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LLS Chapter 406 – The Art of Leading

Chapter 406 -The Art of Leading
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: half edited+tlced with half closed eyes guys, sorry if there’s any errors

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The adventure this time at the Five Elements Palace, had completely frightened Lin En, Anna, Ox-Head man Li Ao, Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie and her team out of their wits.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo, as well as the Li Brothers all had to endure the ordeal.

The only one at loss was the loli, Bao Er, who slept since their departure from the Gold Palace.

Of course, the main reason for her to sleep so long was thanks to the Fragrant Sleeping Flower planted by Luo Hua City’s Mistress.

The entire team hardly gained any thing, especially treasures. Fatty Hai was the only one who acquired ten “Evil Tree Roots”. However, he had accidentally offended an extremely clever Wind Breath Seabird, which tortured him throughout the entire journey. According to Fatty Hai, the gains did not make up for his loss.

However, Yue Yang on the other hand, had much to gain.

From the Gold Palace, Yue Yang gained the Divine Molten Meteorite Gold which could be used to forge divine weapons. With this, Yue Yang was even confident enough to fulfill Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s final wish of “the third treasure” by continuously enhancing it.

The Dragon Sealing Pearl which Yue Yang obtained from the Water Palace seemed quite useless on the surface, but it could actually be used as a gem to catch the Dragon Race. However, one must first be able to capture dragons. In the Wood Palace, due to Yue Yang’s glib tongue and mind blowing lying skills, the Evil Myriad Ancient Tree suffered tragic losses. The highly valuable treasures, Ancient Cyan Tree Shoot, Earth’s Core Dew as well as Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe were all dug up by Yue Yang and taken away. What made it worse was that the shameless Fatty Hai decided to scam as well and took away the evil Millennium Ancient Tree’s last ten Evil Tree Roots.

The two guards from the Flame Palace suffered twice the loss compared to others. At least the evil Millennium Ancient Tree had some form of income, the Purgatory Flame King and Red Vital Fire Demoness both ended up as stepping stones for Hui Tai Lang and the Spirit of Earth Fire in their paths of evolution.

Hui Tai Lang assimilated the gold-rank treasure Fire Scythe and turned it into Real Essence Fire Scythe.

Hui Tai Lang finally obtained a weapon.

For a Divine Beast, using a Gold-ranked weapon seemed a little low-class, but if one were to put up with it, it was still okay.

The Spirit of Earth Fire had not only evolved by absorbing fire energy but also gained intelligence, she also obtained the Earth Fire Magic Sphere. In future, she would probably level up once again…

As their master, Yue Yang only gained the Purgatory Flame King’s two eyes, the “Fire Eye Stones” from the whole of Flame Palace. It was the least that he gained from the Five Element Palace, but it was still better than nothing. Anyways, Hui Tai Lang and the Spirit of Earth Fire’s gains made Yue Yang extremely pleased… Of course, the one who benefitted the most was not Hui Tai Lang nor the Spirit of Earth Fire, but the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man who had been constantly contributing silently.

Ah Man who obtained the Heart of Earth would become a Barbarian Cow with unlimited stamina.

Yue Yang’s plan of making a team of Goddess Fighters would officially begin now.

“Looks like you guys still need to train more!“ Yue Yang took out some Bronzed-ranked and Silver-ranked equipments from Demon Eye’s Platinum Storage Ring as a distraction and before anyone had a chance to react, he slipped away immediately. He feared that they would ask him what treasure he had gained from the Five Element Palace. This was no joke, if they knew that he had obtained the Divine Molten Meteorite Gold, it would be odd if they didn’t start clinging to him asking for divine weapons!

“That brat must have gotten something good, or else he wouldn’t be so generous. Oh god, these are almost all bronze-ranked, there are only two sliver-ranked ones. These are all junks.” Fatty Hai knew very well of Yue Yang’s character, he knew that Yue Yang must have gained a lot or else he wouldn’t leave the Five Element Palace so quickly.

“Alright! So I assume you don’t want any of it?” Ye Kong decide to split the treasures but did not give any to Fatty Hai.

“ What? Did I say I don’t want it?” Fatty Hai glared at him.

“Isn’t Mr. Hai the young master of the richest family in Soaring Dragon Continent? Why would he be interested in these junks?” Ye Kong sneered, he snatched the silver hatchet from Fatty Hai’s hands and tossed it to Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao. Fatty Hai immediately let out a miserable shriek, just like a dying pig. But everyone pretended that they didn’t hear so nobody sympathized with him. Who told him to show off his Evil Tree Roots so pompously? Everyone else was empty handed, but other than the Evil Tree Roots, he even obtained a smart Wind Breath Seabird. That was just illogical, why did the Wind Breath Seabird even fancy him?

