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LLS Chapter 412 – The power of [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill!

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Chapter 412 – The power of [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill!
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: half-edited guys, too tired to edit and tlc. Please check back in another 24 hours for the edited version

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“As expected, although it’s only been a mere six thousand years, the public has already forgotten me. That’s so heartbreaking!” The femme fatale chuckled, her tone didn’t show a trace of inferiority. Instead, she sounded like it was the people’s loss for forgetting her existence, it was the most foolish and pitiful mistake.

“Please tell us about your glorious name…” Shun Tian was astonished and delighted when he discovered that this woman possessed strength equal to himself, even though she was in a weakened state after the seal was lifted. If he could win over this woman to his side and acquired the experience and knowledge of a super Innate from thousands of years ago, in the future, even the famous, almighty Zhi Zun wouldn’t be a problem to him.

Nobody knew what the Black Prince, who hid in the dark, was thinking.

However, one thing was clear. The Black Prince would never make an enemy with an ancient Innate like Scarlet Concubine.

The femme fatale named Scarlet Concubine giggled, “It’s not a big deal that the people has forgotten about me… Handsome lad, you are called Shun Tian right? Nice name, you have potential too. With some guidance, perhaps you could even go to the Heaven Realm.”

“Heaven Realm? Have you been to the Heaven Realm before?“ Shun Tian’s face was unmoved, however his heart was in ecstasy.

The Heaven Realm had already became a legend.

Even the formidable Supreme Elder Zhi Zun could not enter the Heaven Realm. Could it be that this woman have visited the Heaven Realm in the past?

Even the adventurers who were in danger of losing their lives strained their ears to listen, let alone Shun Tian. Thousands of years have passed, and this was the first time warriors from Tong Tian Tower caught the chance of listening to information about the Heaven Realm. How could it not be tempting? Everyone other than Yue Yang was straining their ears. Yue Yang knew that six thousand years ago, warriors could come and go as they wished. It was as easy as going up from the first floor to the second floor and from the second floor to the third floor in the Tong Tian Tower. It was only after Prison Emperor’s fight to the death with the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm, the gates to the Heaven Realm was closed by the Heaven Realm warriors. Although in the legends the gate to the Heaven Realm opens once a hundred years, in reality, no one has ever entered the Heaven Realm… Of course, maybe there was, but no one knew of it.

Yue Yang suspected that the reason why the pitiful guy’s mother disappeared was because she went to the Heaven Realm.

It’s not easy entering from the Heaven Realm gates, or perhaps there were other ways.

Like the ‘Heaven Stairway’!

“Oh, the Heaven Realm is an interesting place. There were formidable creatures of all kinds, but seldom did they own Grimoires. If an Innate in Heaven Realm was contracted to a Grimoire, they would be sent to the sect and trained exclusively. A handsome lad like you, Shun Tian, I believe would be a popular candidate. Not to mention you have the power of a Level 9 Innate. Even if you don’t, you’re still an Innate, you would still be well received. According to what they say, even if a living organism possessed an Innate’s strength, but without a Grimoire, they were considered fake Innates… Of course, the Heaven Realm does not address them like that, they were called ‘Earth-rank Warriors’, different from the ‘Sky-rank Innates’ Scarlet Concubine started introducing all kinds of things in Heaven Realm.

“Earth-rank Warrior? Sky-rank Warrior? ” Shun Tian was surprised, but after thinking about it he felt that it was not unusual. Of course the Heaven Realm had their own way of addressing them. There’s nothing strange about that.

