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LLS Chapter 398 – Divine Molten Meteorite Gold

Chapter 398 – Divine Molten Meteorite Gold
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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A wise person may be ruined by his own wisdom.

If the powerful opponent hiding inside the golden box knew that not long ago, the Dark Golden Specter, which broke through the White Jade Beetle upon being unsealed, was killed instantly by the Phoenix Sisters due to the fact that it attacked Yue Yang, it probably would not have done such a foolish thing. Immortal Beasts Beasts were often extremely powerful, they were also kind hearted by nature. Normally they would not take the initiative to attack any other living creatures. However, once they were attacked maliciously by their enemies, they would strike back immediately, causing destructive damage mercilessly. This was also a display of the Immortal Beasts’ dignity.
(Shiro: For those who are confused, there are Eastern Goblin Tribe and Eastern Immortal Tribe.
Eastern Goblin Tribe: Flying Tiger Ambassador, Leopard, Bears and the others who attacked Yue Yang during the Hundred Schools Tournament.
Eastern Immortal Tribe: Qilin girl, the two phoenix sisters in Yue Yang’s body, the two Dragon Girls who were with the Elder Nan Gong when Yue Yang was offered a position in the Innate Alliance.
Eastern Goblin Tribe is the sub-race of the Eastern Immortal Tribe, which is much more powerful.)

Similarly, the Phoenix Sisters, being Guardian Beasts were also the same.

When their owner, Yue Yang was subjected to attacks that he could not defend, they would immediately wake up from their slumber and fiercely attack the enemies.

The Five Element Palace’s overpowering Restrictive Code works even on an Innate Ranker like Yue Yang, however, for the Phoenix Sisters, they could ignore the Five Element Palace’s restrictions entirely. Nirvana’s Flames soared through the sky, instantly forming a gigantic Nirvana Flame Phoenix. Even though the Phoenix Sisters did not appear, the Nirvana Flame was under their control making it extremely formidable.

When the metamorphosed Nirvana Flame Phoenix attacked the golden box using a ball of raging flames, the hidden opponent who had lost its physical body and was left with only his spirit energy, quickly escaped from the box in horror.

The golden box melted quickly as the demon-like shadow fled quickly, while trying to break through the encircling Nirvana’s Flames.

However, it was all in vain.

His spirit energy dissolved as if it was snow in the Nirvana’s Flames, leaving nothing behind.

The demon-like shadow turned and rolled under the raging flames, in severe pain worse than death.

“Let me go, I am willing to be your servant…” The demon-like shadow struggled with all his might. Before his body dissolved, he called out to Yue Yang to compromise.

“Not a bad idea, looks like I can consider.” Yue Yang pretended to be thinking hard.

“No, Spare me!” After shouting out this last request, the demon-like shadow was unable to make any more noises as his entire body had dissolved.

The Nirvana Flame burnt even more brightly, as if its flames had life, whirling slowly.

A vortex was formed.

The flames quickly cleansed everything in the area.

Not even half a minute, the Nirvana Flames cleansed the dissolved demon-like shadow completely, leaving only a small Silver Pearl which dropped into Yue Yang’s palms with a “Pa” sound.

Yue Yang fished out the Dark Pearl left by the Dark Golden Specter, upon comparison, he decided that the two were similar.

Looks like, they were both ancient rankers that were sealed. The question now was whether this type of seal was done by the same highly skilled person… Sigh, when could he possess such a powerful sealing ability? Yue Yang was really looking forward to the future. If he could master this kind of sealing technique, Shun Tian, Black Prince and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader would all just become small fries.

In the sky, the Nirvana Flame Phoenix held onto a lump of shiny golden liquid using its beaks and flew down.

This was the treasure inside the golden box, now it had already become liquid.

Delighted, Yue Yang quickly used a jade vase to receive it, and used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to examine. “Oh my god! It was actually ‘Divine Molten Meteorite Gold!’ ”

Molten gold normally refers to gold that had melted to its liquid state.

Divine Molten Meteorite Gold actually refers to the legendary Divine-ranked weapons or treasures used by extremely strong fighters, that had been melted into liquid… Divine-ranked weapons were unbreakable existences, especially those that contained spirits such as the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and Prison Emperor Divine Staff. They were all unbreakable existences. Divine-ranked weapons that could be melted into molten gold were one in a million.

This meant that the owner could recast the Divine-ranked weapon.

Yue Yang was sure that the Golden box just now contained parts or fragments of a Divine-ranked Weapon. As to how it was broken, he does not know. Anyways, the Phoenix sisters had gave him big help, they unexpectedly melted the fragments of the Divine-ranked Weapon into liquid using Nirvana’s Flame.

If it were Yue Yang instead, even if he tried smelting everyday for a month diligently without stopping, to the point that he would drop to the ground from fatigue, he may still be unable to smelt it.

