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LLS Chapter 394 – Ancient Sealing Circle?

Chapter 394 – Ancient Sealing Circle?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After the battle, Ah Man and the Spirit of Flame and Smoke returned to the Grimoire World. As for the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, she only returned after strangling and devouring Demon Eye using the veins of the stalk of her flower. Only the Reaper Mantis stayed to accompany his master.

The battle between the two Innate Rankers had ended.

But the fight between normal Warriors had just begun.

Mountain Elf and Blood River’s followers charged towards Demon Eye’s followers ferociously, as a bloody fight between both sides ascended.

The morale among Demon Eye’s followers was low as everyone was only thinking of leaving the Thunder Fortress. As the saying goes, when the tree topples the monkeys scatter. Now that their master, Demon Eye, was killed, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to reap any benefits from continuing their stay in the Thunder Fortress. But how would Mountain Elf, Blood River, and their people let them go so easily? With the new powers, Titan Brothers, replacing Demon Eye in the Thunder Fortress, this would be an ideal time for them to show off their abilities and win the Titan Brothers’ favour.

Moreover, Blood River and Mountain Elf’s followers had had enough of Demon Eye’s followers already.

They had always wanted to teach them a lesson!

“Scram!” In another fight, Xia Yi and the dark clawed woman were drenched in blood from their fight as both were beaten black and blue. In terms of power, the dark clawed woman was superior to Xia Yi by a lot, but the thing was that she had already lost her will. And now, with Xia Yi’s new found strong power, and the support from Ma Long’s wife, Yan Zheng the butler and the others, she became more bold and fierce as she unleashed her power beyond her original potential and fought with the dark clawed woman using all her might. The dark clawed woman was actually no match for Xia Yi. This scene had made Jia De, the fat toad merchant who was sent flying in the air by the dark clawed woman’s kick, jaws dropped to the ground with shock..

“In your dreams!” Xia Yi stood firmly.

She wasn’t sure how she was able to contend against a Lesser Innate.

With her original power, she would be defeated instantly by the dark clawed woman. But the strange thing was that Xia Yi felt that she was only a little weaker than the dark clawed woman and the fight could go on for three days and three nights without anyone emerging victorious.

But of course Xia Yi did not have the time to think deeper as she gritted her teeth to continue the fight. She swore to defeat her enemy.

The dark clawed woman had already tore various wounds on Xia Yi’s body, but as stubborn as she was unyielding, Xia Yi continued to push on.

Her Demon Killing Dagger had similarly slashed more than ten bloody wounds which unfurled on the dark clawed woman’s skin and flesh.

One was too terrified, thus her strength decreased greatly; the other one was fearless, increasing her combat power tremendously.

With all these compensations, both sides could have a tie.

The fight came to a deadlock.

The angry and fearful dark clawed woman couldn’t withstand the mental duress anymore.

When she looked at the dead Demon Eye on the ground, she decided to quit the fight and let out a poisonous mist that obstructed Xia Yi’s vision. Then, she morphed into a giant silver python quickly, knocking down Yan Zheng and Ma Long’ wife who were obstructing her path and glided off.

Seeing the dark clawed woman’s attempt to escape, a dark shadow flashed in the air.

The Reaper Mantis appeared and dived towards her.

Previously, the reason why there was a deadlock in its fight with the double-headed dragon wasn’t because it was powerful but because it was a Level Nine Platinum-ranked Beast. The fact that there was a tie was already very impressive for the Reaper Mantis as they differed greatly in terms of rank, size and power. Although the Reaper Mantis was growing, it hadn’t grown to its maximum potential yet. It was still much smaller than its mother in terms of size.

Although it couldn’t take down the double-headed dragon, this did not mean that it couldn’t deal with the dark clawed woman.

Seizing the opportunity, the Reaper Mantis dived down in a flash, clamping the head of the silver python with its scythe. It then wolfed down her head with its sharp teeth as it tore and devoured the Magic Crystal in her head.

The silver python curled up its body panickingly, as it attempted to suffocate the Reaper Mantis.

But to the Reaper Mantis, the attempt to suffocate it seemed like a joke. Just by flapping its wings, it could change the whole situation.

It dodged the silver python’s attempt to curl, suffocated it cleverly and shook the silver python’s head vigorously.

Its powerful scythe penetrated into the spine of the silver python.

And through the spine, it branched into the joints of the silver python.

