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LLS Chapter 413 – Mutual Destruction?

Chapter 413 – Mutual Destruction?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Scarlet Concubine began to summon the Scarlet Emperor that was sealed in the ground.

The ritual was simple, just her alone would suffice.

Silence descended the entire place.

A blaze of the ‘Scarlet Lotus Fire’ rose gradually in the Scarlet Concubine’s hands. It did not seem like fire, but rather, it looked like gorgeous scarlet lotus.

The Black Prince shuddered secretly when he saw it.

He was also one who could control fire, and his skills was of considerable virtuosity. His Fire Ability was the ‘Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire’. It was a type of poisonous ghost fire that would stick to one and cause great agony to the victim. His condition would also not be curable. As the Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire was the Black Prince’s trump card, he had never told anyone about it. Apart from his few allies like Shun Tian who knew about it, normal warriors would think that the Black Prince’s greatest skills were the ‘Nine Hidden Devil’s Claw’ and the ‘Sky Devil’s Finger’.

The Black Prince was confident about controlling fire.

Even when facing the Great Demon King Baruth who’s renowned throughout the Tong Tian Tower for his Hellfire that was regarded to be the best Fire Ability, and the Hell Black Dragon King Huo Wen that was born to be the king of the fire, the Black Prince had sufficient confidence that he wasn’t weaker than anyone of these people.

But after seeing the Scarlet Lotus Fire of the Scarlet Concubine, the Black Prince was shocked. The Scarlet Lotus Fire was superior to the Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire be it in terms of Fire Ability or its ability to be controlled.

It took the form of fire completely.

Only the Black Prince would know how scary the power of this type of Fire Ability was…

The Scarlet Concubine raised her hands up high as fire emerged from around her like petals of lotus and then scattered around the sky.

Anything that touched the lotus petal-like flame would dissipate into nothingness.

Under the all out effort by the Scarlet Concubine, the energy light pillar gradually rose up from the ground and into the sky. Her hands kept rotating, causing petals of the Scarlet Lotus Fire to gather in her hands, forming two enormous scarlet lotus.

Even when she was still recuperating from injuries without the support of any Beast, the Scarlet Concubine’s power could be unleashed to such a state.

If she was fully recuperated, Yue Yang thought that he wouldn’t even stand a chance to successfully complete his assassination.

“Wake up, wake up, my love! “

The Scarlet Concubine pressed down the two Scarlet Lotus Fire hard onto the ground, causing the rock on the ground to give off a sizzling sound.

Within three seconds, a huge pit that was ten metres tall and wide was formed as a form of the rock melting. The rock and soil that was previously in it were all gone. This was the power of the Scarlet Lotus Fire, if one were to get hit by it, even for a powerful Innate like the Silver Horn, he would be killed on the spot.

Seeing this scene, all the adventurers were so scared that their eyeballs almost fell onto the ground…

But the Scarlet Concubine wasn’t the one who made the greatest noise and impact, it was the Scarlet Emperor who was preparing to break out of the sealing circle!

Everyone heard it.

A deafening shout, as if a giant monster that was deeply asleep underground was awaken.

That groan was those that would make everyone’s head go buzzing as if hit by a thunder hammer.

Even a powerful Innate like Shun Tian frowned his brows slightly. Silver Horn and the other two’s expressions ashened. Those adventurers who did not possess the power of an Innate and those with low levels had already collapsed onto the ground and were bleeding from all seven apertures of their head. Even the Lesser Innates like the Taurus Party Leader, Dark Blade and the Wise Elder Ba Gu covered their heads in agony.

If this went on, everyone would die from the vibration caused by the noise even before the fight began.

The ground started to shake as if there was a violent earthquake.

It then broken into pieces like that of a cobweb.

When the Taurus commander, Dark Blade and the rest were using all their powers to suppress the extreme force that was coming out from underground, Yue Yang slowly crouched himself and tried to hide in the crowd. When Shun Tian and the Black Prince was concentrated on what was happening on the ground, starlights were shimmering on Yue Yang’s hands and they became bigger and denser, shining as if they were the entire galaxy.

His Divine Vision skill slowly levelled up from his counterfeit skill and also under the camouflage of the surrounding.

Yue Yang waited for his final chance.

The moment when the Scarlet Emperor rush out from the ancient sealing circle, he would assassinate him… There wasn’t many opportunities, this would be the only one!

If he weren’t successful, he would die.

A tremendous stress that was never experienced before descended on Yue Yang, causing him to shake a little. Not from fear, but from uncontrollable excitement and nervousness.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

A series of horrendous booming resonated from underground.

Before they could even dodge, more than ten energy light pillars emerged out from underground like a fountain, breaking anything that obstructed their ways. The first few just broke the ground, but the later ones grew to be more powerful as the silver light pillars reached the roof. The last three incredibly broke through the roof and the summit of the mountain that was over a hundred metres wide.

The lot looked at the three holes in their roof and stoned.

What kind of power was that?

