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LLS Chapter 417 – The Guardian Divine Shield and the Spirit Absorbing Bell

Chapter 417 – The Guardian Divine Shield and the Spirit Absorbing Bell
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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This time, the prime target of Yue Yang’s attack was no longer the Scarlet Emperor but the Scarlet Concubine.

For the Scarlet Emperor who had gotten himself out of the ancient sealing circle, even if he was severely injured, what determine if he could survive was his speed. Previously when he was trapped in the ancient sealing circle, his power wasn’t any weaker than Yue Yang. On the other hand, if Yue Yang didn’t have so many skills and high-ranked artifacts, the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t have been so badly injured. It could even be said that without the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Scarlet Emperor.

Yue Yang didn’t know how effective his attacks would be on the Scarlet Emperor, so he decided to get rid of the Scarlet Concubine first.

Getting rid of her would definitely pose as a huge blow to the Scarlet Emperor.

“Scarlet Lotus! “

The Scarlet Concubine knew very well that this was the most dangerous moment of her life, so she didn’t conserve any power and used all her might to fight with Yue Yang this time.

Her own life was never her priority. The most important thing was to fight for some time so that her lover could recuperate for a while more.

She believed deeply that her lover would not be defeated from the blow.

The giant Scarlet Lotus Fire rotated in the air as thousands of lotus petals shot towards Yue Yang.

The World Exterminating Wheel was rotating similarly.

Being trapped in raging flame, the World Exterminating Wheel opened a small tunnel amazingly, blocking away all the Scarlet Lotus Petals that were coming his way. Yue Yang quickly slid through the extremely small space agily.

The tunnel that the World Exterminating Wheel opened had pressure swirl in it which helped him slide forward more swiftly. It was as if someone was pushing him forward. The Fire Spear made from the Nirvana Flame targeted those scarlet lotus petals that were in front. Every time the two touched marked the start of every refinement of the scarlet lotus fire. Although the refinement process wouldn’t be completed within a second, the Scarlet Lotus Fire was definitely not on the same level as the Nirvana Flame.

Yue Yang was dead sure about this.

If he were to give example, normal fire would be level one. They are the worst in terms of quality and the least powerful one. The ‘Burning Fire Sky’ and the ‘Meteorite Fire Rain’ that were insanely powerful would be Bronze-ranked. They were better than the normal fire and the easiest to control for normal warriors. ‘Hellfire’ and ‘Dragon’s Breath’ were at least silver-ranked. As for Gold-ranked ones, it differed from people to people. For example the Hellfire controlled by Baruth was not the same rank as the Hellfire controlled by normal warriors. The Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire controlled by the Black Prince was at least Gold-ranked. Being under the Ghost Fire Category, although it’s temperature wasn’t the highest, it’s extremely toxic.

The Scarlet Concubine’s Scarlet Lotus Fire was the best among all the fires, and even the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire wasn’t on par to it.

It surpassed all other normal fires in the world, as it was a demonic fire that could take on tangible forms.

Although there wasn’t really a real ranking system to differentiate them, but just for example’s sake, it could be Platinum-ranked.

Even higher than it, a Diamond-ranked fire would be the ‘Silent Exterminating Fire’ that only Innate Elder-ranked Rankers could use, it was a form of Holy-ranked Fire that could destroy the souls of all creatures. This super high level Holy-ranked Fire couldn’t even be reached with training but would only be developed from particular Divine Equipments… Yue Yang hadn’t seen it before but he knew of it’s existence from the knowledge of the tragic guy’s mother.

As for the Nirvana Flame, it was a unique, one-of-a-kind Divine-ranked Fire.

Not only did it possess the power to destroy the world, it had the function of purifying all things in the world, and even the ability for one to undergo rebirth.

Under his current state, Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to unleash the potential of the Nirvana Flame fully. If it were to be the Phoenix Sisters, the Nirvana Flame could even surpass the rank of a ‘Divine Fire’ and go even higher…

“Shoo! “ Yue Yang’s Nirvana Fire Spear blocked off the Scarlet Lotuses. Penetrating everything, it went straight for the Scarlet Concubine’s throat.

“Stop! “

A silver disk shoot across the air with a silvery light.