The weakness of a snake lay in its spine and its Qi Cun point. Once these areas were hit, a snake would become weak and powerless.
(want2eat: Qi Cun is a point seven inches away from a snake’s head)

The silver python rolled on the ground, vigorously at the start, but towards the end, its neck became numb and only its tail was able to move. Then, even its tail began to move slower, and eventually it lay supine on the ground, motionless. Although it hadn’t died, it was too weak to struggle as the Reaper Mantis began to devour her. Seeing it, Xia Yi relaxed and fell to the ground, drenched in blood.

Ma long’s wife carried her up immediately. “Congratulations, my sister. You have successfully defeated a strong opponent. If you don’t mind, I can help to heal your wounds.”

The quick-witted fat toad, Jia De, had already gotten the best doctor over…

Regarding the matter on clearing up the mess, Yue Yang wasn’t worried at all.

There would be someone doing it for him.

Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long were all keen to make connections with a Ranker like Yue Yang. Especially so when they knew that there were two of them who were equally powerful. Blood River invited Yue Yang over to his Blood River Palace and told him that a small thing like handling of Demon Eye’s asset could be settled by his men, and every single cent would be passed into Yue Yang ‘s hand in the end. Of course Yue Yang didn’t care about the small amount of money. The best treasures must be hidden in Demon Eye’s Platinum Storage Ring, his mine, his shop and the Devil Eye Palace he resided in. Yue Yang would just instruct Jia De and Yan Zheng the butler to retrieve all the assets.

“My brother and I were merely passing through the Thunder Fortress and decided to stay here temporarily because there aren’t many restrictive rules here. After a while, we will move on to the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower.” Yue Yang indicated that his ambition didn’t lie in a small place like the Thunder Fortress. And with that, Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long were extremely pleased.

“The name of Titan Brothers will definitely become famous throughout the Tong Tian Tower. Although the Thunder Fortress is a small place, we will always have your back,” Blood River responded quickly.

“Please tell us if you need anything,” Mountain Elf possessed great interpersonal skills too.

“How could we not celebrate this joyous occasion with wine, I have a bottle of Qi Lan Wine with me today, please savour its taste with me.” Ma Long the City Master of the Underground City took out a bottle of Qi Lan Wine that he kept for a long time. This precious wine was a gift from An Dong in the past. It was said that the Qi Lan Wine was made by a Wine Saint, and only ten bottles could be found in the whole of Qi Lan Continent. It was sealed for a thousand years by the Time Sand, and was worth ten thousands of gold. Money can be earned easily, but fine wine are hard to come by. Ma Long was even reluctant to give it to King Chong Ni. However, as Ma Long felt that he did not contribute significantly today, and also to gain the favour of Yue Yang, he decided to offer it.

“Brother Ma Long, why didn’t you take out your wine earlier? Haha, it is the product of the Wine Saint and can be considered a priceless treasure.” On hearing what Ma Long said, the craving for wine in Mountain Elf and Blood River’s minds were triggered as the Qi Lan Wine was something that couldn’t even be bought with money.

The entire process of taking over and sorting out Demon Eye’s asset wouldn’t be very fast.

An Dong’s underground mansion couldn’t even compare to Demon Eye’s Devil Eye Palace.

Fat Toad Jia De exhausted all of their men to remove Demon Eye’s logo from all parts of the Devil Eye Palace, and replaced them with Yue Yang ‘s Gemini logo. Undoubtedly, this requires time. When Jia De was awfully busy, the maids helped to tidy up the Devil Eye Palace such that it could be turned into the Titan Palace for the Titan Brothers.

As for Demon Eye’s slaves, they either escaped or was captured.

His female slaves were also locked away, awaiting Yan Zheng the butler’s decision on which were the loyal ones that could be used as servants.

After Yue Yang walked out of the Blood River Palace and into his new residence, Titan Palace, he discovered that there were a lot of people busily tidying up the place and his slaves from the mine were also happily painting the wall, especially Pepin whose wrinkled smiling face blossomed like a flower. The Xia Pu Brothers were perspiring profusely as they were removing Demon Eye’s giant, sturdy logo with great effort… Xia Yi who was recovering from her injuries slept on the stairs outside the entrance, weary.

A few female slaves were guarding her, but they did not dare to persuade her to rest inside as they felt that she might be waiting for her master, Mr. Titan Jr.

