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LLS Chapter 396 – Daddy-con? Lolicon?

Chapter 396 – Daddy-con? Lolicon?
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“What the hell is this place?” Fatty Hai realised his Hippo Meteor Punch was entirely useless; and he was being beaten badly by a Wind Breath Seabird shooting sharp wind blades. He couldn’t have done anything if this Wind Breath Seabird was high ranked, but to his chagrin, it was only Bronze-ranked Level 5. Normally, Bronze-ranked Level 5 beasts trying to fight against Fatty Hai would be considered to be a suicidal beast.

Now, he was being chased with nowhere to hide.

Fatty Hai was at a different location compared to Yue Yang and Bao Er, he was teleported to an underground beach. At the edges, there were steep cliffs which was impossible to climb.

The dome of the underground cave was so high there were even small whiffs of clouds and mist, but there were definitely stalactites of the karst cave above.

Far away from the underground beach, there was a small island glowing faintly in the distance.

It seemed as if valuable treasures would be hidden within the island.

Treasures? Fatty Hai suddenly didn’t want it anymore, all that he wanted to do was to get rid of this damned Wind Breath Seabird. This detestable little thing had a grudge against him. When Fatty Hai first arrived he thought it would be a easy prey and wanted to eat fried chicken. Unexpectedly the Wind Breath Seabird shot hundreds of sharp wind blades continuously, despite being tired, it was persistent in its pursuit, following Fatty Hai relentlessly. Every now and then, it attacked the miserable Fatty Hai, who appeared stupid yet unusually nimble. Fatty Hai was at the verge of going crazy, but he couldn’t do anything at all. Even if he summoned his Iron Rhinoceros and Little Hippo, being unable to fly, they would just get beaten up. More importantly, this Wind Breath Seabird was very clever, it was solely focused on attacking Fatty Hai.

Lin En and Anna were also in a dire situation.

The two of them realised that they entered an area filled with raging flames of lava and were standing right at the side of the river of lava. Here, other than Fire-type beasts, no other beasts could be summoned.

Lin En has fire type beasts, but they were only used as light source and have no battle capabilities.

If not for Hui Tai Lang who was also teleported to a nearby area and protected the two of them, they probably would have already died.

Thousands of fire monsters were moving about in the lava river, their levels were not very high; at most around Bronze-ranked Level 6, while some were Silver and Gold ranked Level 6. However, their vast number and unique battlefield terrain were more than enough to overwhelm any enemy.

They did not dare to provoke Hui Tai Lang, and Hui Tai Lang did not dare to leave Lin En and Anna too far away, in case any fire-type monster decided to take the opportunity to kill them. Hui Tai Lang could only take Lin En and Anna and walked upstream together. Lin En and Anna hoped to quickly find the exit and get out of this terrifying place. The creepiest thing was that teleportation stones could not be used here. The only way out was to use the teleportation circle.

“Go away! Go away!” The Ox-head girl, Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls were in an underground savannah.

A pack of hyenas and desert spiders were chasing them. Some were only Bronze-ranked Level 5, yet Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie was unable to fight back and could only flee.

Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao and Ye Kong were in the same dire situation. Luckily Ye Kong could still summon his beasts, and although their original strength was halved, once Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle appeared, they were invincible. Although there were numerous hyenas, desert spiders, Gigantic Rock Guardians, djinns and other monsters, they could only watch from afar. They didn’t dared to step up and attack the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle.

Obviously, even if they attacked the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, it would have been in vain.

The Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle’s powerful defense rendered the majority of the monsters’ fangs and claws useless, as if they were nothing but decoration.

Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo furrowed their eyebrows while walking through the forest.

Prince of Tian Luo’s Sharp-clawed seeker puppet beast which was Silver-ranked Level 5 fought to create a path in front.

There were man-eating flowers,vines and trees every where, it was almost as if the entire forest was alive, and could claim lives. For the first time, Xue Tan Lang realised that Plant-type Beasts could be a headache if there were too many of them.  

Yue Yang was unaware of his comrades’ situation, but he could imagine.

He needed to find Fatty Hai and the rest quickly.

