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LLS Chapter 408 – The Real Dark Blade

Chapter 408 – The Real Dark Blade
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“There isn’t anyone called Dark Blade here.“ The beauty standing behind the bar counter smiled politely. “But there is a wine called Dark Night’s Temptation. Would you like a cup? “

“Get him to come out, now!” Yue Yang dropped another handful of gold coins on the table.

“Although I really want to earn these gold coins… There is really no such person here, I’m sorry.” The beauty bowed slightly.

“My patience is limited.” Yue Yang gave her a was grave look.

“Customer, please allow me to help you.“ The half-bald old man standing on the other side reached out to pat the beauty’s shoulder, signalling her to quickly leave. Then, he took over her position and spoke to Yue Yang in all smiles, “Dear customer, she is a newcomer, she doesn’t know anything. If you want to get information on Dark Blade, I’ll tell you an unfortunate news. Dark Blade is dead.”

“How did he die?” Yue Yang asked.

“A month ago, Dark Blade obtained information about a secret treasure. He told his best friend about it. Unexpectedly, his best friend actually sold him out and leaked the information. A formidable adventurer guild found Dark Blade and forced him to go to the place where the secret treasure was hidden. Halfway there they met with more adventurers. As it turned out, that greedy friend sold the information to quite a few adventurer guilds. In the end, the adventurer guilds started fighting among themselves before they even found the treasure. This eventually drew out the powerful Dragon Hunters. The Dragon Hunters took advantage of the damage both sides suffered and eliminated them all at once. Everyone, including Dark Blade and his friend, was completely wiped out. As for the information about the treasure, because Dark Blade died, no one knows about it anymore…” The half-bald old man sighed. “A lot of people thought that the Dragon Hunters plotted this on purpose. They deceived Dark Blade, let him take the information back and caused a war between the adventurer guilds so that they could benefit from it.”

“Is that true?” Yue Yang smiled faintly.

“The whole Pagoda Gu knows about this. At that time, we the Silver Horns Guild also had a meeting because of this, but our leader thought that there was something fishy and gave up. This proved that it was indeed true.“ The half-bald old man was very persuasive, the story did not contradict itself it was almost perfect, but Yue Yang didn’t believe a word he said.

The more genuine the description is, the more artificial it sounded to him.

You don’t even need to read detective novels to know this. You could just switch on the television to know that those who looked like good guys on the surface are definitely the bad guys.

Of course, the main reason why Yue Yang felt that the half-bald old man was lying to him was thanks to his Sixth Sense. How sensitive were the senses of a great Innate Ranker? Yue Yang almost knew even before this old chap opened his mouth. Yue Yang knew that this guy would start lying non-stop, just like unceasing torrents.

In contrast, that beauty didn’t dare to start talking so easily, because she was not used to lying and was afraid that Yue Yang would expose her lie immediately.

Her clumsiness and the old man’s slyness formed a unusually clear contrast.

If Dark Blade really died, this old man won’t be sighing. Instead he would be very happy. He was the kind to rejoice when others suffer misfortunes. Then, he would brag about it and let this topic become the tavern’s gossip.

That’s why the more ordinary the old man behaved, the more abnormal things would look to Yue Yang.

“Did Dark Blade really die? “ Yue Yang asked again for the last time.

“The one that took care of his body was my nephew. Although Dark Blade was not my friend, he never owed me any beer money. In fact, he could be regarded as a nice customer.” The half-bald old man tried to act compassionate. He didn’t know that in a place called China, there was a fictional character called Yue Bu Qun. This character told readers from different places not to believe others so easily, especially the type who were called ‘upright gentlemen’.
(Shiro: http://wuxia.wikia.com/wiki/Yue_Buqun)

“Revive him and make him appear in front of me as quickly as possible.” Yue Yang once again dropped a handful of gold coins in front of the half-bald old man.

“But he really died……” The half-bald old man’s gaze hardened slightly. After talking for all this while, he didn’t expect the other party to remain unmoved and still stubbornly believe that Dark Blade was still alive.

“If he doesn’t appear within ten minutes, I’ll burn the tavern down. “ Yue Yang acted as if he was talking about something as a matter of fact.

“Brat, do you have a death wish?”

Behind Yue Yang, there stood a burly and sturdy man. He clapped his hairy hand on Yue Yang’s shoulder and shouted. “Get lost now and never appear in Pagoda Gu again. Or else, I’ll beat you up! Do you think this is the place where you can act so wildly? Even if Party Leader Taurus isn’t here, as his friend, I won’t let others act like this here!”

The customers in the tavern joined in with the sturdy man to condemn Yue Yang.

They got up one after another and cursed loudly.

Some even rolled up their sleeves and were preparing to pounce and gang up on Yue Yang.

The half-bald old man pretended to be nice. “Everyone, we must not get so worked up. It’s just a misunderstanding! Thank you for regarding Silver Horn Tavern so highly. However, we are doing businesses and don’t want to cause trouble, as we want to earn a living. Everyone, please calm down. Come,come, serve some wine to the customers. I’ll pay for this round.” He turned his head towards Yue Yang and smiled. “Honoured customer, please dont be angry. We understand you want to find Dark Blade urgently. However, he is already dead. If you don’t believe me I’ll get someone to show you his grave. All those that sit here can proof that Dark Blade was dead for half a month. Even his corpse have already began to rot!”

The customers burst out laughing. “Idiot! You only come for the treasure now. If there really are treasures, who will wait for you, fool?”