All the slaves who passed by Xia Yi bowed to her slightly.

The Titan brothers made good masters, that was for sure. If not for Miss Xia Yi who requested for more rights for the slaves, Mr. Titan Jr. wouldn’t have given them so much. At least not so quickly, because they were all Innate Ranker of high status, they wouldn’t care about the well beings of the slaves.

It was Xia Yi who told them what the slaves needed.

“Send some men to escort her to rest. How could she rest here!” Yue Yang covered Xia Yi with his outer coat casually.

Although it was only one clothing, it touched all the slaves.

There wouldn’t be a better master in the world. Only Mr. Titan Jr. would care so much for the slaves. If it were to be other Innate Rankers instead, they wouldn’t even spare them a glance!

The half-elf girl was also busily preparing her master’s new bedroom. She did not choose the big, luxurious bedroom previously owned by Demon Eye because with a sensitive nose, she felt that the room was reeking of blood and carried a weird rotten smell. Although it was from a long time ago, she felt that it would be an insult to her master to live in that kind of place. Hence, she decided that Yue Yang ‘s temporary residence would be on a small elegant hall beside a scenic man-made lake.

Yue Yang took the dinner prepared by the half elf girl, and returned to his Grimoire World after petting her head.

After resting for a night, as the treasures in Demon Eye’s Platinum Storage Ring were just too much, Yue Yang got dizzy from looking at them so he decided to leave them as they are temporarily… As for Sky Dragon, he placed all his treasures in his Grimoire, so Yue Yang had to put in some effort to get them.

The people outside were still busy doing their jobs, leaving Yue Yang the most idle person around as he walked about aimlessly.

The slaves in the places he passed had their morales boosted tremendously as they worked with renewed vigor.

But Yue Yang was bored.

He didn’t have the habit of inspecting places as a leader.

In the end, he decided to claim his rewards at the Warrior Guild first.

Killing Demon Eye would yield him a handsome reward. Yue Yang felt that he should forgo getting the Wisdom Fruits at the moment and get the Immortal Spring from the Warrior Guild. It was an Eighth Rank treasure which couldn’t be bought with any amount of money and could be used to cast metals, refine equipments and medicine, and strengthen Beasts. Most importantly, the Immortal Spring had extremely strong strengthening effect. If it were to be refined together with a consumable object, there would be a high chance for these objects to become permanent… If all the Giant Phantom Shadows summoned could become permanent, piled on top of each other and stacked on Yue Yang’s body, he would be able to defeat even a Level Ten Innate with just one punch.

Of course, the Immortal Spring would be difficult to obtain. Yue Yang wasn’t sure if the Warrior Guild would be willing to offer him any reward for just killing Demon Eye alone.

Even if they were to offer any, there wouldn’t be much to offer.

As for Sky Dragon’s death, Yue Yang decided to hide the truth temporarily because he killed No. Ten of the Top Ten Sky Demons of the Demonic Palace after all. Would Sky Execution and the rest do nothing if they were to know about it?

In any case, the reward for killing Sky Dragon wouldn’t become less if he were to collect it later…

After teleporting to the Plaza of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, Yue Yang had not even walked for two steps when he saw Bao Er running towards him, shouting ‘Slave!’. Yue Yang was pleased, but thought that it would be more accurate if she were to call him ‘husband’ instead… Seeing the big loli Golden Elf perspiring profusely to the point that even her nose tip was covered in perspiration and her body giving off a light aromatic fragrance unique to a virgin, Yue Yang walked towards her directly and brushed his body against hers. However, his words differ from his actions, “Little chick, leave me alone, I don’t know you!”

“We discovered this Sealing Circle in the Jadeite Forest. All of us couldn’t identify it, and Sister Anna and brother said that it could be a Sealing Circle from a long time ago. Everyone is trying to remove the seal, and brother asked me to come back to get you to look at it too.” Bao Er boasted proudly as she further mentioned that the Sealing Circle was discovered by her.

“God, who asked you all to touch it? Is it something that could be played with?”

What does an ancient sealing circle represent?

The only thing that could be sealed inside would either be a destructive Beast, or an inhumane monster. Or it could be some terrifying curse…

He carried Bao Er onto his shoulders and rushed towards the Warrior Guild. He did not even bother to claim the Immortality Spring as he charged towards the
Teleportation Room. “Jadeite Forest, this is urgent. Start the Teleportation Circle immediately!”

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