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LLS Chapter 395 – Mysterious Dimension, the Five Elements Palace

Chapter 395 – Mysterious Dimension, the Five Elements Palace
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Inside was Chief Matthew (previously translated as Ma Tai in chapter 363) who was Yue Yang’s guarantor when he signed up to be an Anti-Dragon Hunters Mercenary. When he saw Yue Yang rushing over with Bao Er on his shoulders, he started the Teleportation Circle quickly.

He even tried to ask further. “Young man, did you encounter a Dragon Hunter? Do you need the Guild to dispatch the Iron Blood Guards?”

“No thanks.” Just after Yue Yang completed his sentence, he disappeared with Bao Er.

In the Jadeite Forest, Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the rest were sitting on the ground disinterestedly.

The Li Brothers were polishing their weapons as Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo were quietly meditating and reading. The four orc girls were chomping on their roast meat while the Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao was keeping guard of the lot. Fan Lun Tie the Ox-head girl were gulping on a beer… Only Lin En and Anna were perusing the Sealing Circle on the stone wall.

According to their investigation, the Sealing Circle was preserved for a long time as there were algae overgrowth. If not for the energy that the Sealing Circle was emitting, this place would have been a flora paradise. The Sealing Circle was extremely big, more than 10 metres in height and width. It was dark-coloured and circular in shape, and there are four different Heaven Runes in its four sides, top, bottom, left and right. They seemed to be connected yet completely unrelated, and there was also a complicated pattern in the centre. Even the knowledgeable Lin En and Anna weren’t able to tell what it meant.

“The Heaven Runes around could be shifted, but why not the one in the centre?” After exploring around, Anna realised that the crystals embedded on the Heaven Runes could be rotated, but no matter how they shifted it, they would still be connected to those beside them.

“There’s a hole in the centre one, could it be that we have to put a Magic Crystal into it as its source of energy?” Lin En realised that there’s a small circular hole in the middle.

“Don’t waste your effort, wait for your ‘cook’ to come, he will definitely understand. That fellow can even write a love poem with Heaven Runes, this will be a piece of cake for him. As for the Magic Crystals, he has a lot of them, and all are of the highest quality.” Fatty Hai was a lazy guy, he was more than willing to let Yue Yang take over things that he did not understand.

“He may not be free today, we’ll approach him after we are done with our observations!” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie did not want to admit that she made a wrong judgement and merely said that Yue Yang bluffed everyone.

“What if something went wrong? What do we do?” Ye Kong advised the Ox-head girl not to touch the stones.

“There’s still Hui Tai Lang, no? It is a Divine Beast!” The four orc girls were very confident as they felt that Divine Beasts would be able to accomplish anything in the world.

“Meow.” Hui Tai Lang appeared humble this time and indicated that he was not up for such a heavy responsibility.

Being curious, Lin En really placed a Level Three fire-type Magic Crystal into the small hole.

But maybe its level was too low, or its energy too little.

After the Level Three Magic Crystal flashed briefly for a second, all became still and there were no further response. But this flash triggered everyone’s desire to study it. Hey, something’s up, a Magic Crystal could really be placed in it! Fatty Hai and the rest crowded around as some fished out their Magic Crystals while others tried to turn the stones. After a while, nobody knew who did what but the Sealing Circle gave off a dazzling glow that shrouded everyone. Under the gaze of Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others, a ball of light began to develop in the centre of the Sealing Circle as a Teleportation door was formed.

Lin En and Anna wanted to ask everyone to move back, but the bravest Ox-head Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls reacted as if they saw a legendary hidden treasury.

They held onto their weapons tightly, staring at the Teleportation Door as they carefully walked towards it.

“Fan Lun Tie, I feel that we should report this to the Warrior Guild. We all aren’t sure of what’s inside, so don’t take the risk easily,“ warned Lin En.

The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie looked at the Teleportation Door unwillingly. “There may be hidden treasures inside, if we were to report it, we’d only get 5% of the reward. We should enter the place to look for treasures first. After getting them, then we will go and report it to the Warrior Guild. Anyway only those with affinity gets the treasures, so if we’re able to open the Teleportation Door today, that means that we have affinity with the treasures!”

The four orc girls agreed to what Fan Lun Tie said.

Fatty Hai and the rest were a bit wavered too, they felt that if there were really treasure in it, it would be a pity to report it to the Warrior Guild and let them take the treasures.

