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LLS Chapter 400 – Hui Tai Lang, Hui Tai Lang!

Chapter 400 – Hui Tai Lang, Hui Tai Lang!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe was considered to be an extremely high quality treasure, or something of little value that you could not bear to throw away.

Its value was determined by its ability to realise one’s wish. If it could, then no other treasures could match up to it.

Of course, it would also depend on how greedy the wisher was.

If he was too greedy, for example, turning a Level 1 Bronze-ranked beast to Level 10 Diamond-ranked beast, needless to say, he would definitely fail. After thousand years of historical records and experiences from all the past wishers, it could be concluded that the wish-realising ability of the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe had stringent restrictions and a mysterious probability of success. It was said that those virgins who were pure physically and mentally had the highest rate of success. If it were to be a shady, scheming conspirator, the level of difficulties of them utilising the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe to make a Holy Beast would be akin to passing a mammoth through the eye of a needle.

As for the probability, those who used it in the past shared various experiences.

Almost everyone concluded that wishes that were close enough to current condition would have the highest probability to succeed.

In other words, if a Beast’s power was near a Holy Beast already, and there were just some gaps in terms of intellectual ability, there would be a huge probability that it would turn into a Holy Beast after its owner wished for it.

Another way to succeed would be to make a wish easily accomplished… For example, two thousand years ago, there was a Warrior named Gou Wa who made a wish to the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe for his Beast, a mongrel with skin diseases to have a smooth and shiny fur again. In the end his wish was granted, and the mongrel with skin disease levelled up to become a Howling Celestial Dog. He became powerful from then on and after many years, Gou Wa who made the wish became a famous Innate Ranker known as ‘Tian Gou’, and he went on to fight the Demon Abyss with his Howling Celestial Dog, and prevented the Demon’s invasion. Although he died from the battle later on, he took down two Demon Kings with him, making him a human Ranker who had shocked the whole of Demon Abyss.
(Shiro: Howling Celestial Dog is Er Lang Shen’s dog – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erlang_Shen. Tian Gou means Heavenly Dog – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiangou)

Normal people did not know that Gou Wa was just a Level Two Braveman before making the wish. His rank was just an insignificant as an ant to the Demon Kings.

After making the wish, his dog with skin disease became a Howling Celestial Dog while Gou Wa became Tian Gou that could fight against two Demon Kings.

This was the power of a Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe.

“Brother-in-law, don’t go to the Wood Palace ever again, if not the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree would kill you, definitely!” Prince Tian Luo felt that Yue Yang was too wicked, he had never seen such an evil person. Even if the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree was a hundred times more wicked, it couldn’t compare to him.

“This is great.” Xue Tan Lang curled his aloof lips into a rare smile.

The eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that would not wither forever, it could definitely surpass a divine weapon. No one would even exchange it for ten divine weapons.

One can make a wish every three years.

That would make ten wishes in thirty years and one hundred wishes in three hundred years.

How could all the hundred wishes fail to realise? If one wish was realised, then it would make the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe worthy. It would be rewarding if two wishes were realised… The 10% success rate would make all other divine weapons pale in comparison. One had to know that not everyone could be as abnormal as Yue Yang as to own so many Guardian Beasts and Holy Beasts, and even Hui Tai Lang the Divine Beast!

Other Warriors could only wish for a Holy Beast in his lifetime.

Owning a Holy Beast was already a wishful yearning for all the warriors…

“You guys, don’t be too anxious. Wait for me to study it slowly, after i find out the method to achieve the highest success rate, we can test it out repeatedly.” Yue Yang did not expect that it would allow him to mass produce Holy Beasts, it would be impossible, but using the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe to level up his Beasts and overcome some of their limitations would definitely be possible.

The greatest obstruction that prevented a Beast from turning into a Holy Beast was either its own potential, or an inherent unbreakable hindrance.

Only by breaking these hindrance would they be awarded with the possibility of levelling up progressively.

For example, for a Beast without any intelligence, if it were to be awarded with some intelligence, even just a little, it could mark the start for it to become a Holy Beast. Them becoming a Holy Beast would be a different story, but at least they were awarded with such opportunities.

After leaving the Wood Palace, they entered the Fire Palace.

The huge lake of lava made Xue Tan Lang’s combat power dip to a minimum. However, on contrary, Prince Tian Luo’s combat power rose to the maximum.

Reason being, his Guardian Beast, ‘Sky Fire Meteor’ was a fire type, so he could use it effectively in the Fire Palace and maximise its strength.

The duo separated with Yue Yang temporarily as Yue Yang the treasure hunter maniac went to the centre of the lava lake to fight the BOSS. As Prince Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang wouldn’t be of much help, they went downstream in hopes of looking for missing teammates. As they went along, they left some markings such that when the other teammates see them, they could catch up quickly.

