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LLS Chapter 403 – What treasures do you have?

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Chapter 403 – What treasures do you have?
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Fire Palace, besides the lava river.

Ou Gen believed that they were definitely finished. The evil Dragon Hunter possessed a Red Flame Flying Dragon. Even though he has the ability to escape by himself, he was afraid that the Iron Blood Guards and adventurers would suffer disastrous casualties. The thing he was most worried about would be the Golden Elf woman in front of him. The Evil Dragon Hunter would definitely not let her go…

“You guys quickly run away, I can hold him for at least three minutes. Go!” Ou Gen gnashed his teeth and made a decision that even surprised himself.

He decided to use his body’s defenses to block the enemy in order to let Anna and Lin En escape from the Dragon Hunter’s evil clutches.

The Iron Blood Guards were not that weak and there should be no problem for them to run for their lives.

Regarding those shameless adventurers , Ou Gen was already unable to look after them. He only hoped that the most tragic outcome would not happen in front of him.

Although he cannot attack or summon his beasts, Ou Gen was still someone who possessed the strength of a Level 1 Innate. Although he could not summon his beasts and his strength was greatly reduced, he believed that as long as he resisted, he could stop the Gold ranked Level 7 Red Flame Flying Dragon for a while. Whether he would still be alive after blocking his enemies, Ou Gen did not think about it. He was unable to summon any beasts and he could not fight back, this was truly… Ou Gen brought out a wrapping cloth from his storage bracelet and gave it to Lin En and Anna: “If I could not safely return, please give this to Elder Matthew of the Warriors Guild. He would help me pass it to my family.”

When Lin En and Anna saw this they were touched.

On the sixth floor of the Tong Tian Tower, other than their own teammates, who fought in life and death battles with each other, who would be so huge hearted and sacrifice themselves to save others?

Even those rescue teams hired by the Warriors Guild would only think of themselves in this kind of hopeless situation.

This middle aged uncle was truly a good person. He possessed honor and values that greatly surpass ordinary warriors.

With only these words of his, Lin En and Anna had developed deep respect for him.

Although Anna was nervous while facing the Dragon Hunter, she was not frantic. She turned around and advised Ou Gen: “The Red Flame Flying Dragon is very strong. However, its weakness is as obvious as its strength. We should not panic. If everyone worked together to resist, then there is nothing to be afraid of. I believe that Hui Tai Lang would quickly return. Everyone, do not be give up hope.”

Lin En did not know that Yue Yang had already left the Fire Palace and believed that as long as Yue Yang was there, there would be no problem.

As long as everybody stalled for time and wait for Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang’s return, a single Gold Ranked Level 7 Red Flame Flying Dragon would not even be an enemy.


Ten Iron Blood Guards raised their shield and forcibly blocked the aggressive breath of the Red Flame Flying Dragon.

The weakness and strength of the Red Flame Flying Dragon exists at the same place.

Its strength was that it was stronger than normal flying dragons and capable of breathing fire. It was similar to Lava Dragons and could be considered as one of the strongest flying dragons. The Red Flame Flying Dragon was faster than a Lava Dragon but its body’s build was somewhat inferior and could not live in lava. Moreover, it liked to live in groups and breathing flames on their prey in turns was their favorite past time. Other than being a fire-type beast that was immune to flames, no living creature would be able to defend against the onslaught of a huge group of Red Flame Flying Dragons.

However, a single Red Flame Flying Dragon was not as scary.

The flames that it would breath out would always go on a straight line, so it could be easily dodged.

The most important thing was that their claws and teeth were not as strong as other normal flying dragons. Due to their small build that was made entirely of fire and their nature to live in flocks, the Red Flame Flying Dragon never needed to fight in close combat. Gradually, their claws and teeth degenerated over the years, hence they lost the ability to fight physically like normal flying dragons.

Everybody knew that the Red Flame Flying Dragon was not good at using its claws and teeth. It was completely different from War Dragons and Poisonous Dragons.

In other words, as long as it lost its ability to fly and fell on the ground, its battle strength would be greatly reduced.

If everybody worked as one to defend against the Red Flame Flying Dragon, then they could definitely stall for time.

