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LLS Chapter 405 – The Heart of Earth and the Barbarian Cow

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Chapter 405 – The Heart of Earth and the Barbarian Cow
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Fatty Hai gathered up Lin En, Anna, Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo. Following Hui Tai Lang’s pawprints, they left the Fire Palace and went for the Sand Palace. At the same time, Yue Yang was patting the shoulders of the King of Earth and comforting him. “Be it winning or losing, it’s all a small issue. Be a man and let it go. How about this, I’ll leave the five thousand Desert Wolves and Sand Spiders behind for you. They are all your subordinates, how could I bring them away? I was just scaring you. And I’ll also pass on the ten thousand gold mine because you know I don’t need that money, but I want the treasures I won from playing the ‘Hopscotch’ and ‘five-in-a-row’, especially the one where we compared who peed a further distance. I want the Heart of Earth. You still have to give that to me because a man should not go back on his words. Of course I know that you are not like this. I have already heard from the Myriad Ancient Tree at the Wood Palace that you are a professional gambler who keeps his promises, and you wouldn’t cry no matter how much you lose!”

The King of Earth started to have suicidal thoughts.

He was very regretful. Had he known the outcome of their gamble, he wouldn’t have competed against Yue Yang for the furthest distance travelled by their pee. He did not expect that he would lose in the end.

The Heart of Earth was the most precious treasure in the Sand Palace, anyone who could fuse with it would be able to absorb energy limitlessly from the earth.

The King of Earth had actually lost such a precious, rare treasure in a battle of who peed the furthest. This kind of blow was really a little too much for the King of Earth. Luckily, Yue Yang still had some conscience left and left the Sand Wolves, Desert Spiders, Cliff Edge Lizards and Ground Drilling Snakes behind. Otherwise, the King of Earth would really become a lonely man.

“…” Ye Kong, Ox head Fan Lun Tie, Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao, the four orc girls, the leaders of the Iron Blood Guards and the other adventurers all watched in a daze. They never dreamed that the majestic King of Earth from the Sand Palace would land himself in such a sorry state.

“Okay, come on, give me the Heart of Earth. I know that it’s precious to you, but you have lost after all. How about this, aren’t you bored living here alone? In the future, I can ask more people to come here and play with you. They are all fools, so I can guarantee that you will defeat them easily, just like how you won against Ye Kong that idiot previously. Also, I bet you did not know that I specialise in Heaven Runes. I can put Heaven Runes over your bald head, shoulders, chest and arms. Do you want to own a diamond body? I can help you achieve that too!” Yue Yang placed in a lot of money and effort to get the Heart of Earth.

“Really?” Having a diamond body was very tempting to the King of Earth, and the Heaven Runes was even more so to him.

“I won’t be able to show off my abilities if I don’t get you a diamond body! Not only so, I can also make all your followers become golden, silver and bronze giants, I guarantee that.” Yue Yang patted his chest with confidence.

After Yue Yang’s glib-tongued speech, the King of Earth finally took out the Heart of Earth unwillingly.

With trembling hands, he passed it to Yue Yang, without even daring to look at it.

Yue Yang reached out his hands to receive it faster than the speed of the light and put it into his Grimoire World. He then commanded Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man with his thought to fuse the treasure into her body so that the King of Earth wouldn’t be able to have second thoughts later.

What kind of treasure was the Heart of Earth?

To a flying beast, it was like a chicken’s rib.
(want2eat: Chicken’s rib means something of little value, but sounds yummy to me :p)

But to those that weren’t good at flying and were only good at short distance fight, it was an incomparable and unique treasure of the highest value.

After fusing with the Heart of Earth, a Beast would be immuned toward all sand type attacks like sand bury, soil cover, avalanche and sand storm; The effects of absorbing all sand type energy like sand type magic crystals, minerals, jewels would be ten times better; All sand type Puppet Beasts like the Rock Golem, Stone Silk Snake and Mountain Giant would not develop hostility towards the Beast and would treat the Beast as one of their own kind.

The most important thing was that a Beast who owned the Heart of Earth would be able to absorb endless energy from the Earth as long as its feet remains on the ground, hence it would never face a situation where its energy runs out.

The effects of Bloody Queen Red from using the Heart of Earth wouldn’t be much as she predominately battles in the air.

But for the Barbarian Shadow Ah Man, once she fused with the Heart of Earth, she would become a female Barbarian Cow that could never get tired from fighting!

In the Grimoire World, under the envious gaze of the Blood Queen Red and the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo, the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man began to absorb and fuse with the Heart of Earth. Although the fusion might take a very long time, once it’s completed, the Barbarian Cow Shadow would level up to become a two stars Holy Beast. Not only would she become more powerful, she would also become one that wouldn’t grow tired from fighting. She would become the nightmare of all her opponents! There wouldn’t be another thing scarier than a Guardian Beast, who possessed Doom’s Eyes and powerful trampling skills, obtaining the Heart of Earth when she specialised in short distance ground battle…

A tireless female Barbarian Cow, if one were to hear this, even for Rankers like the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian and the Black Prince, they would be numb from shock!