“Yes, the Heaven Realm usually addressed warriors with the strength of a Level 1 Innate as ‘Earth-rank Level 1’. The level of power is more or less the same, but Earth-rank Warriors did not own Grimoires. In Heaven Realm, many creatures were already very strong since the moment they were born. If they came to the human world, even an ugly insect could be a very terrifying and powerful existence. However,
those guys are idiots and have no brains, hence they cannot be compared with true Innates. Thus, even if Earth-rank Warriors reached Level 10 and had overwhelming strength, if they did not have a grimoire, they would still be looked down upon. The Grimoires acted as the differentiator in the Heaven Realm. If you have it, the Heaven Realm would welcome you at any time. When warriors with Grimoire from the mortal world enters the Heaven Realm, they would be immediately recruited into a certain sect and provided with full training. It was almost to the point of forcing the Grimoire contractor to train and become a Sky-rank Warrior!” Scarlet Concubine’s words successfully tempted Shun Tian’s heart. As expected, the Heaven Realm was more magnificent than the legend was. If he could go up there, there would be boundless prospects waiting for him.

“ What kind of existence would a Sky-rank Innates be?”

“Well, if you are not afraid of receiving , I can tell you honestly. You, the handsome lad named Shun Tian do not possess the strength of a Sky-rank Innate. Although you are near, you are still confined to Earth-rank. In addition, you have a big obstacle, if you cannot overcome it,then you will be confined to Earth-rank for your lifetime. As for the question on Sky-rank Innates, at the pinnacle of my life, I was a Sky-rank. In those days I was a Level 2 Sky-rank Innate, now I’m weakened and dropped back to Earth-rank Level 9… Oh right, Sky-rank Innates are also called Innate Elders in the human world… After a few thousand years do you still have Innate Elders? If there is, then an Innate Elder would be a Sky-rank Innate!” Scarlet Concubine looked at Shun Tian with a skeptical gaze. He didn’t even know about these things, it seemed that after a few thousand years, the warriors have deteriorated tremendously.

“Innate Elder?” Shun Tian was astonished, he didn’t realise that there was such a huge gap between himself and Zhi Zun. No wonder Zhi Zun could ignore all the Innates. Turned out that she had already surpassed the warriors in the human world by so much. In face of Scarlet Concubine’s skepticality, Shun Tian’s gaze flashed slightly and answered. “There is, but only one.”

“What’s his name? Was he called ‘Prison Emperor’?” When Scarlet Concubine mentioned the Prison Emperor’s name her small hands trembled slightly.

An average person wouldn’t have noticed, but to Yue Yang it was as plain as day.

Looks like six thousand years ago Prison Emperor was indeed an awesome guy.

He have been dead for six thousand years, even now, at the present, Scarlet Concubine was still so frightened of him. One could imagine how ferocious he was in those days.

When Shun Tian replied that Zhi Zun was a female, Yue Yang noticed that Scarlet Concubine breathed out a sigh of relief secretly… She giggled to cover it up, “Oh my. A girl took up the position of Innate Elder while tens and thousands of man could only watch. This is truly remarkable. However, six thousand years ago, although there weren’t many Sky-rank Innate in the mortal world, there were at least a dozen. Who would have thought that things would dwindle to this state. This is indeed sad…”

“A dozen?“ Shun Tian was speechless after hearing it.

He could not imagine how the situation was like six thousand years ago when the Innate Alliance had a dozen Innate Elders.

What kind of world was that?

Can Tong Tian Tower really fit a dozen of Innate Elders?

Now, don’t even think about Innate Elders, there were probably only 30 people who achieved Innate Level 8. Level 9 Innates were even more scarce and Level 10 Innates were practically like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns… Looks like the present really could not be compared to the ancient times.

Upon hearing the name ‘Prison Emperor’, The Black Prince suddenly asked, “Senior Scarlet Concubine, have you heard about the Prison Emperor Divine General before?“

Scarlet Concubine covered her mouth and chuckled, “Of course I know the Prison Emperor Divine General you are talking about. However, he only dared to be unbridled and call himself the Prison Emperor Divine General in front of you guys. Hehe, if he met me, that lowly servant Hei Yu (Dark Prison) would have to greet me respectfully and call me your highness.“

“What?“ Shun Tian and the Black Prince were completely shocked.

The Prison Emperor Divine General was called the Dark Prison King ever since he had awakened.

