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LLS Chapter 399 – World Treasure, Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe

Chapter 399 – World Treasure, Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“What did you say? A hundred thousand gold? Do you think I’m a millionaire?!” Prince of Tian Luo madly shouted.

Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo stood under a hundred meter-tall tree. The huge tree appeared like it had a human face. Its had eyes, nose, and mouth, that looked a little sinister. Its two huge hands extended from its chin. It had no neck and an extremely short body. Its knees were deeply rooted into the earth and its head was abnormally lushful. It looked like a tiny dwarf who was wearing a helmet of overgrown bush. It looked extremely hilarious.

This was the Wood Palace’s Guardian, the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree.
(Shiro: Disclaimer – it is actually ten thousand years old, but millennium ancient tree sounds nicer than ten thousand years old ancient tree. I think Oxford need to invent a word to describe ten thousand years collectively.)

Of course, this Evil Millennium Ancient Tree was unlike those evil, homicidal human being maniacs. Although its name was Evil Millennium Ancient Tree, it was only a little money-grubbing and stingy.

Just as Xue Tan Lang and the Prince of Tian Luo came in front of it, to ask where the teleportation point was, it asked for a hundred thousand gold. This price even made Prince of Tian Luo, who came from a prosperous family, shout in shock.

“No money? If you don’t have money I can’t tell you the teleportation point.” When that Evil Millennium Ancient Tree heard that they didn’t have money, it immediately closed its eyes and did not pay anymore attention to them.

“…” Prince of Tian Luo was speechless. If it was outside, he would have already summoned a meteor to destroy it.

Unfortunately he had no way of summoning in this mysterious space.

Inside the Wood Palace, summoning any other beasts besides plant-type beasts would result in a tragedy.

Xue Tan Lang did not say a thing. His face remained calm and cool. His Storm Giant and Prince of Tian Luo’s Heavenly Meteor were both elemental-types and could not be summoned here. Since they had no way of attacking, they could only wait there. Waiting for Fatty Hai and Ye Kong won’t do, they had to wait for Yue Yang. Xue Tan Lang had a lot of patience. He simply closed his eyes, sat cross-legged under the tree and began cultivating.

Seeing this, the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree immediately shouted: “Hey, Wait a minute. If you guys want to train here, you must first ask me, the owner, for my permission. If you want to let me agree to let you stay here and train, it’s very easy, just give me money! If you don’t have a hundred thousand then ten thousand. You should probably have ten thousand gold right? Hand it over or I will not allow you to train here!”

Prince of Tian Luo was baffled. This ancient tree stayed here for its entire lifetime, what use would money be?

Now, it actually wants us to hand over ten thousand gold?

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree urged tens of times. In the end it angered Xue Tan Lang and he angrily roared: “Shut up!”

That Evil Millennium Ancient Tree only bullies the weak and fears the strong. Seeing the ice cube guy truly become angry, it conceded and used its black slender arms to scratch its head as if a human scratching their heads: “Then let’s do it like this, the benevolent me allow you to pay late, but there is an interest, do you understand? The interest cannot be lacking.”

“What interest?” Having heard Xue Tan Lang shout angrily, Yue Yang had thought that his brother-in-law had been attacked and ran over here to see. He discovered a very funny looking treant stood in front and couldn’t help but give it a thumbs up: “Your appearance is extremely interesting and creative. I have no choice but to say that you are a masterpiece of heaven and earth!”

“Thank you, but I like money more than praises. Do you have money? If you give me a thousand gold, I would become happier, at the same time it would represent the Wood Palace’s welcome to your arrival. Do you want to leave? I can tell you where the teleportation point is as long as you give me money! Also, do you need treasures? You can exchange them with money. Whatever treasure you want I have them all as long as you have enough money. I dare say that you can get the treasure that you have been yearning for!” The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree believed that Yue Yang was praising him and laughed out loud. He then extended his tree arms and his branch fingers to peddle into business with Yue Yang.

Yue Yang didn’t think that the ugly appearance of the treant was unusual, because most of the plant-type beasts were also ugly. Only a few were not.

However, this was the first time Yue Yang met an ugly AND greedy treant.

When he heard about money, Yue Yang ‘s response was not as helpless as the Tan Luo Prince’s.

He immediately clapped and laughed.

Yue Yang lightly knocked on his Gemini Mask: “Treant, please take note, you are currently speaking with a rich man.”

Prince of Tian Luo looked at Yue Yang and became pleasantly surprised. However, when he heard that he was prepared to do business with the treant, he immediately pulled Yue Yang to one side: “This wretched treant is a blood-sucker. When he starts to talk it would be a hundred thousand gold. Let me tell you, don’t waste words with it and directly use fire to burn it. Or, how about calling your Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen out and tell her to swallow this bastard. But I don’t know if swallowing this damned treant would cause her indigestion!”

“Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen?” When the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree heard this, its face slightly perspired. It knew that the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was the strongest plant-type beast. The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen wouldn’t be a joke.

“Do you want me to let her out and say hi to you?” Yue Yang asked with a brilliant smile.

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree shook its big head with a rustle as the leaves on its head trembled: “N, no. Dear Ranker, from a while ago, I have already received the report from the tree demons. I have already received the news of the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queens’ arrival. The sincere me welcomes her arrival and also welcome you, because you are her owner. Let us return to the business conversation. Do you have any interests in buying treasures from me? No matter what treasure, I have them, as long as you can pay the amount. I have the ‘Cyan Tree Shoot’. No matter where you plant it, you can grow a tree fort and endless wood, how about it? Do you want this treasure? It only costs ten thousand gold!”

Yue Yang nodded his head: “The Warrior’s Guild outside only sell it for a thousand gold and you are selling it for ten times the price. You black hearted merchant, no, black hearted old tree!”

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree did not have any reactions towards Yue Yang’s criticism. It shamelessly haggled the price: “You get what you pay for. This Cyan Tree Shoot worth a hundred thousand gold is different. This is an Ancient Tree Shoot, do you understand? This shoot came from ten thousand years ago!”

Yue Yang was surprised and asked: “Will shoots from ten thousand years ago still grow?”

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree sweated and coughed: “Of course it can, as long as you spend thirty thousand gold to buy a bottle of ‘Earth’s Core Dew’. This dew is collected from the spirit energy of the Earth’s Core for ten million years. It is the world’s most delicious spring water, when an ordinary person drinks a drop, even if their body was extremely spent, they would immediately recover their full strength.

Yue Yang clapped his hand: “Earth’s Core Dew is indeed good stuff. The problem is one bottle is only worth six hundred gold. On the Night Empress’ Sky Garden, the Spirit Energy Spring that comes out from under the Rainbow Waterfall produces this kind of stuff. I normally use it to take a bath and water the plants. You are not wrong for opening the price at thirty thousand, but whoever buys it from you would be the world’s greatest idiot. Do you want me to sell you a bucket of it for six hundred gold, my dear clever Treant?”

“Okay, I can give you Earth’s Core Dew for free. However, the Cyan Tree Sprout must be bought for ten thousand gold. I cannot change this price.” The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree persisted on this. Seeing that Yue Yang was still unmoved, it worriedly corrected itself: “Cough, it seems I have two stalks of them, two for ten thousand, how does that sound?”

“Add in ten bottles of Earth’s Core Dew!” Yue Yang’s attitude was to ask for more goods at a lower price.

“Didn’t you have a lot of Earth’s Core Dew?” The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree became angry.

“If I have them, then it is my business. Even if I like to use it to flush the toilet what can you do about it? No, let’s call it off… besides I already know where the teleportation point in the Wood Place is already, since the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen helped me ask earlier.” Yue Yang was prepared to leave. This was a technique necessary in buying things from a store. Seeing that the customer was about to leave, the shop owner will definitely rush over and pull him back in the store and talk again. Most likely they would definitely agree with the customer’s price. If not, they could ignore the customer’s price and continued to latch onto the customer relentlessly, the only problem was the amount they earned.

“Then let us quickly go. The way I see it, let’s not take this item!” Prince of Tian Luo agreed with Yue Yang’s haggling.

“Wait a minute, don’t rush to leave the Wood Palace. Our deal is not yet over. Okay, I agree with you, but I only have three bottles of Earth’s Core Dew. How about three bottles of Earth’s Core Dew and Two stalks of Cyan Tree Shoots for a total of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine gold?” The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree inquired.

“I’ll give you the ten thousand gold, you beggar!” Yue Yang got angry and almost kicked the ancient tree down.

“Thank you, thank you for your purchase!” The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree shamelessly agreed.

“What!” Prince of Tian Luo’s head almost fell on the ground.

After transacting the Cyan Tree Sprout and the Earth’s Core Dew, the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree happily swallowed the ten thousand gold. Its body emitted a faint golden aura, making him incessantly happy. He laughed loudly and asked: “Let us continue with the business, do you still have money?”

Yue Yang raised his thumb in an extremely cool manner and shook it: “I feel that your customer service is really bad. If you must know, this person in front of you is a billionaire!”

When the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree heard it, it immediately bowed, making its leaves rustle: “Yes, let me apologize!”

Yue Yang took out a chair and sat on it like a master, the only thing missing would be having two servant girls behind him fanning him, “What other treasures do you have? Let me hear it. If it’s low ranked, you don’t have to tell me. Even the trash swept out from the corner my house are all gold-ranked treasures!”

Hearing this, the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree breathed quickly, “I won’t hide it from you. I have a true treasure, but it is a priceless treasure. You should at least give me ten million gold without a single gold missing. It must be ten million gold, because, that is… Let me confirm if you have ten million gold. If you don’t, quickly go back and get it. If I don’t see the money, I will never tell you what treasure it is!”

