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LLS Chapter 411 – Scarlet Emperor

Chapter 411 – Scarlet Emperor
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“This is a misunderstanding. I have no intention of offending an Innate. We are willing to apologise and compensate you with the best treasures.” Silver Horn hoped that Shun Tian would spare him. They definitely could not fight. He believed that Shun Tian could defeat everyone here with a single finger.

He realised that he had broken into a place he should not have. The only hope was to get out of there before the secret was revealed.

Or else, the other party would kill him in a few seconds without hesitation.

Only death could really conceal secrets eternally.

While he was speaking, Silver Horn skillfully used the word ‘we’. Even until the very last juncture, he didn’t forget about allying with his companions. Although Eruption and Hurricane were only Innate level 3 and 2, in Silver Horn’s eyes that was some force to utilize. He knew that if he confronted Shun Tian on his own, even if he was ten times stronger he would be easily killed in an instant.

Eruption grasped his best teleportation crystal in his palm.

All he need to do was to crush that crystal to get out of there.

But he didn’t dare to gamble.

If he crushed the teleportation crystal and it didn’t work, he would certainly die.

Or perhaps, the teleportation worked but teleporting away would need a second. For Shun Tian, the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, a second was enough for him to kill any warrior under Innate level 5.

“I’m not the host, same as you, I’m a guest.” Shun Tian laughed out loud, but he didn’t accept Silver Horn’s apology.

This meant he didn’t want to them get away.

For now, regardless whether this intrusion was intentional.

Once anyone entered and discovered the secret about the Ancient Rune Circle. Shun Tian only believed in one kind of man who could keep secrets, which is a dead man.

“As the host, when there are visitors how could I not entertain the guests? If this gets out, others would tease me for not knowing my etiquettes. Relax everyone. Once you finish enjoying the pleasure of knowing the Ancient Rune Circle’s secret. I’ll treat you all with hospitality and send you off myself.” The Black Prince’s eerie, terrifying voice rang. No one can tell where he really was, it seemed to come from afar, yet it sounded like he was right behind their back, it was indiscernible. The Black Prince’s words made everyone’s heart stopped for three second … What he had in mind was clear, apparently he didn’t plan to let them go off so easily.

“Let me leave. I can give up an arm and a leg, as well as the best treasure. In addition, I will offer you a million gold coins every year.“ Silver Horn made the greatest sacrifice.

“You don’t need to do that. You people just need to watch silently.” The Black Prince declined flatly.


Eruption crushed the teleportation crystal, using the fastest speed he ever did in his life.

A light beam flashed, but did not rise towards the sky. Instead, it strangely merged with the ground and vanished without a trace.

The teleportation failed!

Although this place did not prohibit teleportation, even the blind could tell that teleportation wouldn’t work here.

Eruption’s last struggle was futile. This filled him with despair, like a gambler who had lost everything. With scarlet eyes, he laughed maniacally.

“ Ahahahahahaha……ahaha …”

The broad, empty space echoed with Eruption’s laughter, which was full of despair.

A lot of people broke out in cold sweat, including Silver Horn. Now that Eruption had been driven crazy, who knows whether the next one would be them.

Yue Yang watched all this calmly.

The disordered aura of fear and grief given off by the surrounding adventurers was the best cover for him.

Hiding among the crowd, Shun Tian didn’t even look at the large group of adventurers, let alone notice his presence. Shun Tian’s gaze didn’t even land on Eruption who was driven crazy, instead it landed on Silver Horn and Hurricane.

If this was not a plot set up to ambush him, then it should be an earth-shattering secret.

Yue Yang thought. An Ancient Rune Circle that cannot be revealed to the public but hidden deep underground. An Ancient Rune Circle that seemed to only gained power recently. What does that mean? Ancient Rune Circles have many different uses, but there were usually two main uses. One was to pass on knowledge, like the ‘World Exterminating Wheel’ that was passed on to Yue Yang. It was the best proof. Another one was sealing, like the Dark Golden Sceptre sealed in the White Jade Beetle’s body and the Golden Specter sealed in the Gold Palace’s box. They were all considered small scale sealing. The large scale ones, for example, would be the ones in the Seven Star Pillars in Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace. There was the Prison Emperor Divine Sword that sealed Ming Yue Guang, the Prison Emperor Divine Staff that sealed Xu Kong, and the Prison Emperor Divine Seal sealed Jiu Xiao.

Could it be that this place also sealed a super frightening monster?

At this thought, Yue Yang’s heart couldn’t help but shiver.

“ Ahahahahaha …” Eruption was still laughing maniacally.

