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LLS Chapter 409 – The Most Incredible Newcomer

Chapter 409 – The Most Incredible Newcomer
Translated by: caribouj
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Commoners wouldn’t be able to tell Dark Blade‘s identity.

Normally, if people assume he was a thief, he should look like one. He probably had an ordinary appearance and could easily cover up his traces. However, the best mask was not appearance but identity. No one would have guessed that a thief would disguise himself as a warrior, especially amongst one of the three warriors. This was a seamless trick.

Thus, this thief’s real identity, who had never been found out before, was recognised for the first time, by Yue Yang.

Everyone was shocked.

Having the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang chose not to explain.

Even without the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang wouldn’t be bluffed because smart people usually tended to be skeptical. Only the one-track minded would easily trust others.

“Yes, I am the real Dark Blade. ” The qi of this wolf-tribe warrior improved in a flash, from originally Level 7 Overlord to a Lesser Innate. Waving his two claws as fast as lightning, he put on an all-black suit in the blink of an eye, becoming a fox-tribe thief. He hided his identity on the surface as a warrior. Even his wolf-tribe identity was fake.

Yue Yang thought “pretending a big tail wolf” (means pretending to be an honourable gentleman in Chinese) was just perfect to describe him.

However, this was indeed the best way to cover up.

Mr. Chen’s words about Dark Blade being an expert in disguise were completely true… Yue Yang observed Dark Blade’s waist and noticed that there was a silver knife. It was greenish black in color with hollowed-out textures. The Heaven Rune Seal Engraving on it distinguished that it was at least a Gold-ranked Dagger. However, it was wrapped in rough leather to make it look like a bronze-ranked knife. This was truly a genius idea.

“Give me your information. I will pay you if they are useful. ” Yue Yang acted like he was buying information for the Thief Guild.

“Don’t tell him ! This brat doesn’t look like a good guy.” The two dwarves protested together.

“I’ll share first. The Evil Dragon Lair does exist, but it is currently the Dragon Hunters’ base and is the hunting ground for more than two groups of Dragon Hunters. They cooperate with the evil giant dragons inside: The dragons take charge of tracking other innocent dragons while the Dragon Hunters are responsible for killing them then they share the wealth equally. Right now, our powers are not even enough to take down the Dragons Hunters as they have at least two leaders, who are Innate Rankers and are not under the Innate Alliance yet. Forget about killing the evil giant dragons.” The Ox-head Party leader Taurus who was half-naked with six-packs stomach looked at Yue Yang and said, ”May I know if your party has any support from Innate Rankers? If you have at least one, maybe we can try to cooperate. On our side we also have one Innate Ranker, the proud of our tribe — Silver Horn!“

“We do have Innate Rankers, but we are not going to cooperate. Let’s hunt separately and take whatever you find.“ Yue Yang refused.

“Don’t rush, make the decision after getting more detailed information.” That wise Elder Ba Gu hurriedly added on. After knowing that Yue Yang had support from Innate Rankers, his eyes immediately lighted up as he knew that with or without support from Innate Rankers would definitely make a difference.

“Hum…” The two dwarves were no longer opposed to sharing of information with Yue Yang too.

“The entrance of the Evil Dragon Lair is different from that of a normal dragon lair’s. It is not located on top of a high cliff that is usually the case with normal dragon lairs, but hidden within the depths of the Rock Forest. The Rock Forest was filled with extremely hazardous terrain and cliffs, so dangerous that it is impossible for normal warriors to get near. This dangerous terrain spanned tens of kilometres long, and in the middle of the this terrible terrain, there is a tall, steep cliff. The entrance to the Evil Dragon Lair is right in the middle of this tall, steep cliff. Below the entrance are covered with slippery cliffs, hence there are no other ways to go through except for flight. Almost all the adventurers died under attacks from a huge swarm of evil dragons which live around the entrance. These dragons are troublesome as some are Bronze-ranked Level 9 while others reached Silver-ranked Level 8. Fortunately, unless it’s a King-ranked Evil Dragon, there are very few Gold-ranked Level 7.” Dark Blade glanced at Yue Yang while slowly telling him about these information, ”Currently, as far as I know, there is one Black Dragon and two Scarlet Dragons. The Black Dragon is not yet a Hell Dragon or a Holy Beast, but it is still remarkably powerful. Although all three are Gold-ranked Level 10, the Black Dragon’s power exceeds the other two by several times. By my estimation, Innate Rankers below Level 5 wouldn’t be able to do anything to this dragon at all… Additionally, we need at least Level 3 Innate Rankers to fight against the Scarlet Dragons. Furthermore, I can not guarantee that there are no more Evil Dragons inside the Dragon Lair. Maybe there are, and maybe they are much stronger existences than the three dragons outside.”

“Innate Rankers would have to join forces and cooperate seamlessly in order to obtain victory.” The wise Elder Ba Gu suggested to Yueyang, ”We can distribute the spoils of war according to their powers and achievements.”

“The great Lord Silver Horn from our tribe is a Level 5 Innate Ranker. May I know what level is the Innate Ranker on your side at?” The Ox-head Party leader Taurus clearly indicated his bargaining attitude: If your party is weaker than mine, sorry, you will have to take my commands then.

