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LLS Chapter 415 – Deep Grudge, I would kill everyone related to you!

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Chapter 415 – Deep Grudge, I would kill everyone related to you!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey guys, changing Eruption to Fire Breath, because eruption just sounds weird.

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The Prison Emperor Divine Seal was used in the past to seal Jiu Xiao, and was one of the three Divine Tools that inherited the Prison Emperor’s willpower.

Once it was flashed, the Scarlet Emperor’s face ashened.

His entire body trembled.

He raised his right hand that was pushing against the ancient sealing circle higher even more furiously. He used all his might to lift it upwards, exhausting all his power to remove the Prison Emperor Divine Seal smashed onto his head. Although the Prison Emperor Divine Seal looked small, it weight was as heavy as a mountain, causing the Scarlet Emperor’s hands and spine to clack under the heavy weight. The scarier thing was that the Prison Emperor’s image, made purely out of energy and willpower, was formed in the sky and it waved its sun-like golden fist onto the Scarlet Emperor, suppressing him even more… Even if there was no ancient sealing circle, this alone would be sufficient to teach the Scarlet Emperor a lesson.

When the Scarlet Emperor was weakest, Yue Yang attacked him forcefully, acting as if he was undaunted by anything. Finally, Yue Yang was able to turn the tide and make the situation favourable to him.

His greatest wish was to seal the Scarlet Emperor again!

“Ahhh…” The Scarlet Concubine left immediately after attacking Yue Yang with the Scarlet Lotus Fire. Compared to killing her opponent, she had a more important thing to do. That was, to rescue her lover. When the Prison Emperor Divine Seal was used, she knew that it would be the greatest obstruction of her lover. If she didn’t help him, he would be in a extremely dangerous state.

The Scarlet Concubine started to cry sorrowfully.

She threw herself at the Prison Emperor Divine Seal selflessly.

Even if she had to sacrifice herself, she had to help her lover remove this suppressing divine tool.

The Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire and the Force of the Dragon and Mammoth landed heavily onto Yue Yang’s back. If it wasn’t that the duo were afraid that the Prison Emperor Divine Seal would harm them, and reserved half of their power secretly to defend themselves, Yue Yang would have collapsed from the severe injuries.

The Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire was burning on Yue Yang’s back.

His skin and flesh made a sizzling sound from the burning.

Shun Tian’s punch, Force of the Dragon and Mammoth, almost crushed Yue Yang’s heart, causing the bones of his shoulders to crack from the impact, and the ribs on the place where he was hit became twisted and deformed.

The Scarlet Lotus Fire that could even melt rocks was useless towards the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. Its power, that could cause great havoc and calamity had no effect on the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. Using the impact of the Force of the Dragon and Mammoth, Yue Yang threw himself towards the Prison Emperor Divine Seal simultaneously with the Scarlet Concubine. Like killing two birds with one stone, Yue Yang transferred the impact from Shun Tian’s Five Transformations Power and Black Prince’s Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire onto the Scarlet Emperor. He even attacked the Scarlet Emperor further, in hopes of being the one making the final attack to defeat the Scarlet Emperor.

“Ah!” The Scarlet Emperor groaned loudly. His body shook as silver rays of light shot out from his body like a fountain, causing Yue Yang to be sent flying into the air from the impact.

This time, Shun Tian and the Black Prince did not attack Yue Yang.

They just merely watched as Yue Yang fell and smashed into the stone wall.

They were unsure if the Scarlet Emperor could withstand the blow. If the Scarlet Emperor were to be defeated, then there was no need for them to abide by the contract of their alliance anymore.

The Scarlet Concubine realised that it would be useless for her to do anything. In a moment of desperation, she raised her hand and prepared to take the blows for the Scarlet Emperor. Even if she were to fall into the ancient sealing circle from it, she wouldn’t regret.

“My dear, leave!” The Scarlet Emperor did not allow her to do so, because she wouldn’t be able to take the blow from the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

“Let me help you, let me help you, I’m alright…” The Scarlet Concubine said with a tear-streaked face. She reached out her hands as she prepared to take down the Prison Emperor Divine Seal for the Scarlet Emperor, even if it was just for a second. Under attacks from both the Prison Emperor Divine Seal and the ancient sealing circle, the Scarlet Emperor wouldn’t be able to unleash his power even if he possessed enormous strength. His body sunk slowly, first covering his belly, then his chest. In the end, only his head and arms could be seen.