He was always running amuck in the Tong Tian Tower, arrogant and unbridled. Except for Zhi Zun, even those as powerful as Sky Execution and Great Demon King Baruth were nothing in his eyes. Someone who claimed that he could soar to the Heaven Realm once he regained his original strength was considered a slave in front of this Scarlet Concubine?

Scarlet Concubine’s gaze shone with a devilish glow. “Dark Prison is still alive? I didn’t expect that! But I couldn’t be bothered with that, there are more important issues to take care of. Handsome lad named Shun Tian and that lad who likes to swim around like mud fish, do you want to cooperate with me? Although I have not regained my strength, there will be no problems to bring you guys up to the Heaven Realm. Of course, your cultivation bottleneck are considered a piece of cake for me. If you cooperate sincerely, then I will guarantee you both a bright future!”

Shun Tian and Black Prince were both immersed in their own thoughts and did not reply immediately.

If they said that they were not tempted they would be lying.

However, they did not know what they need to do after agreeing to cooperate with this Scarlet Concubine.

If Scarlet Concubine wanted to challenge Zhi Zun and seize the position of Innate Elder, Shun Tian and the Black Prince would never agree. They would not fight a battle that they were uncertain of.

Scarlet Concubine is powerful, but Zhi Zun was not someone to be taken down easily.

If Scarlet Concubine lost the challenge, Shun Tian and the Black Prince believed that Zhi Zun would kill them without hesitation. She was definitely a person who would keep to her words. Those who dared to provoke her never lived to tell the tale. Never.

“What would senior need us to do?“ Shun Tian bowed, ”If it is a trivial matter please just tell us directly. I would be happy to help. “

“It is trivial yet not so.” Scarlet Concubine’s expression turned grave. “My husband is the Scarlet Emperor who was as famous as the Prison Emperor. Six thousand years ago, he defeated countless Innates. He was invincible, but he was misled into entering this forbidden Ancient Rune Circle and sealed by an anonymous person; If not for this, the mortal world would have been conquered by my husband Scarlet Emperor already! You just need to defend my husband as he breaks out of the seal. The road to Heaven Realm, breaching your cultivation bottleneck, rising to Heaven Realm, we can meet all these needs when… Nevermind all these, we can even give you the mortal world. Rest assured, we are only aiming for the Heaven Realm…”

“The Scarlet Emperor?“ Shun Tian hesitated for a second, releasing such a ferocious guy was unwise.

However, breaching his cultivation bottleneck, being promoted to Sky-rank, as well as entering the Heaven Realm were the most enticing temptation.

In any case, he would still be under one and above millions. Even if there was no Scarlet Emperor, he would still have to serve under Zhi Zun. If the Scarlet Emperor appeared, he certainly would have to fight Zhi Zun. Perhaps he could benefit from it.

Most importantly, even if he doesn’t help Scarlet Concubine himself, or even oppose it, he probably wouldn’t be able to stop the Scarlet Emperor’s awakening.

To become enemies with the Scarlet Emperor who was about to be awakened?

Or to become an ally?

Even fools would choose the latter.

The Black Prince signalled to Shun Tian secretly, indicating that he was willing to accept this agreement. However, he let Shun Tian do the talking while he remained hidden behind his back.

“It’s a blessing to be able to help you senior. How would we dare to have much demands?“ Shun Tian was never a guy who was satisfied with being an underling, but he was smart. Whatever he felt in his heart, on the surface he would always be courteous, like a gentleman.

“What can we do for you, senior? “ The Black Prince asked.

“ Just guard here, you guys don’t have to do anything later. If anyone were to disrupt my summoning ceremony, then you guys would put a stop to it.” Scarlet Concubine smiled faintly, she already knew the answer. Breaching their cultivation bottleneck, rising to Sky-rank and the road to Heaven Realm. These three temptations were irresistible for any warrior. Although the other party may have other thoughts, agreeing to alliance was bound to happen.

“So easy?“ Shun Tian and the Black Prince were stunned. Nobody knew about this place, who would come?

