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LLS Chapter 41 – Mysterious, Ferocious Beauty

Chapter 41 – Mysterious, Ferocious Beauty
Translated by: Sephilia, TaffyGirl13
Edited by: Krithika, Rango, Surjit
TLCed by: Zaza

Originally, Yue Yang had thought that he would teleport directly to Tong Tian Tower. However, he found out that this was not the case when he reached the location of the teleportation gate.

All warriors that wanted to teleport to Tong Tian Tower had to go to Shang Wu Camp first to rest up and register themselves. They would then have their strength tested and their beasts examined. Those who were ill or those without sufficient strength would be rejected from entering Tong Tian Tower. Of course, the main reason for doing so was to prevent demon worshippers like Xie Huo from causing trouble in Tong Tian Tower. All these things were to be thoroughly inspected while the warriors rested in Shang Wu Camp…

At first, Yue Yang was a little worried that the secret of him being an Innate Ranker would be discovered. However, looking at the process of inspection, his worries were quickly dispelled.

This inspection was much more advanced than the airport security checks on Earth. Just by standing in a circle of light, the ill, weaklings and demon worshippers were instantly revealed.

It was simple, quick and accurate!

“Little thief, what is your name?”, The voluptuous beauty in charge of registration asked with a slightly absent-minded look on her face when it was Yue Yang’s turn to register himself.

“Titan.” Yue Yang silently swallowed his saliva.

The legendary eye-popping G-cup!

This was definitely a rarity. This beauty in front of him was even more so. Was the gravity in Soaring Dragon Continent especially weak? Yue Yang even doubted whether gravity had no effect on the huge breasts of this beauty. Her bosom seemed to be defying gravity since it was really shapely and perky.

If this beauty wore loose clothes, that would have been even better.

Just the sight of her wearing a hot, tight-fitted corset, paired with her small, white, round shoulders, which caused her breasts to look even bigger, ranking her in the killer zone of breasts.

Mayhap she was already used to seeing the lustful eyes of others as the beauty did not mind Yue Yang’s loutish reaction.

“Titan? Why aren’t you called Dragon or Behemoth? I think it’s most fitting to call you ‘Chui Niu’1!” When the big-breasted beauty at the desk heard his name, she started to laugh without any restraint. Unlike the bright-eyed thief, it looked like the big-breasted beauty knew about the overwhelmingly strong giant Titan.

(TL Note: 1.吹牛 – Chui Niu, also means braggart.)

“I do have a nickname called Older Brother Ah Niu, how did you know that?” Yue Yang’s skin was thicker than even the city walls and did not turn red at all.

“Are you here on any business, going alone to Tong Tiang Tower?” If someone else had inquired, he might have answered ‘none of your business’, but the beauty’s voice was tender and especially sultry. This caused people to easily daydream and fantasize about certain things. Yue Yang silently swallowed his saliva again.

“Since I hail from the countryside, I’ve never seen the world before. After hearing from the elder’s son that Tong Tian Tower has many beautiful women , I decided to find a wife here. So I saved up some money and came here.” The sun would rise in the west if Yue Yang ever spoke truthfully.

“A country man bringing about a bronze-ranked Demon Wolf? Eh, it’s not contracted?” The beauty finally raised her flirtatious eyes and glanced at Yue Yang.

“This is the watchdog of my house!” Yue Yang threw Hui Tai Lang a flying kick.

“Wauu!” Hui Tai Lang coordinated with him by mimicking a dog barking. However, its foreign language skill was not past Level 6 and it barked like a wolf instead. This made Yue Yang feel very dissatisfied.

The beauty extended her lily-white hand and lightly waved her crystal staff in front of the wolf.

Yue Yang discovered that there were three sparkling, pale cyan marked scales on the crystal staff. Below them, there was the golden insignia of a wolf’s head. He didn’t understand what its significance was, however the beauty nodded and commended, “Although being Level 3 Bronze is a bit low, it has potential. In addition, it is both obedient and sensitive. If you raise it well, then it’ll be passable, it barely ranks as 6 stars!”

When the warrior behind Yue Yang heard that the wolf’s ranking was six stars, his jaw immediately dropped.

Many more people immediately shifted their gazes hungrily to the enticing woman with a type of feverish desire like a bunch of misers who had just discovered a hidden treasure!

Yue Yang had heard Yue Bing mention the Beasts’ Star Ranking before, but Yue Bing had only known that the divisions were split into 10 stars. She didn’t know the exact division of strength and so Yue Yang definitely didn’t understand it too, since the Summoning Grimoire didn’t contain such knowledge.

When he heard the beauty mentioned it, Yue Yang couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, “How is the Beast’s Star Ranking divided?”

“You really are a country bumpkin, aren’t you? You don’t even know this?” The beauty laughed as prettily and flirtatiously as a flower, as if her laughter could steal a soul with ecstasy, “A Beast’s Star Ranking Division is rated by its overall strength. A typical warrior places more importance on a beast’s species, rank and unique traits. However, these traits do not score a lot of marks. Instead, sentience, potential and how close it is to a humanoid shape are the important traits which score marks. It can also be divided like this: Out of ten stars, anything below 3 is trash, 3-4 stars is an unskilled beast, 5-6 stars isn’t too bad. If you simply want to test your luck in Tong Tian Tower and try to marry a woman before heading home, this beast is sufficient. If you want to make a name and earn a profit, then you must at least have a 7 star beast. If you gain an 8 star beast, then congratulations! All the kings from various countries will be trying to marry their daughters to you. Finding a wife would be easy and even obtaining a harem wouldn’t be a problem!”