Even if there weren’t any good treasures, they could treat it as a form of exploration, and cultivation…

There might be many traps inside, but nobody here are weaklings, if they could work together and stay alert, then it wouldn’t be too dangerous. Moreover, with the accompany of Hui Tai Lang the Divine Beast, if they really couldn’t control the situation, they could always use the Teleportation Stone or Teleportation Scroll to get Yue Yang.

It would be a waste now that they opened the Teleportation Door and leave without exploring what was inside.

This was the best opportunity, they had to go in no matter what.

Lin En and Anna were leaning towards reporting it to the Warrior Guild while Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the rest felt that instead of reporting to the Warrior Guild, they should find Yue Yang immediately. If Yue Yang were to know that they didn’t take any treasures after opening the Teleportation Door, or that they handed it over to the Warrior Guild, he would definitely be mad. The Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao, Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo’s opinion were to wait for Bao Er to get Yue Yang, while Fan Lun Tie and the four Orc girls felt that they should send someone in to explore around, if not Yue Yang would look down on them and find them incompetent… As they couldn’t arrive at a conclusion, they decided using the rock-scissors-paper game.

The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie was lucky enough to win, hence waving her giant hands, she decided to take a look inside.

The first batch, comprising of Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls, went in.

Following closely behind was the Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao, Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, and then it was Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo, Anna, Li En and Hui Tai Lang trailing behind.

The Li Brothers stayed behind so that in case of any emergencies, they could go get Yue Yang to help immediately… After half an hour, Yue Yang took Bao Er along and rushed there. But Fatty Hai and the rest went in way before, so he did not manage to arrive in time to stop them.

“What the hell? Your guts have grown bigger than a water tank now.” Yue Yang was speechless towards them. How could they just go in without knowing anything?

Even if there were hidden treasures, would they be so easy to get?

The Heavens Runes on the wall indicated that it was a door of death, and was obviously a warning for people not to go in.

But they went ahead without comprehending them.

He wasn’t sure if he should call them brave or reckless.

The Li Brothers were instructed to stay. The reason was because Yue Yang wanted them to prevent anyone from destroying the Teleportation Door, and also if anyone among Fatty Hai and the rest comes out, they could help. He wasn’t sure if the Teleportation Door could go both ways, as it seemed like it, but Fatty Hai and the rest did not come out immediately, so even if it could transport both ways, it wouldn’t be on two common points.

Bao Er had to stay originally, but she kept on sticking to Yue Yang and insisted on going in.

If Yue Yang were to reject her, her tears might flood the entire Jadeite Forest.

Anyway there’s the Grimoire World, he could always throw her into it if the situation required him to do so. Yue Yang was still confident about protecting Bao Er.

He agreed to bring along the big loli as he held onto her hand and stepped into the Teleportation Door… After a short dazed moment of being transported into a different space, Yue Yang discovered that he was in a very unique dimension. It felt like the Twelve Zodiac Temples as it was filled with restrictive power. Although he had the power of an Innate, he couldn’t use them at all. Yue Yang summoned his Grimoire and realised that he could only summon one of his Beast and nothing more. He was shocked as the restrictions here were far more stringent than that in the Twelve Zodiac Temples, what on earth is happening?

After some tries, Yue Yang realised that anyone who entered this mysterious dimension would have a hard time.

The restrictions here were so stringent that it made his hair rise on its end.

One wouldn’t be able to use any of his main power, and would only be able to summon one Beast. Those strengthening-types and elemental-types were rendered useless and unique-types’ strength were ten times weaker. Only the Combat Beasts could use half of their power… What is this goddamn mysterious dimension trying to do? What kind of powerful being is sealed within? What kind of Beast is sealed in here? Must it actually render the power of strengthening-type and elemental-type Beasts useless?!

Yue Yang got more perplexed from thinking about it. Could it be that a pure strengthening-type or elemental-type Beast was sealed with?

Ahead of him, there were no footprints left behind by Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the rest, and there weren’t any scent of Hui Tai Lang too.

Facing the passages that looked like a maze to Yue Yang, he could conclude almost immediately that the entrance of the Teleportation Door was completely random, and there weren’t any fixed points.

From this, it looked like everyone was separated apart from Yue Yang who was worried and held on to Bao Er. It would be alright for Fatty Hai and Ye Kong because even without aid of their Beasts and their own power, they could still escape and defend themselves. But Anna and Lin En’s lives would be hard as they only own elemental-type Beast who couldn’t do anything in this mysterious dimension.

