buzzing sound like a pitiful human who was being beaten up!

“Lunatic!” The Scarlet Emperor decided that he should quickly leave.

He would be in an even more disadvantaged situation if he continues to fight. Yue Yang would just become crazier and stronger. Yue Yang has great potential, and when he lost his rationality, he was even scarier than his usual cunning self, because this was when he truly unleash his potential!

The Scarlet Emperor didn’t even want the treasures he had underground anymore, including the golden Spirit Absorbing Bell. He just want to leave.

Embracing the Scarlet Concubine, he did not choose to escape from the opening in the stone wall in the west direction, but instead, he knocked down a huge part of the stone wall in the east.

“Uohh, die die die!” On realising that the Guardian Divine Shield in his hand had become a ray of fleeting light and returned back to the side of the Scarlet Emperor, Yue Yang chased after the Scarlet Emperor at a breakneck speed. Now, Yue Yang was even faster than the Scarlet Emperor in terms of speed. Raising his fist burning with the Nirvana Flame, he waved it towards the Scarlet Emperor.

His punch rained towards the Scarlet Emperor and the impact weighed as heavy as thunder!

What made the Scarlet Emperor shocked was that among all the ten punches, two were so fast that even the Guardian Divine Shield wasn’t able to react fast enough. As a result, it landed on the Scarlet Emperor’s lower back.

Had it not been the Guardian Divine Shield that helped to block most of the punches, he wouldn’t dare to say that he could escape under the crazed fighting maniac’s angry attacks.

A sliver light burst out from the Scarlet Emperor’s body.

His eyes were so worn out that two streaks of blood tears streamed down his face, causing him great agony.

The Energy Fountain burst out under the Scarlet Emperor’s feet, sending Yue Yang flying into the air when he was busily attacking and forgot to defend himself.

With the impact from Yue Yang’s two punches, the Scarlet Emperor was even faster in breaking out of the stone wall.

He stepped onto the Guardian Divine Shield again so that it could carry him away.

Like a meteorite, he went off.

A rock fell down, covered in fresh blood… It was spurted by the Scarlet Emperor when Yue Yang punched him.

From the terrifying blood traces, it could be concluded that the Scarlet Emperor, a Ranker from six thousand years ago, was injured to the brink of death by Yue Yang. If not for his Divine Tool, he wouldn’t be able to flee under Yue Yang’s powerful advancements.

Although he escaped, luck played a part too. Most of the credit would go to his Divine Tool, if not the outcome would have been unpredictable.

On the other hand, Yue Yang smashed into the stone wall.

He who was in a berserk state had immensely strong defense mechanism. Although he was hit by the Energy Fountain, it did not injure him at all. Being hit just made him even angrier and agitated.

Having lost his target, Yue Yang kept smashing the stone wall with his fists. The entire Evil Dragon Lair was almost razed to the ground by him.

Bloody Queen Red broke out from the stone wall and threw herself at Yue Yang. She embraced him, ignoring the dangers.

She had blood oozing out of her mouth, and a bloodied hole could be seen through her chest. Numerous light and electricity was sizzling around her wound, as if some sort of mutation was happening. But the Bloody Queen Red ignored all the mutations that was going on as she embraced Yue Yang who was preparing to chase after the Scarlet Emperor tightly. She yelled with a tear-streaked face. “I’m fine, come to your senses, stop acting like this!”

She was worried that Yue Yang who lost his rationality would be injured if he continued to chase after the Scarlet Emperor. As he did not know how to defend himself, this made it extremely easy for him to be attacked.

Bloody Queen Red was even more worried that Yue Yang’s body would be harmed from being too angry.

Her heart ached for him, and at the same time she was also worried for him.

Feeling such a complex emotion, she called out to her master, crying. She hoped that he could come to his senses with her voice.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was similarly calling out to Yue Yang as they crowded around him anxiously.

At first its effect was insignificant.

But after some time, Yue Yang’s body shook slightly as he regained his consciousness.


Yue Yang’s ruthless wrath started to subside. The redness in his eyes began to subside, as he started to regain his rationality.

Bloody Queen Red was so happy that she started crying and laughing.

Her tear streaked face made Yue Yang’s heart ache from watching.

When Yue Yang became sober, he looked around him in shock. The whole Evil Dragon Lair was crumbling under his attacks, but as if he had forgotten what he did, he asked the lot dazedly. “What happened just now… The Scarlet Emperor escaped? Why didn’t I go according to my plans… Ah, this place is going to collapse soon, we have to leave quickly, let’s talk about this later!”