“Why don’t I think that was funny?” The Black Dragon with his enormous head and numerous, sinister-looking teeth shook his head and snorted. “We didn’t even thought about disturbing anyone. We only wanted to reveal this Ancient Rune Circle’s secret quietly. But you all, just had to come looking for your own death. Such irony! Did you think that you can slaughter a dragon relying on three low level Innates and these shrimps? Are you joking? I’m not made of tofu! With another evolution, I would become the Black Hell Dragon. Even now I am a Hellflame Black Dragon. A Level 10 Platinum Hellflame Black Dragon. You shrimps wish to slay me?“

“Forget about you, boss, even I, Flame Eyes and my brother, Flame Tongues are not what they could even think of taking on.” The Scarlet Dragon who could speak mocked arrogantly. “Those below Innate Level 6, we’ll kill whoever that comes our way. How foolish are these humans, what do they think Giant Dragons are?

“Innate Level 6?” Dark Blade heart skipped a beat. They had an Innate Level 6 in their party, Titan. Although he was below Shun Tian’s level, they might know each other.

“Use fresh blood as sacrifice… Everyone, the show is about to start.” The Black Prince’s eerie, sinister voice rang out.

Silver Horn and the others looked grim.

Although the Black Prince wasn’t anxious to kill the adventurers that broke in, it didn’t mean that he would let them go.

Maybe this super Innate was thinking of keeping them, two hundred adventurers, in order to prevent any accidents from happening and to avoid the unexpected. Once the situation takes a turn for the worse, the two hundred adventurers and three Innates could be the scapegoats and sacrificial lambs. Although the Black Prince and Shun Tian had so much power, they were still so cautious. This was truly admirable.

Yue Yang was slightly surprised.

Because he realised that whether it was the Black Prince or Shun Tian, They both didn’t realise that the Ancient Rune Circle on the walls were fake. The real Ancient Rune Circle was under their feet, yet they didn’t seem to sense it … In front of the wall, around twenty Dragon Hunters supporting pots, poured and sprinkled a large amount of fresh blood on the Ancient Rune Circle. Then they killed hundreds and thousands of Dwarf slaves in front of the wall.

An old hierophant chanted crazily, waving his bone staff.
(Shiro: Hierophant – a person, especially a priest, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles.)

Actually, before this old man started chanting, the Ancient Rune Circle had already began to flash with a demonic red glow.

Gold, black, white, and sliver. The Runes peeled themselves off from the Ancient Rune Circle one after another. While every single rune peeled off from the rune circle, the room made of stone shook. Maybe even the entire mountain peak was shaking. Everyone paled, no one would have thought that undoing an Ancient Rune Circle could actually result in an earthquake. Now, even before the Ancient Rune Circle was undone, this place was about to collapse. What should they do? The adventurers who broke in were not the only ones astonished, even the Dragon Hunters had the word ‘shock’ written all over their faces. However, nobody dared to move, not even a single step without Shun Tian nor the Black Prince’s order.

Yue Yang’s pupils contracted slightly.

Only him, with the Heaven Eye Divine Vision could see— inside the fake Ancient Rune Circle, there hid a terrifying Innate… It was definitely not a seal, instead, it was camouflage.

The terrifying Innate was concealed within the Ancient Rune Circle, lurking, waiting for some kind of opportunity.

Now, this Innate, who lurked within the Ancient Rune Circle for unknown years has finally awoken.

On the stone wall, crimson demonic light glowed brightly.

The crimson light in the entire area was so thick that it seemed as if even the air itself turned into blood. Even the legendary Blood Pond Hell was no match when compared to this.

When the last giant rune broke off from the Ancient Rune Circle on the wall, the entire ground shook, and rubbles fell from the sky ceaselessly. Even the rock mass surrounding them have developed huge web-like cracks. Right now, everyone was focused on the wall that was about to crumble. No one paid attention to the comparatively intact floor, expect Yue Yang. He discovered a kind of even more well concealed and sinister power deep down, under their feet, restless and stirring. It’s just that this guy was cunning, he used the wall as his ally to hide himself. He was hardly noticeable.

The walls, now free of runes, exploded with a boom.

A flash of crimson light which was hundred times brighter than the sun’s rays shot out vigorously, and did not cease.

Even the powerful Great Emperor of Zi Wei Shun Tian couldn’t help but to furrow his brows slightly and observe attentively, fully focused, seeking for the secret of the Ancient Rune Circle wholeheartedly.


A small, delicate hand reached out from within the rock wall. Her movements were soft and gentle, yet the power it brought was devastating, just like thunderbolt.

A rubble as large as the millstone flew through the air.

Before the person in the stone wall could struggle free, the entire mountain was shaking crazily, as if the sky was about to fall and the earth was about to crack open … Yue Yang sensed, at the same moment, that an even more terrifying power from underground was struggling within the real Ancient Rune Circle, as if it was trying to escape from the seal.