The Scarlet Concubine bended over, wanting to lift the Prison Emperor Divine Seal so that her lover could escape.

Yue Yang flew out from the broken stones. Keeping the World Exterminating Wheel, he dived forward, ignoring his severe injuries.

Shun Tian was hesitant for a second…

Right now, two choices lay before him. First, he could stop Yue Yang, or second, he could stay silent and not do anything. With his and the Black Prince’s power, it would actually be easy for them to stop the current Yue Yang. However, Shun Tian didn’t really want the Scarlet Emperor to escape from the Ancient Seal. Since he disliked Yue Yang, the young, budding threat, and also disliked the Scarlet Emperor, an extremely powerful senior from six thousand years ago, he only wished for the two parties to fight to their deaths.

Watching from the sidelines would be the better option. But not only would Yue Yang not thank him, he would make the Scarlet Emperor angry by doing so. It would be perfect if the Scarlet Emperor gets sealed again, if not, the Scarlet Emperor would surely find trouble with him in the future.

Another way was to help Yue Yang get rid of the Scarlet Emperor.

Shun Tian wasn’t sure if the Black Prince would work hand in hand together with him like he would normally and get rid of the Scarlet Emperor and then the Scarlet Concubine. Shun Tian revoked this option in this important decision of his life.

“Wind and thunder!” Shun Tian decided to stop Yue Yang on the surface and then help him in the dark later. He only hope for Yue Yang to fight harder to get rid of the Scarlet Emperor.

“Sky Devil’s Finger!” The Black Prince attacked coordinately with Shun Tian as he prepared to launch his strong attacks.

Yue Yang dodged all their attacks.

Ignoring the attack from the duo completely, he waved his World Exterminating Wheel as he prepared to slice off the head of the Scarlet Concubine.

Shun Tian’s waved his thunderous punch and proceeded to hit Yue Yang’s hindbrain. He realised a change in the Scarlet Emperor’s body that made him pessimistic about his decision. He changed his plans and decided to attack Yue Yang with all his might. The Black Prince was even faster in doing so as a pitch black energy light pillar shot out from his fingers and went directly for Yue Yang’s heart. But Yue Yang was like a swimming fish as he quickly moved to the back of the Scarlet Concubine and past the Scarlet Emperor who was raising the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. He then moved his hand to take down the attacks as his Innate Invisible Sword Qi shot out from both of his forefingers in a crossed fashion.

The Scarlet Emperor grabbed the calf of the Scarlet Concubine, pulling her to the ground directly, successfully helping her to escape from the deadly attack of the World Exterminating Wheel.

The other one of his hand stretched beyond the Innate Invisible Sword Qi and pressed onto Yue Yang.

Just after Yue Yang shot out his Innate Invisible Sword Qi, he realised that there was an unresistable energy that was strangling him, hurling his entire body into air, causing him to face the double attacks from Shun Tian and the Black Prince.

The Scarlet Emperor loosened his grip on the Prison Emperor Divine Seal and it went crashing onto his forehead with a loud thud.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

His skulls shattered into a million pieces.

The Scarlet Emperor who was bleeding from all seven apertures of his head glared at Yue Yang angrily, his gold eyes accumulating energy quickly and shone as though they were two gold stars.

Two golden ray of light shot out from his pupil.

Yue Yang was startled and quickly adjusted his body in mid air. But the speed of the golden light was still too fast as they shot through his arms and right leg… If not for the adjustment, the two golden rays would have pierced through his heart and head!

It was after the golden rays that the thunderous punches of Shun Tian and the Sky Devil’s Finger of the Black Prince arrived.

With these joint attacks, Yue Yang would definitely die.

“Binding Chains!” Behind Yue Yang, a little lamia loli appeared.

She opened her eyes widely, so widely that even the previously unseen blue veins at the corner of her eye was bulging.

Shun Tian and the Black Prince were frozen in mid air together.