“Then what about 9-10 stars?” Yue Yang’s heart began to race.

Exactly how many stars did the Barbaric Cow Shadow, Golden Thorny Flower, and Little Wen Li rank as? Especially Little Wen Li, who was just a newborn, yet still had superior combat ability, intelligence, potential, and humanoid form. She even had a Diamond Grimoire. She had to be at least 8 stars or above, right?

The Golden Thorny Flower obviously wasn’t very strong now, but once it transformed into the Thorny Flower Demoness, its strength should greatly increase.

The most important thing was that after its final transformation to the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, its ranking definitely wouldn’t be low!

As for the Phantom Shadow, Yue Yang felt that it too had much room for growth. Right now, it already contained the Barbaric Cow’s Shadow, but that wouldn’t be the only one. In the future, it would definitely seize many other life forms. In that case, could it also obtain a demon’s, angel’s, and a dragon’s shadows?

Thinking of this, Yue Yang’s heart began to fantasize and he was extremely happy.

Hui Tai Lang was his weakest beast, but it was already 6 stars. It looked like his future would be bright. Based on the big-breasted beauty’s words, even building a harem wouldn’t be an issue!

“9 stars are Holy Beasts, and 10 stars are Mythical Beasts……it’s said that there are even beasts that transcend Mythical Beasts, but these haven’t been seen in the Soaring Dragon Continent for thousands of years. Therefore, they aren’t included in the star rankings. Of course, this standard is set by the rankers of Soaring Dragon Continent. There are a select few beasts that have some irrational rankings, but the majority of the beast have quite accurate rankings.” The big breasted beauty once again shot an alluring glance at Yue Yang.

“Thank you. If I manage to marry a good woman, then I will definitely invite you to drink at the wedding feast with me!” Yue Yang discovered that he couldn’t stay with this big-breasted beauty for long. She didn’t seem normal and he definitely couldn’t allow her to see through him and discover his actual strength.

“Even young ones these days don’t learn properly. You’re so flippant and insincere!” The beauty criticized Yue Yang in an experienced tone.

That adorable supercilious look as well as that magnificent and unique pouting expression instantly killed the entire room of people.

Yue Yang’s heart rate immediately jumped by a 100 times.

The beauty handed Yue Yang an exquisite Crystal Card and said, “Young country bumpkin, you’re so foolish. You don’t even have someone to give you a referral, yet you want to adventure through it? Forget about it, I’ll just refer you into Tong Tian Tower then. From now on, you need to present at least one Wisdom Fruit per year to me. Got it?”

The entire roomful of warriors looked at that Crystal Card in Yue Yang’s hand, completely petrified.

Although Yue Yang didn’t know what this Crystal Card represented, the warriors knew.

This was the proof that allowed one to enter Tong Tian Tower. The proof was divided into different types: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, and Diamond. The Bronze Card was the basic proof that allowed ordinary warriors to enter the first floor of Tong Tian Tower. If a warrior completed 100 tasks in the first floor or if he passed 10 Refinings and successfully entered the second floor of Tong Tian Tower, he could upgrade to a Silver Card. The Gold Card was more difficult to obtain. One needed to enter Tong Tian Tower’s third floor and moreover, one needed to be above the Hero rank. The most important requirement to upgrade to a Gold Card was to contribute 1000 meritorious deeds for the country. Even one less won’t do!

Just now, the beauty had casually handed this little thief a Crystal Card, and it even had no requirements he had to fulfill! This really drove people crazy with jealousy.

The Crystal Card was said to only be given to important ministers of countries, celebrities, Grandmaster warriors, or super geniuses with unlimited potential. Could it be that this youngster was a super genius?

Yue Yang didn’t give them a chance to guess any further. He waved his hand to blow a kiss to the big breasted beauty, walking away naturally and unrestrainedly.

The voluptuous beauty looked at the back of his retreating figure and laughed, “I was unexpectedly unable to see through this young country bumpkin’s strength. This is really strange… how interesting!”

“Big-breasted lady, I also want a Crystal Card. That pretty boy only had an attractive outer appearance, good looking but really just useless. Only my wanger has enough strength to guarantee your satisfaction!” A tall, heavy man overflowing with bulging muscles smiled as he approached the woman.

“Servants, drag him out to beat him up until he becomes a vegetable. If he dies from the beating, then throw him outside and feed him to the wild dogs!” A guardian angel with six blood-red wings materialized behind the beauty. The guardian angel struck out with its palm, causing the heavy man to fly outwards. ‘Bang’, he crashed through a wall, broke through the door and fell out onto the main street.

“Are you looking to die?” A few guards clad in golden armor heard what happened and began to move, violently beating up the muscular man!

The surrounding rankers looked back at the voluptuous beauty, currently lying across the desk languidly and yawning in boredom. They were so scared that they practically wet their pants. Exactly what kind of Ranker was she?

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    1 Fruit per year? Oh boy she doesn’t how much shit he’s going to end up giving to her. So much that she won’t mind letting him have of taste of that G-Cup. She might even be the one that does the paperwork for his harem applicants!

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