Rocks as large as houses jolted off from the rock wall. The adventurers who were unable to dodge were all pounded into meat paste.

When the ‘person in the wall’ broke through the wall, the rocks that flew out was nothing less compared to an Innate Ranker’s attack. Even the most powerful Ox-head Party leader Jin Niu dodged rapidly and didn’t dared to block it with his arm, not to mention about the ordinary adventurers. Dark Blade was alarmed, he was standing behind Yue Yang all this time and didn’t even leave for one second. He had a feeling that his only way out of this was to stay close to this masked man, once he left he would die immediately.

What had burst out from the wall was a naked, bewitching and gorgeous beauty with a delicately shaped body that would make people drool. Her flame like hair danced in the breezeless air. The two small horns at her temples made her look wild and sexy. With stunning eyes and charming lips, anyone who caught a glimpse of her flirtatious appearance would have their beast blood boiling immediately. Their desire to push her down would come surging forward like a huge wave. Her soft bosom was like as delicate as snow. Her slender waist, and her deadly and tempting tail behind her sexy hips seemed like a queen’s seductive whip.

This beautiful woman, a femme fatale, didn’t mind other people’s gaze.

Once out of the wall, she ignored the fact that her naked body was exposed and winked at the crowd flirtatiously.

Once she used her seductive eyes to “electrocute” them, all the adventurers turned immediately into mad beasts. Those who lacked willpower have already started tearing their own clothes apart, with their saliva overflowing, as if they want to sleep with the lamia immediately.

Even those with strong willpower couldn’t help but get carried away by her bewitching gaze and ended up revealing their hog like appearance.

Shun Tian swallowed his saliva and acted in a refined and courteous manner. He first tossed out a golden coat at the beauty for her to cover herself. At the same time, he paid respect with the rites of an Innate. “Greetings, I’m Junior Shun Tian. I don’t know why senior was sealed here, but since fate had let me meet your beauty, please grant us your name, so that us juniors could pay respect.”
(Shiro: Shun Tian didn’t know the beauty, junior/senior is just the way he speak to respect the beauty)

The woman who was just like a femme fatale caught Shun Tian’s coat with a swift movement of her fingers.

Her skills were so brilliantly executed that even Shun Tian was moved.

She slowly put on the golden coat. It was unknown whether it was deliberate or simply in her nature, but even when she was wearing her clothes, she didn’t forget to tempt them. A lot of adventurers couldn’t bear their desire at the bottom of their heart and naked with their eyes bright red, they charged fanatically at the femme fatale. Shun Tian obviously won’t miss this chance to ingratiate himself with her. He reached out his finger tapped continuously, the empty strength of his finger like electricity dashed out towards the mad adventurers who was prepared to violate the woman and they all died with an exploded head.

“This coat is really pretty, I like it!” The femme fatale looked at Shun Tian with her sexy eyes. Although she was looking at Shun Tian, everyone present felt that she was looking at themselves and talking to them. The femme fatale giggled before she started talking with her alluring voice. “Since this handsome Shun Tian has asked, I’ll tell you, I’m called Scarlet Concubine (Scarlet Concubine)… Oh, a thousand years had passed, I’m afraid you all already forgot about me.”

“Scarlet Concubine?” For a moment, Shun Tian really didn’t thought that there was such a beauty in the past.

“……” Yue Yang, on the other hand, was shocked.

Now he could completely understand. The terrifying Innate sealed under their feet, was actually him! The one that was defeated by Prison Emperor and as famous as him, the Scarlet Emperor. This Scarlet Concubine, was the imperial concubine the Scarlet Emperor doted on the most!

If he let the Scarlet Emperor escape from the seal again, it would be no less than Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders escaping from the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

The Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders would return to Heaven Realm, whether it would be Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao, or Ming Yue Guang, none of them would remain in the human world. However, the Scarlet Emperor was different, if this guy broke out of the seal, not just Soaring Dragon Continent, the whole Tong Tian Tower will never have a day of peace.

Prison Emperor had already died.

After six thousand years, the Innates have weakened, who would be the Scarlet Emperor’s opponent?

Forget about the Scarlet Emperor who was as famous as the Prison Emperor, even Scarlet Concubine who just broke out of the wall was a Level 9 Innate, not to mention this was in her weakened state.

If she were to return to her pinnacle, she would probably be minimally a Level 10 Innate.

Yue Yang couldn’t help but clench his fist, under the condition of not summoning his beasts, would he be able to stop the Scarlet Emperor’s revival? One Scarlet Concubine was already a headache, adding in Shun Tian and the Black Prince, this fight would be extremely treacherous. However, whatever the level of difficulty, he definitely could not allow the Scarlet Emperor to see daylight again. Once this guy burst out of his seal, all hope would be lost!

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