It was therefore no wonder that the Scarlet Concubine said that the Scarlet Emperor could do whatever he wanted in the Heaven Realms. With such a power, he could overturn the rivers and seas and also raze all the hills and mountains to the ground.

Despite being sealed in the ancient sealing circle for thousands of years and being in a weak state, the Scarlet Emperor could still unleash such strong powers!

Shun Tian’s face darkened, he felt that releasing the Scarlet Emperor out of the ancient sealing circle might not have been a wise decision.

But what’s done cannot be undone.

But he couldn’t regret now.

The whole of Evil Dragon Lair shook. The black and brick-red dragons that were previously hiding in it ran out from shock, fearing that they might be covered by the stones that collapsed. The rocks on the ground were entirely broken and many were hurled into mid air from the vibrations. When the Scarlet Concubine broke through the wall just now, people felt that the mountain was crumbling. Now it wasn’t just a feeling as the Evil Dragon Lair would really collapse anytime, maybe just in the next very second… A second deafening groan resounded through the atmosphere, a giant golden hand reached out from below the ground slowly, through the gap between the cracked ground and towards the hands of the Scarlet Concubine who was weeping tears of joy.

“Clack clack clack.” Yue Yang kept cracking his knuckles. He tried to control himself and prevent himself from doing anything reckless in an important moment like this.

He tried to crouch low and hide among the crowd.

The Star Explosion gathered on both of his hands had already spreaded over a one metres diametre. It kept rotating, forming an amazingly beautiful Milky Way.

If the Black Prince and Shun Tian looked into his direction now, they would immediately discover that something wasn’t right.

‘Counterfeit’ could no longer support an energy sparkle occurring on such a vast scale anymore. But Yue Yang still hadn’t launched his assassination because he felt that it wasn’t the best time yet. He mustn’t make his past efforts go down into the drain, endure, endure!

Yue Yang gritted his teeth as he beared with the huge emotional burden silently.

An ancient runic circle flashed.

A golden light flashed onto the ground, crossing each other’s path to form tens of thousands of amazing lines, and then interweaving to form individual ancient runic circles that correlated with each other, especially the ancient rune that represented ‘Confinement’ in the middle, it was particularly bright, giving off tens of thousands of platinum lines that formed a huge web, pulling the Scarlet Emperor’s giant golden hand back into the sealing circle.

The Scarlet Concubine did not dare to go near the golden ancient sealing circle. She reached out her hands, seemingly wanting to pull him up.

Who would have known that the Scarlet Emperor’s hand would be pulled back into the sealing circle.

The gorgeous Scarlet Concubine yelled sorrowfully, but could not do anything.

Just when Shun Tai was at ease and felt that it was a good thing that the Scarlet Emperor wasn’t able to break through the sealing, he saw that suddenly, inside the ancient runic circle, eighteen consecutive energy fountain burst out, each one had a diameter that was more than one metre.

If the energy light pillars were to hit the broken stones that had fallen due to the earthquake , or the adventurers that were hurled into the air, they would dissipate into nothingness.

Ten more holes emerged in the roof, as if shot by a machine gun.

Even Shun Tian was becoming speechless.

With his power, it wasn’t difficult to produce the energy light pillar. It would still be easy for him to produce three consecutive shots of the energy light pillars… But he really would not be able to produce eighteen energy light pillars at the same time. The more difficult thing was that the Scarlet Emperor had previously launched eighteen consecutive attacks in an attempt to break the sealing. Through this alone, it could be concluded that he wasn’t on the same level as the Scarlet Emperor.


With a deafening noise, a giant golden hand reached out from the ancient sealing circle again.

The strength of the sealing circle was lessen tremendously after the eighteen consecutive shots of energy light pillars. Its golden light dulled, only the ancient rune, ‘Confinement’, was able to maintain its power as it continued to block the Scarlet Emperor’s hand with its web-like light.

The Sacrlet Emperor took advantage of the situation that the strength of the sealing circle being halved and stretched out his second hand.

The Scarlet Concubine pulled his giant golden hand euphorically, weeping…

Yue Yang was extremely nervous, the Star Explosion gathered in his hands had already exploded uncontrollably. All of the starlight underwent compression by a hundred times and had reached a stage that Yue Yang could no longer endure.

Shun Tian, the Black Prince and the Scarlet Concubine would have noticed the danger just by sweeping a gaze at him, but luckily everyone was captivated by the Scarlet Emperor’s attempt to break through the sealing such that no one discovered Yue Yang’s abnormality.

“Come out, my lover, my emperor!” The Scarlet Concubine was shouting. Excitement and euphoria had taken over her rationality. She could finally see her lover after six thousand years, why wouldn’t she be overjoyed? But Shun Tian and the Black Prince was thinking hard as both had noticed that the situation doesn’t look favourable for them. The Scarlet Emperor was too powerful, helping him now seemed like they were inviting rivalry for themselves… Compared to Zhi Zun who just minded her own business, the Scarlet Emperor might pose a bigger threat to them.

Regrettably, the Scarlet Emperor was already breaking through the sealing now. It was too late for them to wish to turn back time.

