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LLS Chapter 40 – Hui Tai Lang

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Chapter 40 – Hui Tai Lang
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang violently beat up the Iron-clawed Wolf until it was vomiting blood, heaving his breath. He realized that it had an extremely tough endurance; not only was it still alive, but it also appeared to be completely enjoying the beating. It looked like a perverted wolf that naturally deserved to be beaten up. Yue Yang couldn’t help but be confused after a while.

He stopped and bent over to investigate the reason.

After probing around with his Innate Qi, Yuen Yang finally realized that this Iron-clawed Wolf’s body was not normal.

A normal Iron-clawed Wolf was a beast with the Earth attribute. However, this one wasn’t; it had a strange body that contained the Fire, Metal, and Darkness attributes.

In theory, biologically, a low-leveled beast with multiple attributes or conflicting attributes did not exist. If they had more than two attributes, they should have been an advanced level “variant”, for example, a Fire Ice Chimera. However, the Fire Ice Chimera would need to be at least level 8 bronze-ranked. Compared to a level 2 Iron-clawed Wolf, the Chimera was an existence that couldn’t be reached. Still, this ordinary level 2 Iron-clawed Wolf had three different attributes in its body, this was extremely weird.

Yue Yang realized that because this weird Iron-clawed Wolf had Fire and Darkness attribute, it had some level of resistance against the demonic energy flowing from the demon’s arm.

As it had the Metal attribute, it’s body was strong enough to withstand beatings, like a wolf-cockroach that would never die.

Of course, the reason that Yue Yang’s beatings felt comfortable was not because of its resistance, but because Yue Yang’s attacks carried a little bit of Innate Qi with them. The Iron-clawed Wolf that had come here to absorb the demonic energy and drink the demon’s blood, was tortured in an extremely painful way by the Demon Lord Ha Xin’s vicious demonic energy. By lucky coincidence, Yue Yang’s beatings could alleviate some of its pain. The more Yue Yang beat it, the more the demonic energy in its body was purified, that was why the Iron-clawed Wolf felt more comfortable with each beating… The worst thing was that although Yue Yang’s heavy attacks had broken most of the Iron-clawed Wolf’s internal organs and bones to pieces, the demonic energy that it had absorbed restored its body bit by bit, transforming into its flesh and blood. Its body had almost burst out from all the pent up demonic energy that couldn’t be channelled out, but that demonic energy turned into an advantage for it as Yue Yang continued his beatings.

It could be said that Yue Yang’s attacks was more like a process of renewing the Iron-clawed Wolf’s body.

His beatings turned out to be a helping hand for the Iron-clawed Wolf to be born anew.

Yue Yang immediately found out about this problem when he observed, and was angry beyond words. He carried a big rock over, preparing to smash the Iron-clawed Wolf to death alive. He wanted to let the wolf know the taste of being crushed to death.


A flash of fear and misery appeared in the Iron-clawed Wolf’s eyes. Yue Yang felt a jolt in his heart seeing the wolf’s gaze.

This wolf had been abandoned by its pack and had travelled the world alone. It was a little bit similar to his circumstances; it had no one to lean on. He was just a little bit more fortunate than the wolf, having the beautiful woman, the little girl and the others at his side. After transcending across dimensions and taking over the pitiful guy’s identity, he had received all that the pitiful guy had. The beautiful woman treated him like he was her own son. Although he wasn’t her true San-er, but in reality, he had received the beautiful woman’s and her family’s love for the pitiful guy.

Crushing this Iron-clawed Wolf to death with a rock didn’t bring him any advantage at all.

Why not use it for experiments?

If he could use the demon’s blood and demonic energy to transform a beast’s ** strength, then couldn’t he use the same principles to raise a stronger beast?

Yue Yang threw the big rock in his hands and calmly thought for a while. He then dug out Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm and poured out all the demonic energy from the arm and into the Iron-clawed Wolf’s body. This process was so much easier than absorbing the demonic energy through the air. Firstly, it was because it transmitted more easily through physical contact. Secondly, it was because Demon Lord ha Xin’s vicious demonic energy would be attracted to living flesh. The living Iron-clawed Wolf was the demonic energy’s ideal vessel. With a push of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, the demonic energy immediately flew towards the Iron-clawed Wolf’s body. Thirdly, the Iron-clawed Wolf was injured all over, hence its body required energy to recover. Although the energy was demonic, it was still energy that would help it to recover.

Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm’s power was enormous, but it was unclean. Amongst the different parts of the arms, the demonic energy was not something that the thorny flower needed.

But the thorny flower could absorb the demon arm’s powerful demonic abilities, for example the Inferno and the Black Blood abilities. All these skills would be good traits for its transformation into a humanoid beast, especially the Black Blood skill. It would be a great advantage to create a perfect humanoid beast.

However, the demonic energy on the other hand, would turn beasts ugly and frightening.

Yue Yang didn’t want the thorny flower demoness, that he painstakingly had raised, become an ugly beast in the end, hence he most definitely didn’t want it to absorb the demonic energy.

The Iron-clawed Wolf’s stomach turned big and round like a ball, looking as if it could explode at any time. Its body had also swollen all over, its eyes were popping out of its sockets, its body filled to the brim with demonic energy. It almost looked like a “Wolfball”.

It was probably feeling pain indescribable in words, but Yue Yang didn’t care about it at all.

He pushed all the demonic energy on the Iron-clawed Wolf’s body then shoved the Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arms into the thorny flower’s enormous mouth.

The gold-ranked thorny flower didn’t swallow the arm in one gulp like previous times. Instead, it sucked the arm in its mouth, slowly chewing and swallowing it, digesting it really slowly. Yue Yang thought that it probably wouldn’t be able to immediately digest the arm if it swallowed it whole. The thorny flower would probably explode with a loud “boom”, its body torn to pieces, if it tried swallowing it whole. Yue Yang was afraid that the thorny flower would explode, hence he channeled Innate Qi into it from time to time, aiding it in its digestion process.

Even after all of that, the gold-ranked thorny flower’s stalk kept igniting in an Inferno, causing such extreme pain to the thorny flower that its stalk kept swaying and trembling all over.

On the other hand, Yue Yang didn’t care about the Iron-clawed Wolf that was almost as round as a ball at his feet.

This was only an experiment after all, it didn’t matter if the Iron-clawed Wolf died.

If the thorny flower’s digestion was progressing smoothly and Yue Yang was happy, he would give the Iron-clawed Wolf a savage kick. In any case, his beating was an extremely good thing for the Iron-clawed Wolf, that it desperately seeked. However, the thorny flower’s digestion did not always go well. Yue Yang was not happy to see that at times, it would vomit a portion of the arm that it had swallowed back out, not being able to endure the digestion process, needing his help to channel Innate Qi to help it digest. When Yue Yang was not happy, he would also kick the Iron-clawed Wolf at his feet to ease the anger in his heart. In any case, his treatment towards the thorny flower and the Iron-clawed Wolf was like heaven and earth. One was blessed with Innate Qi and treated with great care, while the other received endless beating and curses.

The process lasted for one whole day before the gold-ranked thorny flower was able to swallow Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arms completely.

Of course, this was only the first step to its digestion process. Yue Yang thought that it would need at least two months for the gold-ranked thorny flower to completely digest the Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm. With regards to its beautiful evolution to a humanoid “Thorny Flower Demoness”, it would probably take at least another three months.

In comparison, the Iron-clawed Wolf’s transformation was much faster.

Right now, although Yue Yang had flattened the Iron-clawed Wolf eight times with his stomps, cracked its skull three times, broken its neck twice, pounded its back five times and fractured its legs nine times, it had almost recovered fully. If Yue Yang had not seen it for himself, he would not believe that this Iron-clawed Wolf that he had beaten to death countless of times, until its internal organs were all crushed to the point it kept vomiting blood, could still stay alive.

Not only was the Iron-clawed Wolf fully recovered, it had also undergone a transformation.

In just one day, it transformed from an ordinary level 2 Iron-clawed Wolf into a bronze-ranked level 3 Ironback Demonic Wolf.

Such evolution speed was probably the first and most miraculous one amongst the wolf race’s history. The bronze-ranked level 3 Ironback Demonic Wolf’s power was almost equivalent to the level 4 Iron-clawed Wolf King.

Beasts such as wolves, had the attribute of “bronze head, iron legs and tofu waist”, if their weakest part “tofu waist” could evolve into “iron waist”, their fighting capabilities would increase by at least ten times. Furthermore, this wolf had evolved with the help of the Demon Lord’s demonic energy. Its fighting capabilities had increased almost hundred-folds, hence it should even be able to fight against a level 4 Iron-clawed Wolf King easily.