However, when those adventurers saw the Red Flame Flying Dragon they had immediately escaped in all directions. In any case, the Dragon Hunter was not eyeing them, he was eyeing for the Warrior’s Guild’s Iron Blood Guards and the two Golden Elves. If there was someone who was willing to stand forward and throw away their lives, then they naturally would not meddle in other’s business and quickly scattered.

Those Iron Blood Guards knew that if they ran away, their lives would be forfeit. They used their all to guard to the death in front of Ou Gen.

They worked for a common purpose and raised their shields to protect others.

“Keep breathing flames and roast this group of iron turtles.” That Dragon Hunter also knew that his own Red Flame Flying Dragon’s body was not very durable. It must continuously stay in the air and breathe flames, using the flames to kill the enemy. At the same time it was to create greater panic and break through the enemy’s determination one by one. Only then would he be able to easily eliminate his enemies. No matter how long it took, he was not worried. The wolf beast Hui Tai Lang had already left and would probably not return for a while.

“Defend!” Ou Gen unsheathed the heavy sword on his back, stood at the very front and shouted.

The only thing they could do was make a gamble and defend until death.

If that wolf beast returns, everybody would be safe and sound. If it was too late, then everyone here would be dead…

The Dragon Hunter snorted and laughed: “You have a death wish!”

However, from the sky, a meteor suddenly smashed downwards with a boom. It smashed against the incomparably arrogant Dragon Hunter and made him kiss the ground. Although the Dragon Hunter did not immediately die, his entire body suffered serious damages. The Dragon Hunter shook away the meteor and struggled to crawl back up, swaying all the way. He discovered two boys standing in front of him. One had a face as cool as ice. He was holding his hands behind his back and did not even look at the Dragon Hunter once. The other one was so handsome that he would make other people jealous. The handsome guy snorted disdainfully, “Not bad, you have a Gold Ranked Red Flame Flying Dragon.. However, this does not give you the right to be arrogant.”

“Bastard!” When did the Dragon Hunter’s luck become so bad, meeting with this kind of misfortune?

“Roar…” The Red Flame Flying Dragon that wished to quickly protect its owner, swooped down and breathed fire on the two men’s bodies.

Before the Red Flame Flying Dragon’s fire even reached the handsome guy’s body, he immediately emitted an extremely hot, an even more powerful Skyfire than the dragon’s fire.

His Heaven Fire could completely ignore the effects of the flame breath.

However, the scarier one was the ice cool guy. Although it could not be seen clearly, whenever he received an attack, his body would quickly emit a bone-chilling frost.

The flame breath that the Red Flame Flying Dragon breathed out was instantly turned into an ice pillar by the the cool guy.

If it was not because of this space that restricted his abilities, the cool guy would probably have killed the Red Flame Flying Dragon on the spot.

“Tan Lang, Prince, it’s you guys?” Anna and Lin En called out in surprise.

“Let me slaughter this idiot first, then we’ll talk.” It was very difficult for the Prince of Tian Luo to finally find a good opportunity to show off his grandeur. He quickly summoned his element-type beast, Skyfire Meteor.

The Dragon Hunter was so scared that he immediately turned around and ran. His instincts told him that these two boys would not be easy targets to push around. If he did not run away, he would be dead.

However, it was too late.

Prince of Tian Luo’s Skyfire Meteor was originally very strong. It has especially become stronger after Yue Yang had taught it the Great Totem Pole Battle Technique and matched it with Hui Tai Lang for sparring. Its original weakness, being hard to be controlled and slow to summon, had been solved. Within the fire-type beasts’ ranking, if those who evolved because of wisdom did not exist, the Sky Fire Meteor would be number one.

If the Dragon Hunter was not inside the Fire Palace and was outside this sealed space, he would probably have a chance to escape.

Now, the Dragon Hunter could only suffer a beating and could not counter.

Under the Prince of Tian Luo’s command, the Sky Fire Meteor in the air quickly shot down from the sky. It ingeniously made a turn in midair and once again smashed towards the escaping Dragon Hunter… Even if the Dragon Hunter still had the strength to resist, he would still not be able to block the Sky Fire Meteor’s second attack and immediately died on the spot. The Red Flame Flying Dragon also self destructed in midair due to his owner’s death. Its magic crystal flew in midair and landed on Xue Tan Lang’s hands.

Prince of Tian Luo quickly charged over to see if the dead Dragon Hunter had any treasures.