As the thunderous punches and the Sky Devil’s Finger weren’t controlled by their masters anymore, they all landed on the little loli. Among the six arms that was ready to take the deadly blows from the attacks, three were broken by Shun Tian’s thunderous punches, and one was pierced through from the palm to the shoulders by the Sky Devil’s Finger. She placed one arm behind her back to take the remaining blows. No one would be able to kill Yue Yang with her around, because she was the Guardian Beast of Yue Yang and their lives were tied together. She wasn’t his daughter, but far beyond the role of a daughter.

She was none other than Xiao Wen Li!

Curling Yue Yang with her tails, Xiao Wen Li brought Yue Yang out of the place quickly.

If the fight were to persist, the outcome of the Scarlet Emperor would be unknown, but Yue Yang would definitely die… Shun Tian was slightly taken aback, wasn’t it prohibited to summon Beast in this forbidden ground? How could the Guardian Beast of Yue Yang come out?

He hadn’t thought of the possibility that Xiao Wen Li seldom stays in the Grimoire World and that she stays dormant within Yue Yang’s body.

Had it not been Yue Yang’s order for her to stay out of the fight, she would have came out long ago.

“You want to leave?” The Scarlet Emperor, with only his head and arms seen, pointed several times with his hand, with the other hand continually pushing the Prison Emperor Divine Seal forcefully.

“Boom boom boom boom… “

Numerous energy light pillars burst out like a fountain from below and around Xiao Wen Li, completely obstructing her’s and Yue Yang’s way. But Xiao Wen Li swung her tails like she predicted it, flinging Yue Yang back to the head of the Scarlet Emperor. Yue Yang reached out his right hand as he unleashed his Innate Invisible Sword Qi to form the most powerful sword. He then stabbed it into the skull of the Scarlet Emperor that was already shattered by the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

The Scarlet Emperor howled pitifully as he sunk entirely into the sealing circle apart from his arms that could still be seen.

The Scarlet Concubine scratched Yue Yang like a lunatic.

Yue Yang was already covered in scars with his flesh blurred with blood so he did not mind having more scratches. He slashed the Scarlet Emperor’s arms when the World Exterminating Wheel rotated while he was keeping it.

Although the Scarlet Emperor was quick enough to withdraw his left hand into the ancient sealing circle, his right hand that was resisting the Prison Emperor Divine Seal wasn’t able to dodge.

The World Exterminating Wheel slashed the Scarlet Emperor’s right arm, causing a blinding shine… The Immemorial Rune in the middle of the World Exterminating Wheel unleashed its power, causing the right arms of the Scarlet Emperor to break from the revolving slashing even though he had very strong defence. The Silver Shining Armour that was on par to the Crystal Shield was rendered useless under the revolving slashing of the World Exterminating Wheel… Seeing that the Scarlet Emperor had fallen back into the ancient sealing circle once again, Yue Yang quickly kept the broken arm of his and the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. When faced with the attack from the Scarlet Concubine, he splashed a mouthful of fresh blood onto the ancient runes, ‘confinement’, of the ancient sealing circle.

Enduring all the pain, Yue Yang picked himself up.

He gambled with his life as he shot out the Innate Invisible Sword Qi, one directed towards the Black Prince and the other one towards Shun Tian.

The Black Prince and Shun Tian knew that they wouldn’t be able to withstand such Sword Qi as they were tormented greatly by it the previous time. Under the current situation, they wouldn’t fight back.

Moreover, the Scarlet Emperor had already been sealed into the ancient sealing circle again by Yue Yang. It would remain unclear if he would be able to escape as of now, so this wasn’t the time for them to retaliate with all their might.

Both of them moved, easily dodging the two Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

The Scarlet Concubine pounced on Yue Yang crazily. It was her who wished to fight with Yue Yang using all her might now. She made an enormous ‘Scarlet Lotus’ in desperation as she urgently wanted to kill Yue Yang and herself in the process.

“Get lost!”

Yue Yang kicked the Scarlet Concubine and sent her flying into the air when Xiao Wen Li managed to freeze her again.

