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LLS Chapter 410 – A Strong Enemy Appeared!

Chapter 410 – A Strong Enemy Appeared!
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Hey guys, apologies, last chapter, I mistranslated Taurus as Jin Niu. Have changed it.

Invading the Evil Dragon Lair went of without a hitch.

This, however, gave Yue Yang an ominous feeling. It was too easy, this must be a trap!

On the surface, there was no problem entering the Evil Dragon Lair as two hundred adventurers ventured together. Before they entered the Evil Dragon Lair, tens of Red Flame Flying Dragons attacked. However, everyone worked for the same purpose and quickly defeated the dragons, a huge portion ran away and a few were killed on the spot. The main reason they won was that two Innates appeared within them. One was invited by the Sword and Shield adventurer Group, the Innate Level 3 ‘Eruption’. The other was Flame Breath’s close friend, the Innate Level 2 ‘Hurricane’.

With these two people, victory was very easy.

So much that, Yue Yang had recalled the Reaper Mantis. Moreover, he had quietly concealed himself among the adventurers and did not come out to kill the Red Flame Flying Dragons.

Party Leader Taurus and the others repeatedly looked at the skies in the distance.

Silver Horn did not appear.

The other Innate Ranker ‘Titan’ also did not appear. This made Party Leader Taurus a bit worried.

After the Red Flame Flying Dragons were defeated and escaped without a trace, other than a few injured mercenaries, who brought back the Flying Dragon’s corpse back to Bo Nan Town, everyone else had resolved to brave through the Evil Dragon Lair. Under the lead of four Innates, let alone the Evil Dragon Lair, they could even go anywhere on the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

As everyone got close to the opening of the Evil Dragon Lair, a bright light came down like a shooting star from afar.

Party Leader Taurus let out a cheer…

That was Silver Horn, an Innate who had reached Rank 5.

Everyone quickly paid their respects. Even ‘Eruption’ and ‘Hurricane’ these two innates were no exception… Dialogues between Innates need not be known to bystanders so the adventurers consciously retreated. The three innates exchanged a few words and quickly entered the Evil Dragon Lair. Afterwards the adventurers strived to be first and entered the Evil Dragon Lair, with the biggest group, Sword and Shield adventurer Group, in front.

Yue Yang’s brown wrinkled.

He felt an extremely strong unease. He only felt this kind of feeling when he intruded upon the Demon Palace and the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace.

Could it be, the Evil Dragon Lair was another Demon Palace?

Or is it another Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace?

“…” Yue Yang wanted to turn around and leave the place. He felt that charging into unfavorable situations was unwise. However, if he left, then he might miss on something. When training, the hardest thing to find was an opponent that could help him improve. Every adventure, every battle, are all opportunities to level up. Men must face hardships. If he was afraid of any region in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, then he should not hope to go to Heaven Realm.

No matter what kind of place the Evil Dragon Lair was, even if it was hell, Yue Yang had decided to enter until the furthest he can go.

He tightly clenched his fists.

Dark Blade looked at Yue Yang who had stopped in his tracks and suddenly whispered: “Will Lord Titan really come?”

“He will.” Yue Yang turned around and looked at the mysterious thief.

“Since he will come, then I will go in. If he doesn’t come, I feel that the two of us should leave. Coming here once again gave me a more terrifying feeling. Something must have happened inside. I feel a chill as if I have entered an ice house.” Dark Blade had goose bumps all over his skin. He did not have an innate’s sensitivity, but he was still an excellent thief, hence his sensitivity was not weak. Although he could not specify the strange feeling, he instinctively felt that the situation was very bad. If it wasn’t because of Yue Yang’s response, he would absolutely not enter the Evil Dragon Lair.

“Those who left could have already…” Yue Yang looked at the distant horizon. The presence of those adventurers who left have disappeared in a flash.

“What?” Sweat poured out from Dark Blade’s body.

“Go in, this place could be fun.” Yue Yang jumped down from the cliff and flew among the adventurer groups.

“No, this place is not one bit fun.” Dark Blade wiped his cold sweat and immediately chased behind Yue Yang. He now felt that the only safe place in the Evil Dragon Lair was besides this masked boy. If he got lost, then it might be equal to losing his life.

The Evil Dragon Lair was hot inside with a sulfuric smell.

The deeper they went, the hotter it got.

It could be confirmed that this was not a volcano nor a lava cave. The sole reason was because living creature that emit heat were living here.

Yue Yang was careful in every step. He had never tried being this cautious before.

Even when he had independently charged through the Aries’ Palace for the first time, he was not this tense. Every step he took felt like marching towards death. It felt like being strangled by the throat, close to suffocation and extremely painful. If Yue Yang immediately left the Evil Dragon Lair, no one could stop him. However, Yue Yang clenched his fists and did not do such a thing. He believed that this extremely difficult adventure was also an unexpected battle. If he could break through the lair, then it would be extremely beneficial to his cultivation… On the contrary, if he left, then a regret would be left in his heart, just like those warriors who could not pass the Gemini Palace and the Virgo Palace. They could only run away from their heart’s weakness and never face them eternally.

The Ancient Runes in his body trembled and faintly resonated.

Most likely, this place also has an Ancient Rune Circle.

The previous one that Yue Yang had encountered was the one on a cliff in the Cloud Peak Lake. That place was a zone where flying was forbidden. What could be prohibited here?

On the cliff in Cloud Peak Lake, Yue Yang had understood the rune’s power and the gains were huge. Could he still reap great profits today as well?

“My beast…” The adventurers suddenly became frantic.

“Oh my god!”

“No, how could it be like this!”

