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LLS Chapter 401 – Fight, fight!

Chapter 401 – Fight, fight!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“My God… “ All the adventurers were scared witless as the devious vibe given off by Hui Tai Lang almost suffocated them to death.

“We are dead, it flew away! “ Some realised that they were in trouble as Hui Tai Lang had grown a pair of wings and flew away. Then what about them? Without Hui Tai Lang’s protection, the Flame Demon Commanders would definitely not mind having some beastman or human meat for dinner. They would not even mind having the coarse meat of the ox-head people.

“Quickly, think of something!” Some people panicked as they shouted towards Anna and Lin En, asking them to find a way to save them.

“Call it back! “ some shameless ones even treated Hui Tai Lang as their guard dog.

“Apologies, but we are not its master, if you have the ability, you can call it back!” Seeing these selfish people, Lin En felt disgusted by them instantly. He shrugged his shoulders and indicated that he wasn’t able to help.

“Rest assured, it’s master is fighting over there! Didn’t you see all the fire Monsters and Flame Demons rushing over to help? “ Anna laughed aloofly in contempt.

“Eh?” The adventurers turned their head and realised that it was true.

All the Flame Demons and Fire Demons who were besieging the lot in the lava lake rushed towards where the tornado was, as if under certain command.

Even those Fire Eels that were hiding in the river bed made their way out.

Seeing that they were no longer in danger, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Even Ou Gen who was a veteran in the battlefield also felt that he had a narrow escape. The restrictions in the Fire Palace was simply too stringent, causing everyone’s power to be diminished to the minimum and only a few with fire type Beast had some combat power.

After the danger passed, the adventurers started to harbour ill thoughts again.

“That Holy Beast has a master? But it doesn’t seem to be contracted… “ This shook the hearts of many.

“If only I could contract that Holy Beast!” Despite knowing that it would be impossible, some still couldn’t contain their imaginations and those who let their imaginations run wild were already drooling a waterfall. Looking at their shameless behaviour, Ou Gen couldn’t help but to despise them deeply. Being associated with these overly confident and greedy people was simply a disgrace. He made the Iron Blood Guards surround the place so as to protect Lin En and Anna. Although nobody had launched a sneak attack, men are unpredictable animals, so he had to do some sort of defense.

“Idiots!” A Dragon Hunter hiding among the adventurers summoned a Red Flame Flying Dragon and laughed out loud. “Although it is regrettable that I wouldn’t be able to get the treasures here, it will still be rewarding if I can seize this chance to get rid of you all! Die!”

The Red Flame Flying Dragon was Gold-ranked Level 7. Although it was considered quite high-levelled, if everyone come together to attack it, it could be defeated quite easily.

However, due to the restrictions, the Iron Blood Guards’ beasts that were mostly strengthening type Beasts wouldn’t be able to retaliate. The consequences would be unthinkable if they came under attack.

Ou Gen’s heart sank to the bottom of his stomach.

It’s over, he forgot that there was still an evil Dragon Hunter lurking in the team…

When Hui Tai Lang arrived at the central lava lake, Yue Yang was floating in mid air as the Spirit of Flame and Smoke was using her violent tornado to draw in all the lava from below. The entire sky seemed to be filled with raging flame as the Spirit of Flame and Smoke was fighting solo against two Gold King Beast-ranked Guardians of the Fire Palace. The one that couldn’t fly was the ‘Purgatory Flame King’, its body was as huge as a Mountain Giant, with a height of 30 metres and weighing a hundred ton. It was Platinum-ranked Level 7 and its entire body was made up of rocks and lava, its high temperature prevented anyone alive from going near it. As compared to the King of Black Light, the Purgatory Flame King’s ability to kill was even more terrifying. It could be considered to be a super strong Beast that would cause a lot of headache under normal circumstances.

Furthermore, in the Fire Palace that only fire type Beasts could fight, it was even stronger than ever.

In the sky, the other Guardian of the Fire Palace was the ‘Red Spirit Fire Demoness’. Although she was only Platinum-rank Level 6, her combat power wasn’t weaker than that of the Purgatory Flame King.

She who evolved to possess a human form was more intelligent than the Purgatory Flame King, and in her long course of evolution, she might become a Holy Beast in the future.

However, the current stronger Purgatory Flame King would never become one. This was the difference between the two King-ranked Beasts.