Staying here for too long would definitely be life-threatening, especially if they were running around blindly. If they end up in the lands of death, they would be done for.

Under Yue Yang’s command, Storm Hawk drew the Puppet Soldier Guards away. Yue Yang carried Bao Er with him, tied to his back with a rope, and lured away the four Gold Beast Guardians himself. Faster than lightening , Yue Yang turned back half-way in the air, landing on the metal lid full of Heaven Runes. “Hurry up, faster, that four Gold Beast Guardians are running back again!” Bao Er urged him.

“I told you to hide first, but you just didn’t listen.” Yue Yang was frustrated, at first he wanted to let Bao Er hide somewhere but she stubbornly refused.

“I won’t be fooled by you again, once you go in you would abandon me! Ah, watch out…” Bao Er noticed that a Gold-ranked Level 10 Tiger had actually sprouted its wings. It could actually fly! Furthermore, that Gold Leopard actually knew rock climbing and was preparing to launch an attack from the skies.

“Be quiet!”

Yue Yang dodged the Gold Leopard’s pounce skillfully.

His dancing figure headed straight for the rock cliff, and at the instant they were millimetres away, he instantly whirled around. In the end, the Gold Tiger crashed into the rock wall with a loud bang.

The Gold Lion and Wolf pursued closely, but there was a huge gap between their speed and Yue Yang, an Innate Ranker.

Ten minutes later, Yue Yang successfully undid the Rune Circle on the metal lid.

The metal lid bounced open, revealing a deep tunnel.

Yue Yang carried Bao Er and jumped down without hesitation, but the four Gold Beast Guardians actually stopped and gave up their chase immediately. One minute later, the metal lid closed slowly, and the four Gold Beast Guardians returned to their original position and crouched down, as if nothing had happened. Not far away from them, the Storm Hawk had already became a bunch of scrap metals, as a result of the Gold Tiger’s attack. Among the four Golden Beast Guardians, the Gold Tiger was undoubtedly its main force.

When Bao Er heard the metal lid close with a ‘bang’, she questioned breathlessly, ”Would we be trapped here forever, unable to get out for eternity?”

“I don’t know about you, but I definitely won’t.” Yue Yang loosen the straps to put her down, but Bao Er was clutching onto him like an octopus.

“Nope.” Bao Er felt that it was really comfortable being carried this way and simply refused to get down.

She didn’t thought about how tiring it would be for Yue Yang to fly while carrying her, but luckily Yue Yang was an Innate Ranker. If it was a level 6 Elder flying in such a restricted space for so long, he would be so worn out, and end up dog tired.

Flying alone versus flying while carrying someone was entirely different.

For instance, for a Battle Eagle, flying a thousand miles would be a piece of cake. However, if it was carrying a person, even if its an infant, it would drop to the ground after a few hundred miles.

If one were to carry someone of a vastly different level himself, both would feel extremely uncomfortable. Especially if one were to carry a more powerful being than himself, he would feel even heavier. Before Yue Yang learnt how to control and blend his Innate Qi with ‘Energy Fusion’, despite Bloody Queen‘s highly skilled flying ability, she was unable to carry Yue Yang for long periods of flight. Of course, now it was different. After Bloody Queen mastered Energy Fusion like her master, she could almost live with Yue Yang together in the sky. Her flying ability became ten times even better.

This secret cheat of Energy Fusion was taught to Yue Yang by the Qilin girl.

She claimed that for the Eastern Fairy Tribe, riding beasts were a piece of cake, the more powerful the owner, the easier it was for the beast to carry. It was entirely different from the outdated riding technique used by the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Hurry up and get down!” Seeing that this elf loli refused to come down, Yue Yang whipped her buttocks with his hand.

“It hurts…” Bao Er twisted her body and complained miserably: “Even until this age, I have never gotten hit before… Isn’t it okay? I’m scared of the dark, and I want your protection too…!” Since she acted like a spoilt child, Yue Yang’s pedo-side felt the urge to discipline her. Carrying a beautiful loli on a piggyback ride was something others desire but unable to do. Although her chest size was not very big, against his back, that bittersweet-feel was precisely why lolitas were the best.

As for her little ass, it was not bad.