Another adventurer also mocked Yue Yang. “He’s lucky that he came late. Otherwise, he would have met the Dragon Hunters and would have probably peed in his pants…… Shameless guy, how could a mere Level 6 Elder dare to wreck havoc here? Don’t make me laugh!”

The tall and sturdy bear-tribe man with a loud voice stood behind Yue Yang and roared with laughter. “Did you all hear that? When he said that he will burn down Silver Horn Tavern, I was so shocked! This joker must have been half asleep. He wouldn’t have dreamt that this Silver Horn Tavern was actually opened by the bull-clan warriors that was the strongest among the Innate Rankers. Lad, you wanna wreck havoc in an Innate’s territory? Can you even entertain an Innate? What, did you soil your pants? Touch the crotch of your trousers, don’t tell me your penis shrank, is it still there? Ahahaha!”


Yue Yang shook his head.

He swung a careless fist backwards, casually.

As if he was an extremely bored waiter in a deserted restaurant and was trying to casually drive a fly away.

Although the sturdy bear-tribe man was laughing his head off, he was already prepared and reacted in an instant. A giant fist hit back with explosive force and attacked Yue Yang’s back. He knew that this fight was coming. He was simply arrogant and laughing wildly on the surface, but he was actually on his guard. Once things went as he expected, he struck back immediately.

Not only him, other customers also thought that the masked brat could not stand being teased in such a way, no matter how good tempered he was. The other customers held their glasses and enjoyed the scene.

Some were even preparing to beat the masked kid to vent out their frustrations after the bear-tribe man knocked him down.

When everyone was prepared to see Yue Yang in trouble, the situation twisted. What happened was something they had never anticipated.

The split second when the huge fist landed on Yue Yang’s vest, Yue Yang’s hand has already struck the bear-tribe man on his chin a tenth second ago.

The entire Silver Horn Tavern building shook, the glass windows were broken into shards, the lime plaster started shedding.

The customers who sat on the long bench to watch the fight all froze, they were just like clay figurines. Many of them spilt the wine on their chest or trousers but were unaware of that.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, as if their eyeballs were going to pop out. They looked like squashed toads… Although the reality was in front of their eyes, they were unable to believe what has happened. A Level 7 Overlord was sent flying in the air by a Level 6 Elder’s single punch. The Overlord even suffered huge damage and fainted on the spot. Was this even possible? Even if it was the opposite, it was highly unlikely.

The half-bald old man was so scared he was shaking. He quietly hide behind the bar counter and was preparing to flee secretly.

“Get out and lead the way. If I still can’t meet Dark Blade in 10 minutes, I promise you this Silver Horn Tavern as well as everyone inside would evaporate from the Tong Tian Tower’s sixth level.” Yue Yang knocked the counter. The half-bald man was so frightened, he quickly showed his face.

“Bang!” Because the half-bald old man was too flustered, his head accidentally bumped against the edge of the counter. He did not even dare to cry out in pain and quickly lead the way in front.

After five minutes, Yue Yang finally met Dark Blade.

He was a skinny, emaciated thief. His appearance was extremely ordinary, with no unique feature. If one were to throw him into the crowd, it would be just like placing a granule of sand in the beach, he will be lost in the crowd. Of course, if he were to be an idol, his looks won’t do. However, as a thief, his looks would be an advantage. For thieves and assassins, being handsome was not required. The more ordinary, the greater the potential, capability and chances of survival.

There were a few more people standing with Dark Blade. There were three man from a different tribes, two dwarfs and a Ox-Head warrior who was topless with a golden belt. There was also a thin and old aged scholar.

The half-bald old man introduced these people. They were the Taurus Party Leader, Taurus; the strategist Elder Ba Gu as well as five core members from an elite team.

As for the Party Leader Taurus, Yue Yang merely took a quick look.

This guy possessed the skills of a Lesser Innate, but Yue Yang was not interested in him. As for the strategist Elder Ba Gu, Yue Yang took his time to size him up. The old guy was a Lesser Innate as well, but the structure of his brain was different from the Taurus leader. It was worth Yue Yang the time to take another second to size him up. There were two dwarves that were Level 7 Overlords. They were probably physically very powerful. The short shaft axe held in their hands were in fact made from Metal Crow Obsidian ore. Of course, Yue Yang was only curious because he had never seen dwarves before.

The three other party members were beings from another race. They were all muscular wolf-tribe warriors, and they were extremely tall. They did not wear shoes and their razor sharp claws were visible. They looked like nimble warriors who were extremely capable of sprinting.

“This person is Dark Blade…… “ The half-bald old man first introduced Yue Yang the thief and apologized to the Taurus Party Leader with a bow, ”My apologies, Party Leader, I couldn’t stop this customer.”

“It’s okay, another person joining the treasure hunt is fine.” The Party Leader Taurus signalled the skinny thief to walk out, “You should let this friend know what happened. Perhaps we can cooperate together. The Evil Dragon Lair is not something us Taurus Party can conquer easily. We need more helpers, but they must be allies who are truly interested in treasure hunting.”

“So this is how you guys treat an ally who is truly interested in treasure hunting?” Yue Yang did not look at the thief. Instead, he walked in front of one of the Wolf-clan warriors, ”You are the real Dark Blade, right?”

Once Yue Yang made this comment, everyone was astonished.

Including the calm and collected Elder Ba Gu, everyone was stunned by Yue Yang. They all stared at him, as if trying to study him once again.

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