More than ten kilometres from them, Li En and Anna were resting on a rock wearily.

With Hui Tai Lang around, the two Golden Elves would be safe.

But the adventurers who were further away suffered tremendously as they fled in a sorry state.

Ou Gen led the Iron Blood Guards, together with ten other adventurers who were following them to charge forward as the Fire Monsters and Flame Demons were chasing closely behind from the lava pool.

Five minutes later, Ou Gen discovered Anna and Lin En. Although he was also in danger, the helpful Ou Gen still tried to reach out to them. “Don’t move, I’ll go and help you all right away, don’t move, wait for me!” Not knowing if they should laugh or cry, Lin En and Anna watched as Ou Gen tried to distract Flame Demon and Fire Monster and then making a sharp turn quickly as he ran in front of Hui Tai Lang, panting. “Quick, bring along your pet dog, we have to leave soon, those monsters from the lava lake will be coming for us anytime…eh, why are they not chasing us?” Ou Gen shouted to Lin En.

All the Fire Monsters and Flame Demons stopped dead in their track one thousand metres away. With the instinct of a beast, they sensed danger.
Especially those Fire Monsters whom Hui Tai Lang had accidentally left out from killing. After a furious discussion on the river bed of the lava pool, the troop of Flame Demons and Fire Monsters stopped their pursuit.

The leader of the Flame Demons, a Level Ten Gold-ranked Flame Demon Commander, groaned lowly while the other lower-ranked Demon Commanders walked about, as they dare not to advance easily when facing the lazy Hui Tai Lang. This was because too many of their own kind were killed around the area and the place reeked of death, making them extremely wary and fearful.

The only thing that puzzled them was that the root of their threat was merely a Level Three Bronze-ranked Iron Back Demon Wolf.

Without verbal interaction and comprehending what was going on, and together with the lack of sufficient intelligence to understand the truth, the few Flame Demon Commanders were lost, furious and fearful. They stopped one thousand metres away from them, semi-besieging Ou Gen’s troop of Iron Blood Guards and the other adventurers at a distance.

“Rest assured, you are safe now, Hui Tai Lang will protect everyone, don’t leave its side too far, wait for my fellow teammates to rescue us,” the kind Anna tried to comfort Ou Gen.

“What, protecting us with a pet dog?” Upon hearing, some of the adventurers swallowed their saliva while others rolled their eyes. Some even burst out laughing.

“Woof!” Hui Tai Lang indicated disdain towards their responses.

“I’m guessing that there’s an artifact here that stopped the Fire Monster from coming near.” An adventurer was still dreaming that he could discover some hidden treasure stash here.

“A fire type monster require ice type and water type Beast to restrain it, but among us, only a few of our beasts are of these two types. However, even those few beasts are all under the healing category… It’s good that they are not advancing now, I’m just scared that this will change.” Ou Gen wasn’t bothered about Hui Tai Lang. Not only it was low-levelled, more importantly, it was very lazy and appeared low on energy. It did not appear like a strong beast at all.

Moreover, it did not have a contract, how could he depend on it if he wasn’t sure if it would be loyal?

Ou Gen did not really dare to believe Anna.

Anna and Lin En were different from Bao Er, who just arrived to the Seventh Floor from the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. They had been cultivating in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower for a long time, and they knew that men were unpredictable and complicated creatures, not to mention very vicious too. They wouldn’t reveal Hui Tai Lang’s real identity publicly.

They did not mention a single word on it being a Divine Beast.

Those adventurers who could summon fire type Beast became excited from thinking that there were artifacts around the area that could restrict the Fire Monsters.

They tried to run outside, and on seeing that the Fire Monsters really did not dare to advance, they regained their confidence as they instructed their fire type Beast who were skilled at long distance combat to attack the Fire Monsters, thinking that it was an opportunity bestowed by heaven. With the protection of artifacts, they could attack the monsters without worrying for their retaliation, how good is that! But such thoughts did not even last for a minute. The Flame Demon Commander waved his arms covered in raging flames and immediately, hundreds of the Flame Demons and Fire Monsters charged forward. They then started dragging those whimsical adventurers into the lava lake as they tore and devoured them.

There were even some Lava Fire Snake with no intelligence who glided towards Ou Gen greedily.

The adventurers dispersed in confusions and flee in disarray like ants in a hot pot.

Ou Gen and the Iron Blood Guards gritted their teeth secretly, as they prepared to fight with the demons with their limited manpower to break out of the besiege.

“Wait for me to charge forward with my troop, and then you all flee west immediately, I will send two Iron Blood Guards to shield you all!”

Anna waved her hand to prevent the guards from dying for nothing. “Don’t move, with Hui Tai Lang, those Flame Demons won’t dare to attack, it will protect us, and if you all don’t leave, it can protect you all too… You all will be the safest with us!”