“It’s easy but also not easy.“ Scarlet Concubine face darkened. “I have a very bad feeling. Although there are no strong opponent around, I feel a bad vibe… Hopefully, it is just my imagination. After my summoning ceremony starts, you would have to keep an eye out for people, don’t let anyone disrupt my ceremony…”

Scarlet Concubine’s gaze, swept towards Silver Horn, Eruption and Hurricane.

Among those at the scene only those three have the strength to disrupt the ceremony.

As for the adventurers, Scarlet Concubine completely ignored them. She could kill a whole group of them whenever she wanted to. An existence like the ants could never be a threat to the ceremony.

Even so, Scarlet Concubine still giggled and made eye contact with them.“ All the handsome chaps there, I’m about to start the summoning ceremony. You all must be well behaved, when my husband wakes up, everyone would be granted a gold-ranked treasure or beast. Everybody would get one, I won’t go back on my words. Don’t worry, I don’t need fresh blood for the ceremony nor do I need the offering human lives. I just have to call from the bottom of my heart and my husband would wake up and burst through the seal underground… Those who want to follow us and advance to the Heaven Realm, now is the chance to show your loyalty. Don’t let me down! “

Shun Tian found it weird that Scarlet Concubine had not killed the adventurers yet. However, watching her burn the bloodstain on the floor away carefully and dispersing the smell of blood in the air, he faintly understood that this Ancient Sealing Circle would become stronger and more secure with fresh blood. At this moment, they cannot kill, or else their plan of breaking the Scarlet Emperor’s seal would go down the drain.

As for the reason not to chase away the adventurers, there was a possibility that they would leak the information about Scarlet Emperor’s revival and get them into trouble.

That’s why Scarlet Concubine opted to coax the adventurers first… Of course, this was also to convince Innate Rankers like Shun Tian and Black Prince that she was not a selfish person who would burn the bridge after crossing it.

Yue Yang had been waiting quietly.

Waiting for the instant when the Scarlet Emperor was breaking out of the seal.

To initiate an attack on Scarlet Concubine now was the most foolish choice to make. There were Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince, three powerhouses. Even if he managed to stop them, it would only be temporary. The best solution, as well as the last resort was to land a critical and fatal attack on the Scarlet Emperor the moment he breaks through the seal. It was the moment he would be weakest. Even if he could not be killed instantly, it would deal a massive amount of damage… … He would critically wound the Scarlet Emperor, then he had to escape and search for Zhi Zun, Night Empress, and Phoenix Fairy Beauty. He would perhaps even persuade Elder Nan Gong to employ Innates to corner and kill the Scarlet Emperor once again.

For people like the Scarlet Emperor, if he were to revive without mishap back to this world, it would signify the beginning of Tong Tian Tower’s collapse.

The Prison Emperor was already dead. Yue Yang had also decided that he himself would become the new generation of Prison Emperor.

No matter what, the Scarlet Emperor must be suppressed.

“I will succeed…” It would be a lie to say that he was not nervous. Yue Yang did his best to restrain the nervousness deep down in his heart and waited quietly. His Qi was restrained within his body, with nothing leaking out. He appeared to be as ordinary as a Level Six Elder. At this very moment, Yue Yang’s [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill was used to its maximum, perhaps even exceeding its limit.

The sensitive Scarlet Concubine, cautious and prudent Shun Tian as well as the sly and paranoid Black Prince were all unbelievably tricked by such a [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill.

Yue Yang had never thought that the most useless [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill would actually become the key to his future success.

There are no useless talents, only useless people. How true is that saying!

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Shiro’s note: If you have read before I edited, you might have read a lot of ‘the Innate Elder’. In reality, Zhi Zun does not have a name. She is called Innate Elder. Tried chinese googling, but even until the end, Zhi Zun’s name was not revealed. So I simply use Zhi Zun (Innate Elder) as her name so that we can distinguish Zhi Zun from the rank Innate Elder.


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