When Yue Yang prepared to embrace Xiao Wen Li, who had blood tears streaming down her face, to get out of the Evil Dragon Lair, Silver Horn, Fire Breath and Hurricane came into action. Silver Horn fled immediately. In this battle, no matter who won, Silver Horn felt that he wouldn’t be at an advantage. In order not to be killed, Silver Horn decided to abandon his comrades and fled.

But Fire Breath felt that this was an opportunity. One that would allow him to express goodwill towards the Black Prince and Shun Tian.

As long as he could stop this severely injured man behind a mask, then his future would definitely be very bright.

To Fire Breath, Yue Yang looked so heavily injured that he was already on the brink of death. Forget about he himself, Yue Yang might even collapse if an infant punched on him.


Just when Fire Breath was confident that he could defeat Yue Yang and attain a huge achievement, Hurricane suddenly appeared behind his back and waved a punch on him, hitting his back and sending him smashing into the stone wall. Hurricane, who was just a Level Two Innate, shouted to Yue Yang. “Quickly leave, I’ll help you block off your opponents, even if I could only do it for just a second… Although I don’t understand why you want to do this, I believe you have your reasons for doing so and the Tong Tian Tower needs a young man like you! “

Fire Breath shot back with a speed faster than how he was smashed into the stone wall, as he waved a heavy punch onto Hurricane’s abdomen. He groaned with a twisted face. “Damn it, don’t think that you are the saviour of the world. You fool who can’t even defeat me!”

Hurricane vomited blood, but he still held onto Fire Breath tightly as he shouted to Yue Yang. “Go, I’m old already, let me sacrifice myself honourably for a young man…”

“I’d grant your wish! “ His used-to-be good friend became an evil devil as Fire Breath rained blows on him, causing him to spurt out fresh blood continuously.

The Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince ignored what was happening between the two.

They locked their gaze on Yue Yang and Xiao Li Wen who looked as pale as a ghost. They couldn’t understand why this guy decided to give up the chance to escape just now. Could it be that he softened up due to Hurricane’s sacrifice? Or could it be due to other motives? Although all three hated Yue Yang to the maximum, nobody dared to let their guards down because Yue Yang possessed a divine tool after all, they wouldn’t be able to kill him without paying a price.

The trio hoped that they could kill this guy at the lowest price, especially Shun Tian and the Black Prince, who didn’t wish to become the next person to be sacrificed after the Scarlet Emperor.

“Shun Tian, Black Prince, I will definitely take revenge for myself for today.” Yue Yang opened up his palms, and the Nirvana Flame morphed into a fire bow and the ice and purple lightning became the arrow.

One bow with three arrows.

The bow was round and the arrows pointed to the sky.

Shun Tian, the Scarlet Concubine, and the Black Prince immediately had a feeling that they were being targeted, and that no matter which direction they flee to, they wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of having the arrow being pierced through their heart.

Shun Tian’s face darkened as he hmph-ed. He unleashed his Five Transformations Power and the vibe that he was radiating caused the entire Evil Dragon Lair to shake. The Black Prince disappeared as if he became invisible. Although the Scarlet Concubine was sorrowful and angry, she didn’t lose her rationality. Her feet started to dance around as if she was dancing on a lotus.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Yue Yang loosened his hands and released three consecutive shots that pierced through the atmosphere and appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye.

“Break!” Shun Tian broke the arrow with his fist, while the Black Prince and the Scarlet Concubine had a narrow escape as they managed to dodge it.

“Back! “ Yue Yang waved his hands, causing the three purple lightning arrow to turn back, this time, Shun Tian and the lot were able to dodge more easily without much efforts. The three arrows separated in the air, one was shot onto the wing of the brick red dragon who knew how to speak, causing it to freeze immediately as frost appeared on it’s body, especially its wing that was being hit as it appeared like an ice wall.

The other arrow hit the brick red dragon that didn’t know how to speak, causing it to die immediately as it wasn’t fast enough to dodge.

The corpse of the brick red dragon fell to the ground and becoming frozen like it was a brick red dragon ice sculpture.

The third arrow pierced through the air and punctured Fire Breath’s brain accurately, causing it’s head to burst and be sliced away… Hurricane who fell to the ground rolled off quickly, the fresh blood that oozed out from Fire Breath’s neck splattered onto the ground and became ice, and the entire ground appeared as if it was frozen. The Evil Dragon Lair became a chilly hell and this was only the power of Yue Yang’s three arrows!