The Red Spirit Fire Demoness was five metres tall with her entire body engulfed in flames. She wasn’t very agile when flying as her speed was slowed down by her heavy weight, but her speed was already considered fast, because there was a huge difference between King-ranked Beasts that could fly and those that couldn’t. Not only did the Red Spirit Fire Demoness know how to fly, she also knew how to use a weapon. Brandishing a Gold-ranked Fire Scythe, she slashed it towards Yue Yang repeatedly… Of course they were all in vain as Yue Yang was faster than her by a hundred times, he could even walk idly on the edge of the Fire Scythe.

The Fire Scythe was rendered useless towards Yue Yang and attacking the Spirit of Flame and Smoke who was in the elemental form of a violent tornado was also useless.

The Red Spirit Fire Demoness was initially very depressed, but upon seeing Hui Tai Lang, she immediately switched target and charged towards Hui Tai Lang viciously.


How could Hui Tai Lang, who was intending to show off its skills in front of its master, be scared of her?

Her actions fit its intention perfectly!

Hui Tai Lang’s claws changed like a dense liquid as it elongated and reached out towards the Red Spirit Fire Demoness’s skull…The Red Spirit Fire Demoness moved backwards slightly and slashed her Fire Scythe down with strength, chopping Hui Tai Lang’s back into half.

Not only so, she also used lava as a whip to strike one half of Hui Tai Lang’s body and sent them flying into the air.

She thought that Hui Tai Lang would definitely die from the blow…

Who would know that Hui Tai Lang didn’t care at all as it already possessed an undying body like Huang Sha. Its two halved bodies turned into golden sand and rose into the air as if alive, returning back to their respective places and forming a new body that was as good as before in an instant. The Fire Scythe that slashed its body were held tightly by Hui Tai Lang’s dense liquid-like claws. To Hui Tai Lang, the fire from the Fire Scythe was completely ineffective against him… After absorbing the nucleus of the Level Eight Innate Huang Sha, Hui Tai Lang had possessed an undead body too. It wouldn’t be killed unless the nucleus in its body was destroyed completely.

And after becoming a Divine Beast, Hui Tai Lang gained the power to imitate, fly and morph into different shapes. Its combat power was boosted tremendously.

How could a mere Red Spirit Fire Demoness dream to kill it?

How could it be so easy!

Being a Gold, Dark and Fire type Beast, it was even stronger than Huang Sha who had an undying body.

Huang Sha’s undead body was weak to water while Hui Tai Lang’s weaknesses were water and light. It might seem that Hui Tai Lang was weaker than Huang Sha due to the additional weakness, but they were not lethal. Water and light definitely wouldn’t kill Hui Tai Lang, because Hui Tai Lang was also a metal type Beast.

The types complemented each other, so its body was a real undying body.

And this was merely just the beginning.

After unleashing its potential fully, together with the Heaven Runes and Innate Qi, it would attain an unimaginable state.

Yue Yang had nurtured Hui Tai Lang with an effort that was more than enough for it to level up to a Divine Beast. Yue Yang wished that Hui Tai Lang could become like Xiao Wen Li, who surpassed the level of being a Divine Beast, and become a Transcending Divine Beast…

Hui Tai Lang and Xiao Wen Li’s direction of growth differed and their starting points differed too.

Xiao Wen Li was born possessing a Diamond Grimoire, Yue Yang wasn’t sure but she was probably born a Transcending Divine Beast too. On the other hand, Hui Tai Lang was nothing when it was born, and maybe it wouldn’t ever become a Transcending Divine Beast like Xiao Wen Li or Immortal beasts like the Phoenix Sisters. But Yue Yang still hoped that it would be able to surpass all Beasts in the world and become the strongest of them all one day.

Just like how not every Thorny Flower could ranked up to become like the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, not every wolf could become a World Exterminating Demonic Wolf.

They were epitomes of all creatures, and they were all unique.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen is unique, so is the World Exterminating Demonic Wolf!

Hui Tai Lang need not become like others, it need not become like Xiao Wen Li, Red, Duo Duo or Ah Man, it just have to be itself! It is Hui Tai Lang, one that nobody in the world can replace!
(want2eat: Duo Duo is a nickname Yue Yang had for the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen)

The current Hui Tai Lang had definitely surpassed all wolves and become the one and only World Exterminating Demonic Wolf. It could even continue to level up from there… The course of its growth was definitely a legend and a miracle among miracles. Of course, if it weren’t for Yue Yang, the abnormal man from another world, who had given it everything, Hui Tai Lang would definitely not be the Hui Tai Lang it is today!