A bewitchingly handsome man with black hair and golden eyes appeared in front of the lot. Although only his upper body could be seen, his flawless body, his one and only vast energy and his unique haughtiness were sufficient to indicate his identity.

He was a supreme Ranker for six thousand years.

The Scarlet Emperor!

“My dear, don’t cry, give me some room to come out!” The Scarlet Emperor caressed the Scarlet Concubine’s fiery hair lightly, his hands trying hard to push at the ancient runic circle, attempting to make his final fight to get out from the ancient runic circle.

The platinum glow given off from the ‘Confinement’ ancient runes dragged the Scarlet Emperor back forcefully with its web-like rays.

At the same time, the entire sealing circle unleashed its power and sealed the Scarlet Emperor again.

The Scarlet Emperor gave his all to resist, his shoutings shook the entire place.

The Evil Dragon Lair was almost crushed under these two types of energy. Forget about normal adventurers, even Innates like the Silver Horn, Fire Breath and Hurricane experienced a suffocating dizziness. Normal adventurers that were below the rank of Level Seven Overlord already fainted, some even bled through the seven apertures of their head and were on the verge of dying.

Yue Yang crouched and bend forwards on the ground like a ferocious tiger preparing to make its way down the mountain, preparing for its final fight.

The Star Explosion gathered on his hands had already expanded to a diameter of three metres and beyond, and was on the verge of exploding. But Yue Yang felt that it wasn’t enough and was still crazily trying to accumulate more…

While Dark Blade was struggling in his suffocating defense, he noticed Yue Yang’s abnormality.

His pupils expanded.


As a outstanding thief with sharp senses, he almost immediately ‘smelt’ the huge murderous vibe that was deeply hidden in Yue Yang. Once unleashed, it would shake the place like a volcanic eruption. Dark Blade turned pale with fright, this weird man wearing a mask was actually preparing to assassinate someone. Is it Shun Tian? Or the Black Prince? Or the Silver Horn? Surely his real target wouldn’t be the Scarlet Emperor right? The thought of it made Dark Blade stunned. He almost did not collapse to the ground, and tried hard not to scream with all his might.

“Someone is trying cause trouble here!” Just with one sentence, he could make Yue Yang’s assassination plan fail completely. Dark Blade knew that he had enough energy to escape after throwing out this warning, and that the Scarlet Concubine would definitely give him a handsome reward afterwards.

He did not know why, but he actually did not give in to such tempting rewards.
Maybe it was because of the terrifying power the Scarlet Emperor possessed, or maybe it was that he was curious about how this guy behind the golden mask would perform.

Of course more of it was that Dark Blade might have become insane.

Because he discovered that not only did he not give out any warning, he stood in front of Yue Yang, replacing a member who collapsed to the ground, blocking Yue Yang’s body and the light given off by the Star Explosion.

Dark Blade was shuddering from fear.

He knew that he was asking to die by doing so. If Shun Tian, the Black Prince and their company were to find out about it, he would definitely die a miserable death.

But the more eerie thing was that not only did he not back off from Yue Yang, he used his greatest energy as a Lesser Innate to help shield Yue Yang’s energy accumulation… I’m a goner, I must be crazy! Dark Blade felt that he must be out of his mind, he did not understand why he would help Yue Yang in an important moment like this, wasn’t he asking to die?

Dark Blade couldn’t find the answer to his question at all.

Just when Dark Blade thought that he would die from shock and turn into a lunatic, Yue Yang moved.

Faster than the lightning by a hundred times, he raised the ball of Milky Way-like Star Explosion in his hand highly and then smashed it down on the Scarlet Emperor who was still battling with the ancient sealing circle…

This change shocked everyone.

Only one person collapsed from exhaustion. That was Dark Blade who covered up for Yue Yang for more than ten seconds!

To Dark Blade, every second was like being tortured in hell!

In the same moment when Yue Yang hurled the ball of Star Explosion onto the Scarlet Emperor, the Scarlet Concubine pounced on him crazily, hitting Yue Yang’s hindbrain with her Scarlet Lotus Fire; on the other hand, Shun Tian and the Black Prince arrived at the same time, Shun Tian who possessed the ‘Five Transformations Power’ unleashed his powers angrily, aiming to pierce through Yue Yang’s heart from his back… And the shadow-like Black Prince with Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire burning in his hands prepared to tear at Yue Yang’s ribs.

Any warrior that was below Innate Level Six would die instantly from any one of these blows.

“Die!” Yue Yang shouted crazily.

He didn’t defend himself at all, but used all his strength to attack the Scarlet Emperor

The moment when the Scarlet Lotus Fire, Five Transformations Boxing and the Green Phosphorous Ghost Fire hit Yue Yang, he released all the Star Explosion in his hands. With the World Exterminating Wheel in his left hand and a Fire Blade formed from the Nirvana’s Flame on his right hand, Yue Yang continued to slash the Scarlet Emperor who was hit by his previous attack, ignoring what’s happening back his back. He fought as if he wanted to perish together with the Scarlet Emperor!

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