They had been led astray by Yue Yang. Whenever an enemy dies, they would subconsciously search for treasures. They formed a ‘killing enemies to level up and collecting their treasures’ mindset.

When Ou Gen saw this, he sweated profusely.

The more he looked at today’s youths, the more he couldn’t understand them.

In the Wood Palace, Fatty Hai was currently standing in front of the Evil Myriad Ancient Tree and arguing with it noisily: “Who do you think I am? I am the Young Master Hai from the Hai Clan in the Soaring Dragon Continent! Do you even know about the Hai Clan? Seeing that you are ignorant and inexperienced, I can tell that you haven’t heard of us before. Our Hai Clan is the richest family in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent! What? Did you say money? I have a lot of that thing, but I don’t know what treasures you have… none? This will not do, I hate paupers with no treasures. I normally don’t even speak with paupers, do you understand? This is a rich young master’s style! Fine, if you have any Myriad Tree Heart or such things, you can bring them out. Did you say Evil Tree Roots? What use are these things? They can become Evil Tree Warriors? It’s useless, I don’t need it. This master does not need your useless items. If you truly want to sell them, this benevolent and generous young master will buy them for a hundred gold. If you must know, I normally give this amount to beggars… You actually dare say that you won’t sell it? You blockhead. Do you even know the selling price of this outside? Once you hear it you would definitely cry. These stuff are worthless. Plant-type beasts are already outdated and nobody wants them! You think that everyone is as stupid as Titan? He is someone who has money but doesn’t have anywhere to spend it. Additionally he has a broken heart and giving up to despair. Have you ever seen an idiot that sold their entire fortune just for a broken flower? None! He probably wants to give the flower to his girlfriend, if not your broken flower is simply worthless! For the Evil Tree Root, I can give you at most two hundred gold, any more than that then I don’t want it. You are too greedy. You actually said five hundred gold? Be careful of offending me. Do you still have face to tell me five hundred gold for these broken flowers?”

He already met Yue Yang and now he had met Fatty Hai.

The Evil Myriad Ancient Tree was once again in a tragedy.

Of course, it had thought that it had actually earned a huge amount and was perfectly satisfied. With five hundred gold base price, it sold another ten Evil Tree Root.

Fatty Hai’s face appeared grievous as if another person had cut out his meat. However, his heart was like a blooming flower, as he managed to rip off the Ancient Tree for more good stuff. He strode towards the next palace. An uncontracted Wind Breath Seabird followed behind him.

It was not because Fatty Hai had failed to form a contract with it, but it was because the small bird was too smart.

Whenever the contract succeeded, it would immediately betray him.

Fatty Hai simply did not form a contract with it anymore. However the Wind Breath Seabird still continued to follow him. Whenever it was displeased, it would bestow a wind blade upon Fatty Hai.

“Rock Paper Scissors… King of Earth, you lost again. This is your 1008th loss. Do you still have Earth Wolves and Sand Spiders? If you don’t have anything else to bet, then let us end this meaningless gamble! You kept on losing without even winning once. I am fighting a one-sided battle, there is completely no thrill. Moreover, gambling a small amount once in while may bring you some fun, but gambling a large amount will be harmful to you. You should not gamble in excess and stop while you can.” Yue Yang criticized the King of Earth failing to live up to expectations. Yue Yang looked like he was an adult criticizing the huge King of Earth like a child, who appeared downcast and sincerely accepting Yue Yang’s criticism.

“…” Ye Kong and the others were dumbstruck. They had never seen this kind of situation in their entire lifetime and did not dare believe it.

“Let us bet one last time. I don’t have anymore Earth Wolves and Sand Spiders. I will use my treasures to bet with you.” The King of Earth weakly pleaded. It felt that it must somehow win one round against this human, or else it would regret it in its entire lifetime. He did not even win once and could not accept this fact.

As long as it can win once, then it would absolutely stop betting.

It possessed sufficient knowledge and knew that it was no match against this abnormally smart human. However, he could not accept it. He must win.

Just win once!

Yue Yang honorably muttered: “Fine. Seeing you lose so pathetically and on the verge of tears, I truly could not reject your wish. Then let us bet one last round to give you a chance to turn around the situation. King of Earth, what treasures do you have?”

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