Under them, numerous fire in form of purple-golden lotus returned quickly to float around Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was confused. What, what was happening?

Are these fires mine?

He wasn’t able to think at the moment. He stopped paying attention to the purple-golden fires when he saw that they didn’t clash with the Nirvana Flame. They only avoided the Nirvana Flame and floated by themselves. He had to get out of the Evil Dragon Lair before they could talk about anything.

Embracing the heavily injured Bloody Queen Red, Yue Yang flew out from out the crumbling Evil Dragon Lair through the hole in the west side of the stone wall.

On the way, huge rocks kept falling down.

The roof rocked violently as the mountain peak that was a few hundred metres above ground started to crumble too. Yue Yang who was speeding up in his flying turned his head to look at the ancient sealing circle that wasn’t affected by the collapsing at all. He sighed thinking that he might not be able the study the sealing circle as of now. As the Barbarian Cow Shadow and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen tidied up the battle ground, Bloody Queen Red was enjoying her master’s embrace happily. Blushing, she lay in Yue Yang’s embrace as they flew out of the lair in his arms.

It wasn’t that she lost her ability to fly, her action now was similar to a human girl acting coy… Bloody Queen Red did not know how this action of hers would help to promote her emotional growth, and she did not want to think of anything now. All she wanted was to enjoy her master’s embrace joyfully.

She only knew that she liked this feeling.

When Yue Yang flew out of the Evil Dragon Lair, Qilin Girl and Xiao Wen Li were already waiting outside.

According to original plans, they were in charge of killing the Scarlet Emperor. Yue Yang felt that he mustn’t let the Scarlet Emperor off, so he sent the girls out for back up.

Looking at Yue Yang, Qilin Girl looked at him apologetically. “The Scarlet Emperor is too cunning, he is protected by a Divine Tool so I wasn’t able to kill him. I may be able to kill the Scarlet Concubine who had fainted. She isn’t able to attack now so she is of no threat to lamia loli and I, but I couldn’t bear to attack her… So, I, I let her off.” She kicked a detached foot toward Yue Yang casually. It was obvious that it was the foot of the Scarlet Emperor. Yue Yang nodded and used his Platinum Storage Ring to keep the detached foot.

Nothing could be done about not being able to kill the Scarlet Emperor because after all, he was protected by his Divine Tool.

It was already a pleasant surprise for Yue Yang that they were able to slash off one foot of the Scarlet Emperor.

If the Qilin Girl were to kill the Scarlet Emperor, it would leave a regret in Yue Yang’s heart because it would be a pity not to kill such a strong opponent with his own hands.

As long as he could injure the Scarlet Emperor badly, Yue Yang believed that with time and his own improvements, it would be possible for him to battle to see who’s stronger.

Behind him, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man carried the giant golden Spirit Absorbing Bell out. Inside the bell were many fragments of the Metal Fort. If it wasn’t that they couldn’t stay any longer, she would have picked up more fragments. As for the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, she had already eaten the dead body of Fire Breath and conveniently brought out the dead body of the brick red dragon which was killed instantly by Yue Yang.

The Evil Dragon Lair collapsed completely as the mountains around sunk and cracked into many pieces.

Two of the huge rubble pieces sent mud and broken fragments splattering into the air. They then fell into the deep valley, causing a huge sound that shook the entire place.

The echo resonated for a long time.

“It’s a pity as the ancient runes sealing circle was buried below the rocks. We must return here if we have time and study it. I feel that the ancient sealing circle must be very valuable.” After the fight, Yue Yang was very exhausted and needed to rest urgently. Also, he was afraid that Shun Tian and the Black Prince will take advantage of his weariness to attack him now. So before Qilin Girl goes back to hibernate and while Xiao Wen Li and the rest were still safe, they had to return back to the Grimoire World to rest.

Once Yue Yang returned to the Grimoire World, he went to sleep exhaustedly even before he could sort out all the possessions he had acquired.

This was his safest home, Yue Yang was extremely relaxed here.

Qilin Girl smiled and disappeared with a dash of colourful light.

Xiao Wen Li who was exhausted from the battle also went back to rest in Yue Yang’s body. The most important thing was that by doing so, she could also help Yue Yang recuperate faster.

When the sickly beauty saw the tears streaks left on Bloody Queen Red’s face, she seemed to understand something. The sickly Beauty then nodded her head and smiled towards Bloody Queen Red. “He’s covered in dirt, I’ll have to fetch some water for him to wash up, come and help too!” The sickly beauty said in a soft voice.

On hearing that, Bloody Queen Red was a little startled. She then lowered her head immediately and replied ‘okay’ in a small voice.

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