More importantly, after being smelted by the Phoenix Sisters, not only did it leave the Divine-ranked Weapon fragments inherent qualities undamaged, its value was also upgraded.

Yue Yang wouldn’t have this confidence if he were to smelt it himself. Being able to retain the inherent qualities of the Divine-ranked Weapon’s fragments was a miracle. Now with the phoenix sisters’ help, Yue Yang was bursting with joy. With the Immortal Beasts in my hand, the whole world will be mine! Right now the phoenix sisters were still young, yet they were so impressive. When they grow up, wouldn’t they be capable of wreaking disasters and havoc? Yue Yang really wanted to hug the phoenix sisters and kiss their tiny cheeks. Too bad the phoenix sisters didn’t plan on coming out to give him this chance to express his feelings.

Looking at the Divine Molten Meteorite Gold in the vase, Yue Yang’s eyes almost turned heart shaped.

In fact, he was not the one to blame. If a Dwarf Elder saw it, he would probably strip himself naked, run around, and then stand at the peak of the Dwarf Castle and scream for three days and three nights……

Divine Molten Meteorite Gold was something used to create divine weapons.

If he were to add a legendary Warrior’s Soul and a few drops of God’s Blood, he would be able to make a divine weapon immediately and a high quality one at that!

Even without the Warrior’s Soul or God’s Blood, sacrificing a psychic-type beast or embedding a Soul Pearl, Dragon Crystal, etc would do the trick. It would be a Level 1 divine weapon, but at the very least, it would still be a Divine-ranked Weapon.

“The only downside was there was only a little of this treasure. Only one small bottle, it would be nice if there was a whole tank full.” Yue Yang sighed greedily. Divine Molten Meteorite Gold was not mineral water, one small bottle was enough to make others green with envy. To be specific, Divine Molten Meteorite Gold was more precious than divine weapons. Divine weapons select their own owner, but Divine Molten Meteorite Gold could be made into their very own, custom-made divine weapon. Comparing the two, even fools would choose Divine Molten Meteorite Gold.

“Zzzzzz… “ Bao Er was still sound asleep heartlessly.

Yue Yang pricked her finger with a needle lightly, but she only shrivelled a little and showed no sign of waking up at all.

Yue Yang grasped her finger and squeezed a drop of blood into Divine Molten Meteorite Gold. Immediately, a burst of rainbow-like light illuminated the whole cavern.

Virgin’s blood could make the Divine Molten Meteorite Gold stay in liquid form longer. It was said that collecting nine chaste virgin’s blood could increase the divine weapon by one level when casting the divine weapon.

Of course as to how Bao Er’s blood contributed, Yue Yang would never tell this elf loli, in case she get too full of herself.

He put away the Divine Molten Meteorite Gold and collected the Silver Pearl.

Yue Yang once again entered the deep cave with its seal undone. Inside, there were numerous ancient characters, as if it was a record or some sort. Yue Yang did not recognise a single word, but he believed if he brought it back, the sickly beauty would be happy to enlighten him. After making a copy, Yue Yang found a sealing circle. Too bad it was already broken and battered after Yue Yang forced it open, or else Yue Yang would have made a copy and try to seal an Innate Ranker himself for practice.

As a rule, he made a copy of the broken Sealing Circle to give it to the sickly-beauty for research.

After exiting the cave, Yue Yang discovered that on the rock wall across where the beam of light shone onto, the crumbled rock wall had revealed a gigantic teleportation circle. This should be the teleportation circle that leads to the centre of the Five Element Palace or the next palace.

Yue Yang stood on the teleportation circle and inputted some energy.

He was teleported in a flash.

The next second, Yue Yang found himself on the surface of what seemed like an underground sea. Dozens of sea nymphs and sirens quickly swam towards him one after another.

In the centre of the underground sea, there was a tiny island that glowed faintly.

On the beach in a distance away, upon thousands of Wind Breath Seabirds’ attack, countless mercenaries were battered and beaten as they tried to flee.

If it wasn’t for the Bronze-rank Level 5 Wind Breath Seabirds’ weak attacks due to their low levels, these people would have been dead long ago. Yue Yang saw those mercenaries that looked like black points from afar, but he didn’t pay any attention to them. He turned towards the island and started treading on the waves instead. Before those sea nymphs and sirens that intended to attack could even approach him, they realised that a Little Lamia Loli had appeared. Immediately after Stone-element Medusa and Storm Mermaid appeared, they scattered and fled in all directions… Stone-element Medusa didn’t chase them, instead, she summoned the Gold Tiger Shark for Yue Yang to ride on.

The Storm Mermaid created a huge wave, aiding the Gold Tiger Shark’s swimming speed and charged towards the tiny island.

The sea nymphs and sirens along the way were terrified and fled in different directions.