“Level 6.” The moment Yue Yang said this, Dark Blade and his party members showed various expressions.

Delight, distress, emotional, excited and worried.

On the surface, a superior ally is definitely a good news. A strong alliance would imply a conquered mission.

However, a strong alliance also meant that more treasures have to be shared with others. A Level 6 Innate Ranker would definitely want to take the rare, more valuable treasures. He wouldn’t be interested in normal ones.

The Ox-head Party leader Taurus traded gazes with the wise Elder Ba Gu tacitly and said, “I don’t mean any disrespect, but may I know the name of this Innate Ranker? This way, I can also report to Lord Silver Horn.“

Yue Yang looked at him with tranquil and said: ”Titan.”

Everyone was stunned again.

Because it was a name they never heard of.

A Level 6 Innate Ranker was supposed be well known by everyone in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower. Unexpectedly, this masked man had actually mentioned an unfamiliar name.

“Lies!” The two dwarves with worst temper immediately refuted: ”We’ve never heard of any ‘Titan’ before!”

“May I know if there are any remarkable achievements by this Titan which we can pay respect to?” The Ox-head Party leader Taurus’s first thought was also that this man was telling a lie. It is risky enough to pretend to be an Innate Ranker, but this man actually lied about a Level 6 Innate Ranker, which could be exposed extremely easily. The masked man should have known this truth as well, then why did he choose to lie? Taurus knew that he should never offend a Level 6 Innate Ranker, so he was especially prudent before he could confirm that the information was fabricated.

“He has killed Nightmare and Tiger Nian from the Bloody Villain List recently, plus Demon Eye, the strongest of the three leaders of the Thunder Fortress. About this, you can solve your inquiries at the Warrior Guild.” Yue Yang left before leaving his last sentence for them, “I will set off in three hours, no matter whether you guys are joining me or not.”

“How about that honorable Master Titan?” The wise elder Ba Gu asked in a hurry.

“He will appear when necessary.” Yue Yang disappeared.

“…” Everyone looked at each other in dismay, unsure whether they should believe him or not.

This guy was far too arrogant. If he didn’t have a certain confidence, he definitely wouldn’t come to Evil Dragon Lair just to throw away his life. Without the protection of Innate Rankers, someone at his level would certainly become a meal for the dragons. But this name, Titan, they really had never heard of him before. Normally, the name of a Level 6 Innate Ranker should be known far and wide for at least hundreds of years. How could they never heard of him before?

Even if it was for the purpose of hiding his true power, it was still highly impossible that the name still sounded so unfamiliar.

They glanced towards each other and rushed to the Warrior Guild in Pagoda Gu in the next moment, aiming to unmask the truth.

However, the answer for the Warrior Guild shocked them entirely, making them want to weep and laugh at the same time. After the Records Officer was paid with 100 gold coins of consultation fee, he went into the inner office to look for the records and came back to tell them, “Titan. This person does exist. He is a newcomer from the Soaring Dragon Continent that entered the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower not long ago…”

The two dwarves were so speechless that they fell to the ground. How dare a newcomer bragged himself as a Level 6 Innate Ranker?

Both Dark Blade and Taurus lost hope. If there was really a powerful Level 6 Innate Ranker offering help, they might have the chance to overthrow the Evil Dragon Lair. But there was only a liar.

The wise Elder Ba Gu didn’t show any expressions, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Just as they were about to leave, that Records Officer turned to another page, “A few days ago, the newcomer Titan slayed Nightmare and Tiger Nian at the Thunder Fortress. Oh my god, he killed Nightmare and Tiger Nian? Did I misread? Someone must have wrongly recorded down the achievements of other Innate Rankers under his name. But how could they make this kind of mistakes? Look at the next lines, Titan exchanged rewards at Warrior Guild No.1 at the Plaza of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower… My god, is there anything wrong with this record? I am so confused now… I must be freaking dreaming… And here is another page, Titan claimed that he killed Demon Eye who was one of the three leaders of the Thunder Fortress and requested to redeem Immortal Spring as his reward… This news has already been confirmed. Demon Eye, one of the three commanders of Thunder Fortress had been killed on the spot by the younger brother of the Titan Brothers, Mr. Titan Jr.. Sky Dragon, one of the great Ten Sky Demons was also present at the scene. However, he was defeated at the same time by Mr. Titan Jr. After that, he ran away and escaped the Thunder Fortress, leaving no traces left. Just like that, every shop and people who was related to Titan immediately changed their names to show their respect to this super hero after that war… Goodness, how can he be a newcomer? Please forgive my mistakes and dirty mouth. I swear I don’t mean any disrespect for Innates. NEVER!”

That Records Officer frantically put down his records and bowed respectfully. He was afraid that his rude words would offend some Innate Rankers.

Even if Innate Rankers didn’t look for him, the Warrior Guild would probably fire him soon.

The most astonished ones were Taurus, Elder Ba Gu and the rest.