It blocked in front of the Scarlet Concubine, blocking off the attack of the Nirvana Fire Spear that prepared to pierce through the Scarlet Concubine’s throat.

The Nirvana Flame that could destroy everything actually couldn’t penetrate the bizarre looking silver disc embedded with ancient runes. It could only melt the silvery light. As if alive, the silver disc suddenly rotated at a high speed, returning back to the only remaining hand of the Scarlet Emperor. It kept vibrating as if in agony due to the pricking of the Nirvana Fire Spear. Even without using the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang could tell that it was a Divine Equipment.

Even though it mightn’t be on par to the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, it would be somewhere near.

With this Divine Equipment, getting rid of the Scarlet Emperor might be very difficult…

Yue Yang had expected that the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t be an empty vessel and that he definitely had some powerful skills, but Yue Yang didn’t expect him to own a Divine Equipment!

Guardian Divine Shield [Silver] : A four stars Divine Equipment. Possess consciousness. Activated with it’s owner’s fresh blood. It’s guardian power will be boosted ten times when the owner is on the verge of death. It wouldn’t be damage by energy that’s weaker than the divine equipment. Takes on different shapes under specific environment. It will be able to get unlimited source of divine energy under the stars. Special skill ‘Streaming Light’.

“Damn it! “ After Yue Yang saw the silver disc’s information with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he swore uncontrollably.

If he had to point out a weakness of the Guardian Divine Shield, it would be that it couldn’t launch attack at all. It could only be served as a Divine Equipment used for defense.

However, even so, it was powerful enough.

Especially for now, this type of divine equipment used purely for defense was more useful than those used purely to attack.

What comforted Yue Yang a little was that he could see the information of the Guardian Divine Shield with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, but he couldn’t do so for the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. This meant that the Prison Emperor Divine Seal was of a higher rank and more powerful than the Guardian Divine Shield. Of course, the Prison Emperor Divine Seal hadn’t acknowledged Yue Yang as it’s owner yet, so he could only use it to smash it on others but couldn’t truly make use of it. It was just like how a child who got himself a dragon slaying knife. Although it’s a powerful treasure, the child wouldn’t be able to utilise it.

“Our fight is meaningless, you drove me to a corner but you can’t kill me yet! Even without the protection of a Divine Equipment, I still have many other skills and ways to leave here. I admit that your appearance changed my usual perspection, you are an opponent who is good at planning and creating, your perseverance and courage is not bad too, but I have to point out that you are still too young… I’m better than you in terms of my experiences in which you have yet to acquire. All kinds of battling experiences and tricks to execute skills, and even ways on how to use treasures. If I could summon my Beasts, I can even make you run away in fright, and it wouldn’t have been you landing me into such an embarrassing state. Young man, it would be meaningless to continue this fight, we are going back now, let’s meet again in the Heaven Realm… “ The Scarlet Emperor waved his hands, pulling the Scarlet Concubine back into his arms as he prepared to leave.

Under the defense of the the Guardian Divine Shield, how should he continue the fight?

Now that the Scarlet Emperor had gotten out, with a speed like his, he could run and flee as and when he liked, if he doesn’t wish to continue the fight, the situation could become a little tricky.

But if they don’t continue the fight, then Yue Yang wouldn’t feel contented with that.

Thinking of it caused Yue Yang much headache.

Eh? Wait, why didn’t he take out the Guardian Divine Shield just now?

Yue Yang saw that the ancient runes was getting redder on the Guardian Divine Shield, as the silver starry energy emitted became more intense, he had a sudden realisation.

In order for this shield to continue working, it might have to absorb the fresh blood of it’s owner continually or it could be that the Scarlet Emperor didn’t have enough energy to activate the Guardian Divine Shield now. He was burning his life to sacrifice blood to the shield in order to take it out.

Now that he thought of this, Yue Yang was pleasantly pleased.

No matter what, the best way now was to pester the Scarlet Emperor until he collapse!