Yue Yang realized that this wolf-cockroach that deserved to be beaten still had evolving potential.

The most important thing was the demonic energy in its body had not been completely consumed yet. The demonic energy that had entered its body, was not displaying its full strength yet. Soon this wolf-cockroach, that couldn’t be killed even after so many beatings, would probably rise to a bronze-ranked level 4 beast, or even bronze-rank level 5.

After observing it closely, Yue Yang realize that his Innate Qi had actually played a miraculous part on the wolf’s evolution.

Without his Innate Qi, this wolf-cockroach would probably have exploded and died.

Furthermore, the demonic energy wouldn’t fuse with its body that easily. Kicking the wolf with his Innate Qi was equivalent to transforming it from the inside, helping it to be reborn anew. Otherwise, it was just an ordinary Iron-clawed Wolf, no matter how powerful it was, it wouldn’t be able to digest the Demon Lord Ha Xin’s demonic energy on its own..Yue Yang suddenly felt that this wolf-cockroach that refused to die was similar to him in a few aspects.

Although it was slightly unlucky, it was extremely fortunate with most things.

The only difference was, he didn’t need to be beaten to be successful, but it needed to be beaten savagely in order to improve slowly.

After the gold-ranked thorny flower completely swallowed the Demon Lord’s arm, Yue Yang quickly put it back inside his grimoire, allowing it to slowly digest the arm inside, evolving into the beautiful Thorny Flower Demoness slowly. Now that the thorny flower was in a safe place, he didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

Currently, the most important thing was to go to Tong Tian Tower as soon as possible and bring Yue Bing back home safely, giving the beautiful woman peace of mind.

Yue Yang took a step forward, but then realized that the Ironback Demonic Wolf that didn’t die after being beaten so much was following him. Yue Yang violently gave him a flying kick, kicking him far into the distance with a loud “boom”. But it desperately crawled back up and eagerly followed behind him, totally not caring about Yue Yang’s bad temper.

Furthermore, it knew how to suck up to Yue Yang. It usually followed Yue Yang without doing anything, but when it was time to eat, it would catch some small wild animals like rabbits and gave it to Yue Yang as an offering. But although Yue Yang roasted the rabbits it brought back, his attitude towards it did not change at all. The reason was simple. Similar things repel each other. The wolf was male and had a face that begged to be pummeled, so Yue Yang couldn’t develop a good feeling towards it.

The wolf stuck to Yue Yang for two days and two nights. After trying every method he could think of, Yue Yang still couldn’t drive the wolf-cockroach away, hence he could only let it follow him along. In the end, he still showed it his graciousness and gave it a name: Hui Tai Lang.

With regards to contract, Yue Yang would never contract this male Ironback Demonic Wolf.

It was only after arriving at the White Cloud City’s residence escorting troops, that Yue Yang realized that he had to pay an extra fee for uncontracted beasts. His anger peaked as he gave a mighty kick on the wolf, “Hui Tai Lang you bitch! I didn’t want you to come but you obstinately followed me along, now you are wasting my money for nothing!”

The official who was in charge of escorting almost cried seeing this, “Don’t hit , don’t hit it any more…This is a level 3 bronze-ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf. I had been stationed here for so many years but it was the first time I have seen such a docile bronze-ranked beast…Beating it like that makes my heart ache for it. If you really can’t, I can help you pay for it, will that be okay?”

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  1. DMR says:

    WTF is wrong with the MC. It is obviously a good summon, yet he won’t keep it despite its loyalty? It has huge evolving potentials now and will be more loyal than most summoned beasts.

    Just keep it and use it for battle…

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      • DMR says:

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          the author even include the best reason because: Similar things repel each other.

          Plus if u read carefully he never got any intention of using this wolf thats why he used it for experiment, if it survive good for it and maybe he hoped it will run for its life but if it died maybe just maybe the MC might buy it..

          The best scenario im hoping is that it would be like a pet till they met a pack of wolf and since its OP and have observed our MC wickedness manage to become the alpha and part ways 😛

        • DMR says:

          Well, I did say in my other comments that he did dislike the thing, and I know that he never had any intention of using it.

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