Yue Yang could not help but to hit her again, meanwhile secretly thinking that the golden elf lolita’s body was alluring. If she were to grow up, with that charming little face, lovely body line with a golden ratio as well as her elastic ass; Let alone feeling her touch, just a few glance from her might be enough to kill others.

On the surface, Yue Yang would definitely scold her a little. However, Bao Er still refused to let go and come down even after getting scolded.

She has instantly fallen for the feeling of lying on his back. It was strong, safe and exceptionally comfortable, giving her an unprecedented sense of security.

“I don’t have a father, you should just be my Daddy!” Hearing Bao Er’s comment, Yue Yang spat out the water he was drinking.

“Why don’t you have a father?” Yue Yang was bewildered, were you the same as the Monkey King, and came from the rock?
(Shiro: Monkey King – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Wukong)

“Golden Elves normally only have a mother, so I don’t know who my father is. Mommy knows, but she told me a long long time ago that he died during a war. I have never met him before.” Bao Er embraced Yue Yang’s neck, intimately snuggling up to Yue Yang and happily resting on his back, sighing relentlessly, “I think being carried on Daddy’s back, would probably feel just like this!”

“Piggyback rides are fine, but you shouldn’t randomly just call anyone your father.” Yue Yang suspected that this chic was Daddy-con, but nevermind, she did not even have a father, it was something she could not control. It was a kind of thought, a nostalgic memory, a substitute. Besides, her Daddy-con was also directed to himself, so it might not be a bad thing if she was a Daddy-con!

“…..” Bao Er stuck her tongue out, but did not gave a reply. She closed her eyes and enjoyed this moment of comfort, happily sniffing Yue Yang’s back.

After Yue Yang walked further out by a few hundred meters, although he called for her, there were no responses.

Turning his head, Yue Yang discovered that this lolita has fallen asleep, peacefully like an infant.

With the experience he gained from entering the Puppet Palace, Yue Gong’s knowledge and the Control bracelet, Yue Yang was able to get pass the Puppet beasts and checkpoints with ease.

To someone with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, the trap mechanisms were just pieces of cake.

Finally, Yue Yang reached a place with a huge Runic Circle…. This Runic Circle was engraved on the surface of the wall. 

The wall was nearly a few hundred meters, it was as smooth as a mirror. Yue Yang had avoided the Guardian Beasts, but soon discovered that flying was impossible. There were curses to prevent flying. The treasure in the Golden Palace seems to be inside the Runic Circle. Of course, it might have sealed a terrifying monster. Yue Yang thought that the latter was less likely. Inside, there should be treasures that were exceptionally helpful for puppet beasts. Previously, Yue Yang was not passionate enough about puppet beasts. But after the incident with Yue Gong and after making a promise with him to complete the third secret treasure, Yue Yang had a new responsibility… Within the Runic Circle, there might just be the third secret treasure.

He had to take opportunity of this chance and take the treasure out of the seal.

Besides, when would someone pass on a treasure when they saw one?

Yue Yang was just like a nimble lizard as he climbed up the smooth surface of the wall slowly.

This was a display of his Innate Qi’s most skillful capabilities. Forming a whirlpool-like suction force on his ten fingers using Innate Qi, Yue Yang was able to support his body and climb up slowly.

The Treasure was just right ahead!

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Translator’s note:
Heliumm: I would like to clarify the term Lolicon and ‘Daddy-con’ used in this chapter. Lolicon technically came from anime and manga, the chinese character used by the author 控 could mean control or (sth) -philia. Lolicon means to have a fetish for Lolita(young girls). For Daddy-con it has a similar meaning. For those who might have issue understanding this, i hope this explanation helps > <.


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  2. seregosa says:

    She’s 154 years and 4-5 months old, if I remember correctly(I think she said it was 5 years and 8 months until she would be 160 years old)… Fairly amusing, really, that she is calling him father, since she is more than 7 times older than him…

    I wish he’d just tell her that he can be her lover, but not daddy, haha. Always believed that, when it comes to stories, what matters the most in love is the personality and capability to make their own decisions, not race or age, gotta love both the loli and older sister types, both has their own charm 😀

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