“You think you are powerful with your divine equipment? I want to beat up an upstart like you precisely!“ Yue Yang charged forward shamelessly, as his Nirvana Fire Spear morphed into halberd and started waving it around differently… All of the strikes went towards the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine. Although the Guardian Divine Shield was rotating quickly in mid air, blocking off all of Yue Yang’s attack, the silver starry light of the Guardian Divine Shield dulled every time Yue Yang’s Nirvana Fire Halberd hit it. The Scarlet Emperor’s body started to shake as he wasn’t able to endure it anymore. In the end, his body wavered slightly, looking as if he was about to collapse from his blood being drained.

“Goddamn brat!” The Scarlet Concubine glared at Yue Yang angrily, so widely as if fire was going to shoot out from her pupil.

She used all her might to gather almost a thousand of Scarlet Lotus.

Using both of her hands, she directed them towards Yue Yang.

Even if the Scarlet Lotus Fire couldn’t do anything to Yue Yang who was protected by the Nirvana Flame, she wouldn’t just watched as this shameless brat go around being so haughty. She swore to fight with him with all her might.

Facing the hovering Scarlet Lotuses, Yue Yang didn’t dare to let his guards down too.

He wasn’t afraid of the fire, but the Scarlet Concubine who was in a weakened state still possessed the power of a Level Nine Innate.

She controlled thousands of scarlet lotuses with her hands. Forget about the high temperature of the fire, just with the power of being a Level Nine Innate would be sufficient to kill him if he were to be hit.

Yue Yang quickly defended himself, turning the Nirvana Fire Halberd into a Nirvana Fire Amour and placed them around himself. He then quickly rose a Nirvana Fire Pillar, engulfing all the scarlet lotuses that were going towards him… He was a little proud of himself because combining his Yang Ability with the engulfed scarlet lotuses might create a whole new Fire Ability. Although it wouldn’t be as good as the Nirvana Flame, it wouldn’t be weaker than the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire.

With more Fire Abilities, he would be able to control fire better and raise his combat power even higher!

The more important thing was that the better he was at controlling his Yang Ability, the more beneficial it would be when he wants to combine his Yin and Yang Abilities to reach a whole new level.

The Scarlet Concubine felt that the Scarlet Lotus Fire she released had all been blocked and engulfed by her opponent as all of them lost contact with her. All these added on to her mental, physical and energy exhaustion, she cried grimly as she shot a blood arrow towards Yue Yang with her last breath of wrath, even disregarding the price she had to pay with her health.

Once the blood arrow was shot out, the Scarlet Concubine immediately fainted into the arms of the Scarlet Emperor.

She had reached her extreme long ago!

The blood arrow was made from her heart’s blood, wrath and special energy, the impact that it would make wouldn’t be any weaker than that of a Divine Equipment.

Yue Yang reeled in shock as he realised that this bitch was fighting with him with all her might.

He couldn’t let down his guard so he quickly placed a Nirvana Fire Armour in front of him for protection…

“Spirit absorption!” A golden light glimmered in his eyes as a giant golden bell-like treasure appeared in mid air. When the Scarlet Emperor hit the bell with the energy shot out from his pupil, the whole Evil Dragon Lair shook violently, as if rocked by a major disaster. The stone wall broke and shattered with a rumbling noise as giant rocks rained down from the roof.

Yue Yang felt that his brain was buzzing as an evil energy entered his body. He felt the illusion of his soul being sucked out forcefully out of his body.

Luckily the Innate Qi in his Dan Tian warmed up, activating the Nirvana Flame as it moved through his body, repelling the negative energy that sucked his soul out forcefully from his body.

But Yue Yang’s dizziness did not go away for a long time.

On the ground, more than ten energy fountain burst as they prepared to attack Yue Yang who was still in a daze. The Nirvana Fire Armour kept rotating around him. It was automatically guarding its owner as it kept purifying the energy fountain… Just when the energy fountain was hindered by the Nirvana Fire Armour and both sides were wrestling for control of the situation, the blood arrow took advantage of the situation and shot towards Yue Yang’s chest.

Although it was slow, its impact was very huge!

When the Fire Armour finally went back to guard its owner, the Guardian Divine Shield suddenly coiled into a round tube. Not only did it manage to block the second attack of the Nirvana Fire Armour, the space in between it allowed the blood arrow to go straight for Yue Yang’s heart…

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