“What?” Ou Gen was stunned when he heard Anna said it for the second time.

Golden Elves wouldn’t lie, but because the previous one was too ridiculous, he did not think much into it.

But on hearing it for the second time, he couldn’t help but look at Hui Tai Lang seriously.

Could this Level Three Bronze-ranked Iron Back Demon Wolf really protect them?

If one were to say that it’s a fire type Beast, it wouldn’t be strange because fire type and earth type Beasts made up the majority of beasts. But seeing Hui Tai Lang, forget about it defeating a Level Ten Gold-ranked Flame Demon Commander, it might not even be able to defeat a Level Six Bronzed-ranked Flame Demon. Not only were their levels high, they were also in a favourable geographical location. Also, this Iron Back Demon Wolf had a physical body, unlike those elemental fire demons. Although it was fire type too, it would definitely die if it fell into the lava pool. It would be lucky if it could protect itself under such a situation!

Forget about Ou Gen’s disbelief, even those less knowledgeable adventurers couldn’t believe it either.

A fight between Level three Bronze-ranked beast versus a Level Six Bronze-ranked beast, the outcome was apparent!

A black shadow flashed past.

With a loud booming that shook the entire stone wall, it sent lava crashing out of the lava pool.

Two Lava Fire Snake spanning ten metres were pressed onto the rock and killed easily by Hui Tai Lang. Their heads burst out, spurting out their fiery brain matter all around the lava lake…

Everyone’s jaws dropped onto the ground.

The Lava Fire Snake was Level Eight Bronze-ranked. Forget about it being in the geographically advantageous Fire Palace, even if they were outside, normal adventurers wouldn’t dare to provoke them, because they were akin to lava. It merely took the form of a snake, and it was a fire type demon… If they tried fighting it with beasts other than ice or water-types, defeating it would be tough. The Lava Fire Snakes would only die if all the lava in their body were exhausted and their body flooded with large amount of cold water subsequently to harden them, and finally digging the magic crystals out of their skulls.

But the Lava Fire Snake, whom the adventurers thought would be hard to defeat, was killed instantly by Hui Tai Lang, who was merely a Level Three Bronze-ranked Iron Back Demon Wolf!

How could they believe their own eyes?

“Impossible!” A few adventurer leaders yelled weirdly as they couldn’t accept the fact.

“…” However Hui Tai Lang took out two fiery red magic crystals from the lava lake and gulped it down in one mouthful. It then walked back slowly towards the place it was resting before.

The place it passed sent all the Lava Fire Snake scrambling to escape; the adventurer troop also panicked and became disorganised as they formed a passage in the middle for Hui Tai Lang to make its way onto the highest rock and it slept on it lazily.

Upon looking at it again, their disbelief had turned into shock!

Everyone, including Ou Gen, was extremely shocked.

With reality staring them right in their eyes, they could only be convinced… The instant kill caused the Flame Demon Commander to withdraw his troop one thousand metres away. Many Flame Demons hid in the lava lake in fear, not daring to come out even after a long while.

“Is it a Holy Beast?” After a long while, Ou Gen asked, swallowing his saliva.

“I don’t know, because it isn’t my Beast.” Lin En smiled as she shook her head, she wanted to say that it was a Divine Beast, a real Divine Beast!

“Oh so it’s a Holy Beast, no wonder it looked so majestic, look at that smooth and silky fur, one would know that it is a Holy Beast with just one glance!” The adventurers who recovered from shock started to bootlick immediately.

“I had mentioned that it doesn’t look like a simpleton, have you ever seen Level Three Bronze-ranked Iron Back Demon Wolf in the Tong Tian Tower? No! Except for this one, because it is a Holy Beast! Tsk tsk, this Holy Beast really has its own style, look at its ears, it really looked… Too majestic. There’s no other way, I have decided to rename our adventurer party after this Demon Wolf. We will be called the Demon Wolf Party from today onwards…” Another adventurer leader started to praise it shamelessly, almost causing Hui Tai Lang to puke.

If you were to mention corny, Fatty Hai’s bootlick was cornier by a hundred times.

But at least Fatty Hai would only bootlick when there was a need to, this guy on the other hand was totally born to be a bootlicker!

The central lava lake in the distance burst out in a violent tornado as innumerable lava were sucked into the sky, forming a frightening yet grand scene.

Sensing it, Hui Tai Lang jumped up in excitement, its tail wagging frantically.

Its sleepiness was all gone.


Its master was in the central lava pool, battling. That violent tornado was the original form of the Spirit of Flame and Smoke…

Hui Tai Lang’s blood was boiling with excitement as it raised its head and howled into the sky. Giving off a devilish vibe, a black hell flame rose up from its body and formed a giant fire wing spanning ten metres. It flapped its wings and soared to the sky and like a meteorite, it shoot towards the lava lake in the centre, towards its master.

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