Of course, Yue Yang gave a lot to get the Heart of Earth too.

Other than racking his brains trying to find a way to win against the King of Earth, Yue Yang also used the Heaven Runes and diamond body to coax him into giving the Heart of Earth to him.

In Yue Yang’s eyes, everything could be exchanged in return for the Heart of Earth. Everything would be negotiable for it.

Half a day passed and a lot of Innate Qi was wasted.

Yue Yang drew Heaven Runes on the King of Earth’s head, shoulders, chests, back, arms and knees. He left the Heaven Runes, ‘Balance’, in the centre of his brows, ‘Diamond’ in his heart and ‘Storage’ on his belly. With the help of these three Heaven Runes, his body would turn into diamond gradually. Once his body is completely covered with diamond, his combat power would increase by at least ten times.

As for the question if he could switch to become Diamond-ranked, Yue Yang felt that the possibility wasn’t high.

Having a diamond body does not equate to being diamond-ranked.

One was the physical form while the other one was the actual level. It was the same as an object being made from gold, it may not be a Gold-ranked treasure.

The best time for the King of Earth to become a Diamond-ranked Beast was over. If there were no accidents, he would only be able to keep on improving his combat power, his level and rank had already been fixed.

But even so, the King of Earth with a diamond body would become an unrivalled presence even outside of the Sand Palace… The King of Earth’s mood was slightly lightened up after seeing what Yue Yang gave him.

A golden light shone and lighted up the place. The body of the King of Earth faced a change after Yue Yang used his Innate Qi to connect all the Heaven Runes together.

His previously stony body started to grow beads of diamond.

Although there were only a few beads of diamonds, it wouldn’t be a problem for the King of Earth to obtain a diamond body as time passes.

The thought of the fifty metres tall King of Earth weighing a few hundred tonnes with a diamond body would make many shudder. Luckily he had always stayed inside the Sand Palace. If he were to go out of the Sand Palace, the Golden Mammoth, Battle Kodo Beast, ancient Behemoth and even the Black Hell Dragon would run away when they saw him…

When Fatty Hai and the rest caught up to Yue Yang, he had already given all the followers of the King of Earth golden, silver and bronze bodies.

Not only so, Yue Yang also gave the King of Earth some advices. “Listen, my friend. You can start to collect tax here, collecting tax, do you know it? It means to collect money from all the adventurers who passes by here. Rest assured, this is definitely legal. Think about it, you are the owner here, wouldn’t it be a little shameful if you let them come and go whenever they want? And aren’t you bored? With that money, you can gamble with them, take note that you shouldn’t bet with anything, don’t act like you did just now and bet with all your Desert Wolfs and Sand Spiders, just gamble with them with your money, they can lose their treasures to you, but you have to keep your followers and treasures with you… Yes, you are very smart, seems that you have understood my words. After you possess some treasures, I will come and exchange with you again, I’m studying the Heaven Runes now, believe me, as your best and most sincere friend, I won’t deceive you!”

Ou Gen and the Iron Blood Guards who was watching perspired profusely. Fatty Hai and the rest kept nodding, testifying that Yue Yang was an obedient kid that would help old grannies cross the road on some days, and kill people and snatch their treasures on other occasions.

Everyone watched without daring to make a single noise.

The reason was simple. Even fools knew that offending Yue Yang would result in a more tragic death than being punched by the King of Earth and becoming minced meat as a result.

Hui Tai Lang reported the things that happened at the Fire Palace to Yue Yang. Hui Tai Lang passed the Fire Eye Stones he acquired from the Purgatory Flame King’s eyes to Yue Yang, hoping to be praised and affirmed by him. As for the Spirit of Earth Fire, she acted like a child eating candies discreetly, sucking energy from the Earth Fire Magic Sphere occasionally, and turning to see Yue Yang’s reactions. Seeing that he did not object to her doing so, she sucked in some energy again… It was similar to the time when Yue Shuang licked her candies discreetly under her mother’s objections.

At last, she saw that Hui Tai Lang was praised after offering two Fire Stones, she wanted to offer a treasure to Yue Yang to get praised too.

But other than the Earth Fire Magic Sphere, she did not have anything else.

Yue Yang pretended not to see her struggles and hesitations. After a long while, the Spirit of Earth Fire finally offered it to Yue Yang unwillingly, looking extremely pitiful. Yue Yang nodded his head.

He raised the Earth Fire Magic Sphere and then placed it in her hands again.

Seeing that Yue Yang nodded his head and returning the treasure back to her, the Spirit of Earth Fire developed an excited feeling.

She hugged the treasure and went up thousand metres above the ground and flew around randomly.

It seemed like she wanted to use her actions to express how excited she was… She did not realise how similar her action was to that of human beings’.

Although she was still a long way from becoming a Holy Beast and acquiring complex human feelings, through Yue Yang’s training, she began to have a new start…

“What’s the matter with your bird?” Ye Kong pointed to the Wind Breath Seabird on Fatty Hai’s head.