Yue Yang’s sight became cold. He now understood what the Evil Dragon Lair prohibited. This place completely prohibited beasts. It was the opposite of the Five Elements Palace. Countless beasts roll about in pain and suffering. In the end they turned into shards of colourful lights before their owners could call them back and disappeared. Even strengthening beasts separated from their owners and quickly disappeared.

The Evil Dragon Lair was very deep and filled with a power that prohibits summoning.

No beasts, only the owners… Yue Yang’s heart became cold. Could it be that the reason he felt danger was because he could not rely on his beasts? It would decrease his strength greatly.

Compared to Yue Yang, the adventurers had suffered a greater loss in terms of their combat power without their beast.

In any case, Yue Yang was still an Innate that was an expert in using battle skills. Even without Xiao Wen Li’s and the Giant Shadow’s help, he was still able to battle. However those adventurers who relied on strengthening beasts and elemental beasts were hopeless. Losing their beasts was equal to losing all fighting power. In the midst of the uproar, thirty people had no choice but to leave because they lost all fighting power and could not explore further.

After five minutes, Yue Yang felt the thirty people’s death. Their presence disappeared as if cut down by a sword.

The adventurer group who knew nothing continued to move forward.

Yue Yang stood among them and hid his presence and secretly observed.

The inside of the cave had flame red ores. Their light was not bright enough but they were enough to illuminate the way. The thing that made everyone felt dry was a weird smell from the burning hot air. This made the races who had a strong sense of smell frightened… that smell was from a huge dragon.

If this place did not forbid summoning, just the smell of the huge dragon was enough to make the beast feel fear and run away.

“Will Lord Titan really come?” Dark Blade walked besides Yue Yang and quietly asked.

“Yes.” Yue Yang did not pay attention to him. He picked up a stone and observed it.

This was a very ordinary rock, but it was mysteriously filled with the power of the ancient code. In the past, Yue Yang had seen this situation before on Cloud Peak Lake. It seems that it had no relationship with the ores here and the true mechanism was the Ancient Rune Circle.

In Yue Yang’s heart, he couldn’t help but let his expectation rise.

If he could absorb the second Ancient Rune Circle’s power and obtain a lot of Ancient Runes, he believes that this would help level up the World Exterminating Wheel and his other runes… The more Yue Yang walked, the more he felt the power of the ancient code. After walking a few kilometers inside the Evil Dragon Lair, he discovered that there was a huge space in front. It was about the size of ten football fields. The entire space was blood red with genuine Star Fire Ores… high up the dome, a layer of red sand, blood cloud and red mercury swirled around like a whirlpool.

Dark Blade despairingly shook his head: “No, I had came here before and there was no Red Sand Blood Cloud Whirlpool.”

Red Sand Blood Cloud Whirlpool. It was said that it could increase the power of any flame attribute. Even more so, it could increase the power of evil flame attributes by much more. However, every user must offer a huge amount of blood as a sacrifice.

This thing could be specifically found in Demonic Pools. Unexpectedly there was also another one here.

What made Yue Yang take note of was not the Red Sand Blood Cloud Whirlpool above but the floor, which emanated the power of the Ancient Code. This proves that the Ancient Rune Circle was hidden underground. On the opposite side of the adventurer groups, in front of the huge wall, the three innates, ‘Silver Horn’, ‘Eruption’, and ‘Hurricane’ stood there. They looked at the Ancient Rune Circle above… Other than Yue Yang, nobody else could tell the Ancient Rune Circle was fake. Although it had the power of existence, it did not resonate with Yue Yang’s Ancient Rune.

That was definitely a fake.

Unfortunately, even Silver Horn was easily deceived by the Ancient Rune Circle.

“Welcome everyone. It seems that we have many visitors.” A huge black dragon came from the east wall, extending his sinister head and spoke in human language: “Unfortunately, we will never share this Ancient Rune Circle with you. Of course, we will not object using your blood to wake up. When the sacrifice is finished, we will definitely tell you the secrets of the Ancient Rune Circle our senior left us.

“The number of humans is a bit few. How good would it be if a thousand of them came.” Another huge red dragon came out from the west wall and extended its head. It also spoke in human language, but it was a bit unclear and was far from the black dragon.

“Roar!” Another red dragon, whose body was smaller than the two flew out from nowhere. It spiraled around and hanged on the stalactite protruding from the Whirlpool. It looked down and let out an ear-splitting roar towards the adventurer group. Its voice echoed in the entire space as if a thunder clap. Those weaker adventurers already had bleeding ears and fell on the floor.

Just a roar from a read dragon that did not know how to speak carried frightening might.

Most of the mercenaries’ heart sank and lost the courage from before.

Outside the cave, two groups of dragon hunters with at least twenty people each quietly arrived. Their faces were covered with madness and blood-thirst. They coldly laughed as if the adventurers were already their sacrificial offerings, like a pig on the table.

Yue Yang swept outside a glance and his pupils slightly squinted.

He saw someone unexpected… it was simply impossible for this person to appear. However, her really appeared.

Did this person really appear just to deal with two hundred mercenaries.

Could it be a plot against him?

This was a plot?

However, this person appeared without any tricks, could it be that he was not afraid of alerting the enemy?

If this person did not come for Yue Yang, then what did this person come to the Evil Dragon Lair for? What could have attracted him to come here?

“Shun Tian, the Emperor of Zi Wei…” The three innates were frightened. The Emperor of Zi Wei that had already disappeared from the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower for hundreds of years actually appeared inside the Evil Dragon Lair. Even an idiot would not think that he came here to kill the huge dragons for the common people.

“I am not this place’s owner. I am a guest. The one who invited me was the Black Prince.” Once Shun Tian said this, everyone felt that the situation was already dire and only death awaits. Their hearts were filled with despair.

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Last Afterthought: “The next chapters would probably be one of the best chapters that I have read in LLS”


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