Hearing this, Prince of Tian Luo’s heart shook, it seems like the treant truly has an precious treasure.

However, he knew that if Yue Yang showed interest in it, the greedy treant would definitely increase the price. He signaled to Xue Tan Lang with his eye: “What treasure could be so expensive?”

Xue Tan Lang intentionally snorted: “The item is definitely a fake!”

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree’s body trembled continuously, as if it was very angry. It blurted out without thinking: “You two loathsome paupers, let me tell you how genuine I am. Have you ever heard of the ‘Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe? As long as you make a wish with it, then there is a chance that your beasts would level up to become a Holy Beast, or even Divine Beasts! Could both of you country bumpkins even understand how precious it is? I was afraid that it might shock you, see if you still doubt me!”

“Tch, who doesn’t know about the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe. It is a Rank 7 Treasure. If the wish is too small, it’s not worth it; if the wish is too big, it would not succeed. It is only a dubious treasure. The most important thing is that, it will immediately wilt regardless of whether the wish is granted or not. It is only a single use item, what use would it be.” Of course, Prince of Tian Luo knew the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe price. However, it was a rare item that simply cannot be bought by money. Even if it only has a small probability of making Beasts into Holy Beasts, it was still a treasure yearned by many Rankers.

“What do you understand? I used God’s Dew, God’s Wine and God’s Water to grow this Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe. Its flowers are everlasting, do you understand? It is a Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that will never wilt! Whoever could obtain this can make wishes forever. Of course, there is a three year interval for making wishes, but it is the world’s best treasure. No, I must ask for a hundred million gold for this, I will not sell it for less.” After the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree spoke, Prince of Tian Luo almost drooled a waterfall.

Prince of Tian Luo pulled Yue Yang over: “Brother-in-law, we must get this treasure. If you don’t have enough money, I can go back and move the entire Tian Luo’s treasury here.”

Hearing this, Xue Tan Lang was also stunned.

It would sell a Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that could make wishes forever? How could there be such an idiot in this world?

However, thinking about it, even if the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree had it, it would be useless. This was because the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe must be used by an owner on his beasts. It was only an Evil Treant and not a Divine Beast. It was like a beggar having a treasury without the keys to it and still starve in the end.

Yue Yang poured the gold that he received from An Dong’s treasury as well as the gold from Demon Eye’s Platinum-ranked Ring on the floor, creating a small gold mountain.

He stood on top of the gold mountain with an arrogant attitude: “As long as you say yes, then all this gold will be yours. On the other hand, if you hesitated even a little, or if you want to haggle over the price, I will immediately take away the money and walk away, never coming back here ever. I will begin the countdown from ten. If you don’t speak within ten counts, then I will take my leave!”

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree’s body shook, it had never seen so much gold before.

Let alone the treant, even the Prince of Tian Luo, who had entered the Tian Luo Kingdom’s Treasury before, had never seen so much money. Even if there wasn’t ten million gold inside, it would still at least be millions of gold. How in the world did Yue Yang manage to rob so much gold?

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

Yue Yang counted quickly, so fast that the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree didn’t have time to ponder on it.

The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree’s eyes flickered with two $$ sign. It quickly shouted, “Stop counting, stop counting. The more you count the more worried I am. Stop counting, I will agree to it, let us exchange. Now leave the stack of gold, quickly leave, and don’t attempt to steal a single one because it’s all mine! Forest God up above, thank you for finally listening to my prayers! I’ve been poor for ten thousand years, now I finally have money! Ahaha, I finally have money!”

After receiving the crystal bottle containing the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe, Yue Yang, Prince of Tian Luo and Xue Tan Lang quickly left.

On one hand, they were afraid that the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree would be regretful, because an Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe was far too important and precious.

On the other hand, they could not tolerate its greedy attitude. Prince of Tian Luo said that he had seen the greediest man before, but he pale in comparison to this Evil Millennium Ancient Tree.

When they arrived at the teleportation gate and prepared to enter the Fire Palace, Prince of Tian Luo asked: “Could the Ancient Cyan Tree Shoot really be bought using a thousand gold?”

Yue Yang smiled and did not answer.

In truth, the lowest auction price for the Ancient Cyan Tree Shoot was five hundred thousand gold and cannot be obtained without reaching two to three million.

As for the Earth’s Core Dew, it was something Yue Yang truly wanted. The Sky Garden simply did not have it. Moreover, how could he use Earth’s Core Dew to take a bath and water the flower? In the black market, a bottle would cost a million gold. Moreover, even if one wished to buy it, it would already be sold out.

Many treasures were simply too priceless and could only come by once in a blue moon!

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Shiro: Now I honestly feel sorry for the poor Evil Millennium Ancient Tree…


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