“I’m so poor that my pocket jingles sounds of emptiness…… Aren’t you guys being too heartless? No treasures, not even a word of console!” Fatty Hai prepared to throw a fit for a while. Who knew that everyone started to turn and leave, not even giving him a chance to finish his first complaint. In the end Fatty Hai was left to stomp madly all by himself due to his anger.

“Caw caw!” The Wind Breath Seabird loved to see an unlucky Fatty Hai the most. It flew energetically in the sky, crackling with laughter happily.

“I suddenly felt the urge to pluck feathers and eat roasted bird drumsticks! “ Fatty Hai stared at Wind Breath Seabird sinisterly. The seabird immediately rewarded him with a wind blade and fled quickly.

Yue Yang’s next goal was to go to the secret land, where the mother of Bloody Queen Red roamed.

To explore.

It was said that the Gold King Beast could level up there. Yue Yang decided to take Bloody Queen Red along to check the place out.

To investigate what is actually going on.

The other goal was to find out more about one of the two secrets written in the Fourth Uncle’s will. He said that Yue Qiu had left a gift for his son at the fifth level of Tong Tian Tower. But Fourth Uncle didn’t know where the exact location was, he only heard of the rough location from Yue Qiu. Yue Yang still had to find it himself.

What gift did Yue Qiu leave for the tragic guy?

Yue Yang was also very curious.

After he finished these two things, Yue Yang wanted to explore the Death Canyon alone. The secondary goal was to find out more about the secrets in the treasure map left behind by the Aries Temple robber, to verify if there any clues about the hidden treasure. If there wasn’t enough time, then he would have to focus on going to Tong Tian Tower with Spider Empress Jiang Ying to obtain the “ Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion”. This is more important at hand. Exploration of the Death Canyon can be done later. As for the Heaven Stairway, Yue Yang decided to find a good time to discuss about it with his Fourth Mother…… Yue Yang thought that she would know about the secrets of the Heaven Stairway. She does not take the initiative to start talking about it, making it hard for Yue Yang to ask her.

Maybe she will tell him when the right time comes.

What exactly is Ascension Rhyme ?

Could it be that in the Heaven Stairway, one could actually reach heaven directly from it?.

Yue Yang guessed that it might be possible and felt that the Heaven Stairway may be a secret passage to heaven. Of course, what is the truth he would only know after he finish exploring it.

After returning to the Warrior’s Guild, Yue Yang climbed up to the third floor of the Glorious Hall. He stated that he wanted to exchange for the Innate Ranker’s prize on the Bloody Villain List. He asked whether he could exchange for the Immortal Spring. The beautiful receptionist looked at Yue Yang, dumbfounded. It took her awhile before she waved her hand said that they didn’t have such treasure.

“I need the Immortal Spring. If you prepare it for me, then I will exchange it with the Level 5 Innate Demon Eye and the head of the three great leaders of the Thunder Fortress.” Yue Yang said cooly and left with style.

“Wow……” The beautiful receptionist stared at Yue Yang’s figure blankly, it was only after three minutes did she started screaming at a high pitch. “ Oh my god! This is so exciting! ”

“What happened? “ A strict steward chided. “This is the Glorious Hall, please maintain your image. “

“I think you don’t know, the Level 5 Innate Demon Eye died! That handsome guy with the mask just now killed it!” The beautiful receptionist revealed Yue Yang’s secret, the steward who didn’t understand at first was astonished. Only after a while, did he questioned, unable to believe his ears. “Really? He said he wanted the Immortal Spring? This might be quite difficult, I need to report this to the Innate Alliance. Remember, this is top secret! Except you and me, no one else is to know about this. Or else the success of the courageous warrior who got rid of evil might be jeopardized! D-did he really said Demon Eye just now? Are you one hundred percent certain? “

“Thunder fortress’ Demon Eye, the head of the three great leaders! How could I hear wrongly? Oh my god, he is so cool! “The beauty’s eyes have already turned into two hearts.

Yue Yang returned to the Thunder Fortress. This time, he did not need to return to An Dong’s mansion.

The Demon Eye’s Devil Eye Palace was under bustling construction and rebuilding.

The new Titan Palace would be enlarged based on the Devil’s Eye Palace’s foundation. The Demon Eye and An Dong’s territories would be combined together, as well as the lake region that was given to Yue Yang by the Mountain Elf and Blood River. The new Titian Palace would become the greatest building complex aside from the Zong Ni Palace.

Countless slaves were bustling cheerfully, among them, Yue Yang’s first follower was in the highest spirits.