Although they may not have the intelligence, their instincts could tell them what was dangerous…

Around ten kilometres away, Fatty Hai was suffering from a headache. The Wind Breath Seabird was still pursuing him closely, however, both were exhausted.

When Fatty Hai stops to rest, that Wind Breath Seabird also stops, as if exhausted. However, once Fatty Hai stood up, it would start flying immediately, continuing the chase. It just won’t spare this Fatty.

“Please sir, could you, I beg you, spare me!” Fatty Hai’s on the verge of tears. What the hell was this place? None of his companions were around, he didn’t even know where the teleportation exit was. Just staying here was miserable enough, but there just had to be a Wind Breath Seabird that wouldn’t give up and leave him alone. He just wanted to catch it and eat roasted meat, now that it had already beat him a few hundred times, couldn’t it just forgive him?

“Help, help!” Fatty Hai suddenly heard someone calling for help, and that someone was calling towards him. Round the corner, Fatty Hai saw numerous Wind Breath Seabirds shroudding the entire sky as they chased after a bunch of mercenaries.

Fatty Hai jumped out of his skin. One Wind Breath Seabird was already a torture, a thousand of Wind Breath Seabirds would definitely eat him alive!

Fatty Hai didn’t have the habit of doing good deeds like Lei Feng. When he heard the others calling for help, his first thought was still to save his own pitiful life.
(Shiro: Lei Feng is basically a selfless soldier who died for his country. He is used as propaganda by Mao Ze Dong after his death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Feng )

He widened his stride and ran back madly with all his might.

That Wind Breath Seabird continued to chase after him relentlessly.

After an hour—

With the help of Xiao Wen Li, Stone-element Medusa and the Storm Mermaid, Yue Yang who defeated the Guardian of the Water Palace, Demon Tidal Fang, obtained the Water Palace’s treasure, ’Dragon Sealing Pearl’’ with ease. However, the God’s Wine was nowhere to be found. The Ranker whom he annihilated was probably lying to make Yue Yang let his guard down.

Riding the Gold Tiger Shark, he swam under the ocean with ease. All of a sudden he found Fatty Hai lying on the sandy beach like a dead dog, flat on his back with his beer belly facing up.

Next to him was a Wind Breath Seabird in a similar position.

“What are you doing here?” Yue Yang was curious about the exhausted Fatty Hai who was lying on the beach. Did his head get caught in the teleportation gate just now? Could the teleportation gate do that?

“What actually happened was that, this goddamned bird kept on chasing me. Of course I had to run, but it continued chasing so I continued to run, and then I got so freaking tired.” Fatty Hai had difficulties trying to explain. He found it difficult to explain himself. Don’t even talk about Yue Yang, he couldn’t even believe it himself that a Bronze-ranked Level five Wind Breath Seabird was capable of beating him to a pulp. Was this even possible? Who would believe this?

“Oh, ok. Please carry on! “ Yue Yang seemed to be very understanding. Before he left, he commented, ”This little birdy was not bad, it looks quite clever.”

“Did you hear that? He said you are smart! That bastard Yue Yang hardly praises anyone!” Fatty Hai shouted noisily at the Wind Breath Seabird which was also so exhausted that it laid flat on its back. Fatty Hai tiptoe-ed and approached it. Suddenly he pounced to catch it, but the Wind Breath Seabird flapped its wings and flew up into the air, leaving Fatty Hai helpless to catch it.

Once Fatty Hai saw that Yue Yang really left, he started running after him fearfully, following closely behind.

That Wind Breath Seabird spat out a Wind Blade, hitting Fatty right in his big fat ass, causing him to fall, almost on his face. Fatty Hai was so furious he almost fumed, “Motherfucker, don’t let me catch you. Otherwise, I swear I will strip your feathers one by one! If you have the guts, get out of here and fight me one on one. Bullying me here does not count. Come, follow me if you dare… Fuck, I forgot I had Contract Scroll. You are dead meat. Once my contract is successful, I will roast you. Don’t run if you have the guts!”

Once it saw Fatty Hai taking out his Contract Scroll, the smart Wind Breath Seabird realised the tables have turned and immediately fled.

Fatty Hai glanced in the direction which Yue Yang took his leave. He gritted his teeth and decided to take care of this Seabird first and foremost… He took two steps at a time with huge strides, chasing continuously. Now the situation had flipped. Just now it was a bird chasing a man, now it was a man chasing a bird!

At that moment, Yue Yang was already teleported to the Wood Palace.

The whole forest was filled with man-eating flowers and veins, but once the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen appeared, they behaved so well, a hundred times way better than an obedient child. Everyone stood motionless, quietly.

Not only that, the man-eating trees along the path even pointed out the directions to Yue Yang. Leading him into the Wood Palace’s core region, where the Millennium Ancient Tree was located.

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