“Don’t even ask me about it.” Fatty Hai wanted to cry just by thinking of this bird.

“It looks quite smart.” Prince Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang both noticed this point.

“My god, it’s precisely because its too smart that I’d rather it be a little more stupid…” Before Fatty Hai could finish his sentence, the Wind Breath Seabird spouted out a wind blade on Fatty Hai’s head. Now that it knew how to control its strength. Not only would it not hurt his skin, it would also make his hairstyle messy like a chicken’s nest. Fatty Hai squatted in the corner sadly, and only told the crowd his story after they pressed him for it.

As a result, everyone burst out laughing.

This Wind Breath Seabird could be contracted, but it rebelled too early.

It was very loyal previously like any other normal contracted Beasts, but when Fatty Hai complained, its loyalty level would dip immediately and rebel. This action made Fatty Hai’s intention of abusing it fail, and instead, it tortured Fatty Hai badly. The Wind Breath Seabird followed him around closely even though Fatty Hai did not contract it.

The Ox Head Fan Lun Tie despised Fatty Hai’s idea of having barbequed bird’s meat previously. Now she could only say that he deserved it.

After an hour, the Li brothers finally arrived.

Since their party members had all arrived, they decided not to wait for Ou Gen and his men.

The underground palace had two teleportation points. One was towards the Gold Palace, and the other one was towards the central area of the Five Element Palace and then to the Jadeite Forest.

“You all go ahead first, we’ll wait for three more hours. If we still don’t see our comrades, we’ll return back to the Warrior Guild and dispatch the Elders to bring them out of the Five Elements Palace. Of course, I think the probability of them having sacrificed themselves is very high…” There was a dim note to Ou Gen’s speech, but he knew that if not for Yue Yang, the death toll would be higher, all of them might have perished without anyone knowing.

“Young Titan, you must make more adventurers come here. I’m very lonely, and I hope that when you are free, you can bring your friends here to visit me.” The King of Earth was thankful towards Yue Yang, because after all, not everyone would be as generous as Yue Yang, who returned most of the things he won back to him.

“Definitely. You should just wait here for the money to roll into your pockets!” Yue Yang decided to promote the Five Elements Palace and make it popular when he goes out of this place, he had swept all the treasures here anyway.

“…” A lot of adventurers secretly vowed never to come to this damned Five Elements Palace again.

But Ou Gen felt that it was a very good training ground.

If they could pass through the Five Elements Palaces, he believed that he would be able to move through the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower freely, and even proceed to the Seventh Floor. In the Five Element Palace, reality would tell every adventurer that without a Beast, a warrior would be nothing; Even if a warrior possess a single Beast, he would still be nothing.

If one really wanted to be powerful, then he had to be all-rounded.

A team of adventurers would need to endure hardships together in order to become well trained.


Don’t think about it, it would be life’s greatest reward if one would be able to make it out of the Five Elements Palace alive. There was only one abnormal person like Yue Yang in this world!

When they made it out of the Jadeite Forest, Fatty Hai boasted about his noble act of exploiting the last treasure, the Evil Tree Root, from the Evil Myriad Ancient Tree throughout the entire journey and got despised by the lot. But it brought Yue Yang to attention. “Don’t say that, maybe the Evil Tree Root has other uses.”

“You are saying that it has uses for Bing Er?” Fatty Hai was excited from hearing what Yue Yang said, and behaved like he had just been injected with chicken blood.
(want2eat: injecting one with chicken blood was used as a health therapy during the Cultural Revolution)

“Nope, it would be useless to her. But it might be useful for you all.” Yue Yang waved his hands, and then shouted to the disappointed Fatty Hai. “Take as much gold as you need and buy the Antiaris Poisonous Wood and the hard Golden Tree. In short, just buy whatever the best kind of woods and I will test if the Evil Tree Roots can be used to make tough Treants later. Even if they couldn’t be used to take down demons, they can help to defend a city… How about we go ask the Warrior Guild if they are selling the Jadeite Forest, we’ll buy the entire area around the Five Element Palace to build a city, how is that? And then you all will also have a place to settle down. If people from the Dragon Soaring Continent or your own relatives come, you’d have a place to welcome them. Surely you wouldn’t want Jun Wu You and the other old men sit on the floor of the Plaza to chat with you all right?”

“Building a city, where do we get all the money!” The Prince of Tian Luo was completely speechless as building a city was not an easy feat.

“Money is not a problem.” Yue Yang had never worried about not having enough money, if he lacked money, he could just snatch it from others… he waved his hands. “Everyone will have a mission of collecting one hundred thousand gold, the rest is on me.”

“Who will we collect them from?” The Ox Head Fan Lun Tie couldn’t understand, why would anyone donate to help others build a city?

“Snatch them from strangers!” Once the words came out of Yue Yang’s mouth, everyone collapsed onto the ground. Surely, this guy was definitely a complete badass.

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