After the third arrow was shot, Yue Yang glanced at Shun Tian and the Black Prince. He then moved towards the exit of the cave in the speed of a lightning with Xiao Wen Li in his arms.

The Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince who chased after him were even faster.

But on seeing the treasure on Yue Yang’s hand, they backed off immediately. It wasn’t the Prison Emperor Divine Seal, because with his injuries and remnants of Innate Qi, he wouldn’t be able to start the Prison Emperor Divine Seal again. But he possessed an even more shocking treasure…the Demon Suppressing Pagoda!

It was a treasure locked within the treasury of the Da Xia Kingdom and it’s sealing power was not any weaker than the Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

In the Demon Suppressing Pagoda, even Rankers as strong as Demon Kings weren’t able to escape it’s sealing confinement.

Although the trio were incredulous about Yue Yang’s ability to use it, no one was willing to take the risk. Especially with the Little Lamia Loli in Yue Yang’s arms. The power of this combination was definitely not as simple as one plus one.

“I’ll be back… “ The Scarlet Concubine gritted her teeth in anger. It was a pity that she could not kill her rival now as she secretly knew that she was injured by the Prison Emperor Divine Seal and had exhausted all her internal energy. She went after Yue Yang out of no choice as she had to deceive Shun Tian and the Black Prince. If they were to see that she was weak, they might harm her!

Yue Yang similarly exhausted all his Innate Qi. He looked relaxed on the surface, but actually he was on the brink of death.

If the trio were to go after him, he would definitely die!

Shun Tian and the Black Prince exchanged glances and then their eyes glimmered. Both weren’t willing to take the risk, and they gave up the last chance to kill Yue Yang and the Scarlet Concubine. If both of them were to work together, Yue Yang and the Scarlet Concubine would definitely die. But they had different ulterior motives, so they missed this great opportunity.

Not even one minute after Yue Yang left, the ancient sealing circle started to vibrate again.

Lightly, then violently.

And finally shaking the mountains.

A silver hand reached out from the sealing circle, and then, under the stunned gaze of the lot, the Scarlet Emperor, who was severely injured but was still charming, came out of the sealing circle.

He was covered with injuries, and his right arms was broken. Fresh blood that oozed out made him, in his birthday suit, look like a bloodied man.

With tears streaming down her face, the Scarlet Concubine threw herself at him as she held onto him tightly and cried loudly.

“Don’t cry, my dear, don’t cry. “ the Scarlet Emperor used his remaining left hand to caress the fiery hair of the Scarlet Concubine lightly. His golden eyes looked at Shun Tian and the Black Prince. “Thank for your help, if the Prison Emperor Divine Seal were to continue it’s suppression for a minute more, it would have been a different outcome! I would definitely repay both of you in the future. If you all wish to go to the Heaven Realm, I can be your introducer…“

Shun Tian and the Black Prince were very regretful. If they had known that it would be like this, they would have helped Yue Yang gotten rid of the Scarlet Emperor.

If they didn’t attack Yue Yang but the Scarlet Concubine, the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Concubine would have died a miserable death.

But too bad they had already missed the best opportunity to kill the Scarlet Emperor.

After he recuperate and return to his peak, it would be even more difficult to kill this Scarlet Emperor from six thousand years ago… Of course Shun Tian and the Black Prince didn’t show it on the surface as they both bowed and showed their respect to the Scarlet Emperor. At least they could get a trip to the Heaven Realm, which was better than nothing. Although Shun Tian and the Black Prince couldn’t trust the Scarlet Emperor completely now, they were sure that they are safe currently.

Because they could see that the Scarlet Emperor had reached his limits now and he had no more energy to fight.

“You all go now, our affairs are none of your business, bring your comrades and leave!“ The Scarlet Emperor suddenly let the adventurers off and spoke to them haughtily. “Maybe among you all some may know who that young man is. Please help me relay this. I admire him because no one was able to fight me and land me into such a sorry state. If he is willing to be my disciple, I can even let him take charge of the Human Realm… If he doesn’t wish to do so, then please help me tell him that I would kill everyone related to him and I will not let anyone off!“

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