Demon Eye’s slaves and servants, although exceptionally diligent, were still cautious.

Thank god the Titan brothers’ reputation was known far and wide or else a lot of them would already have escaped.

“Master!” Out of all the calls for master, the fat toad merchant Jia De’s voice was the loudest, proudest and the most respectful. “All Demon Eyes assets were turned over smoothly, in total I have ……

“You and butler Yan Zheng should take care of all these things, you guys have the ability to complete it well, I feel secured. If there are not enough manpower, let the Xia Pu Brothers help you. By the way, if you need to add anything in future, you don’t need to ask me. Just do it straight away and report to me afterwards.” Yue Yang is not going to manage their daily routines, anyway as long as they operate as per normal it’s fine. Besides, the fat toad merchant Jia De doesn’t have the guts to deceive him.

“Understood! ” The fat toad merchant Jia De actually radiated with happiness after hearing from Yue Yang. This actually signified the master’s confidence and trust in him.

“Oh, benevolent and invincible master, we found new ores in the fifth mine. We have high quality ores again, it is all thanks to master! “Another who brimmed with pride was the old slave, Pi Ping. He also craves compliments, once you praise him he would feel as if even his bones got lighter by a few kilos.

“Nice work everyone. Thank you for your hard work. This time I’ll increase the reward, for those who found high quality ores, their achievement will be recorded once. For all those who were involved in mining, you will be rewarded with a gold coin. Well, as for all of you doing construction, there will be rewards too. How exactly, would be based on merit. Butler Yan Zheng will be in charge of this matter. Remember, there won’t be insufficient rewards. When you have accumulated a certain amount of contributions, I will consider awarding you with a ‘Loyalty’ or ‘Devotion’ medal. All of you continue to work hard! “Yue Yang waved his hand and gave out rewards that worth around ten thousand. Of course, his own rewards were greater, not only now but also in future, his gains will increase by folds.

“We cannot repay Master’s great kindness, not even with a million deaths……” Old Pi Ping was moved to tears, leading the slaves to bow down repeatedly.

“Stand up!” Yue Yang was secretly embarrassed, the existence of this kind of people was probably why the emperor likes flattery. Nevertheless understanding the art of leadership, he helped old Pi Ping stand up personally and patted him on the shoulder.

This one act, practically made old Pi Ping’s body lighter by a few kilos.

After waiting for the kneeling slaves bowed down for three times, Yue Yang lifted his hand and immediately the slaves clamored up.

Each and every one of them had tears streaming down their face. It is unclear whether they are truly moved or just really good at acting.

After Yue Yang entered the hall, he found that butler Yan Zheng was awfully busy, trying to calculate something. Even when Yue Yang entered he couldn’t spare even a second to greet him. In contrary, the whole bunch of merchants surrounding butler Yan Zheng all greeted him with respectful smiles as if trying to flatter him.

Yue Yang waved his hand and went off. These people thought that Mr. Titian Jr. was really amiable and easygoing. Usually Innate Rankers don’t even glance at merchants.

Each and everyone of them gave hims a thumbs up and complimented him endlessly.

“Ah, master’s back. I was so preoccupied with painting I didn’t even prepare a meal. I deserved to be punished for neglecting my duties……” The big breasted half elf girl with a baby face ran out of the room slightly flustered. The her bouncing breasts placed Yue Yang’s heart to the test. Her fingers which that looked like white champaca still paint on them, while her cheeks were red, as if she did something wrong.

“The painting is not bad.” Yue Yang knew that this girl must have been painting him. He took a quick glimpse of it out of the corner of his eyes. He was right, but in addition, she was in the painting too.

On the white cloth, was Yue Yang with his Gemini Mask, while the half elf girl was holding Yue Yang’s arm and smiling merrily.

After realising that Yue Yang wasn’t angry, the half elf girl stuck out her small pink tongue mischievously.

Yue Yang patted her on the head and gave her a fresh fruit. “Are you hungry? Eat this to fill your stomach a little!”

The half elf girl was so moved her whole face was blushing red.

She took it, lowered her head, nodding.

After Yue Yang returned back to the Grimoire World, she clenched her small fists and encouraged herself with tears streaming down her face. “This is such a failure! I actually forgot to prepare a meal. Luckily master wasn’t angry…… Even so, master is so gentle! I definitely need to work hard tomorrow!”

On the next day, after handling the administration work at the Thunder Fortress, Yue Yang was about to go down to Tong Tian Tower’s third floor to find out about the secret land which can level up the Gold King Beasts.

Suddenly, butler Yan Zheng approached him with a report. Mr. Chen from Qi Lan Continent had come to visit.

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