They all covered their mouths as they tried to recall to the best of their abilities, had they expressed any rudeness towards this ‘Titan’ newcomer who had slaughtered three Innates? They had better not, or they would really suffer a tragic fate.

The two dwarves also broke out in a cold sweat. Luckily they didn’t yell that Titan was a newcomer at the Warrior Guild, or argue that Titan was a trash who told lies.

Nightmare and Tiger Nian were homicidal maniacs whose names could even stop babies from crying.

They not only had Level 3 Innate Rankers’ power, but were also eccentric beasts. Even other higher-levelled Innate Rankers avoided provoking them. As for Demon Eye, one of the three leaders of the Thunder Fortress, he was also a killer maniac with hands soaked in blood, killing people like killing ants. Having the power of Level 5 Innate made him fearless in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower. It was unbelievable that he was also defeated by Titan.

The most ridiculous thing is that Sky Dragon, one of the Ten Great Sky Demons had also become the newcomer Titan’s punching bag.

Sky Dragon’s fame had surged up for three hundred years in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

Although he was ranked at no. 10, who were the Top Ten Sky Demons? Even the weakest was Level 6 Innate Ranker. Their No. 1, Sky Execution was a legend who could shake the whole Tong Tian Tower with a single step.

Even the most arrogant Great Demon King from the Demon Abyss would show respect towards Sky Execution.

However, Sky Dragon, who could share the same title with Sky Execution, had actually lost to a newcomer!

Who would dare to believe that?

Just that sentence about Sky Dragon being slayed by this newcomer was as shocking as if a tiny ant had turned a gigantic Gold Mammoth over.

It was also more horrifying than a tiny shrimp ate a shark…

Now, Taurus and the rest totally understood.

Why was that masked man so arrogant? The reason was he had enough power to back himself up.

Behind him, there was Titan, a super Innate Ranker who killed Demon Eye, Nightmare and Tiger Nian and defeated Sky Dragon in front of public right after he came to Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower.

“Dear me, we almost died from shock.” The two dwarves wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads, and cheered for the fluke that they didn’t turn their lives upside down because of their words.

“Woo!” That half-bald elder also took a breath and relaxed. Luckily no one offended the Innate.   

“Now we do have hope!” Dark Blade suddenly had the thought that Yue Yang’s arrogance was helpful and reasonable. Powerful warriors should have this attitude because if they were modest, how can the weaker ones behave?

“I will report to Lord Silver Horn immediately. With this strong ally, we can probably take down Evil Dragon Lair in one battle. ” Taurus animatedly waved his tremendous fist. Was a bit worried though, not because of suspicions about others’ power, but fears that others would be ashamed of his power. Moreover, in order to attract more challengers who were willing to sacrifice themselves, Silver Horn Guild had spread out the message. Now there were at least two hundred people leaving for Evil Dragon Lair. If he made any mistakes, there might be some unavoidable conflicts.

After three hours.

When Yue Yang walked to the teleportation destination and prepared to be teleported to Bo Nan Town where was nearest to Evil Dragon Lair, Taurus , ,Dark Blade and the rest all came with a grin from ear to ear, acting if they and Yue Yang were pretty close, and crowd around him, “Master Silver Horn replied and sincerely invited Titan to cooperate. The distribution proportion will be 4:6. We will take 4 while you can have 6. We don’t know if Titian will agree on this distribution scale?”

“No one can tell what’s going to happen in the future, so we’d better distribute all the gains according to contributions. If both parties have tried their best, 4:6 is acceptable.” Yue Yang played the role of spokesperson. Taurus rejoiced as he could tell that this masked man must be a representative of people who gained most trust from Titan. He may be his brother, child or nephew, the closest relative anyway. Taurus was excited by the fact that if he could build up a good relationship with this man, this means that he will have the ladder to another Innate while that Titian was an excellent one.

“…” Dark Blade also intended to smarm up to Yue Yang, but a Level 6 magic crystal in his hand seemed to be a bit shabby.

He could tell from the Gold-ranked mask Yue Yang was wearing that he could never be pleased by just a Level 6 magic crystal. What’s more, he with his nimble sense, felt an indistinct fluctuating power from the backpack Yue Yang was carrying. That definitely belonged to another Gold-ranked artefact.

A Level Six Elder, to their surprise, had two Gold-ranked artefacts.

If without an extraordinary Innate Ranker supporting him at the back, this young man would be robbed whenever he goes out. For him, a Level 6 magic crystal was useless. Dark Blade clenched his teeth, thinking that if he can go for broke and find a chance to give “that treasure” to this young man and ask him to pass to Titian, he might also gain the protection from this Innate and a bright future ahead.

Of course, in front of all the teammates, he would never express goodwill to Titian, especially in front of Taurus, otherwise Silver Horn will hate him.

The Reaper Mantis flew down from the sky.

Its showing up immediately scared the blue-winged and white-backed terns around to flee in disarray.

Beasts on the ground were shivering and sobbing.

All the beasts at wherever it passed would bend their heads to this Level Four Platinum-ranked Reaper Mantis.

After it closed its wings and gently landed behind Yue Yang, Taurus swallowed his saliva asked with pretended calm, “Is this your beast?”

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