On seeing that Hui Tai Lang had an undead body, the Red Spirit Fire Demoness was extremely frightened and backed off quickly.

The giant Fire Scythe was engulfed by Hui Tai Lang who was in a dense liquid state.

Suddenly it flew towards Yue Yang for help. Yue Yang reached out his hands and drew Heaven Rune Circles on its body. He also channelled an immense amount of Innate Qi to help it assimilate the Fire Scythe.

A dull golden glow shimmered off Hui Tai Lang’s body and radiated through the sky.

The Fire Scythe that was engulfed appeared on Hui Tai Lang’s back gradually, and with every Heaven Rune that Yue Yang drew, it was absorbed into Hui Tai Lang’s body slowly, the first Heaven Runes was ‘Melting’ and the second one was ‘Transform’ and the third was ‘Recover’. After stabilising it, the Fire Scythe then went out of Hui Tai Lang’s back and shot towards the sky with a fiery flame.

However, when the Fire Scythe fell back to the ground, it avoided its original master, the Red Spirit Fire Demoness, and went towards its new master, Hui Tai Lang.

“Ah!” The Red Spirit Fire Demoness cried in alarm, she hadn’t expected that a treasure she refined herself would be assimilated by her opponent in front of her.

“Awoooooooo!” Hui Tai Lang howled proudly.

A deafening roar resonated through the sky, and echoed throughout the Fire Palace.

Dark Hell Flame burst out from its body, forming a long flaming fire tail that latched onto Hui Tai Lang’s new high-quality weapon, the Gold-ranked ‘Origin Fire Scythe’. Hui Tai Lang waved the Fire Scythe towards the Red Spirit Fire Demoness’s body, slashing her… with an unbelievable speed!

The Red Spirit Fire Demoness wasn’t fast enough to dodge and before she knew it, she was slashed into half by the Origin Fire Scythe, just like how Hui Tai Lang had been slashed just now.

The Red Spirit Fire Demoness who possessed Fire Nucleus wasn’t in life-threatening danger as she would heal and return back to normal after some time of recuperation in the lava lake.

But the situation was ever changing, as the Spirit of Flame and Smoke that attacked the Purgatory Flame King just now floated out of the violent tornado and morphed into a Fire Girl covered in raging flame. She dived down and embraced the halved body of the Red Spirit Fire Demoness and started to absorb her energy. The Red Spirit Fire Demoness screamed as she did not dare to go near the Spirit of Flame and Smoke due to her Nirvana’s Flame, and her paralysing electricity attack… Within half a minute, the pure Fire Ability in the consciousless halved body had been fully assimilated by the Spirit of Flame and Smoke. The leftover part of the body slowly hardened to form a black rock and sunk into the Lava lake.

The body of the Spirit of Flame and Smoke became clearer, her lower body that was initially covered in flame and smoke started to morph into human form.

She got a pair of legs now.

Just with a little more Fire Ability, she could rank up by one level.

Desiring to rank up, she looked at the Red Spirit Fire Demoness. In her instinct, she did not see the Red Spirit Fire Demoness as an alive being but merely a delicious meal.

The Red Spirit Fire Demoness was both shocked and angry. She wanted to kill the Spirit of Flame and Smoke very much, but in the Fire Palace, killing her wouldn’t be possible. It couldn’t be determined by level or rank as skills was all that mattered when Beasts of the same type fight in a mutually favourable geographical environment.

Or it could be said that it would be dependant on their intelligence.

The side that was more intelligent and knew how to make full use of the opponent’s weakness and complement them with their own strength would emerge victorious.

Hui Tai Lang who had switched opponent morphed into a meteorite like ball and went to bombard the head of the Purgatory Flame King…

The impact of the bombardment shook the entire lava lake.

As the Purgatory Flame King fell into the lava lake, it caused the burning lava in the lava lake to splatter up a few hundred metres.

Hui Tai Lang who was using its new body to knock down its opponent was similarly dizzy from the shake and regained its wolf form. It then flapped its fire wings and flew at a crooked angle over the lake, like a drunk adventurer.

Yue Yang laughed at it because he had never seen a fool like Hui Tai Lang. He guessed that only Hui Tai Lang would choose to knock down a lava giant like the Purgatory Flame King straight without thinking.

But Yue Yang did not correct Hui Tai Lang and allowed Hui Tai Lang to do whatever it wanted.

Because, after all, this is a battle. This is the process of growing up and a chance to learn!

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