The same would go for the Ox Head Party Leader Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls as they were all pure strengthening-type Beasts.

Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo’s strongest Beast, Giant Snowman and Skyfire Meteor, were also useless in this dimension. But they still had combat type Beasts and together with their own power, they wouldn’t face much problems. Luckily the Li Brothers did not enter, if not they would be landed in a similar predicament as the others.

This mysterious dimension was abnormal, Yue Yang had never seen such a restrictive space before.

The Reaper Mantis whose power was halved couldn’t control its body as it kept crashing into caves while flying, so Yue Yang had to recall it and changed his Beast to the puppet type Silver-ranked Storm Hawk.

The puppet type Storm Hawk unexpectedly wasn’t affected by any of the restrictions, and it seemed that its strength was raised instead as its combat power was doubled.

It was only now Yue Yang understood what was happening.

In this weird mysterious dimension, only the puppet type Beasts were freed of all restrictions. From this, it was apparent that there were puppet type Beasts sealed within the ancient Sealing Circle, what were they guarding then? Are there really treasures? Or a vicious devil? Yue Yang’s curiosity was triggered.

After walking around the winding maze-like tunnels, Yue Yang discovered an exit.

There was a broad platform and a Night Pearl made the platform shine like it was daytime.

There were various groups of puppet type Beast patrolling around rhythmically, everyone of them were Level Ten Bronze-ranked while their leader was Level Ten Silver-ranked. In the centre of the platform, there were four even more gigantic Golden Beasts that were in forms of a tiger, leopard, lion and wolf. They were all Level Ten Gold-ranked.

Under their paws was a lid covered with Heaven Runes. That might be the entrance to a dimension in the next level.

Or it could be leading to a vault filled with treasures.

“There’s something wrong, I feel that there’s something fishy going on.” Yue Yang frowned his eyebrows as he thought hard about it. Seeing the scene in front of him, he seemed to understand something.

But he couldn’t catch the main point.

He was just one step away from finding out the truth, but he couldn’t do so.

Bao Er hid behind Yue Yang, completely oblivious to the dangers around her. “It sucks that we can’t fight with them, I can’t even show off my superb shooting skills. Why are there so many puppet Beast, they looked like a troop to me, is this some kind of Emperor’s tomb? There’s so many guards around his tomb!” Bao Er complained.

She said those words casually, but Yue Yang was enlightened instantly after hearing her words.

He understood that this was very similar to Yue Gong’s puppet palace…

This was the legendary Five Elements Palace. It should be the one mentioned in the memories inherited from the tragic guy’s mother. This was the Gold Palace among all other elements namely Wood, Water, Fire and Sand!

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  1. kirinashbell says:

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    since this is an Chinese novel then the 5 elemental should be gold wood water fire earth instead of sand

  2. Faruel says:

    i want this party of morons to die! they aren’t even inates and can’t even handle a normal mission in the spider valley yet they want to go into a sealed space locked behind heaven runes. how many times do they expect their a$$ to be pulled out of the fire at least i thought YYs friends would be smart enough to say NO (just like HTL did) and realize they are out of their league because they have been in places where teleport scrolls and stones don’t work and as such know they can’t be relied upon.

  3. seregosa says:

    After 395 chapters, I can finally write my first comment, was really annoying to be unable to comment at anything.

    I’m kind of disappointed in those guys, seriously? They actually first experimented with a sealing array, moving runes and whatever and starting it up by testing some random thought about providing energy, completely oblivious to the high chance of it being a sealed being, a death trap or a freaking gate of invasion, these kind of “adventurers” are the typical ones that release a great scourge or something upon the continent that the mc has to take care of. The yue yang team was, at least, a bit smarter, but then they just went ahead like “oh, nice, we can open it, let’s disregard all our previous comments about safety and waiting for the one who knows his shit and enter, it’s open after all, derp”… Then some of the party members got really greedy and stupid all of a sudden, contradicting their earlier attitude of caring about environment/not being too greedy/not killing a lot of stuff for treasures/money… What the hell? Sigh… For plot, right? Oh well. it’s just grating that the author likes to force events to happen sometimes by bending characters and forcing them to act like fools, when they clearly weren’t previously, I guess yue yang will once again have to save their asses(It’s not that I dislike where this is going, I just wish the process would be a little bit more natural and believable).

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